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  1. Anybody on here who are on JSA who feel they should be on ESA and get more support/ help than just JSA claimants ? My story is ive been in between both as was diagnosed with chronic back and leg pain. Was deemed fit for work. Had little explained to me so was even looking for full time hours and i was riddled in pain. So much so i was having to job search and eat lying on my front. Having had to do that i now have RSI in both arms all the way down to my hands. More recently ive been getting neck pain and head aches. Doctor thinks it's all connected to my back pain which ive never b
  2. Hello all, I recently purchased a new blazer from a well known mens formal clothing company for a black tie event I have coming up. The blazer was received and as I have long arms, I quickly checked it and called my tailor to collect it to lengthen the arms. She collected the jacket and returned it a few days later with the alterations being made. This is when I tried it on with all of the trimmings and noticed that the collar was different to the picture on the website - the product I thought I had purchased. I only noticed it was a totally different style of collar once I h
  3. Just opening a thread on Carers. What benefits they can get. How earning a small wage can effect them,anything really about carers. What troubles they face. Where they can find help and where. What charities will help them with things they may need.For the people they care for. Whether a unpaid carer or paid carer. Maybe you are a charity and see many things and help so many.Good on you. Whether a Carer who is employed by a company and shoots round all over the towns and cities, what pressures you or they face. Does the company you work for treat you well. What pres
  4. hi cag, just signed up, looking for advice and offering it aswell.
  5. Cleaning Jobs. Well old Tawnyowl decided due to one of my entrepreneurial adventures not moving fast enough yet to pay all the bills to do a little work in the evening. Not in perfect fitness but can graft flat out for a few hours before tiredness creeps up. So thought to myself i know you need work in the evenings or early morning,you will become a office cleaner owl,that is the answer to your problem. So managed to find one,negotiations were held,prices set and went for it. I work with another person in this adventure who is far more experienced than myself. Has been a caravan
  6. It does look as though the regulator has done a U turn over this and now intends to investigate.. http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/dec/09/fca-investigation-hsbc-whistleblower-complaints-credit-cards
  7. Hi i would be really grateful if anyone can help or advise my situation, i feel absolutely sick and i cant stop shaking.. Please dont judge me I got a letter today from tax credits saying they believe another adult is living with me and they need documents from 6th april 2015 - 30th June 2015.. I Have been living with my partner since january, he is the dad to my 2 sons and i am so ashamed for not telling tax credits that he is living with me..he doesn't work or he is not on any benefits at all..i work but im on maternity leave at the minute..what should i do? I feel physically sick
  8. Hi I was drawn to an offer of two pairs of glasses for the price of one at our local optican so I took up the offer. Normally my employer pays for my test but this offer seemed good. The experience was okay until I was asked by a counter person to answer some medical questions about my parents. She asked if my parents had Glaucoma and Diabetes. I said I thought my father had Glaucoma and Diabetes. He did have diabetes. She then said I can now have a free test. I was willing to pay there and then, though she insisted that I qualify for a free test. She asked me to sign a form for the
  9. Citizen's Advice believe that the majority of payday loans could be complained about; their in depth analysis of 665 payday loan cases, reported to its consumer service between 1 January and 30 June 2013, finds that at least 76% could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman including: 1 in 5 were possible cases of fraud – where a person was chased for a loan they hadn’t taken out. More than a third involved issues with continuous payment authorities including money that was not authorised to be taken. 12% involved harassment whereby lenders pester people with
  10. After 4 long years of battling with my mortgage lender I'm rehoused with my Family. It's a big end terraced house with a Housing Association but I've been so positive for everyone including my husband over the past 4 years. That I'm just not getting the house I've moved into. I've had this overwhelming feeling of gloom and just want to cry. When I was unpacking things from my repossessed house it just felt like a death. My children seem happy they all have their own rooms. The past 4 years have been compounded at the start with myself having septic shock in
  11. I went to court on Tuesday. My Mortgage lender was granted the possession order on 1 st charge of property but they have me back in court 7 days after the 28 days of the 1st Possession order granted on the 2nd charge on the property The mortgage is part of the same lending company as the secured loans. I wondered if anyone has come up against this. I did ask the mortgage advisor of the court to request for 56 days in court but the judge just granted 28 days. I don't know where this sits if I'm still in the property after the 28 days and they go for an eviction date 7
  12. Many posters on CAG give great advice, with so many posts to read and so many replies to make, then all those threads to read and catch up on, how do you actually feel when the OP comes to update their thread and to ask Admin to rename their thread **SUCCESS** How does that make each and every one of you feel? knowing you helped in some small way in making the day to day lives of posters liveable again? I remember many moons ago coming to CAG asking for help having no idea where to turn or what to do! Spending many hours weeks and months learning law and how it worked, then fin
  13. I'll try and make this as simple as possible. In May 2013 I started work in a school as a lunchtime assistant at 5 hours a week £6.25phr. This went up in November 2013 to 6 hours and 15 minutes a week, same pay. Then in March 2014 I was offered a role in the pre-school for 3 hours a week at £7.19phr. My lunchtime assistant role also went up to £7.19phr in September 2014. I have informed tax credits every time with my change of circumstances and when I did in May 2013 (at the start) they said they would inform Income support, which I know now they didn't. I received a letter f
  14. Purchased a second hand car from a reputable dealer 2 days ago however when I got the car home I read through the manual it states the timing belt should be replaced when the car is six years old and the car is in fact 6 years of age. I have called a garage and I have been quoted £400 to replace it. The dealer serviced the car before collecting however on the 6 year service the timing belt should have been replaced which hasn't been done. My question is should the dealer have made me aware of the belt change and do I have any right to pursue this? Many thanks.
  15. Hi folks, I'm hoping someone can help, I've had great and helpful advice before. I was in London for work on the 12/08/2014 and was trying to park near to UCLH. In heading for a certain car park I came to the junction (pictured and circled) and was stuck. As I approached, I could see this was a one way street, I could only go ahead but due to the bus in front of me I cant see this until I have nowhere to turn. So, rather than avoid the big red C by making a hazard of myself (a 3 point turn here would have been a disaster) I went across and got out ASAP using the route marked out. It was t
  16. I took out a deal through mobiles.co.uk at the beginning of this month and I wasn't made aware of any imminent price rise. Where do I stand? Absolutely fuming to be honest! My webchat with o2 came out with this cracking quote ; Quote: Originally Posted by O2 if you would have contacted us on chat or visited our O2 store, then we would have given you all the information. They were basically saying I should have went to a store to get info on the price rise so it was my fault for buying online! They constantly said it's in the terms which I never received anyway. I did read a
  17. Hi all I have posted a previous post about an issue I had at work. Due to a medical problem I have at the moment I have been told that my duties now need to people to do. Which is great for me in the respect of my injury. The problem I have now is the company are putting me with the person who has verbally attacked me as in my last post. This man has also had the pleasure of calling me to tell me that I was not to work on my own. Which I knew nothing of the management decision until I got the call from this person. I have been told if I do not work with the man that attacke
  18. Just when I thought life had become quieter and the stress had diminished, I now have that awful feeling of 'oh no, here we go again'! After all the hassle of separation, debt, selling my house etc, etc, I have today received a letter addressed to the ex (aka Mr Blackadder) at MY new address. It is from Turnbull Rutherford, from here on in know as TB. I opened the letter as I have no forwarding address for Mr B, and to be quite honest even if I did have one, I am NOT a postal forwarding service. The letter was as follows: 12 January 2014 Mr E Blackadder Your ex w
  19. Hello Guys, Sorry for this post if it drags on. Basically, I am 21 years old and have a current account with Barclays. I have never been overdrawn, or taken any loans from the bank. My bank was used for transferring money between my bank accounts, and receiving payments. I buy and sell items online - which means that I can receive several payments a day through my online banking. I had £7,000 cash in my account and a £3,500 ISA account in my name with Barclays until last week. I withdrew £5500 from my current account, and all of my ISA account - as my father needed some funds to h
  20. Hello all just wanna say some things here. So i received my ESA questionnaire last month, i was worried and my mental health issues got a lot worse due to the worry and horror stories i read, just a little over a month later (yesterday morning) i received a decision and was put into the support group WITHOUT a medical we provided nothing to them only my story and contact details of my doctors. Now don't get me wrong i am grateful for the support but i can't help but feel terrible about it, i fill in a form and get it without an eye blink BUT someone who is terminally ill or seriously
  21. Hi guys, I have a repair & maintenance contract with British Gas whereby if you have a boiler problem, they fix it for a fixed fee of £99. I called them out in February when I had no hot water. The engineer said ideally I need a powerflush and when I laughed at his extortionate £700 price-tag said he should be able to fix it by adding a filter. Being low on money and knowing that exclusions often apply, I repeatedly asked if this would be included in my £99 or an additional cost and each time he said all costs would be included and that I'd get an invoice that would be waived -
  22. Hi All, Last month I had a call from a well known recruitment agency asking me if I was interested in a 6 month contract, they then said the hourly rate was x amount which was slightly less than I would normally want but they said they would try for a bit more if possible. I had an interview a couple of days later and the next day had a call from the agency with the good news of an offer and the extra amount per hour. Great!. They said they would like me to speak to an umbrella company about how I would be paid, I'd never had experience of being paid this way before so was a bit dub
  23. I am not even sure where to begin - I have read through many posts, and no-one seems to be in a situation as bad as mine. Today, I am feeling so bad I feel as if I can't go on any more. We have over £80,000 of debt in total on mortgage arrears, credit cards, payday loans - you name it. All I have done is borrow more money to keep going. What an idiot I have been. I have contacted Payplan recently, but am waiting to hear back from them with their proposals, but I know they are going to say we must go bankrupt. We have three properties, one we l
  24. Recently I seem to have been inundated by (alleged) debts via letters, phone calls even some dodgy bloke at the door. I was checking out a strange phone number via the internet and found a thread on debt collection agencies and their dubious (and illegal) practices. It was hilarious and scary at the same time. It also mentioned CAG so I decided to join up. Glad I did. After browsing just a tiny amount of the site I feel empowered already.
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