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  1. On paper, yes, but I was selling the property at that point, so I tasked my solicitor as a conveyancing lawyer, and not a lease specialist, just to register lease extension, prior to sale. I wrongly assumed the solicitor for the lease company, being the specialist, would know what he was doing!
  2. I own a retirement flat. I decided to extend the lease, prior to selling. I contacted the lease company (a large organisation) and agreed price + costs for the lease extension. They appointed their solicitor to extend the lease. The lease he produced was sent by my solicitor to the Land Registry for registering - they returned it saying there were errors in the drafting. Both my solicitor and I have contacted the solicitor asking for it to be corrected. He has refused, saying "he knows how to do a lease extension" and that he will not correct it as the Land Registry requires. So they will not register it, naturally. I have contacted the Lease company to sort this out, they merely respond that, if this is their solicitors advice, they will not do anything. I have therefore paid thousands for the lease extension + costs to the solicitors, and I have no lease extension. The lease company also refuse to return the lease costs. Unbelievable. I have tried various Ombudsman, but as I am not the solicitors client, they can "do nothing". The lease company does not belong to a Regulatory body. I am therefore at the point of taking Small Claims against the lease company. I need to know what legislation they have contravened, as I am unsure the Sale & Supply of Goods Act 1982 applies. Can anyone advise me?
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