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  1. I posted my query, hoping that I would receive some intelligent advice from users within CAG. I rarely use CAG [now I'm thinking - thank ****] What did I receive? - a bunch of old hens responding from darkened rooms, from God knows where. So, let us/me examine the 'Hens.' There are three; so far. Possibly, after this, more may join them. One of them posts 6.58 'posts' a day [gold] The other 1.76 a day [silver] and bronze 1.56 A DAY! Any reasonable person may consider this: "Should they get a life?" As to receiving advice from the three oracles = I'm silly. I have a winning
  2. You must be some fat guy who works for the NHS. Just answer my question - busy cagger
  3. Is it legal, for council run car parks, to lease some of their bays? I have been using a particular car park; 30 years plus. It has six levels. First level has a row of bays painted pink [nice] for 'Handicapped' & 'Parents with children.' All the other bays are painted blue. Rightly or, wrongly, this colour has been considered for the use of all others It is a pay & display. It was busy. I drove up to the fifth level. All the bays were blue. It was 80 per cent full. Saw a bay and reversed in. Bought a ticket - onto windscreen. When I returned, there was
  4. It was not until my 85 year old dad starting having problems with requesting home Insurance quotes from the likes of Tesco and others did I become aware of the sneeky little tactics employed by the sneeky little people involved in the murky world of Direct Debit. He asked for quotes and got DDs set up. In fact, quotes and 'thank you for taking up' letters were sent out on the same day. They then refused refunds so did his bank. He spoke with me and I did some research. DDs are run by banks for banks and their customers. It allows them to stick their greasy pinkies
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