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  1. Hi DX, No, unfortunately I didn't. It was all verbal. The council knew about the arrangement but again, that was verbal. I know I'm going to have an uphill battle with them about it but I've told them I'll pay my quarter and nothing more. I'll have to see what happens next I suppose
  2. So if they turn up at my door they are trespassing as I've told them not to? I really appreciate this advice all!
  3. It's all to do with an outstanding amount due to the Healthcare trust for my granny whilst she was in a home. The amount is the top-up amound due but it was supposed to be split 4 ways - instead they're coming after me for the full amount. I got a letter from these people stating that they were going to send their enforcement agent. I emailed them and told them the matter was in dispute and that I would only deal with matters in writing. Also that I withdrew their implied right of access - from them and their agents. They emailed me back and told me that an enforcement agent dealing with council tax couldn't be considered a trespasser. I emailed again, pointing out that this had nothing to do with council tax and that they should read the file and respond appropriately. They did this morning. Including this "Your accommodation charge remains payable. Please note Ross and Roberts Ltd will not respond to any further correspondence of this nature and will not acknowledge or pay any invoices received. Please note that and enforcement agent cannot be classed as a trespasser when executing their instructions, but naturally if you choose to involve the police we will liaise with them accordingly."
  4. Hi all, I'm involved with something with a heathcare trust they have set Ross & Roberts on me who have told me they will be sending doorstep collection agents (They call them enforcement agents). I've emailed them as I dispute the debt and told them that I will only enter into discussions with them in writing and that they do not have permission to come onto my property and they will be trespassing if they do. added to clarify: there is no court order or anything They say they won't be. Am I wrong? Advice would be great, thank you!
  5. Just seen it honeybee and replied! Thank you for the nudge, I'm new!
  6. Thank you all for your responses. I've tried the crisis loan as mentioned, but by all accounts this was stopped and isn't something the DWP offer any more. They can't possibly suspect the account of money laundering - all that ever goes in and out are my tax credits, housing and JSA and my bills/rent going out. I'm sure this must have something to do with the police as the timing is too coincidental but no-one will give me an answer.
  7. Thank you for your reply! Do the police not need to tell me they have done this?
  8. Hi, I'm hoping someone here will be able to help. I'm at my wits end. On Wednesday last week the police turned up at my house and arrested me on suspicion of fraud. (A complaint made by my sister and about which I was interviewed on Saturday - I've done nothing wrong and hopefully that is what the result will be) On Thursday morning my Housing Benefit was paid into my account and I was able to use my account. By Thursday afternoon the money had vanished. I couldn't get hold of my bank immediately so I transferred my savings (only £100) into the account - assuming it was just an error - so I could pay for the food shopping. That money has never arrived either. I contacted the bank Thursday PM and was told the money was there, it was just 'not transactable' and they couldn't tell me why. Friday was bank holiday. I called again Saturday and was told the same thing. Then two more closed days. I called again this morning and was told the same thing and my child benefit that should have gone in this morning has now also not arrived. (well it has, I just can't access it) Strangely the balance that was already on the account was untouched and I was able to use that. (only about £50 which has now gone) I'm a single mum and it's the school holidays. I haven't been able to do any food shopping, take my son out, or anything and I'm now down to my last £8 with all my bills to pay. I have no idea what to do! No one will tell me anything. Has this come from the police? Is this something the bank have done by themselves? I have almost completely run out of food now and I have no idea what I'm going to do to feed my son. Can anyone shed any light?
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