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Found 12 results

  1. Hi I am new to this web site and I would like to hear from people who have had dealings with difficult Freeholders My neighbour and I intend to buy the freehold of our property. Dobern Properties (The Kingston Brothers) are the freeholders, I would be grateful to get advice from other people who have dealt with them. I am well aware of their ruthless bullying style of management so I need to be well prepared before I proceed. Thanks
  2. Hi this may not be something you can comment on but will try it anyway! I own a 999 year lease(virtual freehold) on a cafe and just recently the landlord asked me if I would like to purchase the freehold on the cafe and the 8 flats above, in other words the freehold of the whole building. The 8 flats are mostly sold on a 999 year lease. We didn't discuss a price but I don't think it would be a frightening price and would be based on the yield the flats generate which is around £5000 pa in ground rent. My question is would it be beneficial to own the freehold or more bother than its worth? Thanks in advance
  3. Garages don't come up for sale very often round here but there's a freehold one for sale just now. It's at the back of a block of flats which are leasehold and the driveway / tarred area to the garages would come under that leasehold. The seller hasn't paid any fees or service charge for the past 6 years. Can anyone give me advice please without me going to the expense of hiring a solicitor? Thank you
  4. An interesting scenario for some advise please: Completed on a property end Jan 2016. At the bottom of the property is a garage which was within our boundary and part of the premises on the land registry search. The property was being sold as leasehold. When coming up to completion our solicitor told us that the garage was not being sold as part of the property as the seller had already promised it/sold it to the neighbour. The seller had done this without completing any of the required legal paperwork with the land registry. At completion we were told that as a condition for the sale to complete, the whole property would be transferred to us and we would then have to sell the garage back to the seller for a token 1 pound. Not overly happy with that but we really wanted the house and got a good price. The garage itself is in poor repair, but it is the land it sits on that we want. From what I understand, the leasehold has now been split into the garage and the property/garden. As we didn't own the land with the property being leasehold, we bought the freehold so that we now own the land, including the garage. Any ideas of our legal position now? * Are we responsible for the upkeep of the garage? * Do we charge ground rent? * Can we give notice to cancel their lease and take back the land? * Can we object to any improvement/change to the garage? Many thanks to all
  5. My Mum owns the freehold to her flat - one of 16. Most of the flats are owned as second homes (It is at the seaside) The management committee have a rule that the flats cannot be commercially let/ rented - they can only be occupied by the owners and their families. My question is: is such a rule enforceable ? Thank you for reading !
  6. I am trying to get a hold of the lease hold information of a property. I want to know what they have to pay in ground rent, what rules they have to follow, what they can and cannot do as terms of the leasehold. Another forum told me to send an OC2 form to the land registry. But I dont see anything about a lease on what was sent back. Is the following documents the right ones they should of sent me?
  7. I have, I hope, a quick question regarding the subdivison of the cost of Building Insurance for a converted house. The house has been converted into three flats two downstairs and one upstairs. the upstairs flat occupies the whole of the first floor and is two bedroomed and the two ground floor flats occupy less than half of the floor (though they both have a rear extension). Is there a general rule for proportioning the cost of the Buildings Insurance for each flat and does the leaseholder pay towards the cost. regards eeeni
  8. Hello I am hoping someone could advise me. A few years ago we bought a shop from the owner who also owned the freehold of the whole building which included our shop, another shop and several flats above. We have a standard commercial lease, we are the first tenants of the shop so we hold the head lease. Since then the landlord has sold the freehold to an investment company but our landlord took a 999 year lease on the ground floor of the property which is basically the 2 shops. The landlord was paying a peppercorn rent to the new freeholder and we paid our rent and service charge to our original landlord, as do the tenants of the other shop. recently our landlord has sold the ground floor and we have a new landlord. My question is this - are we still the head lease or are we now the sub lease? Are our obligations eg to pay the rent even if we close the shop still the same? Has our legal position changed at all? BTW I am sorry if I have some legal terminology wrong. regards Cathygh
  9. We own a buy to let flat in a converted office building. There are 12 flats altogether. We are expecting the current owners to offer to sell the freehold of the building in the near future. On the face of it, buying the freehold between us sounds like a good idea, but we don't really know what the pros and cons might be. Since the landlord can already get us to pay for things like a new roof, would we be any worse off owning a share in the freehold? One of the mortgage conditions was that they wouldn't lend on freehold flats, which is partly why we're dubious, but other than notifying them if we do buy a share is this likely to be a problem?
  10. Freehold Purchase Problem Collective Enfranchisement, nominations delayed. Hello Everyone, I’m in a situation where I need some honest advice. In nutshell, we are late in sending nominations and now freeholder refusing to sell freehold. I, with four other leaseholders are buying freehold of our whole block which is having six flats inside. One of the leaseholder is not interested and he is the only one out. The freeholder company went into administration and appointed administrators sent all of us letters as qualifying tenants under 187 Act Sect 5A to accept the offer to buy and nominate within two + two months. 5 out of 6 of us agreed and sent our names back to them confirming our will to buy within first two months. Later on we started contacting each other as no one was living there in that block, all the lessees had their flats rented out so it took us a while to get together, signing up a solicitor and forming up a company under which we could buy the freehold. When we finally formed up the company and sent the details to freeholder they refused to accept it saying after initial 2 months of offer acceptance (which we did) you had another two months of nominations to exercise your rights which you couldn’t do and we therefore not selling it to you anymore. We have another buyer now and we are going ahead with them. We checked the article 10 of their offer notice as they mentioned and they were right, it was written there which neither we nor our so called solicitor bothered to check and we were approximately 10 days late. Our solicitor spoke to them and formally requested them to start the proceeding of purchase but freeholder’s administrators are not moving an inch from their stance. Looks like they already had a buyer on the back seat and they were waiting for any glitch to arise from us. Now, our solicitor has sent a letter to freeholders stating our intentions to pursue the court if the sale goes ahead with third party. There has been no answer yet as it is only two days old activity. I spoke to another solicitor meanwhile explaining whole situation and he says that we shouldn’t go to court as it might get turned down by court and you end up paying your and other side’s court and legal fees. He suggested that he can get it done through 1993 Act in which we contact the freeholder by ourselves and exercise the right to buy after getting the valuation of freehold done independently. In this route, if freeholder doesn’t agree we can go through tribunal to exercise our right to buy and all that legal stuff. I’m quite confused at the moment what to do. Other 4 freeholders are also behind me. Whenever I update them, they just say to me that we will do whatever you say just don’t let it go. They don’t know much about these things. I don’t want to take any step which ends me up in being cursed by them for always. I’m not very confident about both solicitors either as first one looks not v experienced/competent in these matters and second one could just be looking after his business. That’s why I’m here to seek some honest advice. Shall we go to court to stop the third party sale or shall we choose the 1993 ACT? Which one sounds more promising and what are the chances? YOUR ADVICE IS HIGHLY APPRECIATED. THANKS.
  11. I live in a house which was entered on the land registry in 1956 as a freehold property belonging to my grandfather. My parents (my mother moving in once she met my father) and subsequently myself grew up in the house along with my grandparents and still live there today. My grandfather died in 1987 and everything went to my grandmother - but at the time she died in 2007 she had severe dementia, no savings and we were caring for her 24 hours a day. And since her only family were living in the house/paying all the bills etc there was no probate and we could find no will. Since then we have just been living as normal, but I mean, I'd like to have the house in my or my parents name without it getting complicated. I just checked and the land registry entry remains unchanged from 1956. Any thoughts? Thanks in advance for any insight, and sorry if I posted this in the wrong place!
  12. Hi all, I own an upstairs flat in a block of 2. We have the standard criss-cross lease arrangement i.e. we own each other's freehold and lease to each other. Sometime ago the ground floor flat got repossessed.The lender though for some reason does not have a charge over the freehold title (I guess an error was made with the title/lease originally?). What issue does this cause the lender with resale. I am the freeholder and they haven't contacted me. Do they *need* my consent for this? i.e. they can't resell the flat until they have a charge over the freehold? What happens if I say "no" ; what can they do??? thanks in advance
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