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  1. Ok thank you. I also have MMF hounding me over two debts from 2008. A friend has told me that because I moved house in 2010, the companies might have kept writing to the old address and so can prove they tried to contact me and that this would mean statute barred doesn't count. I'm sure this is not the case. I thought it meant six years from the last payment or written acknowledgement from me of the debt?
  2. Thank you, yes some were the companies that are now showing up. One letter came today from Ruthbridge, threatening to take things further. It does annoy me, I do feel like letting them try but at the same time I just want them so bog off and leave me alone I will just type a quick email like you have suggested but from a new email account that I will set up. Then they can harass that as much as they like because I won't even log back in.
  3. I'm not claiming PPI form anyone I changed my mind. I can't see these on my credit file but they have been passed to several different debt collectors over the years.
  4. Hi, Sorry I don't know a whole lot about this but I have suddenly had three old debts pop up from different debt collection companies threatening me with further action etc. It seems to have happened as I made an inquiry with a PPI company a few months ago but didn't bother going any further and I am now wondering if that has opened me up to all of this. I think these three debts are statute barred as I have not made any contact whatsoever or made any payments or acknowledged the debts for at least 7 years, maybe longer but knowing how sly some of these companies can be, I wouldn't put it past them to fake an acknowledgement or some form of "contact" and so it worries me about emailing them or writing to them and stating that these are statute barred debts. I am worried that they may try to trick me. How can I prove that I have not made any contact for all of these years? They could easily just say oh yes you have...I don't understand. Can anyone please give me some advice on how I can stop these writing to me and making threats or maybe give me the best wording to put in an email? As saying "you can not enforce this is as it is statute barred" is in itself admitting to the debt I suppose. Also, there is no doubt it is at the very least 7 years since any contact was made. Many thanks.
  5. We both received a claim form each.....said the same reference number on both but now rather than paying the debt between us, it looks like we both have to pay the full amount each!!!! I am not clear on this but I will be finding out.
  6. Yes thanks, I have just spoken to the creditor and he says we can alter the date as long as payments are made each month and maintained so presuming he is right and is willing to do this, all will be ok. I do see now the importance of being honest!! But it is my own fault and I shall just have to cut back a bit somewhere else. Lesson learned.
  7. Yes that is right. The other party offered £85 and also, I only really have about £60 if I'm honest but made it look like I had more so that it wasn't rejected!! I now have to find £100 per month.
  8. It was for a loan of £5000 and with all costs and interest etc on, its for just over £6000 but it is in joint names so the other party is also paying. Her monthly offer was accepted.
  9. Hi yes I did send the income and expenditure form. It said I had around £90 a month spare that was all and I made an offer of £80 so it's not like I was taking the mick or anything.
  10. Hi, I have just received a CCJ and all I got back from the courts was a letter telling me that the creditor sent the court a letter after they had received my admission and offer of monthly repayment, and that they had complained that the offer was too low. The court has now ordered that I pay a larger amount each month and that the first payment should be paid to the creditor by the 22nd of this month which is a week before I even get paid. I won't have the money by then and it's also more than I was expecting. Will the bailiffs come if I pay a week late? Or do you think the creditor will allow me to make the payment on the 29th if I explain my situation? I do feel like it is a bit unfair as they have decided that not only do I have to pay more than I offered, I also have to find it in just over a week. Any help would be much appreciated.
  11. Really?? Hmmm....well they are still advertising the 0845 number on their website! Cheeky hey? Thanks for the replies, the loan account is now showing on my list of accounts online but the funds haven't yet been paid into my account. I think possibly tomorrow, but thanks for the help
  12. No I didn't get any such link but others who applied have said that they did. Mine was just the whole application from start to finish and at the end it showed my agreement, asked me to sign and then said my first repayment is 1st May and the money would be in my account in 2 working days. That was Saturday at around 7pm
  13. Hi, I am new here and looking for some help please. I applied for a loan on Saturday through my online banking and I think it has been approved. However, I'm sure that at no point did it say "congratulations", "accepted", "accepted in principle" etc, but it went all the way through to the end, showed my agreement and asked my to sign it by ticking the box, and then showed me a page with my first repayment date, loan account number and said that the money would be in my account in 2 working days...... so you would think that was that. Right? However, having spoken to a friend who did the same recently, she said that she was given a link to enter her email address and a password to "sign online" and also, was told her money would be there in 24 hours. So now I'm confused, any help would be great before having to ring the 0845 number. Thanks guys.
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