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  1. No, but the Royal Mail admit to losing 500k letters a year (although its estimated to me much higher).
  2. Ok great, so first call the Creditors Solicitors and see if they will agree to a Consent Order to make full payment and remove the CCJ, before trying anything else.
  3. Ok so we will go with the Courts eneral powers of management rather than a set-aside. ` do you know if this is a particular form? Thanks Andy
  4. Ok, so what we are trying to achieve is to allow her to pay within the 28 days that she should of been granted had she received the judgement. Not receiving the judgement denied her of that right and therefore the CCJ will be on her credit file for 6 years. She would of paid it, had she received it within the time frame.
  5. Ok, she phoned the court today and explained that she never received a judgement, the court advised to apply for a set-aside. Is this the best way forward or an application to set-aside or The court’s general powers of management. Just to say, the money isn't the issue and she can pay straight away.
  6. Thanks guys for your input, Yes Andy, same court, my friends wife only checked her credit file when her friend got refused credit and checked hers. I will have a good read of your comments Andy, and update you on how I am going to advise her to proceed. Thanks Again
  7. Hi Andy, thanks for replying Yep, I know that's a bit thin on the ground, but I can't think of anything else. Its whether a judge would accept that not receiving notice of judgement against them has denied them the opportunity to pay it within the 28 days.
  8. Hi Bankfodder, I appreciate you taking the time to reply in length, but had you read my post you would realise that I haven't ignored anything, these are not my claims or CCJ's, neither party is related to me. I first knew about any of this when my best friend called me this morning to tell me his wife and received a CCJ. Also, I am not responsible of advising them to ignore any of it in the first place, I certainly don't ignore my own. Also as I mentioned the CCJ's were registered 2 months ago, but they haven't received a copy of the judgement so didn't know anything about it. My question was, given that she is perfectly capable of paying the judgement, is the best way forward for her to apply for a set-aside given that its now outside 28 days
  9. Hi Guys, My friends wife ignored letters from Horizon Parking and their solicitors and now has a CCJ registered on her credit file. Stupidiy, she also ignore the claims form which come from Northampton Bulk centre as it looked photocopied and she thought it was fake. At the same time her work colleague did the same. Her work colleague went to stand as guarantor for her daughters loan and got refused, she has now found out that a CCJ has been registered two months ago, so my friends wife checked her credit file and has the same, from two months ago. Both received claims forms and didn't fill them in. Neither of them have received notification of judgement however. I am right in saying still that they should of done and would of been given the opportunity to pay the claim within. month at that point and not have a CCJ permanently on their file. If this is the case, what is the way forward? Set a-side ?
  10. Well I think we are hoping for a continuation of claim to counter claim for all the previous payments back and interest from the unlawful termination of contract because of the invalid default notice
  11. So, does he just sit tight and wit for a continuation of the original court proceedings and then defend, or what if they don't , how long does he wait?
  12. Ok, finally some movement on this. He received a letter today and MB are pleased to confirm that billing has now been completed on his account after the sale of his vehicle. After adding and extra repairs bill after the first one, auction fees and recovery agent fees less sale of vehicle etc. Please pay £5+k settlement which is now due by 28/9 , the settlement figure will increase over months blah blah blah. Alternatively , if he can pay please contact them ti discuss other options.
  13. Hi DX, I believe so. Thats said, he pretty much has every bit of correspond from them that they ever sent Thanks as usual for your help
  14. HI DX, No, he paid the court costs, I think he panicked as time had nearly run out and didn't want a CCJ
  15. Waiting for a reply from him , will let you know when I get one
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