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  1. Sorry I can't find the right place to post this .... is there a specific forum for pension queries
  2. For the last 2yrs I have been kept going in circles by the NHS, I've seen 4 consultants, been passed through 3 different districts and all of them have said the same thing... I need surgery. I have a problem that needs correcting, but there is another problem getting in the way of them being able to do that surgery. They CANNOT carry out the needed procedure until the secondary issue is resolved... I have been repeatedly fobbed off and passed around without anyone taking responsibility for it. Then after almost 2yrs it got bumped back to my doctors to apply for funding for the secondary procedure. That has now been refused. To put it as bluntly as possible... I am barely hanging on by a thread here...I have zero chance of a normal life ever again... and it's not an overly complicated or expensive procedure. My doctors have letters from all of these consultants spelling out what needs doing, and the effect it is having on my mental health... I have asked for copies of all letters sent/received regarding this funding and have nothing. This was my last hope... and they're saying my life isn't worth anything, that I don't deserve any possibility of a normal life... let alone a fulfilling one. I don't know where to turn.... I have no one, and no idea what to do... I'm scared of what may happen to me.
  3. Hi all, I'm giving myself brain ache with this so I hope someone can help me out? Long (looooooooooong!) story short, my Aunt leased a retirement bungalow in 2011 from a company called Anchor. She paid a monthly service charge which went up every year. Sadly she passed away in June 2016, but the property only sold a few months ago. When my Mum, as the co-executor with her [utterly useless] brother, got the Statement of Account from the solicitor (who has NOT acted on her behalf in any way, shape or form) we noticed they'd paid Anchor almost £8,500.00 for a "Sinking Fund". We'd never heard of one of these so have been asking the solicitor what it was for. We received a letter from Anchor, via the solicitor, stating that they take this charge when the tenant sells the property. They included a lease from 1996. Yes, you read that right, 1996! It was not signed by my Aunt. Because she didn't buy the bungalow until 15 years later. We wrote directly to Anchor asking for the correct copy of the lease, including my Aunt's signature. Well, today we got what I grudgingly refer to as a response, which is to say they just doubled-down on what they'd already sent via the solicitor. *Le sigh*. Now, from the research I've done I believe a company like Anchor can charge either a Service Charge OR a Sinking Fund, but not both. Is this right? I mean, even if a Sinking Fund was set up in addition, surely you'd pay it whilst living in the property, not after you sell it? You'd not benefit otherwise. Not that my Aunt benefited anyway; she had numerous issues with the bungalow, including an ill fitting front door, damp and consequent mould issues to name but three and Anchor never addressed these problems. She ended up paying out of her own money to get them fixed! I read this article today: https://www.leaseholdknowledge.com/cherry-trees It's interesting because this is also Anchor and in this instance the people did not pay a service charge. So it seems to me it's a one-rule-for-one situation. It's clear that, since they've already got the money thanks to the completely incompetent solicitor, they're not going to send the requested information, I mean why would they? So the next step is to get Mum's solicitor involved, but I'd like to know if I'm fighting a lost cause here. Does anyone have any experience with these funds at all? I'd appreciate any info. Thanks in advance, Fen.
  4. Government announces Tech Fund to support disabled people and their employers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-tech-fund-to-support-disabled-people-and-their-employers
  5. Government announces Tech Fund to support disabled people and their employers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-tech-fund-to-support-disabled-people-and-their-employers
  6. Children’s Funeral Fund for England READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/childrens-funeral-fund-for-england
  7. Hi guys, Just had a quick thought and wondered if anyone could clarify if there may be a legal avenue here. I noticed that many providers of services to the DWP make use of this fund. Is there a case to be made that t he use of sanctions and the behaviour of some of these companies is at least not in the spirit of the European Social Fund agenda? I don't really know much about European law, I understand though that you generally have to exhaust things here before going up a level but surely there must be a way to raise this there. I'm email my MEP about the behaviour of some organisations who run the work programme, but just wondered if any of you could give any insights.
  8. Thames Water has a fund in place which can help to pay your water bills if you satisfy their hardship criteria. If you have used this fund before or if you decide to use it now, we would be interested to hear about your experiences of it. You can post in the Utilities forum:- http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/forumdisplay.php?121-Utilities-Gas-Electricity-Water Other water providers may well provide similar schemes. Check on their websites and let us know.
  9. I've received a letter from a dca ccscollect regardinng a £600 social fund loan I took out in 2010. I've just started getting benefits again so that's how they found me. The DWP won't deduct it from my benefits so have instructed a dca. When I enquired what the debt was for I asked if it should be statute barred and was told no that it comes social security law and not consumer law. Is this correct?
  10. Got this letter today from the Department of Work and Pensions telling me I owe them £300+. I gave them a call, and apparently this relates to a social fund crisis loan they claim I took out in the early 90s??? (I have no recolection of this)! For some reason the woman said she couldn't access the social fund section on her computer, all she could tell me was it was dated back to the 90s and said she is going to send me some details in writing next week. (After I refused her offer to call me back). Aren't these type of loans statute barred? She made no mention of any court judgement? Any help appreciated! DWP 28082011.pdf
  11. Hi, Hope someone can give me some advice. I received a letter from DWP saying that they were going to start stopping money from my ESA to pay back a loan of £345. I rang them and told them I have not had a loan or applied for one, they told me it is for a loan I had in 2007 (9 years ago), I told them I am sure it was paid back as it is stopped automatically. He was adamant it was not paid back, and they will be stopping the money. I said surely after 6 years it is statute barred but he said this does not apply to them. Does anyone know if this is correct please.
  12. Morning Everyone, This Forum has helped me on a previous a Previous occasion and i was hoping for further advice on a new problem. Ive been contacted via mobile text from a company called CCS. Upon searching , I Discovered that they are a debt collection agency for the DWP. I Called The DWP debt dept this morning and asked them if I owed them funds. I was informed that I had indeed taken out a social fund loan of £250 out in 2008. I had just left a spell in rehab and had forgotten all about it. I did'nt claim benefit until July 2013 Until Nov 2013, J.S.A, so no repayments toward the social fund loan were taken until then. I have gone through my letters this morning, and found that i had being paying the DWP back at £2.96 per week for this JSA period. No payments have been made since Nov 2013 , the last time i received Benefit. I am not on benefits and not in paid work, living at home with my partner, Which i informed the DWP of this morning.The DWP debt department have been sending their letters to my old address for the last 2 years.I have given them my current Address tHis morning.Although i have received other documentation i.e pension statements from them at my current address, The Lady at the DWP informed me that the debt has been passed to CCS, and they cannot deal with me directly. I informed the DWP that i will not be dealing or responding to the CCS debt collection agency in any way shape or form , and i will throw away any letters that i recieve from them. I will only deal directly with the DWP. The DWP Lady said she will e mail CCS with the conversation we have had telling them that i will ignore all their letters. Can anyone advise my of my next step , im willing to pay the approx £200 back at £5 per month either by direct debit or cheque/payment card. Sorry for going on and on. Hope to get some advice to ease my nerves. thanks. xx:|
  13. I found this info on the interestrateripoff thread http://www.nytimes.com/2015/11/28/us/politics/bill-gates-expected-to-create-billion-dollar-fund-for-clean-energy.html?ref=business&_r=0 I hope we are seeing the start to tackling the reliance on fossil fuels which means we could have cheap energy which is cohesive for society. It also addresses the conflicts in the name of oil and gas and countries ultimately holding us to ransom.
  14. This is an updated sticky the original started by bookworm can be found HERE The Family Fund - grants for disabled children
  15. Last year the social fund contacted me and stated i owed £500 from 1997-98 in the UK. I did the usual SAR, Dispute etc and they were unable to substantiate the debt. They still started taking £15.00 out of my ESA every two weeks despite my objections. After transferring to Northern Ireland and my ESA is back up and running, the Northern Ireland Social fund has sent me a letter. They state i owe the social fund £111.00 and must pay it back at £7.19 a week Northern Ireland has not recognised the Governments welfare reforms so we still have the social security office, not the DWP. This is interesting The say i can pay it by cheque in one lump sum, in cash, postal order, or standing order and first payment to reach them within 7 days. They also asked me to sign the letter saying I AGREE I OWE THE SOCIAL FUND THIS MONEY. My question has to be why they are being so nice about it? Why have they not just started taking the deductions from my ESA like the DWP did without my consent?
  16. Back in 2009 a relative was in a relationship and their claim was treating them as a couple. Their partner had several social fund loans and after they seperated my relative applied for a Debt Relief Order (DRO) poor person's bankruptcy through their local CAB office. The social fund laons were added to their DRO and confirmed ok by the Official Receiver's department who dealt with the paperwork in 2010. However, the DWP have been making deductions from their benefit in respect to these old SF loans which is leaving them in financial hardship. The SF office have said they can review the deductions being made but it will probably take approximately 6-10 weeks to deal with, by which time the loan will have been repaid, so that's not an option. Today, I have discovered that the DWP won a court battle over SF loans being added to DRO's and following that case it was agreed that with effect from 19th March 2012 no one could include any SF loans to a DRO, but any DRO's prior to that date were to be written off by the DWP. Therefore, the DWP should NOT be deducting this money from their benefit but I cannot locate the court case or legislation to which this refers in order to notify the SF loan team that they are in breach of this and that all deductions should be refunded back to the claimant. I have searched througth google and gov websites etc but to no avail. Please can anyone help locate this bit of caselaw or legislation for me? Many thanks Shelley
  17. Disabled men lose high court bid to stop Independent Living Fund closure Judge rules that Mike Penning, former minister for disabled people, had not breached equality laws over ending support to live in the community. More Here: http://www.theguardian.com/society/2014/dec/08/disabled-men-lose-high-court-bid-stop-closure-independent-living-fund
  18. Hello friends, My pension fund administrator took a long time due to their system being dis-functional (over thirty days, when it should have been just two days) to register my account and make status of my pension fund available on-line. My pension fund pot is around £25000.00. I really had to continuously call and chase them to fix my problem. Is there any legislation that entitles me to compensation for keeping me deprived of being able to view my pension fund on-line? Thanks
  19. this government is getting worse. http://www.thetelegraphandargus.co.uk/news/11579910.Charity_urges_Government_to_rethink_hardship_fund_axe_which_could_hit_16_000_Bradford_families/
  20. On CWP and 2 weeks ago, we were all taken into a room and asked our details and what jobs we would like, next day the advisor contacted me and said please forward c.v via email as I have a driving job for you. Great I thought as I forwarded my c.v , I added a cheeky p.s of please would you fund my 35 hrs CPC periodic traning then ? So I may legally drive as this is now required since 10th September 2014 for over 3.5t drivers. I again repeated the request to career advisor 1 week later 'in centre' and got your WP advisor will contact you shortly - that was 5 days ago.... Seems they only like to collect in the bonuses and not pay out for training!! As I'm a recovery driver and even the small recovery trucks are around 4.2 tonnes unladen, I thought I had a valid and reasonable request... and she never did give me any details of this supposed job!
  21. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2713784/Unmasked-City-high-flier-Jonathan-Burrows-dodged-43-000-rail-fares-paid-3-days.html
  22. wondering if anyone can help? i have about £3 in coppers to my name (my mum took my last £10 i had til friday) and my 3 year old has a hospital appointment tomorrow that she can't miss. ..i cant get a bus there because it drops you off about 30 mins walk, probably more with a 3 year old and i am physically unable to walk that far due to health issues, my electric is going to cut out at half 9 tomorrow morning and i have no gas. electric meter is taking between £25-£30 per week which is partly the reason im in this situation, phone them every week and have done for probably the last year and apparently there is nothing wrong. yeah right,i dont live in a castle or a mansion and everything not in use is switched off. 9/10 i can't afford gas cause im handing out near £100 or more a month just for the pleasure of electricity. anyway i am rambling i wont be eligible for the welfare fund because ive already had help 3 times this year and it usually takes hours to even get to speak to someone and the hosp appointment is at 10.30 and id have no electric so the food i do have would no doubt be ruined are there any alternate places i can turn to for help? obviously my mother has no money since she took the last of mine and i can't ask anyone else thanks for any replies
  23. I have just received a letter from the DWP stating they will be taking £6.35 per week from my ESA over three social fund payment from 1997. I had this out with the DWP months ago when i first got the demand. I sent the DWP a Data Subject Access Request as for the life of me i had no idea if i had taken out these three loans. They were unable to offer any proof of my liability, no applications, signatures, nothing. I told them to contact me again when they had the documentation. How can they take this money now out of my ESA when they have no proof of my liability? Just spoke with the DWP and i cannot even talk with an individual. They say someone from the recoveries team will contact me in three hours as they are only a call centre ANY TIPS PEOPLE
  24. Hello. I have checked pension fund statement from Aviva and it is £10000 less than last year. It was worth £34000 last year and only £24000 now. Do you know of any reason why this has happened. I pay £100 per month in contributions, therefore I may well have not paid any in for the last 9 years , as its gone? Thanks .
  25. Hi, I hope someone can give me a little advice. Back in 1996, hubby had a social fund loan for advance rent and as he was claiming benefit, the repayments were taken at source, as usual. We both understood that the loan was repaid in full as no other communication has ever been made. However, the DWP have now sent him a letter, demanding the 'rest' of the social fund loan to be repaid, as according to their records, just over half remains unpaid. As he didn't find work and sign off for well over a year after the loan was taken out, as far as we remember it was paid in full. They are also trying to claim another amount from him from 2009, called an 'alignment to benefit' - he was working in 2009 and hadn't claimed benefit for a long time. He wrote to the DWP asking for details of these alleged owed amounts, they have sent very scant details and no details on the repayments made to date. Does anyone have any insight or advice? It would be very much appreciated
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