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  1. Thanks Bazz, Yeah pretty much what I did. They ended up giving me a Mercedes Vito last night (my car went in on Monday) "Its all we have available" which is a complete crock!! However at this point I didn't care, I just wanted to have a way of getting home! I've logged a case with VWFS with whom the lease is with, I've added that due to the appauling service I have recieved I have totally lost confidence in their ability to keep me on the road should something happen to their vehicle and so I will be looking to end the contract early as they are seemingly not equipped to provide the service that has been agreed too.
  2. I did ask but they didn't have any available till the 30th Jan,
  3. Hi, Luckily I've not had to use this site for quite some time, however I can't find any advice on this anywhere so I'm hoping I can count on this site again to shed some light on something. I have a personal lease vehicle, for which I get a car allowance from my work as I need to travel for my job. I'm an account manager so being at customers reliably is a must so I chose a decent reliable vehicle. A Skoda Octavia VRS Estate, which has been great up till this week. I have kept the car serviced as per the manufacturers instructions as I took the full service, maintenance and tyres agreement for less hassle. So if anything goes wrong, as long as I haven't driven like a moron they will fix it with no additional cost, its all in the monthly payment. Whenever it goes in for a service I get a loan car, sometimes I have to wait for a service appointment but again I always stick within the millage. This week though the car started overheating erratically, it would normally do it when the car first starts and runs up to normal temp, it would then continue to climb till it reached the red zone. The first time I didn't even notice it creep up, as soon as the warning light came on I stopped safely and turned off the engine, two seconds later I turned the ignition back on and the temp was almost normal again, waited a few more seconds and it was normal. I started the car and is was as if nothing had happened, this was Saturday, it did the same on Sunday and then on Monday. Again both times I stopped and the temp would do the same thing, I traveled to work and called the Driver-line service that I get as part of the contract. They sent out a full Skoda tech who came to look at the car in just under an hour which was fantastic, I explained the situation and without doing anything he knew exactly the fault. Its the water pump, on new generation diesel engines they have a sleeve which goes over the impeller mechanically which heats up the car quicker, after its done its job its meant to slide back otherwise it overheats the engine. Mine had stopped retracting, turning the car off fired the solenoid which shakes it loose again, the answer is to replace the water pump. This is covered by my maintenance and service agreement so it was taken with me driving and the tech following to my normal dealer, we called ahead but there were no loan cars available. The tech explained that he could take me there and then drop me back at work, once he dropped me off he called into the office and arranged for a 48 hour replacement car to be sent. The call was made at 11:15AM yesterday by the tech, I herd him dial but not the call itself as I had to get back to my office. Anyway he advised that if I didn't hear anything in an hour or so to give them a call. Up till now I was pretty impressed and was happy, this was to change though. Now before I continue, this is a personal lease agreement, whereby I am allowed to use a car that is owned by Skoda and not by me, I have no rights to the vehicle at the end of the agreement. I am aware and happy with this, however I need a car for work, its my lively hood. If I cannot get somewhere when a customer or my company ask I loose money in the form of commission because that job / appointment will go to someone else. This is why I choose a lease vehicle. If something goes wrong - They fix it, Its needs a service - I call a number and it is done, all the while in the maintenance contract it states very clearly that I will have access to a vehicle should anything happen. This is important as I can be anywhere in the UK when something might go horribly wrong. No call was recieved in the time I had been advised, so I chased the Driverline team. They apologies and said someone would be in touch shortly, this was between 13:30 and 14:00 so still plenty of time to get something sorted. Sure enough at 14:40 someone called to get my card details for fuel cover and conference in the DVLA to get access to my licence details. I was told that I would recieve a call shortly to confirm when a car would be with me, they at this time asked when I would finish work, I stated that the office closes at 5pm sharp. I was assured this would not be an issue and if they could not locate a car then I would be offered a taxi at no cost to myself to get me home. An hour passed and I chased them, I was told again that they would phone me back abut they are every busy. I again did not get a call back, I phoned again an hour later, this is now at 16:30 and was told that I would get a call shortly to arrange either a car or a taxi. 17:00 came and no call, I couldn't get through to anyone and was on hold for over 20 minutes. Luckily a colleague took me home but went out of their way to do so. At 17:55 they called me to confirm that they had received the request, they even confirmed that I finished work at 17:00, no apologies or anything. Anyway the customer service isn't the issue so I'll continue. Was told again that I would get a call shortly to confirm if a car would be with me that evening, no call came, I chased and they organised a taxi to take me to work. Oh just to thrown in that I was meant to pick my wife up who cannot drive due to medical reasons, she luckily was also able to get home by other means. So this morning I received a call stating that I would receive a hire car by 13:00, 13:00 came, no car. I called and chased, was told I would get a call back, none came back to me so chased in an hour again, the format went on as previous. This time the hire company called me and explained they had no vehicles and the one that was confirmed earlier wasn't available till the same evening. This is a large multi branch hire company, something didn't ring true. A colleague phoned and booked a car to be picked up in two hours.......... no issue, no hang ups was all confirmed. We got confirmation e-mails in case they are needed later to prove they were not being honest. I was again told I would be sent a taxi to get me home, this time they arrange for my wife to get one as well. Hers arrived, mine did not... I called again, was on hold for 20 minutes, I called the hire car place who said although it was them that booked the taxi they didn't know when it would get to me. I live 30 miles away from work so not like I can walk it! Luck again prevailed that my boss let me have a company van and managed to just, literally the company insurance company was just about to shut, get me added onto the company insurance so everything was above board. I have not received a call back since, I phoned to cancel the taxi that was going to be arranged for me in the morning to the hire company that tried to feed me a story about how they tried to get me a car all day and it just didn't happen. I at this point lost it a bit and asked why it was possible for a colleague to call and have a car delivered in two hours but over two days and they couldn't get me even a taxi to turn up. So thats where I'm up too, I've totally lost confidence in Skoda to be able to supply this part of their contract with me. Is this enough to go down the lines that they are in breech of their lease agreement with me? I do reseal that whilst I have written this e-mail I sound like a very ungrateful moron, however I pay them a very large sum to have as little hassle having a car as possible. I'm not bothered about owning anything cause all you do is loose money anyway so whats the point. My point is that - 1. I cannot (CANNOT) be without a car, it has very serious repercussions on my personal and my working life 2. The idea is that when there is a problem with mine they are meant to supply something reliable so I can get to work, I would say that two failed taxis isn't reliable and not getting a hire car from a company that has cars available is also unacceptable. 3. Again this is all in my contract, my obligations are to keep the car maintained to their levels and return it in the state I was given it, with the addition of my maintenance and service agreement (which is a very expensive bolt on) this is pretty much covered and therefore there is no expense to myself. (hense me sounding like a right whinging idiot) However thier side of the contact is and should be to keep me as mobile as possible Can someone shed light? Thanks in advance!
  4. Hi All, Having a bit of an issue with getting a refund from Scottish Power for a pre paid gas meter we had at our council flat. when we moved out the meter was showing in credit, we always put more on each month over the summer so we have a bit of a buffer for the winter. We couldn't run it down due to the circumstances of the move, the area was descending into chaos rapidly and we wanted out, we gave the final meter reading on the 3rd the guy I spoke too was new and cut off the call I called back on the 6th of October to try again. A week or so later we were sent final statements for the gas and electric, the electric was fine the gas was a lot lower than what it should be. Phoned and asked why, after 60 minutes of being passed around, spoke to someone that explained that they changed their systems in March and some details had not come across correctly. She would put this right and get another statement produced, which has now come and was much closer to the amount we are owed. they won't refund it as for some reason the old amount is still showing on our account. into the forth week and still getting mucked around, also how difficult are the statements!! been raised as a complaint which will take another 5 - 10 days!! Anyone had similar issues?
  5. Thanks Mike, I'll see where my e-mail gets, says they respond within 48 hours, after that I'll send a follow on to someone senior.
  6. Hi Guys, Wonder if I could just make sure I'm thinking about this the right way. I joined BT in August, apart from a few ordering issues everything went fairly smooth, we go the Infinity 2 Broadband, phone and TV package with BT sports, HD bundle, Music Bundle and a couple of other bits. £40.00 less a month than we were paying sky so result, or so we thought. We moved on the 3rd of October into a new house (well to us anyway) round the corner, so the exact same exchange and a point box with an "BT infinity now available" poster on it. The last tenants had Openreach fibre through Talk Talk, so all should be fine or again so I thought. I did the move online, it confirmed that we could keep all our services and packages etc. We moved, everything was up and running when we got there so all good. However after the 3rd is when our problems started, we couldn't get any of the bundles to work, technical said it was a account issue, the account guys set it was a technical issue. When I finally go through to someone who gave me a straight answer, that answer was - "you cannot get these bundles because you are not in a BT infinity area" at this point I saw red and had to put the phone down and swear loudly. There were a couple of other issues which got sorted but should have not happened in the first place so this was my third lengthy call to BT. I have written an e-mail complaining to which I've not had a response yet, there was a message on my answer machine, but the person leaving it did not understand the concept as all I had was a message saying - "Hello? Mr ...." a number of times. Where do I stand? In my eyes they are in breach of their contract with me as they are unable to provide the services that I originally signed up to, despite their website saying otherwise (I have screen shots just in case).
  7. Just to update after my long painful feud with Welcome is finally over after 6 years of trying to sort it out. They accepted the lower settlement figure so my account is now closed, phew! Ironically I used the PPI payout to settle the account
  8. If they cannot provide proof of payment (i.e a copy of the transaction details, card number, cheque number etc) they are just clutching at straws. You need to send them a CCA and SAR request. In the letter tell them you do not acknowledge making a payment on the dates they have stated and that you believe the debt to be statue barred. The last two times I've had people chase me over Statue Barred debts this is the only letter I've needed to send them.
  9. Hi Guys, After two years of trying finally got a decision on my PPI claim against Blue Sky Personal Finance, from the FSCS (whom when compared to the ombudsman are pretty quick!, just over three months!) for a decent payout in my favour, result! My question in regard to Welcome is two fold, the PPI was front loaded now I've been awarded a refund, shouldn't that amount be deducted from the remaining balance? If so that should answer my next questions which is I've offered a short settlement figure to Welcome to settle my account. If the above is correct then this should be >500 ish off what they are actually owed, do we think they will accept or be complete awkward about it? Thanks, Steve
  10. Thanks Renegage, I was more hoping for peoples personal experiences with the scheme, if any. We'll probably more be looking for the mortgage guarantee as there aren't any new builds in our area.
  11. Hi Guys, Does anyone have or has looked into a Help To Buy loan from the government to buy a property? For us it's the ony way forward but wondering what. The payment terms are while it's interest free, if you can pay less another and make it up in another Thanks Strve
  12. As Brig said, how much was the original PDL for and how much are they now asking for? Any money (no pun intended) its been loaded with fees etc which you can get taken off?
  13. Thats what I thought. Ha cool didn't see you are in Chester, live in Deeside just down the road
  14. well they took their time with their next letter of no significance. They have sent a letter with a statement of account showing a payment in 2011, which I know I didn't make and can prove I did not make as I only had a bank account at the time and nothing else. So have sent a letter back asking for un-disputable proof of payment not some knocked up excel spreadsheet pretending to be an official document. I'm right in saying they need to provide this by law aren't I?
  15. well after signing for my name for their own letter, they have gone quiet, should I leave it or send another letter asking them to reply to say that the matter is closed?
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