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  1. That's what I am worried about. They said they would move spaces but have since said they will only do this if we give them approx 3 mtrs of our backyard to park in. For free.
  2. They registered it in their name in 2010, it was transferred to them from the previous tenant. But the owner of the house did not consent for the transfer to take place, so if they are accumulating these rights, they have convinced the land reg that they have a right to it, it seems!
  3. Thanks for all the replies:) I just spoke to Land reg, and they said they have a leasehold over the title, we have the freehold. The guy (Bob) parking there explained it as "we leased it from the previous owner, not directly from the previous freeholder of the land, as she wouldn't sign it. You still own it- but we leased it from the previous owner of the house". So they must've satisfied the land reg criteria to have it listed as their lease? Our solicitor was terrible and was dealing with several other issues whilst we purchased, such as another neighbour complaining about the land on the other side on the property. Plus Bob had promised us that they would just move spaces if we asked. So we were stupid to take them at their word it seems. Can I just call their conveyancer and ask to see what documentation they have pertaining to their lease of my freehold space?
  4. Hi, I'm wondering if anyone knows anything about longterm parking leaseholds? We have just bought a house which owns a carpark on 999yr lease to a man who lived next door and has died. The lease was refused to be transferred to the new house owner when they moved in a few years ago, yet they park here and have the carpark registered in their name, even though they were denied permission to transfer the lease into their name- is this legal? The lady who lived here before us was elderly and did not drive, she was taken advantage of by the sound of it. Can I cancel a lease to someone who has no lease yet parks on our land? We really just want them to move to a spot nearer their land and have offered to put it in their name, and they agreed before we bought the house. Now we've bought the house, but they have changed their minds and will only move their car park if we move it 1 metre into our backyard- for free! Any ideas? Thanks in advance:-)
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