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  1. The LL has confirmed in writing offering to refund £600.00 just stating they are offering this to good tenants the refund. Deposit scheme said the would then hold the £100 ince the LL issue the refund. Just seems strange way the LL has acted never had any problems. My only question will the tenancy agreement need amending to show the refund or should we take the money
  2. We have had a letter today from our landlord relating to our deposit, We have been with the same landlord since 2011 never missed any rent and always looked after the house, When we paid the deposit the landlord gave details of the deposit protection scheme. however today the landlord offered to refund our £600.00 from our deposit and hold only £100.00 to cover any cleaning. Never heard of landlord refunding money from deposit scheme and unsure if to accept of money, sounds strange way the landlord is acting. Again never had rent issues nor missed or late payments letter just states they are offering money to good tenants Should we take the money or not
  3. I have checked the discharge letter and there is no request for myself to update my details even after such a long time. Its now been 10 years since the discharge letter.
  4. Well my parents ha letter on Friday after nearly 10 years, stating they can claim based on 1p per £1.00. However they also listed debts of £451,850.25 with only £1,530.00 to be paid to creditors who make a claim. Also states if nobody makes claim the funds will be paid to myself which they cannot as they don`t have my address as moved twice since the BR. I was formally discharged after 6 months, do i need to inform the OR my new address
  5. Well, we are looking for help and advice regarding United Utilities, our water bill is now £1,121.27 and we have been struggling to pay, i have requested a payment card so we can start paying towards the bill, however today they sent letter demanding the full amount in 30 days if we don`t pay they will start court action. Over the last few months both our wages have been reduced over £400.00 month so in reals terms we cannot pay all our bills. They have attached income form so happy to fill in and return which clearly shows we just don`t have the income or funds to pay in full. I have spoken to the company and they told me the min monthly payment has to be £160.00 which we cannot pay so just not sure were to go now. Any advice would be helful
  6. ok thanks will send off paperwork and see if they reply, strange as they have not chased for along time was hoping it was SB account. Thinking back it was not repaid and dates back to Nov 13.
  7. The details from post 4 are the same as last years letter. Its not from the court as the letter water mark is from B W Legal
  8. Rule 1 read the letter correctly, same letter as 2017 so will file with the other paperwork Many Thanks
  9. Well had a letter today stated " Letter of Claim " 5 pages in total. They have confirmed if we do not reply by 6th August they will apply to the court for CCJ, they are asking for income details and the following Letter Reply form Box A - I agree to the debt Box B - i owe some of the debt Box C - I don`t know about the debt Box D - I dispute the debt Box E - I will pay the debt now Box F - I will pay but need time to pay Box G - Getting advice Box H - I have provided documents Box I - I need more documents or information Lists Particulars of Debt Debt dated 29th November 2013 assigned on 9th December 2016 to PRAC Financial My question is should we wait until they issue court CCJ or send off for more information including signed paperwork etc
  10. Well now getting emails from County Collections say I must call them in 7 days, not had anything from this bunch clowns before any had any dealings with this form.
  11. Just seeing if anyone has been using Totallymoney for credit scoring, i have looked today and find no history relating to an old Motormile account nor any old defaults my score was 523 of 710 and listed as fair. Also checked my wife as well and found no defaults nor any debts and score of 603 of 710 so a little better. Any reviews on how good Totallymoney would be great
  12. Well they are refusing to confirm details and now ringing our home telephone, i have requested them to confirm everything in writing but they just said they will keep on ringing until i accept the debt and set up repayment plan. They can take a run and jump just a bunch of clowns
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