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  1. Good afternoon all I have taken a very vital case against Lloyds and this time it will be us (consumers) who are in a stronger position than the Bank. I have taken them to court and despite the fact that they have tried everything to drop the case; the Judge has given us a date. They are throwing money at me to stop the case "as a gesture of goodwill" I am a very specialised Financial analyst and I believe that I caught them in a fine line which will potentially cost them millions of pounds hence wise they are trying to close all the back doors for others to follow me and changed their T&Cs in legal phrases. Now can anyone please explain to me what is the difference between "Planned" and "Arranged" in legal terms? the phrase in banking term will be "planned overdraft" vs "arranged overdraft" Secondly can anyone please guide me where it is referenced on Government's websites for the phrase of "Business Days/working days" as well as "Bank Holidays" Thank you in advance for your help Regards
  2. As a landlord I am continuously surprised at what tenants will allow them selves to be conned into, this tale hurts my sense of fair play to tenants and I hope you guys can help. My friend is the 4th tenant T4, in a shared flat above a shop in south London (shop also owned by LL). It seems to be on individual contracts. The LL assigned my friend T4 with the responsibility of paying the metered supply water bill to the water company (lets call them WC as I am not sure who they are as yet). She calls WC and they arrange 1/4ly DD of £300. Although they did not change the name on the bill it remains the name of the previous tenant even though now T4 is paying the DD and collecting the other shared contributions from the T1, T2, and T3 At some point it is discovered that the shop below, with a loo and a kitchen, are on the same meter, and that the WC has them on a commercial rate. T4 asked the WC to come and see what was up and they confirmed single meter, commercial rent, and that meter had not been read correctly since june2018 and they in fact owe 2K in back charges. So T4 and her pals have been paying the water for the shop since June last year, the LL knew this but did not tell T4 or her buddies. They have spoken to resolver who have said because the water comes in via the shop, then they must pay commercial rates - its about twice what a normal water bill should be - now I think resolver probably cannot think outside the box here... Anyway what to do? I am tempted to advise T4 to just stop paying and give the WC the LL name and address as the bill payer. I feel like LL has committed a fraud by a) not telling them they were paying for the shop, and b) not paying to have a 2nd supply added to the flat. T4 is moving out at the end of April 19 and wants to try and resolve it so that she does not have to pay these ridiculous water charges. WC seem ambivalent, (as you would expect, they are making the dough right now) LL said tough **** sort it out with shop below. T's 1-3 are spineless and my friend T4 is trying to sort it out. Any advice?
  3. I rent a unit in a property and use it as a Hairdressers. I have a manager in and all is good. I have a few other interests and have decided to sell the business and have found a buyer. Now the hard part. We have 3 years of a 5 year lease left. The buyers are willing to take this on and have spoken to the landlord. He has no objection to them being tenants but he will only accept a 5 year lease PLUS he wants £2500 off of them, up front to extend the lease. He has made in categorically clear, he will not let them be tenants unless they agree the extension PLUS pay the £2500 in cash, no receipt. The buyers have said they can not and will not do this and have given me 1 week to sort it or the deal is off. I have emailed the landlord and said look, you can keep the month up front deposit we made (£500) I just want out. Im sure he cannot do this but he is the greediest individual I have ever met.
  4. Hi there, I have recently left a rented business property and paid my rent up to date. The landlord has since complained that I had not left the property in a good state of repair, a claim I strongly dispute. The lease expired several years ago and I never received another one. The LL has now produced an amendment to the lease, which I never saw or signed, but even that has expired by more than one year. The property has been re let but the LL has now sent me a demand for several thousand pounds for restoration work and a surveyors report. I have had threatening letters from a solicitor but as of yet no court papers, should I be worried? Many thanks for any help. tibar
  5. Hi I'm posting here in the hope that someone can help me figure out what the heck I can do to solve my problem! To cut a long story short, we started leasing a commercial unit in Oct 2017 and turned it into a dance studio. We raised £3500 in 2 months to pay for laminate floor (with padding underneath as it was originally concrete), fitted radiators, fitted a kitchen in the waiting room, painted the wall with some cool art work, etc. We were really hoping to turn the space into our new 'home' The lease states that he is responsible for the externals, we are responsible for the internals. I have had this argument with him on many many occasions about various things, but it's important that we know that bit! Back to the topic - we noticed around Christmas that the roof was leaking a little when it rained. We let the landlord know and put some buckets and towels down on the floor to catch any dripping. Around the beginning Feb, he got someone to come look and said they'd done some work. It still leaked, but nothing too bad, so we just said we would keep an eye on it. It has gradually been getting worse and worse every time it rained. To the point that it's now running down the side of the walls next to the electrics (like a very light waterfall, not a trickle like a tap being left on!) Before my holiday at the end of March I sent him an email to say if the roof hadn't been looked at when i got back i would get someone in to do it and invoice him. Funnily enough he replied and said he would get someone to look at it. He sent me photos as proof and they had indeed done some work. I got back from my holiday on 4th April to find it was now even worse down the side of the walls. We have now had to block off part of the studio, put bin liners down and towels down too to try prevent further damage to our floor. It stinks of damp and the skirting boards are turning mouldy!:mad2: You can see it on the pics i've attached. Pic 1 Jan 2018, Pic 2 Feb 2018, Pic 3 March 10 2018, Pic 4 and 5 March 30 2018:mad2::mad2: How can i get this fixed without withholding my rent? I don't want to get into that but if i have to then so be it. I think he thinks i'm just a dumb blonde who doesn't have a clue so he is taking the p*ss a bit! All i want is for him to do his job and stop it leaking! What can I do?! help please
  6. Hi all, This is a query for me, regards to a couple of outstanding invoices that have now been paid. I received an email from Stirling Debt Recovery on behalf of their client Thompson Local for two invoices for £162 each and another invoice for £60. I have contacted Thompson Local direct and have paid £324 to them this morning, and will pay the final £60 for end of contract fee next Friday. Thompson Local stated at first that I needed to contact Stirling DC, I said absolutely not, I don't do any correspondence with a DCA whatsoever, and asked if Thompson Local were refusing to take payment that was owed to them. Of course they said no, but needed to contact Stirling as to what to do. I get a phone call a couple minutes later back from Thompson, they are quite happy to take £324 today and £60 next Friday, but have said additional charges by Stirling will need to be paid directly to them. These charges are listed as reasonable debt collection cost under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts Act 1998, of 10% of the total outstanding debt, plus late fees of £40. Now I know the general instructions about DCA's is to just ignore them, especially when they don't actually own the debt themselves, as in this case, but as it is a commercial debt, can they still chase me for these additional charges ? Any advice would be gratefully received. Cheers, Bloke199
  7. Drivers’ hours: changes to fines for commercial drivers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/drivers-hours-changes-to-fines-for-commercial-drivers
  8. I have a problem "landlord" The lease is a 3 year lease with no break clauses The"Landlord" who showed us the property and prepared the lease is not the landlord and in fact an "agent" The "Agent" has signed the lease as the landlord and not on behalf or any words to that effect I have checked the land registry and indeed the landlord is somebody else who lives in another country. He recently took us to the small claims court and lost - the claim was struck out due to the poor setting out of the claim. I feel he will try and take us to court again. He claimed that we owed him 10 k for refurbishment of the premises- this however is not written into the lease we got 3 months free rental period - this equated to £1200 we have spent around 2k renovating the premises and feel this is more than needed. We ideally wish to leave the lease early and feel the lease is unenforceable due to the "landlord" mis representing himself. Any ideas as to the best course of action. Thank you
  9. Hi, I am hoping for some advice and i have heard i am in the right place. 10/2015 - I received notification from Northampton County Courts Re an unpaid parking ticket issued by Blackpool Council. The car was one which I was the registered keeper of, however I was going through a separation at the time and was unable to agree ownership of the car with my ex partner. The car was in her possession during the period the ticket was issued. I wrote to the county courts and to Blackpool council, detailing the above. The courts agreed to cancel the case however Blackpool council never bothered to reply. I heard nothing until today which was in the form of a letter through my letterbox issued by Phoenix headlined ENFORCEMENT AGENT VISIT. They state on the letter that they called to collect a sum of £423 on behalf of the named client - Blackpool. They state that they wil return in 5 days to seize and take control of my goods if payment is not made by then. They asked me to contact them on 0333 323 0333 to make payment and avoid further action. Signed S.King. Under this, its headed GOODS VIEWED FOR POTENTIAL REMOVAL and nothing is listed.Overleaf, it says a detailed breakdown of my account and lists; Debt amount £ (blank) Compliance Fee £ (blank) Enforcement Fee £ (blank) Sale & Disposal Fee £ (blank) and then a fee schedule I have not contact the bailiff as yet, but i have sent an email (containing the email i sent to the county courts back in 2015) to the head of Blackpool council Mr David Blackburn as a letter of complaint. I attached the letter i received today and asked him to cancel the parking fine and to instruct Phoenix to cease action with immediate effect. Please can i have some advice on what i can do. Many thanks, Bm1988
  10. I was wondering if anyone could comment on what normally happens when a limited company with one director and a secretary attempts to open a commercial lease. If it's a new company, I know from reading around on here that the director will need credit checked, but what about the secretary? Thanks.
  11. Hi All, Had letter from above mentioned company for a person (relative) who was homeless and lived on my sofa for most of a year. That was 5 years ago, he moved out to his own flat but a few years ago housing benefit suddenly stopped paying the rent so he had to move out and has been moving around living at friends places. Been getting letters for around a year now, marked some as not at this address and dropped them in the post box. Told the person they had the letters and what they were for as we could see in the address window exactly what it was. Its the landlord of the place they lived at previously wanting teh unpaid portion of the rent. Got 2 letters the same day just before Christmas and thought to open one and give them a call to make sure they knew they could not get them at this address. As truth be told we were getting tired of the letters and they were wasting their time trying to get them at this address. When i called them i told them he moved out around 5 years ago and was only here because he was homeless, they said they had information we were related and this was why they were sending letters here. I pointed out that they cannot be contacted here so no point sending letters here. Had snooty woman tell me she knew we were related, to which is replyed i didnt care. Then got a goodbye and they hung up on me. Today 2 more latters, they used a colour printer this time as in the address window it had a giant final notice in red, saying 10 days to pay before we recommend legal action. Now i have told these idiots verbally and by returning the letters (unopened) marked not at this address, that they cannot contact them here, truth be told i dont even know their current address, or how long they will be there for. The person they want is unemployed and homeless. If i get legal documents through or a knock on the door what are my options for this?
  12. So, despite all of the bleating, the hype, the threats, the smooth posting on these forums and elsewhere, BES utilities have been found to be in breach of several obligations of required industry standards. This will come to no surprise to a large number of people who had dealings with this shabby company and in particular it will come as no surprise to the victims who have suffered from the unjust bullying that they have received at the hands of BES utilities and which in some cases have even destroyed their businesses and their hopes and ambitions. I see that as usual, not only as a regulator taken his time in sorting this out, but the resulting sanction amounts to a mere slap on the wrist and produces no real motivation that any utilities company to do any better. Part of the reason for the limited sanction is that apparently BES utilities cooperated and also admitted the breaches – even though, there were only denials elsewhere. Of course, it makes business sense that when you've been caught out that it is best to put your hands up as quickly as possible and it seems as if this is what BES utilities have done to the regulator despite being in denial to their customers and elsewhere. It has now been left to BES utilities to approach their own customers with proposals of redress. Will they go about this in an honest and decent way? I'm sure that we will find out eventually on this forum and we invite all victims of BES utilities to come here and tell us whether they have received an approach and whether they are satisfied with the way that it is being handled. For people who are looking around for somebody to manage their energy supply, frankly we suggest that you avoid BES utilities for at least two or three years until they have established a track record of straightforward straight-dealing. https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/publications-and-updates/investigation-bes-and-its-compliance-its-obligations-under-gas-and-electricity-supply-licences-standard-licence-conditions-7a-7b-7-14-and-21b-and-consumer-complaints-handling-standards-regulations-chsr-2008 BES utilities have previously come onto this forum in denial and also to assure us of their best intentions regarding their customers. I wonder if they have the bottle to come onto this forum now and to apologise and to explain to their victims what the next step is.
  13. I have been told that I don’t need to pay business rates and I would like to find out whether it is in fact the case. I have a shop with empty living accommodation above. I have to pay 150% council tax for the domestic part as no-one lives in it along with standard business rates. The rateable value is approx. £3000. Someone else with a similar property he said that he had been advised that refunds don't apply to semi-commercial properties. Does anyone have any firm knowledge of this and can advise on what would be involved in obtaining any refund? I'd like to be armed with some facts when I approach the local council about it.
  14. Hi I have a problem with this outfit, Phoenix Commercial Collections. I have read up on them online and they seem to be a dishonest lot. I had a litigation case two years ago (unrelated) which cost me a lot of money and my personal finances eroded. I ended up with some council tax debt. I got everything sorted in my life end of 2015 and paid off various debts. I had £2051 owing on council tax, which I paid in full in late January 2016. I have a letter from the council dated 17th Feb that states my account is clear. In mid Feb I get a new, out of the blue letter from Phoenix saying that I owe said £2051 plus £75 enforcement. I ignored it as the amount was paid by that time. I get a few more letters and calls. I tell them to go away as there was no debt in my mind. Not just that but I have council correspondence stating the same. I have bank statements showing the amount as paid. Today an undesirable knocks on my door at 8.10 in a bright yellow jacket demanding £310 or they seize goods. They also interrupted an early meeting as I work from home, its also my trading address. I told them to get stuffed and they went away but saying they would return to take my belongings. Later I inspect my old letters from Phoenix and called them. They now state that : 1. The account was passed to them a few days before I paid the council in full. I suspect them of backdating but can't confirm. All I know is that I had settled the bill before I ever heard of these Phoenix guys. 2. They say I still owe money to the council at first but now accept that I do not. I think they backdated a letter to pursue fees, I'll never prove that though. 3. They have upped the bill to £310 to cover costs of visiting my home and enforcement. Except I didn't invite them and they are enforcing a non debt. Also my online research suggests that this is a common bailiff [problem] when the principle debt is paid and illegal, section 58. At best they are trying to enforce and levy £235 on a £75 compliance fee, that due to the dates on letters I also dispute. So the rude woman at the door didn't bother me too much besides quoting lots of liability order legalise at me, a quick get lost and she was gone. I have since written to Phoenix instructing them not to attend again without prior appointment. Thing is firms like this are parasitic in nature and they will probably come back. They are trying to use the original council liability order as their muscle. However that debt is clear (in writing ) before I ever heard of Phoenix. That they are trying to levy another £235 and my research lists this as a common [problem] makes me question their honesty and integrity. They think I owe them £75 (I say not) and are adding further enforcement costs to that. It would be easy to pay to go away but I don't see why I should line their pockets. Advice would be welcomed. Chris
  15. My office was given notice to end my lease after 12years. The reason: the landlord needs the property and will not renew. The building was residential, unknown to me at the time of my occupation that the tenants were squatters they occupy 17 of the 18 flats and had been there for over 30years. I am the legitimate tenant. Few months after I started my business the squatter started to make my life a hell and make my business in operational. I complained to the landlord the reply was I must be quiet as they did not want to raise a long time problem. Several complaints were made about maintenance, repairs, cleaning and obstruction of squatters, but the landlord did not respond so I carried out all maintenance repairs by myself. Last year October the landlord was able to get rid of all the tenants after over 30years and now the landlord had sent me notice to end my lease. I have asked the landlord and his agent what they want do with property they have refused to say. What can I do? I operate on a high street in London and business has picked up since I didn't have to worry about the squatters obstruction.
  16. My company obtained a new property in April 2015. It was agreed that we would have a rent-free period as we required to carry out substantial renovations before we could make use of the property. The property had been empty for approximately 10 years. The landlord is now pushing us to sign the lease. The terms of the lease are very unfavourable to us and we are being denied access to parts of the common business park that are essential to our business and the main reason that we moved here. We have not yet started paying any rent as we are still in the rent-free period. The lease is supposed to be for 5 years, so my understanding that it has to be in writing and cannot be verbal. There have been numerous emails between us and the landlords regarding access to the business park and the fact that we want this incorporated into the lease. The landlord is refusing to agree to any of our proposals. What is the legal position as we have not signed the lease. Are we simply just able to cut our losses in terms of the substantial renovations we have carried out and walk away now? Thanks for any help.
  17. My friends boss who runs a hair salon today received a country court claim from an ex-supplier who is claiming for an alleged outstanding balance from two and a half years ago. The boss is not computer literate and therefore I am assisting her in the matter. The products provided by the business supplier were inferior to other suppliers and she sent all the products back. The supplier is now attempting to claim for monies allegedly owed even though he hasn't sustained any losses. The particulars are very vague and I have a feeling that an embarassed defence is the way so far, grateful for any advice. I have filled out the template for claim form below: You have received a claim form. In order for us to help you we require the following information:- an individual Date of issue – top right hand corner of the claim form – this in order to establish the time line you need to adhere to. 14th November 2014 What is the claim for – the reason they have issued the claim? Product supplied and not paid for. The claimant claims interest under section 69 of the County Courts Act 1984 at the rate of 8% a year from 20/7/2012 to 13/11/2014 on £1250.00 and also interest at the same rate up to the date of judgement or earlier payment at a daily rate of £192.00. What is the value of the claim? £1320.00 Is the claim for a current or credit/loan account or mobile phone account? The claim is for a commercial balance that should not exist due to the products being returned. Also, he is suing the boss as an individual at the business address. It does not mention anything about trading as etc. When did you enter into the original agreement before or after 2007? N/A Has the claim been issued by the original creditor or was the account assigned and it is the Debt purchaser who has issued the claim. Original creditor Were you aware the account had been assigned – did you receive a Notice of Assignment? N/A Did you receive a Default Notice from the original creditor? N/A Have you been receiving statutory notices headed “Notice of Default sums” – at least once a year ? N/A Why did you cease payments:- N/A Was there a dispute with the original creditor that remains unresolved? Yes, the products supplied by the supplier were of an inferior quality and all products were returned. The creditor demanded payment around the time in July 2012, however failed to take action till now. No Letter before Action had been received. Also, there is no known paperwork to hand regarding this matter. No paperwork has been supplied with claim form. Did you communicate any financial problems to the original creditor and make any attempt to enter into a debt management plan? N/A You may use a CPR part 18 request for any other information (not request documents) that you might require in order to defend yourself. Please not that CPR 18 is specifically for Fast Track claims and although technically the claim has yet to be allocated to a track the claimant may refuse to comply for this reason. If you require CPR Part 18 - this will need to be drafted specifically. Would CPR Part 18 be useful to me in this particular instance?
  18. Hi everyone, Last year in december 2014 i recieved a parking ticket in london (Tower Hamletts). I was a vistitor in this area staying at my friends for the day so i was told i could leave my car parked in front of the flat in the parking area. When i went to get my car the next morning i had a ticket on the windscreen saying i did not have permission to park in that area. I contacted Tower Hamletts via email and explained i was staying at a friends house that night they replied asking if i spoke to security during my stay about the ticket. I explained i did try to but was unsuccessful both times i went to speak to someone as there was no-one there (first time i was told to come back the next day to speak with security as no-one from security was working that day but there woul be someone there the next day however when i returned the next day again no-one from security was working). After this i received no reply from Tower Hamletts. in september 2015 i received a letter from Phoenix Commercial Collections Ltd claiming they had tried calling my phone and knocking my door however i had no missed calls or anyone knocking the door that day as i had been home all week with someone always at home. I did not take any action and i did not recieve any other letters yesterday giving me a 24 hour notice reading "REMOVAL NOTICE" "I have attended your property to collect the sum outstanding of £xxx.xx (inclusive of fees and costs, on behalf of the above named client) or remove your goods for sale at public auction. If i fail to receive contact to make arrangements for the collection of the above balance, i will return at a time convenient to me. You do not need to be at the property for me to remove your goods To avoid further action, contact me on xxxxxxxxxxx" When this letter came no-one had knocked the door besides the postman. Please advice me on what to do next. Do i need to pay them? I have no goods or job as i am a student.
  19. Hi I recently got into a mess with the council tax & knwo its was stupid but tried to pretend it would just go away. I had letters from Phoenix Commercial and contacted them and agreed to a £50 per month payment. I made two payments although one was a few days late. I have now had another letter dropped through my door stating payment is needed in full or the bailiff is coming back with a locksmith. I contacted the office and was told they had received both payment s but I now have to deal with the bailiff himself. I messaged him and he stated payment was expected in full, I explained I could not afford this and had no one I could borrow it from. He was quite off hand and told me he wants to talk to me today. To be honest I am too frightened to speak to him. I am quite happy to continue with the payment plan originally set up. Is there any advice or suggestions please. I know I was stupid and should have sorted this out properly before it came to this. Thank you for any help or support
  20. Hi, For over 4 years now I have rented a small warehouse. I have never seen or ever signed a contract and have been paying the rent firstly via a caretaker and then weekly via BACS to the landlord bank account. A couple of weeks ago they emailed me saying I was a couple about a month behind with the rent and now wanted the money paid monthly in advanced, I replied saying I would be able to clear any arrears in about a month but would not be able to pay monthly in advanced. This evening I received an email saying they wanted me out of the unit as soon as possible and have threatened to lock me out of the unit. I am a sole trader and have quite a bit of stock in, so finding another suitable unit and moving will not be a quick process. Does anyone know how long notice they should give me. I have read some post regarding the Landlord and Tenant act 1954 and it seems the notice period can be upto 6 months, and also can they legally lock me out of the unit? Thanks for your time JJ
  21. Hi from a CAG virgin. I have a company in liquidation after our largest client went bankrupt owing us £150k and want to include a van in the liquidation. The hire agreement says the 'hirer' is my company and therefor as far as I was led to believe a company hire agreement. They (Leaseplan UK) say this is a personal Hire Agreement which is regulated by the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Who could I send this to for confirmation. Local solicitors want £600 to read a 5 page document. There is about £7000 redemption on the vehicle or 2 years to pay £235/month. Love the site and hope to be active in it. i will certainly donate regards Ian
  22. I'm not sure this is in the right place. I hope so. If not, will someone kindly direct me to the correct page. I have today had a visit from a 'Bailiff' from Phoenix. Apparently it is due to unpaid Council Tax, and a CCJ was unpaid from 2008. I was not aware of a CCJ, and I have moved a few times since I lost my house in 2006. I shamelessly lied to the guy to buy a little time before he no doubt will return. He left a form headed 'Enforcement Notice' and on it it states 'Goods viewed for potential Removal' and has my neighbours car registration number. If I do indeed owe this money then I must pay it, but I am looking for advice from you wonderful people out there. Can anyone kindly advise me please. Thank You. Regards Signaller
  23. hello guys I have recently had a very bad experience whilst trying to sell a car I would be grateful for some advice a few months ago an immediate family member wanted to sell her vehicle. vehicle was advertised on autotrader. To cut a long story short, the potential buyer, pushed me, grabbed the keys, and drove off in my vehicle. and the person who dropped him off drove off behind him. as usual, 3 months later, insurance company have come back stating the claim has been rejected on 2 grounds 1. I am not a named driver 2. theft by deception so now my family member, is 18k worse off, with a substantial amount of finance owing. So the main problem here is I was the one who was showing the car to the buyer, on instruction of my family member (the car owner) but I am not a named driver on the policy I moved the car from my front drive about 100metres away, so they could look at the car with no obstructions. However I was not driving the car at the time of theft. It was parked and locked. The thief then looks around the car, grabs the key, pushes me, and gets in the car and drives off. closely followed by his accomplice. the second problem is theft by deception. In my opinion this was a physical grab and drive off, rather than deception. The claim has been rejected. I have had several sleepless nights over this. The process has been ongoing, the story stated above was known from day one, yet it took 3 months for the insurance company to reject the claim. there departments are clueless as to what is going on, they asked for all the total loss documents, we sent them in, recorded delivery, it was signed for, yet they have lost it, including the spare key. We never got any official correspondence, regarding the claim rejection, we had to phone them up for them to tell us. we made a complaint through there complaints department to which they said there decision was final. I am unsure of where to go to next. I am totally confused and stressed, and some advice will be appreciated. They have pointed me the direction of the financial ombudsman, but is there any point if theres so many things stacked against me?
  24. i recently sold my business. can the commercial landlord hold me personally responsible for unpaid rent of a limited company. I am a director of a limited company. i was offered a lease sometime in 2011 which i signed but never become effective. apart from that, i never had a tenancy agreement. i had an informal assignment of the tenancy agreement from the previous owner.Nothing signed. I had a letter from the landlord solicitors dated last month offering me a ten year lease, nothing mentioned about owing arrears.The landlord is being vindictive because i sold the business without his knowledge. Can the landlord make me bankrupt. He is alleging i owe him in the region of £15,000 to £20,000 in unpaid rent. This represent over 2 years unpaid rent.its absurd. If at all i owe some rent i believe i owe in the region of £5000 over 4 years. Do i have to pay him. What are my options please. Really stressed out because i don't want to lose my family home
  25. (1) Agreement in possession of landlord not signed by the tenant. (2) Agreement in possession of Tenant not signed by Landlord or dated What is the validity of this agreement. Notice of Termination ================ Location of the property not stated correctly and the postal address is missing. Company registration number stated as VAT number. Therefore is the Notice Valid?
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