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Found 8 results

  1. What are the correct marking for residents street parking bays(Residents permit)? I received a ticket in Wimbledon area for parking in areas allocated for permit holders only, however there are no rd marking at all but there are signage to indicate permit holders Is this legal?
  2. https://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/news/motoring/tesco-parking-parent-child-fine-1157405
  3. Is it legal, for council run car parks, to lease some of their bays? I have been using a particular car park; 30 years plus. It has six levels. First level has a row of bays painted pink [nice] for 'Handicapped' & 'Parents with children.' All the other bays are painted blue. Rightly or, wrongly, this colour has been considered for the use of all others It is a pay & display. It was busy. I drove up to the fifth level. All the bays were blue. It was 80 per cent full. Saw a bay and reversed in. Bought a ticket - onto windscreen. When I returned, there was a PCN on the window for not displaying a ticket. Found the parking office and entered. Within were 3 parking attendants munching happily. I was angry. A Team leader joined me. Went up to my car. Pointed out my ticket. He then alleged that I had placed it there after I had received the PCN. Got more angry. He said it had been issued by the Team Manager and he would have taken photos. He began to raise him on the radio. Whilst he was doing that, I spotted a 12" by 12" plaque saying one was not allowed to be parked in these bays - even if 'one' had a ticket. [Leased out to : Clinical Commissioning Group [CCG] {NHS} My research reveals they receive from the government i.e. 'us' two thirds of a 73 billion pound budget. Nice, again. Bear in mind - not even the Team Leader knew any of this. Also, other than the plaques being small, their positioning is suspect: The first one was blocked by my near side exterior mirror. The second, on the rear wall, was invisible to me as it was lower than my rear view mirror, and finally, the third one was out of sight as it was on the other side of the car parked next to mine. Of course, I am challenging the PCN. [inadequate signage] Has what has occurred - legal??
  4. I accidentally parked on an NHS parking bay section in Purley car park. The only indication that it was a specialized parking bay was the parking box line coloured blue and a sign 10 to 12 feet high saying NHS parking only. .. no other indications what the blue lines meant. It was raining heavily when I parked so I wasnt about to turn my head up at the sky to read ANY signs even if I saw them. I dashed to the machine got a ticket and rushed out of the car park. I appealed and it was declined. I missed the 2 week deadline and now I have been sent a Notice to Owner with a £130 bill. the charge is "85-parking without clearly displaying a valid permit where required". If the council want fines of this magnitude surely they can paint "NHS only" in the bays, have a notice near the ticket machine saying "NHS only in blue bays" or bring the sign down where people can see it, not at 12 feet high. I feel this is unfair and I have been ripped off.
  5. Hi, I've challenged PCM Ltd three times without any concrete reply over 4-month period and now they've sent DRP recovery letter. They are accredited with IPC who are useless. I've also tried with land owner Taylor Wimpey but they are not interested (must have an agreement with PCM to share revenues). In short, my challenge is based on the following grounds: -parking bays are on a public road (with inadequate fence signs) which I didn't see. In my opinion they are designed to trick drivers into parking next to clearly visible DISABLED road markings. It's unreasonable to read these small board signs installed on a fence without walking away from the car. Should they not be placed as road signs? What are the regulations? I'm not able to post a pic of my car, here is the address: Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park - 10 Olympic Park Avenue - Stratford - London - E20 1FT, maybe somebody knows the road. -parking area was empty so there was no inconvenience caused for the landlord, Taylor Wimpey. Taylor Wimpey responded that parking is restricted to safeguard parking for customers and prevent potential damage from oil spillages. Can I claim disproportionate costs of the invoice (160 on DRP letter) to their loss incurred? What is your advice I should do next? I admit it was easier to pay in the beginning but now it's a matter of principles. Thanks for your advice.
  6. Hello All, Great forum, I've searched for similar threads but did not find anything, hence the question. I got a PCN for not displaying a valid ticket - overstayed by 8 minutes (observed from 08:04, time of contravention 08:08. - parked in a parking bay - Manchester, Lana street, next to Premier Inn hotel. - Arrived late in the evening (after 9pm), did not see any signs, parked in a parking bay. asked hotel staff if ok to park, they confirmed that ok to park till 8am. - got genuinely delayed during checkout by people demanding money back for the lack of internet connectivity, asking for pillows etc... but that's probably not a good argument for the appeal ? - caught CEO red handed but it was already too late (was taking pictures) I think there might be inadequate signage on this street, as certainly I did not see any at the moment of parking: - Lena street is a one way street - there is only one sign on this street, at the entrance from A6 (Piccadilly/London Rd). it looks like it's bent toward the entrance - I did not use that entry to Lena Street - I parked at the other end of the street which is 70-80 meters (or more) away from the sign - I came from Patton Street & Back Piccadilly and there is no sign at the entrance to Lena steet - There are no P&D machines on Lena Street I cannot find a proper regulations I could use in my appeal. I only found the following information, would that be enough to fight against that PCN? Please find my photos of the street: s1162.photobucket.com/user/afronrg/library/PCN Many thanks for any input. Regards, a.
  7. First things first, here are the facts. I have worked at my current workplace for 3 years after initially declining the job due to the fact i didnt think they would be able to accomodate my disability, they imediately re offered me the post accomodating my working needs. I have been a blue badge holder since a child. The company i work for has 60+ staff and a £22 mil annual profit so its pretty huge. There are roughly 30/40 car parking spaces adjacent to the work building. I start work one hour later than all other employees so im the last on the carpark. Public transport is not an option due to location. Parking at work has never really been too much of an issue before now. I was hospitalised for two weeks and during this time management sent out an email asking employees to not park in any of the designated five spaces in front of the main doors to the building because it looked 'messy'. They advised staff to park in a public carpark 100m up the road once staff carpark was full. On my return to work I continued to park in a space directly in front of the building due to decreased lung function and always displayed my blue badge. I had never felt the need to use this or mention I hold a badge before now as this is where I had always parked without issue. I knew I was being naughty but thought I would wait until they said something. About a week later, they did. I was called into the office and was told that no employees no matter on the circumstances were to park in these spaces and I would have to park up the road on the public carpark. I explained to them that after my hospitalisation (for a genetic form of chronic lung disease) I struggled to walk 10 metres without difficulty and there is no physical way that my body could carry me 100m. I suggested a disabled bay, they declined and suggested that on my arrival I ask other members of staff to move their car, which due to the embaressment I feel very uncomfortable doing beacuse it seems pure cheek. My condition is a deteriorating condition so it will never get better, it can only get worse so this is not temporary. I will one day have to give up work completely if I contuine to deteriorate at the rate I have been, which my bosses know, and I feel like I am being pushed out of the company. My condition does not at all affect my ability to do the job required in any way. Do I have any rights, do they need to provide a disabled bay for disabled employees? How can I get around this other than quitting? Thanks!
  8. After a day out my wife and I returned to our car to find a £70 parking ticket issued by the council. When we arrived at the car park it was quite busy so we pulled up outside on the road opposite the car park along with dozens of other cars. My wife spotted a parking warden in the council car park and went to ask her if we were ok parking on the roadside, we were told that due to the double white line in the middle of the road no cars should park on the roadside and the police would ticket any car it found there. I spotted a space in the council car park so I pulled over the road and parked there instead in full view of the watching parking warden. The parking fine was issued because we didn't park in a marked bay, by the same parking warden my wife had spoken to and had watched me pull into the council car park, she had waited 10 mins until after we purchased our ticket and left the car park for our day out. The car park itself is a gravel car park, with absolutely no markings on the ground to indicate bays, no markings on wall or fences to indicate bays, or lack of bays. We had parked nose to the fence, not blocking vehicle access, pedestrian access or any other kind of access. Can they enforce not parking in marked bay when there are no markings or signs to indicate bays or non parking areas? What defines a marked bay? The fact the parking warden watched us park there having already asked her if we could park on the roadside and taken her advice that we risked a ticket just makes me even more angry! Thanks
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