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  1. Thanks DX, I know he has all the original statements etc, I will have a look through them, what the default balance was etc and any spurious charges.
  2. DX, thanks for the advice. I will ask him again if they said they will or just would consider. I will advise him accordingly, however, if he still wished to offer a settlement regardless of any advise we give him, what should the starting point be?
  3. Hi Andy, his bank (where he has his personal account at Barclays) told him they would only consider it if the CCJ was marked as settled.
  4. No, they are not chasing, however, he is struggling to get a business bank account that he now needs as his business partner has retired. Barclays told him (where he has a personal account) they will if his CCJ is marked as settled. He tried Santander they refused. He wants to settle the matter, thats why he wants to make an offer.
  5. Ok, I will suggest, but back to my question, what is the starting point on what he should be offering as payment on the CCJ debt to the DCA?
  6. Hi DX, I was helping him with this account before he received the CCJ. It was an unenforceable CCA, reconstituted circa 1998. However, he was burying his head in the sand at the time and not opening letters, so he missed the court claim and didn't open the CCJ until about 2 months after receiving it. The issue now is that his long term business partner has just retired and the business bank account was in his name and not transferable. He tried to open a business account with Barclays (he banks with them) but they have refused but will reconsider if the CCJ is marked settled. He tried opening one with Santander but got turned down. I have suggested the Natwest Foundation Account to him.
  7. Hi Guys, A friend of mine defaulted on a barclaycard debt some years back, it was sold to a DCA who in 2016 obtained a CCJ against him. The original debt when defaulted was approx £5k and the CCJ is for approx £7k. Now my friend was to make an offer on this debt (*along with a few others) as he has come into a small amount of inheritance, what would be a reasonable offer to make as a settlement? Many thanks
  8. No, but the Royal Mail admit to losing 500k letters a year (although its estimated to me much higher).
  9. Ok great, so first call the Creditors Solicitors and see if they will agree to a Consent Order to make full payment and remove the CCJ, before trying anything else.
  10. Ok so we will go with the Courts eneral powers of management rather than a set-aside. ` do you know if this is a particular form? Thanks Andy
  11. Ok, so what we are trying to achieve is to allow her to pay within the 28 days that she should of been granted had she received the judgement. Not receiving the judgement denied her of that right and therefore the CCJ will be on her credit file for 6 years. She would of paid it, had she received it within the time frame.
  12. Ok, she phoned the court today and explained that she never received a judgement, the court advised to apply for a set-aside. Is this the best way forward or an application to set-aside or The court’s general powers of management. Just to say, the money isn't the issue and she can pay straight away.
  13. Thanks guys for your input, Yes Andy, same court, my friends wife only checked her credit file when her friend got refused credit and checked hers. I will have a good read of your comments Andy, and update you on how I am going to advise her to proceed. Thanks Again
  14. Hi Andy, thanks for replying Yep, I know that's a bit thin on the ground, but I can't think of anything else. Its whether a judge would accept that not receiving notice of judgement against them has denied them the opportunity to pay it within the 28 days.
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