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Found 25 results

  1. I need serious advice please! I bought online a mattress for kids but wrong size, so had to return it at my cost to the seller. I used an online platform http://www.uship.com to advertise for the delivery job. I got a driver quote and paid deposit to uship. The driver came to pick up mattress i received him well, very likeable guy. After a few days, he cut off communication and so i had to approach uship. They tried to get in touch but no response. The whole project cost £300. I have texted him,emailed and phoned in vain. Yesterday, after 3 weeks o
  2. Hi All. As the title say's is Vanquis Bank (Credit Card) Repayment Option Plan (ROP) the same as a PPI & Can it be reclaimed. Today I've received my SAR. I've typed up all the Charges and ROP's so far but yet to put into the CAG sheet's as I'm unsure which of the following can attempted to be re-claimed & which CAG sheet to use: (Date range of values is 03/08/10 to 04/10/15 - My credit Limit is only 250) 337.45 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Purchase Interest 15.34 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Cash Interest 30.42 Billed Finance Charges Trans Type Default F
  3. Hi, Can someone explain the difference between box 1 or box 4? box 1 - admit liability for claim and make written application to pay by instalments and box 4 - admit liability for claim and apply for time to pay under consumer credit act 1974 the paperwork looks very similar? Which would be the best one to submit? I owe the debt, they have proved i owe the debt, i want to pay it off but can't pay in one lot. I would rather not have to attend court if possible, hence why i want to admit and make offer to pay. Just confused re the 2 options for making a
  4. As I work closely with Apple, I often come across interesting tidbits... Once o which saved me a LOAD of money... For a semi iPhone contract you'll be looking easily at between £40-£70 a month depending on your needs of voice and data etc... on top of that, your phone is only covered for 6 months by Apple and should be covered by your provider for up to a year. After that, if it dies, you're on. your own. Apple have something called the iPhone Upgrade program. That link will take you directly to it. here's now the money saving works broken down: - £33.45 is what the i
  5. Hi Have a long story so will try to shorten it to relevant information. I have debts of about £35k from a business I gave up in 2013. I was a sole trader so they are all personal debts. They are all unsecured loans. On and off I have visits from bailiffs and debt collectors. Some are reasonable, some are rude and abusive and claim to have powers they don't. I have not let any of them into my home, nor do I answer phone calls or letters. I have severe mental health problems and this is not helping. . I have had advice from cab which turn
  6. Hey I'm not sure if this is in the right sub-forum, I currently have poor credit rating as i rarely have any direct debits/contracts etc to come out of any account of mine, i also got myself into a bit of trouble with pay day loans when i was a bit younger and more gullible. I recently had a letter come through the post from Vanquis offering me a credit card with 39.9% APR. I've been considering getting a credit card recently and as the chances of the bank issuing me one is low, I wonder if this would be a viable option? Can a credit card help me rebuild my credit rating if i make al
  7. Hi Cagger's I know I've been very dumb I know it, anyway I bought something from Bright house last year and I was told if I did not have contents insurance I would have to take out the OSC. In fact I was dumb again the same year and bought something else and was told exactly the same thing. It is my intention to pay these items off and no longer use bright house. but I have since learnt that you can cancell the OSC at any time and I have already drafted a letter using a template from this site. However, I am reading conflicting information about getting a refund for the OSC
  8. Hi, I am currently representing my daughter on the McKenzie friend basis in her claim for unfair dismissal on the grounds of discrimination ( pregancy ) We have followed all the procedures through ACAS and we are currently taking her employer through the Employment Tribunal, which has taking about seven months to get to a Trial which has been listed for next week 4/5th February 2016, this was after a previous hearing. Today i receive a letter from the Tribunal stating that the trial might be postponed on the grounds that despite knowing for a number of months that in any event, the
  9. Hi all, It's my first post on the forum. A very good friend of mine has got into some difficulty in paying his mortgage. He obviously has been searching the net on what he can do so as not to lose the property if it comes to that. He has been reading up on lease options and although it all seems legit and genuine, has anybody actually done this and come out the other side smiling. All opinions welcome.
  10. Agreement 1 – 05/05/2015 - £1.388 – defaulted at £972.00 – Weekly £49 Agreement 2 – 13/08/2015 - £2,458 – defaulted at £2131.00 – Weekly £60 Agreement 3 – 13/08/2015 - £450 – defaulted at £374 – Weekly £17 Agreement 4 – 01/09/2015 - £429 – defaulted at £357- Weekly £21 Litigation to be commenced against Brighthouse in relation to Accounts held. I was not stranger to the business upon taking the first agreement in May 2015. The first agreement runs smoothly after 3 months I took out further finance, this was available from 8 weeks and each
  11. It is nice of the Marine Conservation Society, now, to allow us occasionally to eat North Sea cod, after decades of declining stocks due mainly to grossly incompetent EEC/EC/EU mismanagement and a politicised quota system deigned to ruin more British fishermen than those from Roman Catholic countries, where they tend to eat fish on Fridays. http://www.westernmorningnews.co.uk/WMN-Letters-Religion-place-fish-conservation/story-27895690-detail/story.html
  12. I have a 5 month old iPhone 5S that has gone to Apple for repair - the likelihood is that a replacement will be sent to me as the phone was emitting smoke during its last charge. I understand that if a new item develops a fault within the first 6 months then the fault could be deemed to have been present at point of purchase. Does the Sale of Goods Act provide for a 'Brand New' product in replacement, or will I have to accept one of their refurbished units? Thanks
  13. Another 'has been' who once released a record trying to keep her name known. I notice, like all of them, they spout these stupid words but don't offer an alternative. Crawl back into your hole Church.
  14. Hi All I had a Vanquis Credit Card and every month statements came in with different amounts each month for Repayment Option Plan. i had queried this with them and they say i agreed to it when i recieved their welcome to Vanquis phone call. after disputes and excess charges etc being applied t the account, i asked for the credit agreement and they sent the newer Ts & Cs but not the agreement, later i sent a SAR and received pretty much all the info apart from the call recordings, i pushed for these and only got 2 no other calls and more importantly the welcome phone call was not
  15. Hi, I'm posting on behalf of my sister. A few weeks ago she was parked in a supermarket carpark and was just about to open the door to exit. She had the door already ajar, while she gathered her handbag etc, before opening the door any further she looked over her shoulder and a car swung in wide into her space (at speed) and caught the side of her door (see picture attached). The chap at first admitted liability and apologised. Luckily my sister had the common sense to look otherwise she could of easily had her leg crushed. What we thought would be a open and shut case has now been going on
  16. Hi, hoping someone may be able to advise I currently owe Barclaycard credit cards - £22,000 Barclaycard overdraft - £3000 BOS credit card - £600 debt has become difficult to deal with, monthly payments etc. I'm self employed and live in the UK. How receptive are Barclaycard and would I be able to write off some of the debt? I've had the barclaycards for over 10 years. I got PPI back from one of them and used that to pay off some of the debts. I used to earn a lot more money so wasn't really a problem until now. Maybe missed payments only a few times in all th
  17. I have been an Orange Pay Monthly Customer, since June 2009. Prior to my initial contract reaching its end, I had the option of taking out a new contract with Orange - 3 months earlier than official end date. Seemed a good incentive to get customers to renew their Contract with them. Nice bit of Marketing! So on the 20 August 2011, I entered into a new 24 month contract/plan with Orange, selected my new shiny phone - negotiated call plan /minutes bundle etc. Signed on the dotted ...........and headed home! I had been reluctant to renew on a 24 month contract, as it is a long time
  18. Seems we are getting various issues with 1 thing or another at the moment!!!. I got an LG tv from Richer Sounds 3 weeks ago from there clearance lines in what they call "open box" in what could be either ex-display, customer return or manufacturer repaired etc. In fact the staff in store said it was ex-display and they used to use it the same store I bought it from, funny how the store never noticed this problem. It was sold as coming with the full manufacturer 12 month warranty and I was\am intending to get the 5 year cover in the new year. But I've now noticed in the last week th
  19. When i took out my Vanquis card i was in full time employment and i do vaguely remember the advisor talking about the repayment option plan so i don't really have an issue with this. What i have an issue with is in July last year i was diagnosed with a chronic illness and as such had to leave my job. Since then i have been on benefits. When i became unemployed, i wrote to vanquis outlining my situation and asking to go on a repayment plan to which they agreed to at around £7 a month. However, i have been paying this regularly by standing order, but i am shocked to log into my online
  20. I have debts totalling in the region of 4,000 approx. I am not currently working, and I do not claim benefits as my husband works full time. The debts are non priority debts, mainly catalogues. I fell behind with the repayments following redundancy, the minimum payments kept increasing and it spiralled. The debts are solely in my name and were accrued before I met my husband. Is bankruptcy the most suitable course of action? I am getting increasingly threatening letters from Westcot et al and I am starting to panic. I can't afford the repayments they a
  21. Hi All, Try as I might, I can't find a template for PPI SAR request letter and am not confident in writing my own. I have a 'Repayment Option Plan' with Vanquis that has been active from the beginning and is responsible for minimum payments never being enough to lower the balance. I would like to claim this back if possible but the online banking platform only allows 6 months of statements download. To this end, I need to send a SAR to get all the details. If anyone could help I'd be grateful. TIA DaveB
  22. Hi all, I have a credit card from Vanquis Bank and have had the card for approximately four years. After my divorce I moved about from place to place and only continued to make the minimum payments. My mother passed me a statement recently dated 15/11/11 and the amount was £565.21. Now the original credit limit was £250. On checking my bank statements Im only paying £29.00 per month and with charges etc the amount is still going up. Here is a breakdown of the statement. Direct Debit Payment: £29.00 Cash Interest: 0.02 Purchase Interest: £13.84 Defaul
  23. On JSA, just finished a sanction but told i can't get crisis loan until after first payment after sanction, won't get money now till next Friday. Electricity will run out today. Do i have any option left, just to top up elec. Also can't get hardship unless your on a sanction. I can get food from food bank, but i will be living in dark at night, which will be a bit of a pain and i won't be able to cook anything.
  24. Advice needed please. I am having difficulty in finding letter template to claim back Vanquis Repayment Option Plan payments. Can anyone give me the correct wording to use. I phoned them to ask for the payment to be refunded and they have written to me to say ROP is not the same as PPI (which I already know) but my point is that I never asked for it in the first place because I would never envisage requesting a payment holiday as I am in full-time employment and even if I was sick I get 6 months full pay. Many thanks
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