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Found 13 results

  1. I think my landlord or someone else may have entered my property without my permission and this has made me feel very uncomfortable. Obviously at this present time it's just a suspicion. I think this because I have a coin meter for my electric, it doesn't seem to read the amount of coins entered well but it says not to exceed 80 coins. I have been in this property over 7 months and at a guess I have probably put in 150-200 coins and it doesn't sound anywhere near full, leading me to think someone might have let themselves in without my permission to empty it and I don't know how many times they have done this if it is the case. I have emailed my Landlord to ask what the procedure is with the meter and that it's never been emptied since I have been here (to my knowledge) It will be interesting to see his response. What also concerned me a little was on Monday I heard 2 people talking and they were knocking on the door of the flat that's right next to me and the lady wasn't in, they let themselves in, after that they knocked on my door and I said just a minute as I had just got out of the shower and they said oh sorry wrong door, I found this very odd too. If people acting on behalf of the Landlord or my Landlord have been in here without my prior consent and without giving the required 24 hours notice, I feel it would make it untenable for me to stay here as not only is it a breach of tenancy but I would feel it's a breach of trust and a lack of respect, nevermind not obeying the rules of the tenancy. Thanks for reading.
  2. Hi all, A 78 year old good friend was due to fly back home to Austin, Texas, via Houston on Wednesday. Singapore airlines would take him to Houston and then United were due to take him to Austin. His flight were cancelled so I contacted Singapore and they agreed to pay for BA flights tomorrow from Manchester to London and then on to Austin, which is great. However, they have refused to reimburse him for his accommodation and food costs. Is this correct, please?
  3. I've received a notice stating that my landlord is offering me suitable alternative accommodation and I shall be required to move. That was two weeks ago. 1 Previously the landlord has written to me stating that they cannot require me to move and will not require me to move. 2 No alternative has in fact been offered. I've done the obvious and emailed pointing out the above and also expressing surprise at receiving a notice without warning. I have had a reply stating that they have noted what I have written. Now, what do I do? I am a Housing Association tenant and have lived in my flat for over twenty years. They want me to move so that they can sell the property and move me to a cheaper area. Any advice appreciated, please.
  4. Hi, I have just received a letter from Agilisys Revenue asking me to contact them to update my address details confirming that I stayed at a bed and breakfast. i went into B&B with my 3 children in 2001, i was on full HB as i was single parent of 3 school children. I assumed that I didnt owe anything when i was moved to temporary accomodation 2 years later.. .I did have contact from the temp housing services a couple of times over the next few years saying that I owed over £1000 , (dont remember exact amount but i questioned it as i was on full HB and was told it was the £30 per week that i received food brought by the letting agent. I then told them i refused the food after 2 weeks as it was of the lowest standard possible . . from a shop called Kwik Save and their basic range of cereal, bread, sugar, tea bags, and milk which when i went in store at the time and added it up came to about £3.50 ,i refused it and bought my own food. I was then told I should have informed them, and i thought the dodgy letting agent should have done this anyway! I agreed back in 2007 to pay what i could and i believe they were taking £2 a week from my benefit for about a year but i then needed a loan from social fund to buy a fridge and wardrobe so they couldnt take it anymore as i was paying back the maximum to social fund . Long story short I moved into permanent housing in 2011 and they last contacted me about 4 yrs ago, i told them i couldnt pay anything as i didnt have enough money after bills etc were paid and i heard no more until this letter today. My question is this, can they force me to pay this debt as the original amount was from 14 years ago?
  5. I am 68 yrs old and my daughter ( 32yrs) came to live with me after being away for 4 years working abroad. I used to get a one bedroom HB in a 3 bedroom house where I lived alone. After the return of my daughter, the council decided that we get shared accommodation each (£82 X 2/ w), which is less than the one bedroom allowance I used to get when I was living alone (app. £175./w). Th reason was that the new tenancy agreement has both our names on it. Is this a good reason? Do I stand a chance to contest this, although now the new rent has risen with the arrival of my daughter? I am on pension credit guarantee and my daughter is on universal credit, standard allowance
  6. Hi Insurers: Ocaso Management Company - The Davies Group Underwriters - ?? I seem to be involved in a passive aggressive/aggressive aggressive and rather strange encounter with my loss adjuster regarding Alternative Accommodation. I've had a look through all the threads and my Policy Booklet and in desperation, contacted the Financial Ombudsman Service, but seem to have ended up with more questions than answers. My alternative accommodation was originally and begrudgingly booked for 21 days (after proof of a medical condition which would have been further exacerbated if I had been present) whilst works were to be completed at my property. During several (recorded) phone calls and emails, I queried how realistic this was and what would happen if the works took longer than 21 days and was told - verbally and via email that it would just be extended as needed. They have indeed extended the accommodation weekly since this time. During the first 3 weeks of the intended works, the management and coordination of the project was disastrous with either nothing being done, or further damage (with extra costs) being caused by contractors. My relationship hit rock bottom with the Loss Adjuster at this point (week 3, day 17), who was extremely annoyed that he had to sort out the mess and felt it appropriate to aim his irritation at me. I received 2 emails after this asking for the details of my contents insurance so they could share the cost of the alternative accommodation. I am unsure whether I had contents insurance at the time of the incident (Nov 2015) and never thought to make a claim as it was all structural damage (water leak from apartment above). I was never asked to provide details of this in the 5 months I was trying to get them to address the works. Apologies for the back story, but the next part wouldn't make sense if I hadn't laid that out. Last Friday whilst I was away due to a bereavement, I received an email from the Loss Adjuster saying that he would be moving me to a second accommodation closer to my (empty and gutted) property??? I emailed him on Tuesday morning to say that there was no need to move me closer to home. I was asked again for my contents insurance details which I have said that I will look into further. I received an email this evening (sent this morning whilst at work) that they have booked me into a second accommodation (B&B) starting tomorrow, no address, just the name of the hotel and no mention of a reason why I have to move again. The email came from the accommodation part of the Davies-Group. I emailed them to say this wasn't feasible, but received no response. I suspect it may be the cost - which does not exceed the policy exclusions etc - however, this has not been stated. If it is the cost, why don't they just say that they want me to move because it is too expensive? If that is the case, why was I offered it in the first place? Why did the loss adjuster originally approve it? (As a project manager and anyone with an ounce of common sense knows that these projects never run to schedule, at best, you take the time estimated and times it by 2 - I digress). Can they do this? I live in a 1 bedroomed property, am in an alternative 1 bedroomed property and am now being moved into a hotel B&B. The Financial Ombudsman Service can't raise a complaint until they know who the underwriter of my Policy is and the earliest I can get that information will be Monday morning and that is a process I was advised will take months to sort out. Time I clearly don't have. This doesn't solve the immediate problem of being inexplicably ordered to leave a property that was offered to me, to have to move unnecessarily for a second time. No mention was made of how I'm going to get everything from one place to another, or if it's suitable! At a bit of a loss. The bereavement has knocked me for six and I have a horrible feeling that there is nothing I can do and the aggressive bully of a loss adjuster is intent on making things as miserable as possible for me. (I also discovered on Tuesday that due to yet another mess up with a lack of communication from Davies with the sub-contractors, the works will take even longer to complete!) Please advise. Thanks in advance.
  7. MOD Referral Scheme to help service leavers get accommodation. Information about the scheme to assist eligible service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations. The MOD Referral Scheme is coordinated by JSHAO to assist some service leavers to get accommodation via housing associations. to be eligible their is a criteria. Read More Here: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/mod-referral-scheme-a-guide
  8. Basically I signed (with a friend) a lease for a 2 bed property in London through a well known letting agent. The Landlord had agreed etc, I paid a £500 deposit, had references checked from my current landlord and employer. Everything was approved, then we ring up today to ask about signing the real contract and were told the landlord was pulling out because apparently he/she found damp and is selling the property. (My guess is he/she found someone willing to pay higher outside of the letting agent), can't know for sure. This obviously leaves me and my friend in a sticky situation because we have both given our notice in that we are leaving our current property. We were due to move in around 2 weeks time. The landlord has no reason to believe we won't pay/will be bad tenants, the property had 5 offers (in one day) and he/she chose us. Any legal recourse here? Temporary accommodation/landlord or letting agent has to provide a similar property at the rate agreed etc? To say I'm frustrated is an understatement.....we spend around 3 months looking for the place we signed for. Thanks in advance for any advice.
  9. Hi, I am writing this to see if anyone can help me with a problem I am experiencing with my fixed term tenancy agreement at my student accommodation. I suspended my studies at university a few weeks ago, and I lived at Malik Halls student accommodation, which is across the road from Bradford University. I left through severe feelings of homesickness and felt that I had to suspend my studies incase I became ill with the worry. I phoned up Malik Hall's offices and spoke to the manager, and I explained that i am currently unemployed, receiving no Job Seeker's Allowance as of yet, and neither of my parents are employed. They expect me to pay up the rent until they can find someone to replace my room, but if not I have over £1,000 to pay up. I am in no financial position to be able to afford this, and was wondering what I could do? Many thanks.
  10. Hello I would be extremely grateful for any help or advice for the request below. My niece wants to move in with her mother who has a two bedroom flat. The flat is no longer council but owned by a housing company. Can anyone please tell me what my niece will be liable to pay when she becomes a tenant? When i say bills i don't mean, water, gas, electricity. Will payments have to be paid to the housing company? I forgot to mention my niece is in full time employment. Mods, sorry if posted in wrong forum. Thanks for help. Dan
  11. Hello! I'm hoping someone can advise - I've been Googling but can't find an answer! I'm in rented accommodation. We pay our own utility bills, and there's nothing in the contract to state we can't change suppliers. If we were to change to a fixed tariff contract, what would happen if we were to move out? Would the new tenant be lumbered with it, or would we have to cancel? It's a daft question - but is the contract for the property, or for the people who live there? I've done the price comparison thing and know we could save if we switched, but never having done it before I'm a bit confused! Thanks!
  12. My daughter has moved into a private accommodation student house sharing with four others splitting the rent between the four. It now transpires that one of the four has a girlfriend who also lives there all the time (in a full time job) that wasn't mentioned at first and she is not on the lease. They have now asked my daughter never to mention this girl to the managing agents as she is not supposed to be there. She shares a room with her boyfriend and they pay half each of his rent. Our question is - can this void my daughter's lease as she is unhappy there - the girl in question is 'queen bee' calling the shots and generally bullying my daughter and she wants out but has signed a lease with me as guarantor. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. Hi all, first post here so sorry if it's in the wrong place. I have been receiving phone calls and letters from a company called STA international claiming I owe £780 from a University Accommodation debt. According to the University it is because even though I moved out, I was still liable for the charges. I left university late 2008 and don't feel that this debt is mine. I stupidly made one payment to shut them up earlier this year (guessing it means I can't wait for it to become SB) What do I do? Thank you in advance for your assistance.
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