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Found 10 results

  1. Hi Just after a bit of advice really. My wife had two fixed penalty notices came through today for an offence on 8th August. She was in Brockworth, Gloucester with my daughter who was house hunting. They had gotten confused and a bit lost and whilst they did not notice at the time managed to go a short distance up a bus only link road then turn around to come back. The two tickets seem to show this but are one minute apart. Literally one at 13:54 then the other at 13:55. Yes ok but really two penalty charges within one minute surely not. Each charge shows two images both on the left show the number plate. The 13:54 on the second image shows a car approaching but a fair distance away from the camera. On the return run which is the same camera then yes the number plate and the car. At £60 each that’s £120 in one minute, (ok £60 if paid within 14 days) but really can they be that harsh? Any advice please would be grateful.
  2. I was at a privately owned retail car park a few weeks ago in the evening and overstayed by 10 minutes . Firstly, I am not the registered keeper; it is my mother's car. She had sent me out for a Mcdonalds for her and we ended up having an argument over the phone. I stayed in the car park for a while before going home so we could both calm down. My mother has schizophrenia so she can be VERY difficult to deal with and very irrational and demanding, hence why I didn't want to go home. Result is, I overstayed in the car park by a whole 10 minutes and 14 seconds. This particular car park gives you one hour free parking, after which you have to pay £2 for an additional hour if you wish to stay longer. Today my mother received a parking charge notice from Parking Eye for £100, reduced to £60 if paid by 8/11/2016. This is two days before I get my wages so I can't afford to pay anything until the 10/11/2016 when I get paid, I will be liable for the full charge. It's in her name though and they state they don't know who the driver is. They say not to name the driver in the template appeal letter I found but I don't want them dragging my mother to court or sending her letters as she's ill and disabled and can't cope with stress without becoming ill. But I feel that a £100, or even a £60 charge is excessive for 10 minutes. A whole hour would have only cost me £2 had I had the frame of mind to remember to buy a ticket/realise how long I'd been there. I can't afford to pay such a high charge and I don't at all believe the landowner lost this much money by me being there for 10 minutes. My question is, can I appeal this on excessive charges claims? I've done some research of my own about this but I've read a court case where Parking Eye successfully won after taking someone to court because the car park this person was issued a parking charge for had a 1 hour free stay. The judge ruled something about the landowner not making a profit in any other way from their car park and hence the charge was considered commercially justifiable and the person had to pay the parking charge. I don't want to be dragged to court for £100 and potentially have other charges added on top of a heap load of stress put on me. I have my own mental health issues (depression/anxiety) so I can't cope with Any advice? I really can't afford £100 for a 10 minute over stay.
  3. Don't know if this has been discussed previously on here but has anyone any clarification on whether the 90 minutes travel time is calculated by bus/train timetable information or calculated by actual travel time? For example, according to the timetable my morning bus takes 52 minutes to reach town, but as the rush-hour traffic is considerable the journey actually takes 1hr 20 mins on average - sometimes even longer. Add to this the fact that after you get off the bus, a further walk may be required to reach the job. In their usual fashion, the DWP info is totally vague and just mentions 'travel time'. I would class 'travel time' as the actual time it takes to reach the job, not the theoretical time on the timetable. Buses may run nearer to the timetable during the mid-day but they certainly don't during the morning rush hour!
  4. Basically I signed (with a friend) a lease for a 2 bed property in London through a well known letting agent. The Landlord had agreed etc, I paid a £500 deposit, had references checked from my current landlord and employer. Everything was approved, then we ring up today to ask about signing the real contract and were told the landlord was pulling out because apparently he/she found damp and is selling the property. (My guess is he/she found someone willing to pay higher outside of the letting agent), can't know for sure. This obviously leaves me and my friend in a sticky situation because we have both given our notice in that we are leaving our current property. We were due to move in around 2 weeks time. The landlord has no reason to believe we won't pay/will be bad tenants, the property had 5 offers (in one day) and he/she chose us. Any legal recourse here? Temporary accommodation/landlord or letting agent has to provide a similar property at the rate agreed etc? To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.....we spend around 3 months looking for the place we signed for. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  5. Hello guys, I was due to travel on a cruise this Saturday with Costa, the ship name "Costa Celebration." Unfortunately, at the last minute on Wednesday (only 3 days prior to departure) they call me up saying they have cancelled the sailing. I now find out that the reason for cancellation is that the owners have sold the ship. They are offering me a full refund + £40 per adult as compensation. This was a much anticipated holiday for us. As this was not a technical issue but I am guessing Costa making a handsome profit, they have ruined my holiday. Do I have any legal case here to claim under, "loss of enjoyment" or any other legal points? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance. Shads
  6. CEL rode into Whitby Town in midsummer 2012 and caused uproar with Co-op customers and visitors, especially since Spring 2013 with their "Ten Minute Rule". I've been waging war on them since, and started a Facebook protest page. October 2013 they were sacked! Rumour has it they've lost dozens of other Co-op sites too!! Having had both of my PCNs cancelled I left the Protest Page running, even though a second one started. Where we are now up to is fighting their "ten minute rule" - a moneymaker if ever I saw one, and we now have a set of images and an independent witness letter from myself initially - but we will soon have several. I'd like to hear from anyone either still being chased for payment under this rule, or else who has paid it under pressure. Even if you've lost an appeal to POPLA, all is not lost - their evidence seems to trump yours ..... so far. but I'm confident that is about to change. At present we have a chance with the small numbers we have recruited. They reputedly check these forums so I don't want to put more details here, but if you care to PM me I'll let you know how to take it forward. Remember, no addresses, vehicle or PCN numbers, NOTHING WHICH ENABLES YOU TO BE POSITIVELY IDENTIFIED! I'll post any progress here.
  7. HI Today I was looking for cheap accomodation in London for five days and was offered a really good deal from Last Minute Dot Com. I could book one of their secret hotels for a really cheap price. I did this and paid in full. Even though they have taken the money they have sent me an email saying the price advertised was wrong and they will not honor the deal. Can they do this? Put the price up after I have paid? Surely isn't this false advertising?
  8. Hi Guys, I'm new to this site, seems like a great resource. Any of your help will be greatly appreciated. I have uploaded a couple of files of the PCNs in question. Anyway the story... I came home from work on Friday to be greeted by two PCNs. You can imagine how blue the air was. On closer inspection they are for two offences committed within a minute of each other. One is for parking in a loading bay for about five minutes(while loading for a local business) the other is for entering a no entry zone, all of this on the same road. With regard to the the no entry one, I think I may just have to pay it, but I had no idea I was entering a no entry otherwise I wouldn't have done it, but ignorance is no excuse and I imagine this is the line the Hammersmith and Fulham council will take, but if any of you guys can find a technicality then great. It is the loading bay one that is my major annoyance. The PCN states that I was parked in the loading bay for a few minutes and I should not have parked there in my class of vehicle. Granted I don't drive a HGV, but my car is a work car, I am an IT field engineer working across London using my own vehicle. It is insured as a work car by myself so I fail to see how they can charge me for this. I would have been loading a computer/it equipment to one of the estate agents we have all over London. I guess my question on this would be, Can i use a loading bay to load to a local business in a normal car that is insured for business use. Surely this is the very definition of a loading bay, and why it was placed there in the first place. I don't drive like an idiot, in fact i consider myself a considerate driver. Why are these councils allowed to keep handing these out willy nilly to make u the funding short falls. It makes me extremely angry. Frankly I think they are taking the ****, and are abusing their powers to extract money out of the easiest targets ie motorists. Anyway rant over. If any of you rather wonderful people can help me it it would be greatly appreciated. Kindest regards Rich3423
  9. hi, i hope I've posted this in the correct section. On the 10th January, i had a job interview for a parts person at an auto factors. Following the interview, i was contacted on the following Monday to say they would like to offer me the job and when would i be able to start. As i was still employed i had to give 1 weeks notice and they said that was fine so we agreed that i would start on Tuesday Nd January. So i handed in my notice at my job and proceeded to work my full 1 weeks notice and my last day would be Sunday Th Jan. This morning, I had a phone call from my new employer who said he had some bad news. His had office has postponed all recruitment due to the economic climate. He said although last week they agreed to hire someone, they have no retracted that choice and are now stopping all recruitment, which leaves me with no job. I would like to know where I stand as i am potentially unemployed on the basis that they said i had the job, then let me down,the day before i was suppose to start. Although there was no written confirmation, there was a verbal one which i have been told can be legally binding. Any information would be greatly appreciated. But for now all i can do is keep up the job hut, i haven't been unemployed since i left school and i don't want to be now. Thanks in advance!!
  10. I looking for a bit of advice. My husband has been unwell for the last 18 months and last year had spinal surgery to correct the problem. Since he had the surgery he has suffered blackouts. He went back to work in June but is still suffering. Work has paid for him to have a medical and while the report says he has problems, the company should try and make allowances while the cause is found out. The report also says his problems are covered by the Disability Act. What I'm wanting to know is can they sack him. He has a stage 3 meeting next week to discuss his level of absence and the letter does say that as part of company policy he could be dismissed. We are both worried as if he is dismissed we are not entitled to ESA contribution based and I earn just over the limit for income based. Any help would be appreciated. Joanne
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