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  1. Thank you for the responses, to answer your questions; I have lived in this apartment for 3.5 yrs. There is no service charge agreement as yet for the Solar at present but H/A are trying to arrange this (and have been attempting to do this for seven months ) As far as I know the Solar Panels have never been serviced ,the apartments were opened in 2010. I raised the issue last September after being unable to get a service agreement set up for the solar equipment within my apartment. When I approached the H/A about this issue I became aware that that the panels on the roof were not being maintained. They said it was a "grey area" and that is was not in the lease ( I have this in an e-mail ). My self and the other 10 leaseholders are now acting together to try and resolve this issue . None of our solicators raised the issue of the Solar with us , as it it not mentioned in the lease. I did not read the lease as that is what I thought I was paying my Solicator to do on my behalf, but if something is not stated in a lease then it cannot be discussed. That is my argument with the H/A; We were not given all the facts to enable us to make an informed decision to decide if Solar was right for us. I have researched the system we have ,it needs yearly maintence, very good when working well but expensive to repair, has a life span of ten years, has the capability to provide hot water for 3-4 bathroom household. These apratments have 1 bathroom and are for over 55,s, most of us live alone !! I beleive the H/A installed them to tick the " Green Box " .I have asked if a feasability study was done with regard to this system but as yet I have not had an answer !!!!!!!!!! I have asked the H/A to consult with us Before they set up a service agreement, if this happens remains to be seen . I dont have much confidence in them at the moment
  2. Thanks, the lease does seem to be all in the Housing ASSOCIATIONS favour. I would not advise anyone to get involved with a shared ownership apartment . Feels like I have handed over my 50% share and have no control over my enviroment
  3. I own 50% of the? apartment .I pay service charge of 148.00 per month and a portion of rent .the solar only heats the water.the solar is not mentioned in the lease. I cannot get insurance to cover the solar.when I raised this issue with the h/a they agreed with me it was a very area also agreeing. That solar was not covered in the lease.
  4. Responsability for the solar is a grey area .housing association say that it is in the lease. I have read the lease several times and the solar is not mentioned.Housing association now say they e will set up a maintainence contract and add it to our service charge. My argument is they boobed not including the solar in the lease so they should take ownership of that and not expect us to pick up all the cost
  5. I have a shared ownership lease with a housing association. We have a solar system that heats the water.there is no maintenance provision in the lease at the moment. Can the housing association add this now ?
  6. many thanks I will look at the NHBC website:-)
  7. snag list still not been actioned and now possible issues with the roof. Being advised that we may have to contribute to roof repair costs plus no actin on snags untill bankruptcy issues resolved. My argument is that I did not buy from the bulider but the housing association
  8. I live in a shared ownership apartment, . The premises are 5 years old I was told after I moved into the apartment that the original builder had gone bankrupt. I was never advised of this by may solicator. Should the Housing Association have made us aware of this ?
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