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  1. Anybody on here who are on JSA who feel they should be on ESA and get more support/ help than just JSA claimants ? My story is ive been in between both as was diagnosed with chronic back and leg pain. Was deemed fit for work. Had little explained to me so was even looking for full time hours and i was riddled in pain. So much so i was having to job search and eat lying on my front. Having had to do that i now have RSI in both arms all the way down to my hands. More recently ive been getting neck pain and head aches. Doctor thinks it's all connected to my back pain which ive never been able to find a proper diagnosis. Feel helpless and after hearing stories of people getting benefit stopped is it worth me trying for ESA again as i was messed about before and lost out on money which i just cant afford to do. Partly their fault as my ESA form never got here and whilst in between job seekers and ESA i had a dentist appointment. I ticked ESA as it was going through but endeded up with a fine. Had i known id of just cancelled the dentist for a few days I also now suffer with a bit of depression ( didn't go out socially for 3+ yrs) and anxiety which i struggle to explain but having the pressure of being made to search for work when you wouldn't employ yourself as i once looked in the mirror and see a vibrant out going confident young man and now i'm just drained. Pain/ meds drain me. Any help/advice much appreciated.
  2. Hello all, I recently purchased a new blazer from a well known mens formal clothing company for a black tie event I have coming up. The blazer was received and as I have long arms, I quickly checked it and called my tailor to collect it to lengthen the arms. She collected the jacket and returned it a few days later with the alterations being made. This is when I tried it on with all of the trimmings and noticed that the collar was different to the picture on the website - the product I thought I had purchased. I only noticed it was a totally different style of collar once I had a bow tie on. I checked the pictures online again and the cuff buttons and inner pockets were also different to the picture. I did some research and found via the brand website that I had actually been sent a jacket from last season, for this latest seasons cost. Obviously I am extremely unhappy with this and the company is refusing to exchange the item for the correct one as it has been altered. Apparently it is my responsibility to check the item "thoroughly" upon receipt - hence they have nothing they can do apart from a small refund on the price paid. I checked the item, of course, but the differences were not shouting out at me on first glance. I feel really hard done by here, as I have paid for something that is not as advertised and I have also paid for alterations on a jacket that wasn't the real McCoy. I do not think the differences were significant enough for me to have noticed straight away, but it is indeed a different jacket. What are my options here? As the company are not playing ball at all - even thought they have "99% feefo" etc etc. I feel cheated and want the item I originally purchased or a significant discount for the fact it is old stock.... Sincerely, D
  3. Just opening a thread on Carers. What benefits they can get. How earning a small wage can effect them,anything really about carers. What troubles they face. Where they can find help and where. What charities will help them with things they may need.For the people they care for. Whether a unpaid carer or paid carer. Maybe you are a charity and see many things and help so many.Good on you. Whether a Carer who is employed by a company and shoots round all over the towns and cities, what pressures you or they face. Does the company you work for treat you well. What pressure are you under. Too much paperwork do you feel. Do you think you are doing things you are not really trained for. Anything you want to say feel free. I personally have just finished helping someone care for someone and saw how hard it could be. Made a few observations in the little time i cared for someone. And wondered how it really is all over Great Britain.For the Carers in our communities. So soon i will find articles. Just wanted the thread out there. Another thought out of a cluttered mind. Are you a carer .How old are you. I believe many carers are young,some are pensioners i believe. What is lacking do you feel.If anything. The population is getting older,many more carers may be needed. Have your say. The Country would be lost without them of that i am sure. If you are outside looking in just register and have your say.We are a friendly lot. There you are. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/register.php
  4. hi cag, just signed up, looking for advice and offering it aswell.
  5. Cleaning Jobs. Well old Tawnyowl decided due to one of my entrepreneurial adventures not moving fast enough yet to pay all the bills to do a little work in the evening. Not in perfect fitness but can graft flat out for a few hours before tiredness creeps up. So thought to myself i know you need work in the evenings or early morning,you will become a office cleaner owl,that is the answer to your problem. So managed to find one,negotiations were held,prices set and went for it. I work with another person in this adventure who is far more experienced than myself. Has been a caravan cleaner on holiday parks,done deep cleaning,govt work,and massive stores.By themselves. Female. Now do not forget i have worked in construction,go to gym perhaps 5 days a week,just a little exercise that is all and used to hard work.Or thought i was. So let us see what i do. Windows,boardroom,hallway,3 toilets,male female,and disabled access toilets. Big 30 metre office,empty baskets,clean desks,hoover.Mop floors. Kitchen,clean fridge,micro,anything in there really,work surfaces,any washing up,clean sink,empty bins,mop floor. Other office,20 metre square.Same procedure. Make sure all cleaning materials are bought and correct for the purpose. Now someone who does cleaning will understand what that entails I tell you this,i come out of those offices aching from head to toe,can hardly walk never mind talk. And after a short while and looking around i see that most cleaning jobs are paid minimum wage. I feel cleaners are very underestimated for the work they do.Vital to a business. Been in some places where you think,how quaint nice grey sinks only to find out they are white really. Some places have not been done for months.Perhaps years on outsides. Nice when people,and they do say ,hell what a difference you have made. So any cleaners out there i now know what it entails and how hard you work for your money. And maybe you then go home and clean there as well. If you are a cleaner,anywhere let us know how you are doing,what you do, and how you feel about things. If you have the strength to write.
  6. It does look as though the regulator has done a U turn over this and now intends to investigate.. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/dec/09/fca-investigation-hsbc-whistleblower-complaints-credit-cards
  7. Hi i would be really grateful if anyone can help or advise my situation, i feel absolutely sick and i cant stop shaking.. Please dont judge me I got a letter today from tax credits saying they believe another adult is living with me and they need documents from 6th april 2015 - 30th June 2015.. I Have been living with my partner since january, he is the dad to my 2 sons and i am so ashamed for not telling tax credits that he is living with me..he doesn't work or he is not on any benefits at all..i work but im on maternity leave at the minute..what should i do? I feel physically sick at the thought of going to jail i dont want my kids to end up being dissapointed in me please help x
  8. Hi I was drawn to an offer of two pairs of glasses for the price of one at our local optican so I took up the offer. Normally my employer pays for my test but this offer seemed good. The experience was okay until I was asked by a counter person to answer some medical questions about my parents. She asked if my parents had Glaucoma and Diabetes. I said I thought my father had Glaucoma and Diabetes. He did have diabetes. She then said I can now have a free test. I was willing to pay there and then, though she insisted that I qualify for a free test. She asked me to sign a form for the free test. I bought the glasses and have to go back next Week. Whist in the shopping centre, I asked my elderly Mother if she could recall Glaucoma in the family. She could not remember. So I went back to the opticians ( 30 mins later ) and explained to the same lady. She then replied that I had already signed the form and could be prosecuted for making a false claim. I was shocked !!! I then insisted that I pay for the test to remove any uncertainty so I paid. However, her attitude was awful. Even when I said that I hoped to save some money by getting a free test but could not ask dad because he had died. She replied, that is too bad. I feel like a criminal even though I offered and did pay the fee in the end. Her attitude was awful and now I fear the NHS will be after me next for making a false claim. I sensed she had it in for me, the now paying customer. I thought I would share this as an experience because even the customer can be intimidated. Thanks, Stella Update.... just checked with my Brother. Apparently my Dad did have Glaucoma and was taking eye drops to help.
  9. Citizen's Advice believe that the majority of payday loans could be complained about; their in depth analysis of 665 payday loan cases, reported to its consumer service between 1 January and 30 June 2013, finds that at least 76% could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman including: 1 in 5 were possible cases of fraud – where a person was chased for a loan they hadn’t taken out. More than a third involved issues with continuous payment authorities including money that was not authorised to be taken. 12% involved harassment whereby lenders pester people with phone calls and text messages rather than accept affordable repayment offers. 1 in 10 were about lenders’ unfair treatment of people in financial difficulties. Why you should complain to the FOS Every creditor is allowed 25 free investigations by the FOS, all subsequent investigations will be charged at £550 each to the lender. You can read more about the way the FOS charges here: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/QG1.pdf Given that payday loans are generally given for small amounts, the charge made by the FOS is often very high by comparison - usually more than the actual loan amount. As such complaining could put a massive dent in a payday loan lender's profits. In addition, you may find that a lender agrees to write-off a loan as it could be financially cheaper than allowing a FOS investigation. Get complaining, it makes a LOT of sense. Make your Complaint HERE
  10. I went to court on Tuesday. My Mortgage lender was granted the possession order on 1 st charge of property but they have me back in court 7 days after the 28 days of the 1st Possession order granted on the 2nd charge on the property The mortgage is part of the same lending company as the secured loans. I wondered if anyone has come up against this. I did ask the mortgage advisor of the court to request for 56 days in court but the judge just granted 28 days. I don't know where this sits if I'm still in the property after the 28 days and they go for an eviction date 7 days after the 28 as I'll be at court on that date. I've sent my defence for the 2nd charges requesting 56 days for possession as I'm now finding somewhere else to live with 4 children in the property .I'm on low income so it would give me more time for a deposit if I rent privately. I've been in touch with My Local Council but it doesn't sound very good to be rehoused. Any advice most welcome.
  11. Many posters on CAG give great advice, with so many posts to read and so many replies to make, then all those threads to read and catch up on, how do you actually feel when the OP comes to update their thread and to ask Admin to rename their thread **SUCCESS** How does that make each and every one of you feel? knowing you helped in some small way in making the day to day lives of posters liveable again? I remember many moons ago coming to CAG asking for help having no idea where to turn or what to do! Spending many hours weeks and months learning law and how it worked, then finally getting a fuller understanding of law, so much so, it is no longer just to get out of debt but a job now. Life is not so bad when you have friends like CAG to fall back on and support you through hard times you face financially. A pat on the backs of those that help and get no thanks for their time or advice, well done to them one and all.....
  12. I'll try and make this as simple as possible. In May 2013 I started work in a school as a lunchtime assistant at 5 hours a week £6.25phr. This went up in November 2013 to 6 hours and 15 minutes a week, same pay. Then in March 2014 I was offered a role in the pre-school for 3 hours a week at £7.19phr. My lunchtime assistant role also went up to £7.19phr in September 2014. I have informed tax credits every time with my change of circumstances and when I did in May 2013 (at the start) they said they would inform Income support, which I know now they didn't. I received a letter from Income support in September saying that they found out my circumstances changed and my earnings had gone up so would now be paying me £2.38 a week. They said I didn't need to get in touch. Last week I received another letter to say that I needed to call them because of my change in circumstances in September which I did and also sent them some recent wageslips. Stupidly (please don't judge as I feel so bad and stupid and I'm a nervous emotional wreck right now) I also forgot to inform my housing and council tax which I've spoken to and they said that as I'm on a low wage and claiming income support that's fine and to just wait for Income support to write to me and then to call them. Today it dawned on me (I'm also a carer to my Autistic son) that I had forgot to inform carer's allowance. I again (stupidly!) thought that because I am earning under £102 a week I didn't need to call them. I filled in the change of circumstances online and sent off a wage slip, I would have sent a few more but I've sent the most recent ones to Income support. I'm so worried that I'll be in trouble and feel sick with worry. Can anyone please advise? Many thanks.
  13. Purchased a second hand car from a reputable dealer 2 days ago however when I got the car home I read through the manual it states the timing belt should be replaced when the car is six years old and the car is in fact 6 years of age. I have called a garage and I have been quoted £400 to replace it. The dealer serviced the car before collecting however on the 6 year service the timing belt should have been replaced which hasn't been done. My question is should the dealer have made me aware of the belt change and do I have any right to pursue this? Many thanks.
  14. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help, I've had great and helpful advice before. I was in London for work on the 12/08/2014 and was trying to park near to UCLH. In heading for a certain car park I came to the junction (pictured and circled) and was stuck. As I approached, I could see this was a one way street, I could only go ahead but due to the bus in front of me I cant see this until I have nowhere to turn. So, rather than avoid the big red C by making a hazard of myself (a 3 point turn here would have been a disaster) I went across and got out ASAP using the route marked out. It was the quickest way back out. Unfortunately, I was recorded as having entered and have since been sent a PCN issued the 16th and now have until 2nd Sept before the fine is doubled. I want to log an appeal but wanted any advice before I do so to make my appeal as strong as possible. It feels a bit crumby, if I had just turned in with plenty of other options then fine but at that junction I had no options... Thanks in advance guys
  15. I took out a deal through mobiles.co.uk at the beginning of this month and I wasn't made aware of any imminent price rise. Where do I stand? Absolutely fuming to be honest! My webchat with o2 came out with this cracking quote ; Quote: Originally Posted by O2 if you would have contacted us on chat or visited our O2 store, then we would have given you all the information. They were basically saying I should have went to a store to get info on the price rise so it was my fault for buying online! They constantly said it's in the terms which I never received anyway. I did read a quote by ofcom in a news article that says ; Quote: “It can’t be that they bury this away in their terms and contracts,” an Ofcom spokesperson told Telecoms.com. “We are assessing what is provided to customers at the point of sale with a fine tooth comb to ensure that it is being communicated completely transparently, so that consumers can be said to have fully agreed to it at the point of sale. Transparency is the key thing; they have to be abundantly clear, transparent and up front at the point of sale so consumers can make an informed choice.” What are my rights in this situation? Should I have visited a shop to make sure the price would stay at £27 p/m or are they misinforming me again?
  16. Hi all I have posted a previous post about an issue I had at work. Due to a medical problem I have at the moment I have been told that my duties now need to people to do. Which is great for me in the respect of my injury. The problem I have now is the company are putting me with the person who has verbally attacked me as in my last post. This man has also had the pleasure of calling me to tell me that I was not to work on my own. Which I knew nothing of the management decision until I got the call from this person. I have been told if I do not work with the man that attacked me on the phone then I will be in a disciplinary hearing. Again this is a threat the company constantly say to me to shut me up. The company know that I am stressed at the moment they have a doctor,s note to say that I am. Yet still putting me in this position. If I was to ask the manager why he did not let me know I know that he will just push it under the carpet I never get a straight answer from him. I am really annoyed that this has happened this way and that because I am the only female in the team. I have been told because we are short staffed I have to work with him. I know no one can really help me here I suppose I am just having a bloody rant. thanks for listening to my rant Take care all
  17. Just when I thought life had become quieter and the stress had diminished, I now have that awful feeling of 'oh no, here we go again'! After all the hassle of separation, debt, selling my house etc, etc, I have today received a letter addressed to the ex (aka Mr Blackadder) at MY new address. It is from Turnbull Rutherford, from here on in know as TB. I opened the letter as I have no forwarding address for Mr B, and to be quite honest even if I did have one, I am NOT a postal forwarding service. The letter was as follows: 12 January 2014 Mr E Blackadder Your ex wife's address Her new life without you A town probably nowhere near you. Ref: 12345 Dear Mr Blackadder Re Mr E Blackadder Blackadder Mansion Blackadderville Blackaddershire We are attempting to contact the above named person regarding a personal matter and we have been provided your address as a possible address for our subject/customer. If you are the person named above, please contact our office on telephone 0208 899 6010 quoting the ref number provided above. If however you are not the person named above, please accept out apologies for this contact. If you are able to supply us with information on where our subject may now reside, we would welcome contact from you so that we may update our records appropriately. Yours creepingly TB (as found in cows) solicitors. Needless to say, I was absolutely steaming that they should be using my address in an attempt to contact Mr B. I don't usually ring anyone, but on this occasion I did and vented my fury on the poor soul who answered the phone! I made it quite clear that the address they are using is not for Mr B and demanded that they remove it from their records. I also insisted that they notify me in writing that this has been done. I managed to get out of them that the 'client' who had passed my address to them was HFO, and I have said that I expect them also to be notified that they have incorrect information. Credit to the man on the phone, he was very polite in view of my extreme anger, and he even gave me his name when I asked for it. He has promised that I will receive a letter from them next week confirming that they will not use my address to contact Mr B - I have said that if they do write to him again at my address then I will take legal action against them for harassment. However, I am now wondering whether or not to write to them, basically confirming what I said by phone. I thought something along these lines: Dear whoever, Further to my phone conversation this afternoon with Mr Whatever at your offices, I attach a letter that was posted to my address, and I am now writing to confirm the following information: The address you have used to attempt to contact Mr E Blackadder is incorrect. He DOES NOT and NEVER WILL live at this address. This is MY new address and it is not linked to him in anyway. I do not have any details for the current whereabouts of Mr E Blackadder. Under the circumstances, I expect you to remove my address from your records and not to connect it to Mr E Blackadder in anyway. I also expect you to inform your clients (who I believe to be a company called HFO) that they have provided you with incorrect information regarding Mr E Blackaddder by providing you with the wrong address, and I expect them to remove ALL incorrect information from their records. Any further correspondence sent to Mr E Blackadder at my address either by yourselves or on behalf of any of your 'clients', shall be considered as harassment towards myself and my family and I will not hesitate to take the matter further. Mr Whatever confirmed that a letter would be sent to me confirming the above information, and I look forward to receiving that within the next few days. Yours Mrs Blackadder. Any comments or suggestions for improvement to the letter are gratefully received, especially if you have been in the same or a similar situation.
  18. Hello Guys, Sorry for this post if it drags on. Basically, I am 21 years old and have a current account with Barclays. I have never been overdrawn, or taken any loans from the bank. My bank was used for transferring money between my bank accounts, and receiving payments. I buy and sell items online - which means that I can receive several payments a day through my online banking. I had £7,000 cash in my account and a £3,500 ISA account in my name with Barclays until last week. I withdrew £5500 from my current account, and all of my ISA account - as my father needed some funds to help buy a new car. This left me with around £1500. On Tuesday this week - I tried to login to my online banking and received an error message. So I rang the number listed. They told me my account has been closed as per pending "investigation". They wouldn't tell me what for, or what is going on. I was then phoning Barclays and being transferred and put on hold for around 3 hours - and still didn't get a response. I was just told to wait 48 hours for an "update". Today I went to the bank - and I was told that my bank account is being closed, as I "don't meet the requirements anymore". I had a meeting with an advisor who told me that I could withdraw all my money out my account. As soon as I went to withdraw (over the counter) I was told I had NO FUNDS. After 30mins of faffing around, they found out that my funds had been held my Barclays and moved for "Safekeeping" - Is this even legal removing funds without my permission? I then spoke to the branch Manager, who rang Head Office and after 1 hour of waiting - I was told that: - They will not let me withdraw funds - They are closing my bank account - I had to write a letter to explain where my funds have come from I just graduated from University, and have always been careful with money. Most of my funds are from there. However, I do buy and sell online - this includes receiving online payments from people I don't know. No one has told me why my account is being closed, or what I have dont wrong. So obviously I am worrying, when I am told my account is being closed and no one is telling me why. I can only come to the conclusion that someone has sent me a fraud payment - but even then, does this warrant my account being closed? Now, I have £10 to my name, bills to pay - and have to wait 3-6 weeks for a response from head office, to find out IF i can get my money back.. Can they just keep it? I am obviously distraught at how they have treated me, as I have had no reasoning behind the closure of my account and them keeping my funds. If anyone can offer any advice on what I can do, or any help at all, I would greatly appreciate it.
  19. Hello all just wanna say some things here. So i received my ESA questionnaire last month, i was worried and my mental health issues got a lot worse due to the worry and horror stories i read, just a little over a month later (yesterday morning) i received a decision and was put into the support group WITHOUT a medical we provided nothing to them only my story and contact details of my doctors. Now don't get me wrong i am grateful for the support but i can't help but feel terrible about it, i fill in a form and get it without an eye blink BUT someone who is terminally ill or seriously ill or even someone without arms and legs are made to go to a medical and be judged, then they receive a letter saying they are fit for work, how is this right? how can they do this to people?, i suffer from severe depression and severe anxiety of course its an illness but there are some people out their that are physically ill who can hardly move being forced to work!. Rant over, things need to change, i actually wanted a medical because it was only fair!, i feel awful about it, i know i shouldn't but oh well. Thanks for listening. (sorry for the grammar)
  20. Hi guys, I have a repair & maintenance contract with British Gas whereby if you have a boiler problem, they fix it for a fixed fee of £99. I called them out in February when I had no hot water. The engineer said ideally I need a powerflush and when I laughed at his extortionate £700 price-tag said he should be able to fix it by adding a filter. Being low on money and knowing that exclusions often apply, I repeatedly asked if this would be included in my £99 or an additional cost and each time he said all costs would be included and that I'd get an invoice that would be waived - so I said to go ahead. He said he'd put in a temporary fix that "should" keep me going until he could return the next day with the filter. A week later I got the invoice and ignored it until I got a threat of credit blacklisting and that's when I put in a total of 4 complaints saying I felt misled by British Gas and that irrespective of Ts & Cs they may hide behind, British Gas was in my house assuring me all costs would be covered. Today I came home to an answerphone and an email from a British Gas bod, kindly IGNORING all my points about British Gas giving me their assurance and that I pushed and pushed to make sure there's no extra costs. Instead, as predicted, he hid behind Ts & Cs, claimed the filter was an "upgrade", that my threat of going to OFGEM was moot because OFGEM only cover gas & electric, and included a photocopy of paperwork I signed agreeing to work listed as an "upgrade". Do I have a case? Yes, I signed the paperwork which mentioned "upgrade" but this was after an hour of a British Gas representative repeatedly assuring me all costs would be covered in the £99 charge. He told me the invoice will be sent but that it will be waived and never once mentioned an "upgrade" - only "fixing" the problem. If he had "fixed" my problem and mentioned the filter being an "upgrade|"then I never would have agreed to the work being carried out! That is why I was asking him over and over if the cost would be at no extra cost! My signature was given in good faith and assumed under false pretences (or at the very least, through ineptitude and ignorance). I seem to recall EDF door-to-door salesmen fraudulently obtaining signatures, claiming it was to prove they'd read the meter but was really to switch their gas and electricity supply, and they got hauled over the coals for doing so. If the engineer was uncertain he should've checked with the office, or consulted the booklet before telling me the work would be free of charge, surely? Any help is appreciated.
  21. Hi All, Last month I had a call from a well known recruitment agency asking me if I was interested in a 6 month contract, they then said the hourly rate was x amount which was slightly less than I would normally want but they said they would try for a bit more if possible. I had an interview a couple of days later and the next day had a call from the agency with the good news of an offer and the extra amount per hour. Great!. They said they would like me to speak to an umbrella company about how I would be paid, I'd never had experience of being paid this way before so was a bit dubious. I asked what the difference would be and was told I would be paid slightly less per hour PAYE and can claim my travel and food expenses if I used the umbrella company. I agreed to sign up with the umbrella company and took the job. After getting my payslip I now realise that the hourly rate I was expecting was before paying the umbrella company fee, the employers NIC and includes holiday pay (28 days pro rata). When I deduct all of these from my hourly rate i'm actually getting about 20% less than I was expecting. I do manage to pull back enough to cover the employers NIC with expenses but the fact that my net pay is less than I would have expected plus I won't get paid for any of the bank holidays that are approaching or any holiday I make like is worrying. I've sneaked a look at the invoices being sent to the company i'm contracted at and the agency are charging just over 50% markup on my hourly rate, I could understand this if they had to allow for employers NIC, holiday pay etc but they don't. I'm thinking about giving the agency a call and asking for the extra per hour to at least cover the holiday allowance but just curious if they would deduct this from the margin or approach the client? Bit peeved off to be honest, both with myself for being to eager to accept and and the recruitment agent for not being entirely upfront before I accepted the job. Any advice would be much appreciated
  22. I am not even sure where to begin - I have read through many posts, and no-one seems to be in a situation as bad as mine. Today, I am feeling so bad I feel as if I can't go on any more. We have over £80,000 of debt in total on mortgage arrears, credit cards, payday loans - you name it. All I have done is borrow more money to keep going. What an idiot I have been. I have contacted Payplan recently, but am waiting to hear back from them with their proposals, but I know they are going to say we must go bankrupt. We have three properties, one we live in, two (our previous homes before we married) rented out to cover the mortgages- - all with almost no equity - and we willl lose everything I know. I have read posts on forums from people who are coping, and reducing their debt, and some of them seem so smug that they have done the right thing, not stupid like me - and then those who say people like me are foolish, but it just makes me feel worse. Christmas is coming - I have not a penny to spend - I have a large grown up family and grandchildren etc and have had to tell them there is nothing this year. You can't imagine how that feels. Is there anyone who has as much debt as we do, and has lived to tell the tale?
  23. Recently I seem to have been inundated by (alleged) debts via letters, phone calls even some dodgy bloke at the door. I was checking out a strange phone number via the internet and found a thread on debt collection agencies and their dubious (and illegal) practices. It was hilarious and scary at the same time. It also mentioned CAG so I decided to join up. Glad I did. After browsing just a tiny amount of the site I feel empowered already.
  24. Hi there I am looking for some advice. Back in February, I was contacted by a company called Click On Marketing Solutions who said they could promote my new business on Google to create extra traffic to my website. I had just set up my own Childminding business and was seeking new customers so this seemed like a good idea. I paid the fee and they would promote my website for 30 days. I could stop and start the 30 days when i wanted. Use a few days here and there etc. I eventually got some customers so I decided to stop my days and start them up again coming upto the school hols. They phoned me a few weeks ago asking if I wanted to continue as I had 15 days left so I agreed. I then checked my bank account yesterday and on 24th July they had debited me for £118.30. I phoned them straight away as I only signed up for the 30 days. It was not explained to me in the initial phone call that I would be debited once I had used all my days. I spoke to an advisor who advised yesterday that I am supposed to cancel my subscription by giving 30 days notice or I will be debited each month. Now none of this was explained to me when I signed up. He said that he emailed me the t & cs when I signed up which he didn't. So initially I paid for 30 days advertising when I signed up so if I have to give 30 days notice to cancel then I would lose any remainding days I had left which I have paid for? I have cancelled this yesterday but he says I will more than likely be debited again next month as I have not given 30 days notice. I cannot afford to pay this. I feel like I have been misold this as none of this was explained to me from the start. I have emailed the bloke I spoke to twice yesterday and he has not replied to my emails. He is quick enough to call me when he wants my money but when I have a complaint he doesn't want to know. Please help me as this debit has now put us in the red. I hope I have explained myself well enough, it is all very confusing. Their website is [edit] Many thanks
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