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  1. The threat o gram you have received today is testing the water to see if you have pooped your pants and make contact and pay up before they decide to issue a court claim. Ha! Thank you so much! No pants pooped here...standing firm and ready to defend any of their crap
  2. No problem! This was kindly supplied to me by dx on another issue..I followed the link and the instructions therein...hit letter of claim and follow the relevant post there
  3. I didn't actually receive the letter of claim...just notification of it on email and on text...reviewing all the info on here I sent the CAG response to letter of claim letter on which I put my address so that they can now redirect any mail they may have sent to me at this address...does that sound right?
  4. No I signed nothing dx...In any event they would have to answer my response asking for all the documentation shouldn't they? Thanks for all your help dx much appreciated GIB
  5. Pretty much as it says in the title - I sent the CAG approved response to a letter of claim on 2/9 (even though I only knew about this from emails and texts as I no longer live at the address Im assuming they sent it to) . I today received the following email.... IMPLICATIONS OF A COUNTY COURT JUDGMENT (CCJ) We are now in a position to issue a County Court Claim to recover the balance due to Allay (UK) Ltd as we have not received a satisfactory response to the Letter Before Claim. This could result in a CCJ being registered against you. As previously mentioned, we wish to resolve this matter without the need for legal action, however, we are unable to do so if you do not address the balance due. A CCJ will have an adverse impact on your credit file and will be registered for 6 years. It will affect any future lending decisions including applications for loans, mortgages, tenancy agreements and the purchase of goods on credit (for example a mobile phone contract). You can stop further action now by contacting us to discuss your circumstances or by making payment: - Email - reply to this message - Online using our secure customer portal - payajjb.co.uk - Telephone - 01422746202 Please do not ignore this email. Yours Sincerely, My question is do I need to do anything further or is this this the thrashing of a dying claim? They will have my address from the response I sent them (proof of postage obtained and sent an email of contents to myself on the day I sent it). Thank you very much.
  6. Thank you very much! I have never had any comms with them and haven’t updated them in my current address so I will send them the letter and this will have my current address on it is that right? thankyou!
  7. Hi and thanks for replying yes I got a letter of claim to the address I left over 2 years ago….I emailed them to tell them I was no longer there and asked them to provide proof of the debt….they then replied with the email I posted…their client is PRAC energy who I understand is just another part of their organisation. thanks again for getting back to me!
  8. I have an old debt through EON that I am being chased fro by BW Legal....I only know this because my old landlady has forwarded me a picture of the last letter which is a pre claim letter. BW Legal have asked for the following from me when I contacted them by email to tell them I no longer lived at this address.. Good Morning, Thank you for your email, the content of which we note. To allow us to help you further please confirm the Data Protection Questions which we have specified below. BW Legal Reference: Full Name: First Line of Address: Postcode: Date of Birth: Telephone Contact Number: Authorised Email address: Confirmation you wish for us to correspond with you via this address (Yes/No): I am quite happy to settle the account IF they can prove the amount they are talking about but im less keen to just give all this info to them...especially as I dont have a permanent address currently and staying with friends. How much information do I need to give them in order for them to 'help me further' Thanks very much in advance
  9. Good afternoon all, I was employed as a contractor with a small company. They advanced me my fee in advance of work carried out and then cancelled the contract and asked me to pay back the advance. I had already used the money for urgent matters but undertook to repay them asap. They gave me a piece of paper with a date to pay back by which I agreed to as at the time I felt this would be enough time. Unfortunately things did not improve for me and despite my communicated intention to pay the debt back they have not accepted my situation and are going to take action to retrieve the money. Unfortunately I am currently of no fixed abode and staying with friends. I cannot give the address as this is obviously not my registered address . They are now threatening to send legal papers to the net of kin I gave on my initial contract. I have given my undertaking to pay back and have been in conversation on email but they are using this as leverage to get me to pay. Are they able to do this legally or can I advise them that this is not acceptable? Thanks very much in advance GIB
  10. Hi all, I had a visit from a Marstons agent third week in April who left a note telling me I owed £459.11 on my council tax...I replied on my return home to tell them that I was in arrears by one month and their figure was wrong and that the balance would be payed at the end of April...which it was...today on 12th May I received a reply.... Thank you for your email, We have noted the account XXXXXXX with the information you have provided. Fine amount when issued to Marston: £149.11 Outstanding balance at present: £459.11 Debt and Fees: £459.11 Compliance Fee: £75 Enforcement fee: £235 Payments: £0 Our £75.00 Compliance fee is part of the Tribunal Courts and Enforcement Act 2007 under the Taking Control of Goods (Fees) Regulations 2014. The Compliance fee is payable prior to the debt. The Enforcement fee of £235.00 is applied to the account when an Enforcement Agent attends the address we have on the account. DO I have any recourse to this blatant profiteering? I received no letter from them in advance of their visit. Thanks very much in advance GIB
  11. Thankyou Mariner51..sorry for delay in replying...been a bit manic trying to sort this out....i have more information now..No section 21 has been issued as yet and they are now in an SPT..a while ago the rent payment date was changed on our request to 9th December (with the extra week paid at the time) . The LL wants her to sign a new lease today and agree to pay the rent buffer and January's rent on 9th...this is not feasible although I can pay the months rent on 9th December...Currently the LL agent say he will not accept a rolling tenancy. I will try again to make him understand that it must be better for him to take the monthly rent even if he issues a section 21...if he still refuses do we withhold any rent during this period when he looks to evict? Im at my wits end as to what to do next! Thanks again to all for your advice to date GIB
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