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  1. Well good old Gordon Brown or was it Laudy Fraudy in the New Labour govt who tried to stop the DWP from issuing these because the DWP always gets things right as they stated in a Parliamentary question response. Uproar followed by a U-Turn occurs rather quickly iirc! Well after the DWP quietly stopped collecting statistics on their food bank referrals.... just like all that other data they claimed they didn't collect but was released after massive fight even ignoring the Information Commissioners Rulings. They've actually gone and done it! Stopped all referrals to food banks... and who did they announce this too? Originally found this via a Reddit post pointing me to here http://www.leweseye.co.uk/social-security-benefits/dwp-bans-local-foodbank-referrals/? Now gaining national news traction and hopefully we can add to the traction as quite frankly I'm beyond appalled!
  2. Was called today by I.C.B..... Definitely something to do with motor insurance.. I went through 'security' and when they asked for my address I refused but give the my name and DOB... They said I have not passed security and hung up.. ha! I called Premium Credit who work with Adrian Flux to take credit payments said it is nothign to do with them (that's who I am insured by). So what do I do here? I realy don't care about my credit score because it's to pants is the whole scoring system anyway... But yeah would like to know what's up with these cowboys.
  3. My elderly aunt went into residential care last week and I want to give myself time to work out what's best to do with the house. She is totally self funded and there's no need to sell. Her CT was paid up front last April for the whole year. I know the property would be exempt CT for a while but all the wording I find on the subject says 'until the house is sold'. Does anyone know if there's a limit on this? If there is can I just let sleeping dogs lie until next year and pick when I get my free six months - or whatever it is. I don't want to apply for a refund of monies already paid only to find I've then exhausted a CT exempt period and them start to charge me double if I can avoid it.
  4. When the Taking Control of Goods regulations came into effect in 2014, they not only provided a much clearer and fixed fee scale, they also introduced a fairer system whereby, in order to keep bailiff fees to the barest minimum, (of just £75) the debtor is given the opportunity of avoiding a personal bailiff visit (and an enforcement fee of £235 being applied) by paying the debt (including the Compliance Fee of £75) by the date outlined on the Notice of Enforcement....or alternatively, by agreeing a payment arrangement with the enforcement company. Most payment arrangements are for a short period of approx 3-4 months (sometimes even more). Where problems have arisen since 2014, is that many people receiving a Notice of Enforcement from the bailiff company, try to avoid paying bailiff fees by visiting the local authorities website and making an online payment of just the debt owed to the council. Such avoidance methods do not work. This is because, the regulations are very specific in that once the Notice of Enforcement has been issued, the debt owed includes the compliance fee of £75. Furthermore, and this is again in the regulations, any payments made after the Notice of Enforcement has been issued must first be applied towards discharging the Compliance fee (of £75). The bottom line is that if a payment is made to a local authority (minus bailiff fees) after the date on when a Notice of Enforcement is issued, the enforcement company are entitled to their compliance fee (of £75). The effect being that any payment made to a local authority (minus bailiff fees) must be considered as merely a part payment and accordingly, the warrant is not satisfied…and bailiff enforcement can.....and will continue. Since 2014, debt avoidance websites have inundated local authorities with many hundreds of Freedom of Information requests enquiring as to whether councils retain these online payment or pass the compliance fee to the enforcement company etc. These pointless requests have achieved absolutely nothing. There have been quite a few Local Government Ombudsman’s decisions regarding this scenario but a very recent one is of interest because, in this particular case, the local authority adjusted the amount of the Liability Order but failed to inform the enforcement company. The debtor also paid the council direct (minus bailiffs). A have copied the decision in the next post.
  5. Sexual abuse of cadets 'was covered up by officials who urged victims not to tell police' READ MORE HERE: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2017/07/04/sexual-abuse-cadets-covered-officials-urged-victims-not-tell/
  6. Hi, I'm hoping someone here will be able to help. I'm at my wits end. On Wednesday last week the police turned up at my house and arrested me on suspicion of fraud. (A complaint made by my sister and about which I was interviewed on Saturday - I've done nothing wrong and hopefully that is what the result will be) On Thursday morning my Housing Benefit was paid into my account and I was able to use my account. By Thursday afternoon the money had vanished. I couldn't get hold of my bank immediately so I transferred my savings (only £100) into the account - assuming it was just an error - so I could pay for the food shopping. That money has never arrived either. I contacted the bank Thursday PM and was told the money was there, it was just 'not transactable' and they couldn't tell me why. Friday was bank holiday. I called again Saturday and was told the same thing. Then two more closed days. I called again this morning and was told the same thing and my child benefit that should have gone in this morning has now also not arrived. (well it has, I just can't access it) Strangely the balance that was already on the account was untouched and I was able to use that. (only about £50 which has now gone) I'm a single mum and it's the school holidays. I haven't been able to do any food shopping, take my son out, or anything and I'm now down to my last £8 with all my bills to pay. I have no idea what to do! No one will tell me anything. Has this come from the police? Is this something the bank have done by themselves? I have almost completely run out of food now and I have no idea what I'm going to do to feed my son. Can anyone shed any light?
  7. Hi all, Sorry for this but where is the appropriate sub-forum for BT complaints?
  8. Trying to hold it together ;(. Had lots of death in the family and sunk very low. Debts have mounted and I buried my head to cope. Went to debt charity but was told to think about getting a debt relief order. Then today told there is a chance I could be involved in a family biz but would need to NOT be a bankrupt or in an iva/dro. it's given me some hope for future, relation said they might be able to get together 10%?? for me to do a f&f. If I could emerge from this hell hole I can't tell you how fantastic it would be. I appreciate my credit file will be awful for 6 years no matter what. So here I sit and look at a big bag of debts moorcroft etc and feel sick. This site has given me the idea it's possible to live again. Where do i start?
  9. Hi My poor little car had a poorly radiator so I bought another car, transferred my insurance in Nov 2016 and set about repairing the first one. The first clue I had that something was a bit amiss came late November when i tried to buy some temporary cover for that car was rejection as they declined insurance saying the car was Cat A/B. I have had this car 5 years.It has never been dented let alone had a serious crash so I thought they just did not fancy insuring a 2.5 L car on a temporary basis. The second was a keen buyer who wanted to check a few things out and never got back to me. I had no problem getting monthly cover from my main insurer who have covered it since Mar 2013 but it was pricey at £60 odd a 28 day period. So, i tried to advertise the car on Gumtree and they rejected it on the basis of HPI saying the car had been scrapped. A quick call (O.K. no call to Swansea is quick,35 menu options later) to DVLA got me a man who said that there was a problem with my car and I needed to fill in a form to find out what was on the record for my vehicle,no. He could not tell me on the phone, yes he could see the car had a valid MOT but I had to fill in the form to find out what the problem was (reply to my submission could take 6 weeks ) Then I could present my side of the story. So I returned in frustration to HPI to try and speed up the process. HPI told me my car had had a Certificate of Destruction issued against it May 2015. Bit of a shock, so I phoned DVLA who could see this car that had,according to them been crushed in May 2015 had been MOTd Oct 2015 and Oct 2016 and been insured continuously. I eventually got an email from DVLA ordering my car off the road and basically asking me to prove I still had the car and that it was the genuine article. So I had to provide photos of the Car with its registration plate, Photos of the VIN number and a pencil rubbing of the VIN number.I had previously sent in my intact V5c form stating they had scrapped the wrong car off. 2 loads of insurance later I have a letter from DVLA without the slightest hint of an apology admitting that my car is not the one turned into a steel door stop and demanding that I pay an enormous sum of money for back road fund license. Car is now taxed from the beginning of this year. Back in March 2015 I set up a Direct Debit scheme for the Road Fund License, they stopped taking it when they decided my car was scrap (usual practice so they say),I did not notice,you tend to look for things you do not remember buying on a bank statement not payments you expect. Equally they did not send out a "Oy, your road tax is due,pay up you bug**R" note March 2016, No Tax Disc to remind you these days,I always bought a new disc when they sent the letter out. O.K. So I should pay up,money is due,despite the fact none of the above was caused by me. Road fund must be paid but what about my costs and effort, I am looking at another 28 days insurance. I should have have been able to declare this car sold late November so no liability for road tax from then but I have had to pay for January despite being ordered off the road for half that. 3 and a half months Road Tax is about £90, phone calls ,letters and time.They want the full amount.I have listed the car on ebay to just get rid but do not expect it to achieve the price I had negotiated before the sale fell through. Is there any scheme that compensates me for the considerable losses on my part,for my expenses keeping the car legal and making it sale-able.
  10. The Taking Control of Goods Regulations 2013 came into effect in April 2014. A significant change to the regulations was how bailiff fees are to be deducted from any payment made. This is explained in detail on the following STICKY: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?453047-Bailiff-enforcement-Setting-up-a-payment-arrangement-and-whether-you-can-pay-the-court-or-the-council-direct Almost as soon as the regulations were introduced, local authorities around the country were inundated with Freedom of Information requests to ascertain whether or not the council would properly deduct the bailiffs fees in accordance with legislation in cases where the debtor defied the instruction on the Notice of Enforcement, and instead, paid the council the amount of the liability order only (minus bailiff fees). If nothing else, these FOI requests have highlighted to the councils the way in which the regulations had changed. With the regulations having now been in place for 20 months it is now the case that paying the council direct (minus bailiff fees) rarely ever succeeds and instead, is leading to debtors being in a much worse financial position than ever before given that by the time the payment has been processed by the local authority, the 'compliance stage' outlined in the Notice of Enforcement would have ended and with it, the opportunity to enter into a payment arrangement without the need for a personal visit from the enforcement agent and a charge of £235 being applied. Given that this is a discussion thread, it may be useful to debate this subject but please.....no arguments or squabbles.
  11. Hi everyone, I'm just new to this and have never been able to talk about what I've been struggling with so want to start by writing it all down and getting it out of my system. I know it's a long story but support is really all I'm after right now (and any experienced advice!) . I'm 19 years old, Male, A student and I work part time. I've previously worked full time and had good paying jobs and didn't have a worry in the world until I turned 18 and had my first "offer" letter from a credit card company. I applied, and was rejected. Then I got deep into the internet and discovered what a credit score was so immediately sent away for a copy of my own. To my horror, weeks after my 18th birthday, I had a credit score lower than 250 and 3 defaulted accounts listed under my name at an address I had lived at in my early teens. But I had just turned 18 how could this be? Exactly my thoughts... The accounts were all in my name but had a date of birth that had been reversed (1979 instead of 97). The accounts were active from 2009 to 2012 when I would have been aged 12-15. I immediately raised this with Equifax and 2 of the accounts were quickly removed from my file after I provided proof of ID. However, there was an account from Studio 24 that still had not been removed. I contacted Studio (Express Gifts) in July 2015 both by letter and email. I provided proof of ID and Address and copies of my credit report which showed the defaulted accounts. I was passed from pillar to post until March 2016 when they informed the account was now closed and the notice removed from my credit report. All seemed well with the world and I had no need for credit at the time so chose to push the whole fiasco to the back of my mind and enjoy my last summer before University. Cut to July 2016 and I receive a letter from Cabot Financial informing me that my debt of £845.87 had been sold to them by Express Gifts. The initial default amount was £120.94. I called Cabot and they rectified the situation in around 2 months, Express Gifts sent me a cheque for £85 as a "goodwill gesture." During the whole ordeal, I also had contact with the police who believed I had been a victim of ID theft (we moved out of the property in question in 2008). However, nothing came to light of it and I have since moved away from my home town and don't believe anything will ever come of it. As a result of this right royal muck up by a business years before I could even get credit, my score has always remained at the lowest tier (as far as I am aware, removing default notices will not up your score but will simply change your report). I have never been able to obtain credit and couldn't even get an overdraft facility or a student credit card. I still can't get the latter but have managed to obtain a £500 overdraft on my student account with RBS which has been excellent help. On top of this, I have now fallen into the trap of payday loans and have probably had in excess of 10 since I moved away from my hometown, became estranged from my family (I had a fallout with my parents as I believed my mother was the one who used my information to obtain credit), and started out myself. I now only owe £250 to wageday advance but this is after 1 deferral payment last month. On top of that, I have an Aqua credit card with a £100 facility that I had for emergencies - which of course sods law I had to get my washing machine repaired right before payday so used that. My plan is to be debt free by August, I wan't to have everything paid off and not have a single line of credit bar my interest free student overdraft and £100 Aqua card which I may shut down as my score has lowered even more since getting it. I just really wanted to write everything down and see if anyone else has ever been through the same thing as me, I'm miles away from home and have no one to talk to about it. They told me life'd be hard, but I never thought it would be as bad as this.
  12. It's just a cash gift to me as he's "splashing the cash" after the sale of his deceased parents' house, but I don't know if I should declare it to the DWP, because they might then decide I don't need the ESA or HB at all and just use that money instead for a couple of months. I wouldn't put it past them, frankly. What should I do?
  13. Hello again Caggers, On 21st April 2016 I wrote to the LA to requesting them to end my claim for HB & CTA on 22nd April 2016. They have only just replied and their letter tells me I will shortly receive "an entitlement letter" to confirm and also, as I requested an updated Council Tax Bill to confirm the new amount owed and instalments. Then there is this line..... "Please can you let us know why you wanted your claim cancelled" I don't wish to tell them why I ended both of these claims. There is nothing sinister in my decision. Do I have to tell them why I ended my claims? Is there likely to be some sort of investigation if I don't tell them or will they just leave me alone? Thank you in advance for any advice
  14. Cleaning Jobs. Well old Tawnyowl decided due to one of my entrepreneurial adventures not moving fast enough yet to pay all the bills to do a little work in the evening. Not in perfect fitness but can graft flat out for a few hours before tiredness creeps up. So thought to myself i know you need work in the evenings or early morning,you will become a office cleaner owl,that is the answer to your problem. So managed to find one,negotiations were held,prices set and went for it. I work with another person in this adventure who is far more experienced than myself. Has been a caravan cleaner on holiday parks,done deep cleaning,govt work,and massive stores.By themselves. Female. Now do not forget i have worked in construction,go to gym perhaps 5 days a week,just a little exercise that is all and used to hard work.Or thought i was. So let us see what i do. Windows,boardroom,hallway,3 toilets,male female,and disabled access toilets. Big 30 metre office,empty baskets,clean desks,hoover.Mop floors. Kitchen,clean fridge,micro,anything in there really,work surfaces,any washing up,clean sink,empty bins,mop floor. Other office,20 metre square.Same procedure. Make sure all cleaning materials are bought and correct for the purpose. Now someone who does cleaning will understand what that entails I tell you this,i come out of those offices aching from head to toe,can hardly walk never mind talk. And after a short while and looking around i see that most cleaning jobs are paid minimum wage. I feel cleaners are very underestimated for the work they do.Vital to a business. Been in some places where you think,how quaint nice grey sinks only to find out they are white really. Some places have not been done for months.Perhaps years on outsides. Nice when people,and they do say ,hell what a difference you have made. So any cleaners out there i now know what it entails and how hard you work for your money. And maybe you then go home and clean there as well. If you are a cleaner,anywhere let us know how you are doing,what you do, and how you feel about things. If you have the strength to write.
  15. The weather and how it affects us here in Great Britain. I must admit having worked in construction and now roaming the beaches each day collecting driftwood i tend to keep one eye on the weather forecasts and one eye on the stormy seas and the other eye on what i am collecting. This winter the Atlantic has in my mind spoilt the fun for those of us who could be called coldies. Snow has been forecast week after week only to be blasted out of the way by the jet stream and its warmer air. However for the first time this winter models are suggesting and seemingly agreeing at the moment for a dumping of snow for many places even the South towards next weekend. Could change but the first time things seem to point this way. Well i will leave that bit now,forecasting has been very tricky this winter, a few degrees out and everything goes pear shaped.And has.And makes you look stupid when you warn all the neighbours get your sledge out,best bearskin coat and huskies ready for action.Only to find you need your boat instead. Or tea shirts and shorts and barbeque as it is balmy. Now when i was a kid winters were winters,icicles hanging from the gutters of the house,sometimes a foot long or more.About 30 centimetres for you youngsters out there. You went out of the house very carefully,tending not to slam doors. In case a avalanche of snow landed on your head sliding of the roof. or worse.Snow lay for weeks,and this was on low ground not elevation. Frost on the ground and in my house on the inside of the windows never mind outside. Used to write names and draw on it first thing in the morning. As you breathed out the breath used to freeze as you exhaled landing on the floor with a tinkle as it broke into pieces. Enough of that,why have i written this.Well i am sure some of you are coldies,looking out sometimes when it snows, Perhaps watching the lamp post light to see the snow drifting by. Enjoying the countryside and towns when things are suddenly transformed into a winter wonderland. Have you ever been caught out by the weather as i did late Autumn. On the Shoreline,nice enough ,all of a sudden no place to hide,spotted the sky darkening.wind got up and hailstorm from hell arrived,all in minutes. Horizontal wind and ice pellets that stung worse than the pea shooter my brother used to fire at me when a kid. Have you ever been caught in a weather event ,perhaps the thunderstorm,lightning from hell, a blizzard,seen a unusual event. Are you a coldy hoping for some snow before winter fades away.Or looking forward to the first real warm day of spring soon. Next weekend perhaps.
  16. E-cigarettes will be prescribed on the NHS for the first time in the New Year but ministers are said to have tried to keep the move quiet over fears that GPs would be overrun by people demanding them. Doctors will soon be able to hand out the device to smokers who want to quit, a move that will reportedly cost the NHS in the region of £20 per kit and £10 a week for each patient's cartridges. But public health minister Jane Ellison is said to have hoped that the government could keep the news under wraps until the e-cigarettes are available via prescription in 2016. Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-3348012/First-e-cigarettes-prescribed-NHS-New-Year.html#ixzz3uKQQm9aG
  17. Get your wallets at the ready and your running shoes on; it's time to grab a bargain as Black Friday is almost here. Despite being an American tradition, falling on the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States (which is the fourth Thursday of November), the annual shopping bonanza has gone global with hundreds of retailers around the world slashing their prices to tempt shoppers with big bargain deals. Source-Link When is Black Friday PLUS everything else you need to know about it http://www.getreading.co.uk/whats-on/whats-on-news/black-friday-plus-everything-you-10178785 Have you any tales to tell about this day.Any experiences.
  18. After realising there are many craftspeople about.I thought it would be nice to open a thread for many that work this way. Whether full time or part time if there is such a thing. I realise many put many hours in perhaps for little return,but are happy to create. If you do such a thing whether for profit or fun tell us what you do and maybe send a photo or two that shows your craft. I do not know what many do but would like to know. You could make cakes,you could bake,you could embroider,knit,carve.I have not a clue what you may do but would like to know. Are you a craftperson.Working away somewhere in your home,outside perhaps.Where do you do this craft.And tell us how you are doing. What it makes you feel like.Does it stress you some times,does it fail some times,have you succeeded someway,made a few pounds perhaps. Have you because of the economy or other related things had to create there has been no other way to survive.To make a few pounds. Well let us see how many are about.If nobody another thought out of a cluttered mind.Made some space. Have some fun myself,but just starting so will wait and see what others create out of anything.And how you do it and made that first step maybe years ago.Maybe months ago,days ago,hours ago. Come on in and tell me. Wherever you are in the world come here tell us your story.Otherwise i will be failing and wondering where it all went wrong. And will not sleep for days. I am hoping to hear some Tales Of The Unexpected. If you are outside looking in just register here.We are a friendly lot.Only take a minute or so i do not want to tear you away from your creations. Link here. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php Hoping to hear from someone. Tawnyowl.
  19. Greetings all. A bit concerned about something, and google etc yields no answers... I'm currently on contributory-based ESA- but have had a change in my living situation, and I've been told to fill in an ESA3 form. This is to update them on my change of circumstance, and also because I might qualify for an income-related top up to my ESA. In one section, the form asks 'Do you pay a private landlord...for the place where you live?' and if you tick yes, 'Please tell us their name and address.' I'm concerned about filling in this information, since I don't want to inform my landlord (a small private letting agency technically) that I'm receiving ESA or housing benefit. I'm worried the landlord may discriminate against me, and anyway I would find it very traumatic and stressful to have to discuss my health issues or living situation with them. When I originally claimed ESA, I did the usual phone interview where they ask you about all your details, then send a copy of your statement to you. I don't think they asked me either my landlord's address, or how much rent I was paying, in that interview- but I did inform them I was receiving housing benefit. On the ESA3 form, I have again mentioned that I recieve housing benefit- but they don't ask specifically how much my rent is, or for tenancy agreements (like the housing benefit office at the council would)- which has me worried about where they might go for this information. Don't they need to know how much rent I'm paying / what housing benefit I'm receiving, in order to calculate my entitlement? Does anyone know what they use the landlord's address for? Do I absolutely have to fill it in? Will they write to them- and if so what will they say? Thankyou so much.
  20. HI Ive got a start date for a job for 15 hours a week ( 1st June). It is my first job since a major breakdown last year, ( suicide attempts, irrational behavior, [paranoia etc etc) I am on ESA now since January 5th and have my assessment a week on Saturday. However, do i tell them about my job offer at the assessment? I am terrified of people, being assaulted, being raped, etc When do i tell the DWP, i have the form ready to fill in. I need this job to help me back to my old self so i can look at getting back on my feet and getting back in to permanent work. However, without the extra ESA cash through permitted work i cannot afford to take the job. Silly as it seems, but i need it for my sanity. Please help I don't want to get into trouble but i feel stuck between a rock and a hard place Also, what happens to sick notes if you are working permitted work? Thanks
  21. Hello, I'd be grateful for any advice on the following; I made payments to Lowell via standing order and have been informed by them that I have now overpaid. I requested they refund the overpayment to a bank account and received the following response: "Unfortunately we are unable to refund straight into a bank account. If you are not wanting to transfer the over payment to another account [they now tell me I have one other open account with them] you would need to speak to your bank and complete an Indemnity Claim. This will allow you bank to pull back the funds into your account. " I've never heard of this before and any overpayments - including standing orders - have just been refunded. Has anyone come across this before? Thanks in advance.
  22. Hi, Is there a way to tell if an employment tribunal judgement has been made in default? I took my ex-employer to the ET, and, long story short, got a judgement for unlawful deduction of wages success. I was not requested to attend court, and heard nothing more on the subject for a while until I received the judgement in the post. It just says "JUDGMENT, The claim for unlawful deduction of wages succeeds and the respondent is ordered to pay forthwith, the sum of £xxxx.xx to the claimant. After the fourteen day of "interest free" deadline had, passed. I chased up the respondent for payment, who then claimed to be unaware of it. He subsequently wrote to the judge asking for the judgement to be revoked so he may submit a defence, claiming his registered office had moved address since the beginning of the ET procedure and he did not receive the court papers (response pack etc.) as issued by the court. The judges reply was essentially no, as the correct procedures had been followed in serving the documents. However, the respondent has since informed me that he is applying for the judgement to be set aside. Investigating through the likelihood the judgement will be setaside, it seems that not receiving the documents alone, is not sufficient reason, unless the judgement was made by default due to this. (he had not updated his registered office with the court nor companies house, and only moved address once the et process had begun) A) what is the likelihood of the judgement being set aside? B) How can one tell if the judgement has been made by default? Cheers
  23. I am due in court a week on Thursday for an old credit card debt which was sold to Lowell in June 2013. I received the claim form from Bryan Carter back in September and asked them for a copy of the credit agreement upon which they are relying prior to entering my plea. They refused to do this and I filed a defence on the basis that they could supply no proof of this debt. They then sent me a Tomlin order to sign to avoid court I again asked for a copy of the credit agreement which they again refused. Today, they have filed their witness statement and enclosed the following document which does have my signature on it, however this is all they have supplied together with a bunch of statements and the assignment letter. Please can anyone tell me if this enforceable? I would like to be prepared before I attend court, if I don't have a leg to stand on then could I try the Tomlin order route? Typical that the default is 6 years old in September
  24. Hello everyone, I will be leaving the UK soon to move to Australia and set up a new life with my partner. I have debt on credit cards and loans with a few different banks. With circumstances over the next couple of years probably won't be in a position to pay them back. As I need to move to Australia soon I was just going to move and then when I was in a position to pay them back personally and financially in a couple of years get in contact with the banks then. My question is, is it better to: 1) Just disappear and not tell the banks I have moved to Australia so it reduces the chance of debt collecting agencies chasing me in Australia or 2) Tell the banks I am living in Australia so they cannot get a CCJ against me at my last known address in my absence. To be honest I was just going to move without contacting the banks and deal with it all down the line. However I have read on here that Australia has a reciprocal enforcement agreement that could be enforced if a CCJ is logged against me. Therefore am I better telling the banks I am outside the uk so they can not give me a CCJ as unless I am mistaken the only way I could get trouble in Australia for my outstanding debt is if the CCJ is given then enforced. But if I tell them where I am living will I not just get bombarded with calls and letters harassing me?? Any guidance would be very much appreciated. Thanks
  25. If you are disputing your energy bill with your supplier, it can be a very difficult and heartless job. Gas and electricity suppliers occupy a dominant position and frankly there is not a lot of competition. Once they get you on board it looks as if customer service goes to the wall. We are seeing a huge number of complaints about billing by energy suppliers. Npower is a particular concern but the others are not far behind. Did you know that your electricity supply and your relationship with your supplier is governed by the Electricity Act 1989. Did you know that if you are in dispute with your energy supplier, you are entitled to have your own check meter fitted. You don't have to rely on one chosen and monitored by your energy supplier. The only rules are that it should be fitted by somebody authorised to do so – but this can be any qualified independent electrician – and also that the meter must be an MID meter approved for billing. Here is a webpage which gives you a list of MID approved meters: – https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/electricity-meter-type-approval-certificates-annex-mi-003 Did you know that if you are in dispute with your energy supplier and it is considered that you have exhausted all avenues and yet the dispute is not resolved, that you can insist that your supplier arranges a meter determination which is carried out by the National Measurement Office – pursuant to schedule 7 of the Electricity Act 1989. Once you have requested the determination, here is the procedure which your energy supplier must follow https://www.gov.uk/electricity-meter-accuracy-and-disputes#determination-process I have found that the Electricity metering team at the National Measurement Office are extremely friendly and informative. These rights are provided to you under the Electricity Act 1989. Why doesn't your energy supplier let you know about this? Because they don't like any independent scrutiny? Because they would rather sue your arse regardless of the justice of the case? Because they don't care about you the customer – they only care about their shareholders and their executive salaries? Because they are all Bloody lazy? All of the above?
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