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  1. Hi So this is a long story! I originally took out a lbl of 2100. Long story why but it was my only option at the time. Have paid this off for approx 6 months. Took a further loan for 500 a month ago. Everything was fine but then circumstances happened and I was no longer able to make the payments. I had the v5 as I had applied for change of address and was sent a new one. I did loads of research and spoke to a local company who offered to buy the car from me. Settle the loans with the lbl company and then pay me the difference so I could buy a cheaper car. I requested settlement figures from motorkitty and went to my app. The bloke who ran the company appeared to be in a rush and was literally locking up around me whilst sorting the paperwork. He was getting into a mess sorting out the figures and so asked me to send him the details for the first lbl for him to pay and then he would sort the 2nd. He paid the first one by bank transfer and then said actually let's go check out the car. We went out and he did checks and then we went back in. He cancelled my road tax and then sent me the balance of what he had worked out I owed. I was really anxious with the e tire thing as I was in a complete mess and it didn't click until he messaged me 2 days later saying the 2nd loan wasn't paid! I had bought my replacement car by this time and didn't have any finds left. He got really nasty threatening to contact my work and the police and report me for fraud as he is claiming I didn't inform him of the 2nd loan and me sending him that email backs up his story! I have spoken to motorkitty. They have offered to put the 2nd loan onto my new car but want to add hundreds of pounds in charges making it nearly 1000 for a 500 loan. The man from the other company is also threatening court. I really don't know what to do for the best. I understand I need to pay this as the bloke who bought the car messed up, however I can't afford the £75 A month payments for 2 years that motorkitty bow want to charge me. I'm really scared. Its a total mess and I don't know what to do. I'm terrified the police are going to knock on my door and I can't sleep. Can anyone offer me any advice as I'm totally stuck on what to do! Additionally: I received a default notice from motorkittytoday. It says the total outstanding is 4000! I queried this with motorkitty and they said that although the first larger loan was settled it's not closed off as it is linked to the 500 loan. Does that mean they can do after me for 4000? On a 500 loan? Thank you
  2. Hi i am really struggling and hope that someone here can assist me ! I originally took out a secured loan with Endeavour finance in 2007 for £20k and have been paying it back since it was then sold onto Moorgate/Sancopia with no written information provided to me , and from looking at the land registry sancopia registered a charge on the property in 2013, despite years of payments my balance is just increasing and not decreasing . i have previously made a SAR to moorgate and they have sent me a photocopy if my agreements with endeavour. My question is this how can i deal with this debt i am no longer working as i am a carer for my mum who has dementia this debt is taking over my life and its never reducing! should i ask for a copy of my original agreement or can anyone help me deal with debt in a better way? any help would be appreciated
  3. Disability benefits should go to "really disabled people" not those "taking pills at home, who suffer from anxiety", a key Theresa May aide says. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39097019
  4. Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape. He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as: - Knowing when to come in out of the rain; - Why the early bird gets the worm; - Life isn't always fair; - And maybe it was my fault. Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies (don't spend more than you can earn) and reliable strategies (adults, not children, are in charge). His health began to deteriorate rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6-year-old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition. Common Sense lost ground when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children. It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer sun lotion or an aspirin to a student; but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant and wanted to have an abortion. Common Sense lost the will to live as the churches became businesses; and criminals received better treatment than their victims. Common Sense took a beating when you couldn't defend yourself from a burglar in your own home and the burglar could sue you for assault. Common Sense finally gave up the will to live, after a woman failed to realize that a steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap, and was promptly awarded a huge settlement. Common Sense was preceded in death, -by his parents, Truth and Trust, -by his wife, Discretion, -by his daughter, Responsibility, -and by his son, Reason. He is survived by his 5 stepbrothers; - I Know My Rights - I Want It Now - Someone Else Is To Blame - I'm A Victim - Pay me for Doing Nothing Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.
  5. I was a Lloyds TSB customer for 30 years. Lloyds left some years ago and took all the sensible staff with them. The place is a complete shambles now. I was embroiled in all the TSB nonsense in April. They refused to let me close my accounts online or by phone. I hadn't been able to access them for 6 days. I had to go to the Boothferry Road, Goole branch where pensionable staff took 40 minutes to decide how to shut them down. I was then handed £2000 in notes, without having them counted out in front of me. We are currently embroiled in a county court claim because I made a subject access request to check all my details. They sent them to this branch and refused to post them to my home. I went into the branch, where at least half of the staff know me, but they refused to give me the data envelope, as they needed to see ID, even though the staff agreed they knew it was me. I wasted my time and fuel money driving there. I truly believe TSB are the worst bank in the UK.
  6. Hi all, To make this as brief as possible, I had a second charge on my property with Nemo personal finance. In 2007 the property was repossessed due to a lot of bad luck and the original lender sold the property over £50,000 less than market value just to cover their own expenses (G E Money) which left nothing to pay off the second charge. I have been battling this loan on and off ever since and during this time Nemo took me to court and won because I never defended the claim and this was due to the fact \I knew nothing about it. I agreed a miminal payment to them which I paid monthly about 2/3 years ago I wrote to them sending them £10 PO asking for a SAR. They never produced it so after a while I stopped paying and things went quiet of a year. Now they are back on my case threatening with a attachment to earnings, High court Writ and Baliffs etc. I am not sure how I should proceed with this and would really appreciate some help. I id speak to one of their customer service reps when I got the first contact letter and explained that I stopped paying because they did not comply with my request and he said he would look into it and get back to me but he hasnt and I ave just had a letter threatening allsorts to collect. When I first loss my house I did do a lot of research on this with regard to the PPI and secret commissions which there undoubtedly was but never saw it through due to personal circumstances.
  7. Hi I am so stressed out. I've been at a University address since recently and came home to parents house to discover i have had a CCJ filed against me last month for an old catalogue debt and have been ordered to pay £50 per month with the first payment due in the next few days. I don't dispute the debt I just have no money and as I have now just completed my final year at Uni I am technically unemployed. I will be moving back in with parents very soon and am worried a bailiff will be paying me a visit and cause great embarrasment and distress to them. I've done some preliminary research but it looks very complex to me. Whether I apply for it to be set aside, or ask a court to change the amount, it all involves paying a fee which I don't have. I think in order to get help with fees you have to be on JSA/unemployment benefit? I don't want to do this. Just wondering what is likely to happen now? The amount of the debt is "only" around £300ish but I can't afford anything until I get a job. If the bailiff comes and I don't let him in, I know they can't force entry as long as doors are locked etc but what is the worst they can do? Can I just ignore him completely? Any advice greatly appreciated
  8. Hi , this is my first post. Yesterday I went through a horrible situation. I was in London designer outlet I have been caught of shoplifting after I left gap. The manager of gap and the security of the outer took me in the back . They asked me to open my bag , I tooked everything out . ( I had 2 items from gap, 1 from Nike and one from next ) they didn't call the police , they took my name , my address and my pictures. After and other security came to take my id and my picture . I never felt so bad in my all life. today I m even feeling worse . I m scared about the consequences . They said I will receive a letter but they did not specify which kind . I was in a total panic , 3 man asking me question made it even worse . I never had any criminal record . I never did this before . I really would like to know if with the ban from all gaps and from the outlet which they gave me I will also have a criminal record . I work in a shop and I'm really scared they will enter my dates in the database and from my work place they will see it . They didn't ask mr to pay , they banned me for 24 months . I m in a total panic . I m feeling really bad about myself and really bad about my future . Which consequences all of this will bring up ? I would really appreciate your responses . Many thanks
  9. I've just started receiving threat-o-grams from Cabot about a really old debt from my younger and more stupid days! This debt was defaulted on in the late 90's - I know as it was around the same time as I defaulted on several other debts and my flat and car were repossessed (yes I was really really stupid when I was younger) I know it's statute barred, but what's the best way to get rid of them? preferably stopping them from passing it down the food chain to another DCA too. I've tried ignoring them, but they are now trying to call me daily while I work and it's becoming annoying. TIA Mat
  10. Just received my Barclaycard statement which I was 2 days late paying so consequently they have charged me £12 plus £12 over limit fee, I've decided to reclaim the fees sending a copy of the template letter on this site (thank you) problem is I'm not sure how much they actually owe me, I've had the card for about 7 years and have been charged fees quite a few times. Any suggestions as to what I should do, can I send the letter without stating an amount and rely on their 'honesty' (Barclaycard & honesty, doesn't really work does it) I'd be really grateful for any suggestions from the experts , I'm so sick of letting them take my hard earned cash simply because I've been a day or 2 late in paying, have never actually missed a payment, thanks in advance.
  11. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/bills/article-4445214/What-really-caused-customer-service-meltdown-Vodafone.html?ito CAG hopes that Mr Jeffery listens and acts swiftly.
  12. Hello I really need some help please. I bought a solid gold christian name necklace from 'My Name Necklace' and purchased their 12 month warranty at the same time. Just inside the warranty date, the chain broke, I completed the online claim form along with a photo of the broken chain ( The warranty covers chain breakage ) The company emailed soon afterwards on 15th November stating: We apologies for the situation. We can send you another chain. A prepaid return envelope will be sent so that you can return your original item to us.* Please let us know if you agree. Please note that this envelope is already addressed to us and prepaid. Simply place your item in the envelope and drop into any mail box. There is no need to add postage or go to the Post Office. Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance. Best Regards, Allison Brown My Name Necklace Customer Service Team I replied stating I would use the envelope but as the order cost me £116.00, I would not be popping the envelope in a letterbox, and would pay extra to send tracked. 2 weeks passed, and the addressed envelope hadn't arrived, I messaged again to report this, was told that the returns envelope can take up to 3 weeks to reach me. I realised the compary was overseas, so had to accept this. At today's date there's still no envelope I've contacted the company again and they are just lying / fobbing me off by saying they have escalated my complaint, and then I hear no more. I've asked for the company address and they won't supply it. All communication has to be done through their webforms only. I may have found the address through Google search, but it may not be correct: Mynamenecklace 14455 N Hayden Road Suite 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 I'm wondering if there is a procedure similar to the UK 'small claims' that can be done with an overseas company? Can anyone advise please? The necklace was my daughters 2015 Christmas present from me. To be honest, she only wore it a handful of times as the chain is so fine, that she was frightened it would break, and unfortunately the chain caught on her jumper, and snapped when she tried to release it, albeit very carefully. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  13. I'd had two seriously painful years with bad hip joints and finally got both replaced. In that time I was barely able to move about - too painful, so I had put on weight up to 105kgs (I am 5'10" 60yrs male.) Now this was a lot of weight to heave around on my new hips, so Jan 1st this year I went on my much derided "cabbage soup" diet. Its actually a generic name for counting calories, avoiding all manner of processed foods, sugar salt, oil fats factory bread. So what's left? Fresh fruit vegetables, pulses, fish lean pork skinless chicken, eggs (no cheese), home made yoghurt and bread, tinned sardines, tuna, mackerel, pilchards. Get to know your calories labels on supermarket foods My diet took its name from a favourite chinese soup using green cabbage and 2oz lean pork cubed small handfull of noodles. You would be surprised how good that can taste. When I studied what went into commercial bread I was appalled and, following 1000+ good ratings from users I got a breadmaker. These are so simple to use, takes 5 mins and press a button, come back 4 hours later. My bread is real wholesome seed loaf which I slice up and freeze. I can only manage 1 slice with low fat spread and marmalade in the morning, couldn't manage another, too filling. To stave away hunger, chew on celery, carrots, apples, pears. The first month is the worst. Keep a chart, weigh yourself at same time, same conditions. It worked for me and I am not lugging an airport suitcase any more. I am going to keep going down to 80kgs then I will be the same weight I was 20 years ago. My stomach has shrunk to barely accepting more than a child's portion or I'm full That's my true story, no fads, no BS or hidden agenda just plain healthy food
  14. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-suffolk-37385201 When you see that hackers have gained access to some systems you think would be the most secure on the planet, it makes you wonder. Your Bank ? Credit reference agencies ? National Health Service/Doctors records ? UK government records ? I have had conversations with IT contractors who develop systems for financial services companies and they all say thay you can only continually review security, closing any gaps where they are found. But they all say that it is impossible to offer 100% security, because hackers are constantly trying to identify ways to bypass security to access systems. It is how quick you detect it happening and to stop them getting into parts of the system that are highest risk to a company. I can see a day coming when people try to get money from Banks, try to make transactions and fail because Banks systems have been hacked, so no money is showing in accounts. When that happens, you can bet that many who do online Banking will feel insecure and want to return to visiting high street branches, if they are still open.
  15. Hi I just got yet another letter from tax credits saying we owe them nearly £3k! They have already got our totals wrong and wrote back to them last week with new totals, this came today and is dated 9/6/16 It says I get over £8k a year,, wish I did, only get a state pension. The ex claimed tax credits for himself and added me but they were informed of my pension which stated last year, they have our combined income at in excess of £25k! He is on £7.20 a hour, 45 hour week,,, was on £6.50 till NMW came in, we worked it all out for the years 2015 to 2016 taking into account the NMW and new living wage, I guess have to wait for them to get the new details that were sent last week but how are we supposed to pay £3k back, we do not have it. I am shaking and upset right now and the ex is not here! Sandy xx
  16. Hello everyone, this is my first post and i need your advice please, thank you! the letter sent to my address was a form that titled with "duty to give information as to identity of driver". the form/letter was NOT signed, i.e. no signature from police officer who actually dealt with the case. is it still valid then? the letter was received just two days after the accident, which was a fault accident and no third parties involved, no person injured. also, online answers gave me the name of such form should be called "notice of intended prosecution", so the form I received is an NIP even it hadn't been titled with notice of intended prosecution?? thanks
  17. Hi all, It's my first post on the forum. A very good friend of mine has got into some difficulty in paying his mortgage. He obviously has been searching the net on what he can do so as not to lose the property if it comes to that. He has been reading up on lease options and although it all seems legit and genuine, has anybody actually done this and come out the other side smiling. All opinions welcome.
  18. Big stink in the US house http://edition.cnn.com/2016/06/02/politics/paul-ryan-endorses-donald-trump/ Steven Hawking says its 'really bad man' http://www.newyorker.com/humor/borowitz-report/stephen-hawking-angers-trump-supporters-with-baffling-array-of-long-words
  19. Hi Guys, Hope you can give us a little advise. We moved into our property December 2013, and went with SCS, they organised the fitter as seems to generally be the case and all was well. Or that's what we thought up until fit. The fitter did a very, very poor job, and we've been working with SCS to try and get this resolved for over 2 years. The original fitter came again out once shortly after the original visit, repaired a few issues and tried to fob us off saying let it lie and it'll sort itself out, as time went by more and more flaws became glaringly obvious and with the fact he'd been quite willing to bluff, lie, SCS and do a bad job we completely lost faith that'd he'd do the job properly, as he never seemed to want to fix everything fully, just fire fight small issues, we went back to SCS to try and get this progressed. SCS dragged its heels and would go quiet, sometimes for weeks and months when trying to get this all resolved to which I'd have to chase and actually contact head office a number of times, as we stand now, we've had 2 alternate fitters and something like 9 or so visits trying to get the flooring into the condition it should have been after the initial fit. The first replacement fitter managed to get the carpet into an acceptable state approximately a year and a quarter/half after original fit, dubbed the vinyl/silicon a write off. The second fitter managed to remove some of the silicon and make some improvements, also inevitably reached conclusion the original vinyl fit and silicon job was so poor he'd not be able to repair it with the materials in place without a refit. He has also left it in a state with the silicon partly removed around the property, as he knew he could not finish the job and it would need to essentially be refitted. Both of these alternate fitters have left after the attempts with the opinion the original fit/finish was so bad it couldn't be corrected and the original fitter had done a very very bad job overall. (it has seriously been over 2 years and 9 visits, so that should give you some idea...) After over two years of me fighting to get this resolved, my wife is completely fed up with the flooring which was originally selected to be matching and stylistically consistant across both vinyl and carpet, and wants to replace the entire lot. SCS were willing to consider trying to get the vinyl replaced, after the experience we've had, my wife wants to move away to tiles and have a completely fresh start on the property. Unfortunately SCS seems to have a smaller flooring range than they did when we first selected them, and they don't have anything right now she is fond of, or any tiling at all. As this is the situation, SCS have offered £500 as a settlement towards the vinyl only (against a costing on the vinyl of around £750 apparently), or to provide the fitters details so we could essentially take him to small claims court to try and recover the entire figure that has been paid(around £2000), with the understanding this may be a long process and maybe not even successful. They have also offered to give us the £500 (to which they'd treat it as case closed/settlement as far as they are concerned) and still provide the original fitters details so we could chase him for the outstanding figure, with the awareness the £500 may affect the outcome of any case. Where I'm trying to go really is, where do we stand in terms of getting this resolved in the laws eyes? Even the carpet was not to an acceptable standard over a year after fit, and we have gone through a lot of stress, time and effort (and around 10 fitter visits) trying to get the property to the state it should have been after the first visit... SCS are falling back on they have just supplied the materials and the contract after supply of materials is with the fitter, and that the £500 is out of goodwill due to the time this has taken. That said, this seems insulting as the £500 is not even the full vinyl cost, nor does it cover we are going to have to pay someone to finish removing the poor silicon work before even fitting new flooring as the last fitter has left this partially complete. Additionally, SCS are essentially the service provider and have supplied this fitter, he wasn't chosen by us this would seem to place more responsibility on them for the quality of his work (I seem to remember hearing some time ago an unfair contract cannot be enforced?). If John Lewis subcontracted to a 3rd party to do work, and they fluffed up, I'd expect John Lewis to make good, not to have to chase their 3rd party to court... I'm torn on where to go, part of me says just take the £500 and start work elsewhere, but with the state of the silicon and flooring, and also the potential affect on a small claims court against the original fitter of accepting this £500 , I'm not even sure I should; or that I should have to. Anyone experienced similar, or has advice?
  20. Whilst looking for information on a now closed thread. I was reading this thread and have since noticed not a lot has changed except the date and the names of the posters except a few whom are still around! Even 10 years ago there were arguments and the like between posters and others. For this thread see here >> http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?44284-Bailiff-discussion-(-moved-from-hijacked-thread-) So it goes to show you/we as posters can really never agree on any part of the Enforcement discussion. Maybe that if a few more regular posters read this thread in full can they too see how nothing has really changed! The thread linked to in my post actually ran to 368 posts and the final post was by a regular post on CAG called citizenB Site Team their final quote on this thread was >> ' Re: Bailiff discussion ( moved from hijacked thread ) The Consumer Forums - Bailiffs - Debtors Rights and Remedies in the Law of Seizure of Goods This latest book may be of interest for those with bailiff problems. Limited offer on at the moment. ' The reason for this thread is to show how little has changed except posters names and dates.. Worth bearing in mind for future reference... I guess I was bored today!! I wonder if they even remember this thread
  21. Hi, I have just received a CCJ and all I got back from the courts was a letter telling me that the creditor sent the court a letter after they had received my admission and offer of monthly repayment, and that they had complained that the offer was too low. The court has now ordered that I pay a larger amount each month and that the first payment should be paid to the creditor by the 22nd of this month which is a week before I even get paid. I won't have the money by then and it's also more than I was expecting. Will the bailiffs come if I pay a week late? Or do you think the creditor will allow me to make the payment on the 29th if I explain my situation? I do feel like it is a bit unfair as they have decided that not only do I have to pay more than I offered, I also have to find it in just over a week. Any help would be much appreciated.
  22. Hi not been on here for quite a while as thought all the dcas had finally gone away - only to receive today a notice from Hoist regarding old HSBC loan The first paragraph of the letter is as follows. " We are writing to notify you that MKDP LLP has assigned all of it's respective rights, titles and interest in respect of the above referenced account (Ex HSBC) to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited effective 26/10/2015. The total balance sold they say is £25,392.20 but curretn balance £25082.20" I stopped paying this back in 2008 due to financial difficulties and although over the years received various DCA chasing letters have had no contact with any of them. Is this statute barred and if so, do I need to do anything? Or do I need to prepare for a court battle? Can anyone advise please? Thank you
  23. Long but i would appreciate some answers, im so sick of these people and their treatment against me, so i beg you help if you can. I lived in one of their properties after coming out from a woman refuge for 4 years with no problems, however my ex boyfriend found me and kept harassing me. I was living in Brent (lets say) and on my report from the police and national DV workers it CLEARLY stated i cannot be re housed in Brent. However i was re housed in Brent, i took this property as i was TOLD if i refused it i will be kicked off the management transfer list as im only allowed ONE choose. so im in the same borough i was fleeing and told not to be housed in. Whilst at this property i had a woman upstairs who racially abused me, harrassed me and threatened me several times. she never admitted to racially abusing me but she did admit to the neighborhood manager, knocking on my door to start arguments (harrassment) and banging on the floor at me (harassment) she was also recorded as i had noise recorders in my flat banging around on purpose to harrass and upset me, however because i only recorded for 5 days and not the whole 14days they said it isnt a "pattern" even though legally a pattern constitutes of more than two occurrences. I also contacted the police who didnt do anything, nobody wanted to do anything. In fact they didnt even want to move me only because i brought up i wasnt meant to be housed in Brent they moved me again. I actually developed BAD depression from all of the above. I was pregnant and i lost my baby from the stress. I have a claim with the Housing obud but they have a "backlog" of work and a year later still NO answer from them. so again im only allowed ONE choose as it is management transfer and im now in Camberwell london again had issues with the neighbor downstairs, he constantly knocked on my door, followed me to the end of the road, stared through my windows, had some stuff on cctv and he admitted to knocking on my door. This time the police were great however Had to go to top management for my neighborhood manager to even tell him to leave me alone. They kept saying its a "police matter" even though it says in the tenancy to not harrass other tenants Instead my NHM was more interested in harrassing me about getting carpet as the man downstairs kept complainin , as when i moved i left my job and was on benefits i had no money to get carpet, so i again had to go to top management to get £300 worth of vouchers for carpet, which ONLY covered a hallway, the flat is BIG NHM never addressed the fact the guy downstairs was harrassing me, in fact none of them did they seem to justify his stalking behaviour with the fact i didnt have carpet like that some how means he is allowed to stalk me because im making normal living noises. NOWHERE in my tenancy does it state i MUST have carpet, it just says you cannot have laminate flooring. they blackmailed me because they gave me £300 which didnt even cover the flat, they constantly mentioned this £300 and said i will have to give it back if i somehow dont carpet the whole flat with this £300 the flat actually cost £800 to carpet and underlay, thats CHEAP carpet too Now final issue the guy upstairs to me has laminate flooring, this is making it very noise upstairs, i have complained about it and stated i was told i had to carpet my flat (even though i could of had vinyl or lino due to tenancy) and again they bring up the £300 vouchers they also said to me that the man upstairs is just normal living noise and they will have to prove he is intentionally making noise i asked them if thats the case why wasnt i considered normal living noise when the man downstairs was complaining about me instead i was harrassed and blackmailed and they said because i had no flooring which i stated is untrue as i had carpet in my living room within 3 weeks of being here and he was complain about noise from the living room. they said guy upstairs has old tenancy and it doesnt say anything about laminate flooring i said well mine doesnt say anything about carpet but i still laid carpet and was told to lay it. QUESTION: I find their treatment of me very unfair, anytime i have a complaint it is brushed off, anytime anyone complains about me it is legitimate. They discriminate against me, ignore me, harass me and apply the tenancy when it comes to me but when it comes to others the tenancy doesnt include. they refuse to deal with harrassment which is stated in the tenancy they refuse to deal with noise nuisence which is in the tenancy for me but for guy downstairs they dealt with it what can i do? (i know some people may think im a nightmare, im not, im an easy target, im 21yrs old, short female who is usually home alone doing my uni work, im an easy target for bullies which is why i get into so many issues) just to add, when i made a complaint about the guy upstairs and his walking in boots on laminate flooring, he got the letter and came and banged on my door bout 20times in a row. I was asleep and he woke me up, it sounded like a police raid no joke. When i complained the next day to the Housing management they said he only wanted to talk to me i said NO this is untrue he wanted an argument, why wopuld you knock on someones door so much and i KNOW if i was a male he wouldnt of been bang down my door like that. they again brushed it off saying the guy is reasonable and i should talk to him, which tbh i dont want to i find him creepy. this guy has started to run up the stairs and stamp on the floor ever since i complained about him, but HM ignore it and act like im making it up because the guy has been here for 8 yrs with no complaints. but they fail to aknowledge the fact his flat has mostly been vacant within those years and the last main tenant who lived here was a deaf old women. the man upstairs thinks he owns this flat, he used to get his visotrs to press MY bell (because its so loud due to the last deaf tenant and his is broken) the fact that he even brings up he has been here 8yrs is irrelvant
  24. Hi this is my first post to the group- My name is paul and live in york. Back in 2004 i took out a home inprovement loan via safestyle uk for the sum of 2171 over a priod of 120 months and i took out payment protectection at a cost £471. Shortly after taking the loan out as i was contracting my contract wasn't renewed, upon trying to claim againt my payment protection i was informed i wasn't covered as i was classed as self employed (shame they never told me this when charging me £471) i had a dispute with them as i wasn't working and wasn't covered after months of haggleing i got them to agree to a pro-rata refund which would go onto my account to clear the arears. I started and work shortly after and started to make full payments since then never missed a payment and i thought my payments were up to date. Then about 3 years ago i started to get your accounts in arrears calls to cut a long story short the payment protection refund never appared on my account and once again in dispute but i continued to pay. Last september 2014 my loan should have finished but was informed i actually owed more 10 years on than my actual loan amount. I have exhausted all ppi possibilities they claim they don't have anything on the pro-rata refund despite me signing a form in their york office. the FOS say as its pre 2005 theres nothing i can do, welcome say it was sold via safstyle so they wouldn't be responsible even though i thought i was dealing with Welcome in their office. currently despite paying for 11 years my £2171 loan stands at £2852.77 i told the lady at welcome i had just had a stroke and couldn't deal with this at the moment. she turned round to me and said well as long as you relise if you die the debt gets passed onto your familly. This has really upset me i don't know what to do Surely they cant charge me for 11 years on a 10 year loan and actually owe more money. This loan if continues will never be paid off ? Please if someone can help i don't want this debt hanging over me or if i die want it passed on to loved ones. Apparently i have already paid 7000 on this loan.
  25. So , in May, I evicted troublesome housemate. Reasons being he was committing benefit fraud, being late with bills etc etc, never washing, always being ill (To the extent that he was making me ill!) After walking out of a job that was paying more than mine on the grounds that "Benefits are easier" enough was enough, So in March I moved him into his new place. (of which he failed to notify DWP and Housing benefit Now beginning of July, EE send him a letter - Welcome to your new pay monthly account. of £20 per month I phone EE and inform them that he does not live here. They try to contact him but cannto get hold of him. So suspend his account until he updates his details with them. Promises to not send any more of his bills here. End of matter Or so I thought. Today another letter from EE arrives. This time welcoming him to another new account, a business account this time for £70 per month..... Makes you think doesn't it.
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