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  1. Hi all. I originally had a debt with HFC bank on a credit card to the tune of £9838. My monthly payments were 172 and suddenly, Weightmans wrote to me threatening me with a CCJ if I did not consent to a voluntary legal charge. They refused to accept my £172. To cut a long story short, I did agree to the charge because at the time, I was under severe emotional stress - my Dad was dying from a terminal cancer, which Weightmans knew! I have just received a letter saying that I can get a 50% reduction on the debt! But: I cannot afford this right now even though there is a charge on my home. What I have noticed is that Weightman's client is now Phoenix Recoveries UK LImited S.a.r.l. Can I CCA Phoenix, or is it best to CCA Weightmans. The card was staken out in 1998. Also, if I DO CCA them, will they get frisky and threaten me with getting me to sell the house. I do have aletter from them saying it was not their intention to do this which is why I agreed to the charge - stupid, I know. Any advice greatly appreciated xxx
  2. Hi everyone. I could really use some help with this nightmare. I opened a GymEtc membership about 4 months ago. Somehow during the process the membership application got duplicated and i ended up being double charged for 2 accounts. I stopped the duplicate account direct debit, then get an aggressive letter from Harlands. I called them, explained the situation and they said they would close the duplicate account and refund the 2 payments. 4 weeks went by and I got no refund. When I contacted them again they said it had been initially rejected by GymEtc, then processed but still didn't make it to me or my bank. At this point I said i would collect the refund from my bank and contacted them to reverse the 2 direct debits on my duplicate account. I was very specific and gave the references and dates. They instead reversed 3 payments on the active direct debit then cancelled it. After this happened I called the bank and they admitted the error and reactivated the correct direct debit. I then called Harlands to pay the 3rd payment which should not have been refunded but they told me they could not take payment as this was not showing on the account. They told me they would watch the account and now call me when they could take payment. They also stated they would mark the account to not be charged. Another couple weeks go by and Harlands send aggressive correspondence. I call again to ask if i owe them and am told again that I don't own any money. Today they send me a letter saying I owe 2 admin fees of £25 each plus a membership payment. If i don't contact their customer care then my account will be sent to debt collection. I'm on my lunch hour, I have called them 7 times. I waited 20 minutes at one point for them to pick up, when they did, the person cut me off just after I finished the above long explanation. I am at my wits end and I now want them to terminate the contract with no fees. What are my options for resolving this now?
  3. My 82 year old mum hasn't been too well recently and her local Nat West Branch has closed down and the new one is a nightmare for parking and she doesn't walk too well. She also got caught out by a phone holiday spoof to the tune of a few hundred quid and became paranoid about the company knowing her account details so we decided that maybe a change to a new bank was a good option. Barclays is my and my sisters bank as well and as difficult as it is to talk about if something happens to mum before it happens to me we theorised that if we are all at the same bank things would be easier to deal with, but it has all become a bit of a disaster!! We had a meeting with an advisor who looked into it and after doing her bit on computer stated that mum qualified for a basic account which would not include an overdraft or the option to loan. To be fair mum has plenty of money in her account and gets very good pension and investment returns so the need for an overdraft or loan is highly unlikely as her balance stays pretty much the same each month and it's far higher than my balance is!!! The one thing the advisor forgot to mention though was that mum wouldn't get a cheque book and I wouldn't have know that anyway being a Barclays Current Account holder since I was in my teens!! This was only brought to our attention over a week later when I rang Barclays to ask because mum mentioned she hadn't received one, which we obviously thought was the norm, but was told that she couldn't get a cheque book for a basic account. We then went back for a meeting because this was baffling. It then became clear that mum had been declined a current account (hence the basic) but the reason for why she has been declined is unclear and apparently the advisors do not get told the reason so obviously the customer cannot argue against it. The advisor to be fair did apologise profusely for not explaining clearly and for forgetting to mention the cheque book and said the reason could be something to do with a credit score. I've however checked mums credit score on Experian and it was 999. She has no debts, mortgage paid off years ago, no loans taken out for years if ever as far as I know, plenty of cash in the account and has never had an issue getting credit cards, of which she pays off in full...… Could this be the problem?! The annoyance is that mum relies on her cheque book and is in a muddle and is having to either get me to send cheques for her or she has to withdraw large amounts of cash. The bank suggested waiting a couple of months and when they have seen how the account is managed and that Barclaycards have been paid off etc then they can reapply for a current account. If it is still declined then the only option is to go back to Nat West who have already said she can have a current account with cheque book like she did before, but it will obviously be a pain switching once again and I suspect all of the Direct Debit companies will be baffled as to what is happening!! Barclays have also made a mess up with statements as well with mum not receiving one statement in the two months since the account opened so I am chasing up that as well mum called Barclays Head Office last week and the guy on the phone couldn't understand why she hadn't been given a cheque book so we will wait and see if he gets any joy, although I would say probably not!!! So any ideas as to why this happens? Especially as I as an 18 years old got a current account without an issue and with probably no job at the time albeit 35 odd years ago!! It seems bizarre especially as they hide the reason. I am wondering in part if it's because she is a retired widow so upon first check they may not have known what monthly income she would be receiving but they would have seen from the account surely? Help massively appreciated.
  4. An ajudicator made a decision to uphold my case 4 years ago, however the business appealed the decision. After constantly chasing the FOS over a period of 3 years and numerous missed deadlines, six months ago an ombudsman made a provisional decision again in my favour, however I was stripped of costs which the adjudicator had awarded. To date, no final decision has been made, and the pattern of broken promises for deadlines, and constant chasing them for a final decision is still ongoing. What can I do to get them to make a final decision after 4 years of the stress of this case and struggling to survive financially?
  5. http://www.thisismoney.co.uk/money/markets/article-5653351/Computers-decide-PPI-victims-payout-explosive-documents-show.html
  6. Been reading through the forums about how to manage debt and one thing seems to remain constant in that you work out your income and outgoings and then make an offer to each of your creditors telling them what you are prepared to pay each month over xxx amount of time. That's all well and good but what do you do when you have no income at all or so little income you can just about afford to pay your rent every month let alone anything else. What route do you go down with that one? A little background: My wife had a job in the city with a good salary and that plus my income meant we could pay everything on time and all was good. My wife then became quite ill and could not work and has been like that for the last 6 months. This left a whopping great £3k per month hole in the finances. I managed to plug that for a few months but then my own work dried up and now I am struggling just to make the rent and feed us every month. Right now, as of the time of writing this post we have absolutely zero money at all and huge pile of debts to pay...plus rent of course. So given that situation, how do we deal with creditors? I have a CCJ by the way and have already missed the deadline for last months payment, by a couple of days. I did write to Lowell to explain the situation but of course it's entirely at their discretion whether they enforce the court order or not. My wife bank did give her three months reduced payment on her loan so she only had to pay £1 per month for those three months however they also said they would not load interest on for that time but they have so her debt has already increased by another £1000 and climbing! Also that arrangement has come to an end and despite writing to them several times they have not come back to us (RBS). So what do you do when you have zero finances and need to deal with creditors?
  7. Government outlines next steps to make the UK the safest place to be online READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-outlines-next-steps-to-make-the-uk-the-safest-place-to-be-online
  8. How to make a complaint to Defence Business Services READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/how-to-make-a-complaint-to-defence-business-services
  9. I am an IT consultant who works through my own Ltd company. I have been offered a job that is within IR35 this means I will pay tax, NI and all other deductions which I dont have a problem with. However the employer wants to deduct from me their costs such as Employers NI in other wrds bear their employer costs, is this right? I am due to sign the contract tomorrow so urgent guidance/help would be really appreciated. Thanks
  10. Make a donation to support members of the armed forces READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/donations-to-support-members-of-the-armed-forces
  11. Well I have been making some serious posts recently. Every now and again it is good to relax a little have a little fun. Just remembered this scene as a couple of brothers finally make the big time. Made me laugh. Which are your favourite or memorable TV moments. Which made you smile or frown. I will start things off with this one. Twenty odd years ago we witnessed Del and Rodney finally become the millionaires they had dreamed of. What a legendary scene this is!
  12. Hi We have been harassed with debt collectors by First Utility. We switched suppliers on 9th February. On 22nd February First Utility put a stop on our account for 8 weeks whilst the final bill was re-assessed. They sent debt collectors to our door on 27th February. The bill was paid on 3rd March. They continued to send many texts asking us to settle the bill. I continue to receive emails and texts harassing me for payment up to yesterday (16th March). First Utility promise to resolve the matter; then the texts and emails continue. They say our details have been wiped from the debt collector's database, but the texts and emails continue. So today I called a charity who get significant funding from First Utility and whom First Utility proudly publicise on their website. I spoke to the account handler who assured me that they have stringent controls and carry out full due diligence on their relationship to companies they are associated with. I pointed out that there could be many desperate families, some of whom they help, who are being similarly harassed by First Utility and that First Utility have a dysfunctional administration system plus a fine disregard for the legalities of sending round debt collectors. Was that really a company they wanted to be associated with? If you have a problem like mine, contact a charity that First Utility supports. Ask to speak to the account handler for First Utility and send them your story. Once you have done that, call First Utility's media centre. I spoke to: Joanne Murefu, First Utility: 07885 966269 These are desperate ways to make First Utility listen and react; but as I had already written to my MP, and the Guardian, and the Telegraph, I was left with no other choice. Challenge the hypocrisy of First Utility: they say on their website: 'We want to change the face of the industry by fighting on your behalf. We're not happy for things to stay as they are so we challenge the status quo to make energy simpler, fairer and cheaper.'
  13. Hello Everyone. I set up a direct debit for my road tax, but due to some severe financial upheaval, it failed following the first and second application. Will the DVLA allow me to try again to pay by direct debit? Or am I now stuck trying to find the full amount? I can call Monday but I'm really worried and hoping for some advice before then if possible. Thank you in advance.
  14. Hi - I need some help quite badly. I had a bad mental breakdown around a year ago and didn't pay some private parking fines. They were for outside my mothers house whilst she was helping me. I didn't get letters as I was away from home getting help. I don't want to go into this further - but I'm not fully recovered. I got a call on Monday morning from my Mother in tears. Bailiffs had come and barged their way into her home. They asked her to get ID and then pushed in. They have then threatened to take all HER stuff. They have said if they cannot prove it's hers they can take it. But I don't even live there. I did use to live there when recovering - but wasn't even in the country when they came. They have left all MY paperwork with her. Which is humiliating enough - they have given it to my Mother rather than me. I'm a 30 year old man! They have also made her sign a "controlled goods agreement" - but it's not actually her that's the debtor. How can she sign for it when it's not her? If anyone has advice even in the form of a charity that can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not a freeloader I'm just mentally not that well. I can't afford the £2k right now! Of which £632.17 is the debt and £879.92 is the fees! Please help.
  15. Basically I have put in a complaint against ebay for an item that I sold to clear which was marked for parts or not working and no refunds accepted as ebay are siding with the buyer and told me to start a return (buyer is non uk resident) however I have responded with an appeal against the decision and a formal complaint. Also this has incensed me so much I have decided to put a petition down if anyone wants to sign it to make ebay treat sellers fairly and stop siding with the buyer to prevent [problem]mers (which is what this buyer is). https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/179807/sponsors/4dLn9AywqqgsvIT0cBcs If anyone could sign it hopefully there will be enough to make parliament take notice and start taking ebay to task...
  16. Hello I really need some help please. I bought a solid gold christian name necklace from 'My Name Necklace' and purchased their 12 month warranty at the same time. Just inside the warranty date, the chain broke, I completed the online claim form along with a photo of the broken chain ( The warranty covers chain breakage ) The company emailed soon afterwards on 15th November stating: We apologies for the situation. We can send you another chain. A prepaid return envelope will be sent so that you can return your original item to us.* Please let us know if you agree. Please note that this envelope is already addressed to us and prepaid. Simply place your item in the envelope and drop into any mail box. There is no need to add postage or go to the Post Office. Please let us know if we could be of any further assistance. Best Regards, Allison Brown My Name Necklace Customer Service Team I replied stating I would use the envelope but as the order cost me £116.00, I would not be popping the envelope in a letterbox, and would pay extra to send tracked. 2 weeks passed, and the addressed envelope hadn't arrived, I messaged again to report this, was told that the returns envelope can take up to 3 weeks to reach me. I realised the compary was overseas, so had to accept this. At today's date there's still no envelope I've contacted the company again and they are just lying / fobbing me off by saying they have escalated my complaint, and then I hear no more. I've asked for the company address and they won't supply it. All communication has to be done through their webforms only. I may have found the address through Google search, but it may not be correct: Mynamenecklace 14455 N Hayden Road Suite 226 Scottsdale, AZ 85260 I'm wondering if there is a procedure similar to the UK 'small claims' that can be done with an overseas company? Can anyone advise please? The necklace was my daughters 2015 Christmas present from me. To be honest, she only wore it a handful of times as the chain is so fine, that she was frightened it would break, and unfortunately the chain caught on her jumper, and snapped when she tried to release it, albeit very carefully. Thanks in advance for any advice offered.
  17. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/illustrious-leaves-portsmouth-to-make-way-for-queen-elizabeth
  18. BBC rip off Britain report on man who set up a premium rate line to make money from cold sales calls received. So far he has made £4k. Could you imagine if a lot of people set these up and these cold calling companies were silly enough not to block them being called. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p04bpgrv
  19. I have an appointment tomorrow morning at 9am,(universal credit) which I had changed to because my last one was cancelled for some reason. I do casual work here and there I got a text a few mins ago reminding me that I have training (counter terrorism training) at 9:30am - noon at my casual job, I completely forgot but if I phone up UC now they may refuse or sanction me. Should I call up now or in morning?
  20. Have you received any kind of communication asking you to make contact because there is a parcel for you - or for some other unexplained matter? We would like to know about it. Such contacts are illegal under the FCA conc regs - specifically - http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?426126-CONC-7.9-Contact-with-customers Here is an example of card left by APS. It breaches FCA regulations in a number of ways. We would be very interested to see other examples of this kind of contact. Please post up your letters, cards or other examples in this thread Please note that we are talking about debt collection messages here. Not viruses or spam
  21. Background: last fiscal year 2015-6 I claimed working tax credits for 5 months, ending in February 2016. Since then a mix of JSA, volunteering and part time work. This week I started full time work and I was thinking of starting a fresh claim. However I've just received the tax credit renewal pack for this current year, plus the annual review for last year. I'm not really sure if I should make a fresh claim or use the online tool to renew my tax credits. On the gov.UK page: https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/shortforms/form/TCCF makes me think a fresh claim only applies to those who have never applied for WTC. Can anybody clarify this point to me? Thanks
  22. Yesterday Bailiff Advice posted about the recent HCEOA developments but was later accused of publishing a link to an article that was some 4 years old. According to others she should have checked each link referred to in her link was correct and not out of date. So we now have a situation whereby others are going to hold us accountable for the content of external sites. Stupid is as stupid does.
  23. http://www.theregister.co.uk/2016/05/26/bank_fraud_liability_shake_up/
  24. We have had a disasterous refit of our shower, and are suffering leaks and noticed some cracked grouting too. We have been in touch with Citizen's Advice Bureau and the first thing they said we needed was a written report from a professional to explain what the problems are and how to put them right. However we are struggling to find a professional who is willing to put pen to paper to give us this. Reasons cited include they don't want to get involved in a legal battle, the repercussions for them going against some dodgy plumbers. Can anyone suggest how I can get a plumber willing to do this sort of report? Hope someone can help.
  25. Apologies that this is a long post. This is my first time on any kind of forum. I have tried to summarise but its been a complicated and very stressful process. I will be very grateful indeed for any advice... We moved into a flat in Sept 2013 when I called to give Npower the opening meter readings I asked to confirm what meter and tariff we were on. I was told it was an Economy 10 meter and noted down from the conversation that there were 3 cables which would give a Day rate, a Night rate and a Heating rate for the 3 night storage heaters with timings for when these rates would operate. You had to press a button on the meter several times to get the readings I gave the 3 readings as they appeared on the screens. Npower took Actual readings for these 3 rates in Nov 13 I gave more readings in May 14 at which point I started the complaints process because we had still not had a bill. I received letters with an account number from the complaints department finally a letter in July 2014 saying because they could not resolve my complaint about not receiving a bill I could go to the Ombudsman. At the end of July I receive a letter with the same account number but this time addressed to the occupier saying that because of problems closing the account the balance would be written off. Followed a week later by the First bill for £366, in my name but with a different account number. In Sept 14 I call to try and figure out what is going on am told that the first account number I’d received on complaint letters was actually the previous tennant’s but because of the confusion the balance (now £457) would be written off as per the write off letter. I give meter readings – this time 4 readings show on the meter instead of 3. That same day a bill is generated for the heat rate for £868. It is based on an estimated opening meter reading for heat. I am told again a week later on the telephone that my account would be credited to zero - clearing balance of £868 as per write off letter and to disregard any more bills/reminders and to wait during process. In Nov 14 I call again and am given apologies for distressing letters & assured case is with correct back office team. Promised that a correct bill should arrive soon showing the cleared balance of £868.72 and they had correct meter readings so a new bill would generated. I then receive a bill for £1,433, followed by ‘Our right to enter your home’ letter – with an outstanding balance £976. In December 2014 after numerous complaint calls I am given a new complaint reference number and assured collections will stop. In Jan 15 I receive a complaint deadlock letter refusing to remove the balance as promised and referring me to Ombudsman and I begin the Enquiry process. In Feb 15 I give new meter readings and receive a bill for £1481 - Tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1. I pay £505 for accurate energy usage calculated using my correct meter readings between Nov 14 and Feb 15 (leaving the disputed £976). At the end of Feb the Ombudsman says Npower incorrectly offered to write off the Sept 14 bill for £868 and that I should be given a £25 goodwill payment for the misinformation but that the outstanding balance remained. I did not agree with the Ombudsman proposal and it was reviewed in March 15. I complain that the meter reading Npower used to calculate the opening heat rate was an estimate because it had not been showing on the meter. As this was not part of the original complaint to the Ombudsman they advise me to contact Npower directly. I contacted Npower who agree to work out an accurate opening meter reading but I did not accept the Ombudsman proposal as I still hadn’t had an accurate bill and felt they had not helped resolve my issue with Npower. In April 15 we move out of the property and I give final meter readings and new address. On 1st May 15 they send: An amended bill to our old address for £1318. A letter saying because I’d rejected Ombudsman remedy my complaint has been closed thus exhausting the complaints process and balance is £1362. And a Final Bill for £1452 (the Tariff has now changed to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak) I call to complain about tariff changing and am told they've re-opened case though they believe bill is correct. Throughout May and June they send another Amended bill, numerous complaint reference letters, and Final demand and Act now to avoid court letters – all to the old address. I email the CEO disputing the Historic debt and Amended Bill and request again that our address be updated and debt recovery stopped. The complaint is logged and I’m given a new reference number. In July I start to get calls from Debt Managers Services attempting to recover a debt of £1,612. In August I receive 5 more amended bills each for a different amount. Throughout Sept and Oct I receive letters from Debt Managers saying my account is on hold while they await instruction from Npower. In January 16 I receive a letter from Npower with a ‘Notice of intention to file a default on your credit file’. Outstanding balance £1452. In February I email complaining that my complaints have not been handled properly and ask about the compensation arrangements Npower agreed with Ofgem. Executive Complaints reply to say I have exhausted thier complaints process and they will not look to raise a new complaint in relation to this query and refer me to their Legal Team. I point out that the Ombudsman instructed me to re-contact Npower to recalculate opening meter reading to which they had agreed. In March 16 Executive Complaints then reply with an incorrect opening meter recalculation (they use accurate winter heat readings to calculate an average daily usage and apply it to 497 days i.e saying we’d use the same heat in summer as in winter!) and advise me again to proceed legally. Moorcroft Debt Recovery begin pursuing the debt and in desperation to resolve this I contact the Citizens Advice Extra Help Unit, who help vulnerable consumers, they agree to mediate with Npower on my behalf. They challenge Npower throughout March and April but are told Npower's final position was that they would not be opening the case and referred me back to Ombudsman or to take legal action. The amended bills – Falsifying meter readings and placing us on the wrong tariff Having now examined the 5 amended bills of Aug 15 I can see that they have previously tried to ‘re-estimate the bill’ by falsifying meter readings - changing accurate readings into estimates to justify their original estimated opening reading. All these estimates are entirely inaccurate suggesting that I have used thousands of heat units in summer periods when the night storage heaters were switched off. I am suspicious that NPower have chosen to amend the bills with estimates from May 2014 (instead of the 2013-14 winter prior to that when the disputed energy was apparently used) in order to avoid the back billing regulations. I have also asked repeatedly why the Bill that I paid in Feb 15 was cancelled, amended and then re-calculated at a higher unit rate for heat (7p per unit became 12p). No one has addressed this concern. Our tariff appears to have changed from what I understood to be the Economy 10 tariff: Standard SC ROB Heatwise 1 to Standard SC ROB 7 Hour Weekend Off-Peak. At no point did we ever ask to switch tariff or were we offered any explanation as to why the unit price and tariff had been changed, despite me asking on numerous occasions for clarification. Harassment and marking my credit file I have been threatened with court proceedings multiple times, they refuse to put a hold on their collections process so I am still having to deal with debt collections agencies, NPower may have shared data which will impact my credit record and they say this cannot be amended because they claim the outstanding balance is correct and remains payable. They now say I need to proceed legally. My time, stress and worry I have spent innumerable hours dealing with all of this, trying to decipher what has gone on, examining 15 bills, complaining by telephone and email, going through an Ombudsman enquiry that did not help to reach a resolution, and working with Citizens Advice, all of which equates to weeks worth of my time. I have had countless sleepless nights and shed many a tear worrying about everything and feeling bullied by this huge corporation who seem to operate so recklessly with no regard for how peoples lives are affected by this level of stress that they cause. And throughout this period we have a chronically sick child with a rare blood disorder who has been in and out of hospital and Great Ormond St Hospital. Our now 3 year old daughter was first admitted to hospital in a life threatening condition in Oct 14 and has since been admitted 10 times, which Npower have been aware of. I have had to take my energy away from caring for my child to dedicate to unraveling all of this mess and that is extraordinarily painful for me. I am now fully prepared to take legal action, although I have no idea how to do this and do not have any access to financial support or legal advice. I feel completely daunted by the task and almost cannot bear the stress and time of pursuing it further but it seems to be my only route forward. I want to seek damages to be remunerated for this utter failure to handle my complaints and to bill me accurately. NPower’s conduct is far from fair or transparent and does not meet their standards of conduct by a long way. I refuse to be victimized. I realize that this has been a long read and I really appreciate any advice that others can give for me to take this forward legally. Thank you D
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