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  1. Sorry this is incorrect. This used to be my field and I was reasonably well respected in it. No network gives out mobile phone numbers for customers or ex customers. They will record address information with CRA's - but that has nothing to do with the validity of the mobile numbers.
  2. I did get a really useful PM - I replied. And I have no idea who to complain to. My Mother is terrified they are going to come back and smash her door in like they said they will. They have told her they can break in whenever they want. For many that wouldn't be intimidating. But this is a women in her late 60's who has chronic medical conditions. The Police came and said the bayliffs can do it. I don't think complaining to the bayliffs will work - and I don't think complaining to the police again will do much good.
  3. Wow - I've got some seriously amazing help on this forum. I have even got a PM with useful information. I'm no lawyer and might be talking rubbish - but I don't actually think the controlled goods agreement is valid, from the government website: My Mother signed the controlled goods agreement. She is not the debtor I am, I hadn't even spoken to her at this time so certainly didn't authorise it. And whilst she may seem to be in apparent authority her small home does not carry on trade or business. Does this mean they cannot break into her home? I've spoken to someone else and I'm getting my mum to swear in front of a solicitor stuff is hers. That is then being sent to the baliff. I don't know if it will stop them or not. But it's costing £5 (I think) and might make them think.
  4. 100% sure. I was abroad on holiday and they just put more tickets on. It was when one company took over. So it ended up with a ridiculous number of tickets. They have bundled some of them together.
  5. Yes her house is Housing association. They went from council parking to private a couple of years ago.
  6. I've checked. There are actually 4 different CCJS listed.... Oh how the might fall - I went from running my own business after leaving the Army to now not being able to pay parking tickets. I didn't know about them. The one in questions is for: £762 and was registered on 11/10/2016. The list states: TV (samsung) 15 assorted playstation games. Video Recorder Wetsuit Camera Lens Camera Lens (number 2) Lens extendor TV (panasonic) Sideboard Sofas Video Camera Go Pro Thats it.
  7. They have said they will take her sofa and her tv and her side table. They have also said they can take some stuff of mine which was left there when I went to work abroad. I have no problem with them taking my stuff. I don't actually have an address in the UK other than this one as I work in Asia at the moment. The fees are: Compliance fee: £90 Enforcement stage fee: £822 I do not have that sort of money.
  8. The police actually came - and said they are allowed to do this! The background is that she is an ill lady - and was so shocked when they walked in that she said she'd call them. The baliffs turned around and said "we'll call them for you" and the police then came and said it was allowed. The company were dcbl. I'm not going to be melodramatic but I'm totally heartbroken at whats happened to my mother. She wasn't able to go to work and was told she needed to sign the paperwork. She has text me saying how scared and upset she is. They are apparently coming back on friday. I do not even live there. Is there anyway I can make myself bankrupt.. . I'm so ashamed that I've done this to my family. She's told me I need to sort it and was on the phone in tears! Edit - they actually said that the stuff they would take of hers would not cover the debt and she'd have to pay more fees. But neither her nor I have any money.
  9. I think there was a court case - but I was not living at the address where the paperwork was sent. I also was ill and on very heavy medication. If I'm honest I think that someone told me something had come in the mail - but I was not in a position to deal with it. I'm only now just sorting out applying for benefits - I'm so ashamed that I've done this to my family. I've let there home be violated. I really want to fix this - but I don't have £2 grand.
  10. Hi - I need some help quite badly. I had a bad mental breakdown around a year ago and didn't pay some private parking fines. They were for outside my mothers house whilst she was helping me. I didn't get letters as I was away from home getting help. I don't want to go into this further - but I'm not fully recovered. I got a call on Monday morning from my Mother in tears. Bailiffs had come and barged their way into her home. They asked her to get ID and then pushed in. They have then threatened to take all HER stuff. They have said if they cannot prove it's hers they can take it. But I don't even live there. I did use to live there when recovering - but wasn't even in the country when they came. They have left all MY paperwork with her. Which is humiliating enough - they have given it to my Mother rather than me. I'm a 30 year old man! They have also made her sign a "controlled goods agreement" - but it's not actually her that's the debtor. How can she sign for it when it's not her? If anyone has advice even in the form of a charity that can help I'd really appreciate it. I'm not a freeloader I'm just mentally not that well. I can't afford the £2k right now! Of which £632.17 is the debt and £879.92 is the fees! Please help.
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