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  1. Thanks DX, I have just got a copy of the his letter from Arrow, it definitely says assignment of this account to Arrow Global Limited
  2. Morning everyone, just going back to this old thread where I was posting an issue my friend had with the repossession of his vehicle by Moneybarn. It seems that Moneybarn have sold off the outstanding balance and it is now assigned to bottom feeders Arrow Global. Now, my question is do we dispute this with Arrow due to Moneybarn including the default notice fee in the default sum, making the DN invalid or this at best a tenuous defence, or does he just making arrangements to make a payment plan. My send point has always been people never borrowed money from these bottom feede
  3. Bankfodder, yes she would be interested in it, they have gone away for the week though, so next weekend hopefully she will find the original POC
  4. Hi Bankfodder, I have asked her, will see what she comes back with
  5. Just to confirm the current issue is that even though it has been set aside the CCJ had not been removed and the advice from the court woman was to apply for a dismissal, which is ridiculous as the set aside states no registration of the CCJ. Bankfodder, I understand what you mean now, not sure of the process and grounds but I will ask her and see if she is interested.
  6. Hi Bankfodder, just to confirm that it has already been set aside, she made an agreement with Horizon that if she paid the £1200 in full it would be removed. The issue is that despite the court Judgement frommChelmsford stating that it has been and no registration should take place, it is still on her file. A women from the court advised her to apply for a dismissal, why would she need a dismissal she already has a General form Of Judgement which 1 The hearing has been vacated 2 The Judgement is set aside and any registration is cancelled This from Chelmsf
  7. Hi Bankfodder, I will ask her if she is interested in that, she isn't desperate for money and does lead a busy life including caring for her mum who has latter stage Huntintons disease, but will put it to her. She phoned the court today about removing the CCJ as it was set aside, she was on hold for an hour and 20 mins before hanging up.
  8. Hi Bankfodder, no the claim was against my business partners wife, she just ignored their letters and claims for penalty fees. She took advice from the internet or other people, not sure who, but when she received the court claim she thought it was fake as it was badly photocopied claim form, so she ignored it. She runs a shop and someone had the same issue at the same time, they went to get a loan and found she had a CCJ from this, so my friends wife then checked her credit file to find one also, neither of them actually received the judgement (or so they say). So I
  9. DX yes poor choice of word "fine" , I mean invoice. She ignored them as per advice from other people, she obviously played into their hands and ignored the court claim as well. But genuinely, she never received the actual judgement. Not sure how the £1200 was made up of, originally a fine for overstaying in Tesco metro car park on the high street and then court costs etc. I have had one in the same car park, I defended successfully on the fact the sign says for patrons only and overstaying 30mins will result in a fine. I claimed I wasn't shopping there, the
  10. And for anybody who has the original issue of this thread, following on from advice from the forum and site admin team, My friend managed to get Horizon to agree to set the CCJ aside if she paid in full the £1200 - this along with the threat that she would apply to have the judgement set-aside anyway (she never received the judgement) Moral of the story is don't ignore court claims in the first place, even if you think they are dodgy because they are photocopied badly and have read bad advice on the internet from people who don't know what they are talking ab
  11. Thanks DX, exactly what I thought, court admin staff giving out the wrong advice
  12. Yes, she has a letter "General Form Of Judgement". from Chelmsford court which read By Consent it is ordered that 1 The hearing on **** is vacted 2 The judgement of ****** is set aside and any registration is cancelled 3 No order of costs. But the CCJ is still on there and the woman at the court on the phone told her to apply for dismissal, she must be wrong isn't she? The point is in the Judgement, no registration
  13. Thanks, so as I was saying A year ago I posted a thread about my friends CCJ from Horizon Parking that she didn't know about and got by default. She managed to negotiate with horizon and settle the bill and has a letter from the court saying that the hearing had been voted and that the judgement and registration is cancelled. Recently she was turned down for a mortgage and found the CCJ is still on her file, she phoned the court and they told her she needs to apply for a dismissal, is this correct?
  14. It wouldn't let me reply on the original thread
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