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  1. okay emmzzi i will do that. I keep thinking that next I will be blamed for not reporting the incident to the security incident body, even though i alerted my line manager to a potential mishap. Does that not make me negligent of not reporting an incident ?
  2. I am worried and my mind is in over drive. I keep thinking about consequences. the finger is pointed at me because 'i pushed the button' and I should have known about security issues, which I do to a greater or lesser degree. I was however, just following the instructions by my trainer who ho said that it is okay to send this data by email and she said send the email. however, it was sent on my watch. the data was a customer address which is normally allowed by email without encryption but it was a special case client so it should have been posted. i keep thinking that the email might get intercepted by someone who is looking for this client but what are the odds of this happening by someone who just happend to hack into an email at the right time. All my trainer said was you know about secuity after 15 years and you pressed the button. thanks for listening and advcice...stella
  3. Thanks unclebulgaria. Interesting insight. much appreciated. I did wonder if my 15 Years service would be viewed as adequate time to learn security. I did doubt this process which lead to the breach. I was under instruction as you say and I did not have any knowledge of this new procedure of emailing forms. I trusted my supervisor's instruction would be okay but I was wrong. 'I pressed the button'......... attititude which kind of makes me the centre of blame. thanks, stella
  4. No fkofilee, at this time it seems to be brushed under the carpet. I sense that if I leave it, it will be by chance if it is picked up by a random audit or something like that. thanks stella
  5. Possible discipline over Security worry !. Wondering if anyone can see the situation from a different perspective. I moved to a different office from another public office to start a different job. Whilst training last Week, my trainer helped me and sat with me whilst I completed a form that could be emailed to another outside organisation. The organisation had a legal entitlement to receive this information. I did doubt this with my trainer but she just said send the email, so I reluctantly sent it. Shortly after, I discovered that I had ticked the wrong box on the form, which then stopped a warning message from appearing. The message would have said ‘ post this data only as an email would be a security issue’. I think it is something to do with the type of data and that the internet is not trusted enough, even though some personal data can be emailed via the internet. I recalled the message and phoned the organisation but they checked and said that the email had not been rec’d at their office. They doubted it was even sent, possibly due to the fact that I had added information to the subject line which is known to cause linking problems apparently. I know security ignorance is not going to help me as I have responsibility here too and I do not blame others as I should have refused to follow her instructions, However, I feel as though support has not been forthcoming and procedures have not been followed, not to mention my trainer who was actually training me how to complete and send this form. I feel that this supervisor was ignorant of the processes too and this has bounced on to me. I spoke to my line manager but she said don’t worry, so nothing was reported. However, my trainer said ‘you pressed the button’. I read up on security policy afterwards and my heart sank because it seems that this could fall under serious to gross misconduct, because even though I sent it to the correct people, I communicated the data under the wrong format ( email as opposed to post ) Even though it was an accident / error, partly due to training confusion I feel, my job could be on the line if it blows up. Everyone else seems unconcerned. If anyone has their own feelings, please share. Thanks very much stella
  6. Hi I was drawn to an offer of two pairs of glasses for the price of one at our local optican so I took up the offer. Normally my employer pays for my test but this offer seemed good. The experience was okay until I was asked by a counter person to answer some medical questions about my parents. She asked if my parents had Glaucoma and Diabetes. I said I thought my father had Glaucoma and Diabetes. He did have diabetes. She then said I can now have a free test. I was willing to pay there and then, though she insisted that I qualify for a free test. She asked me to sign a form for the free test. I bought the glasses and have to go back next Week. Whist in the shopping centre, I asked my elderly Mother if she could recall Glaucoma in the family. She could not remember. So I went back to the opticians ( 30 mins later ) and explained to the same lady. She then replied that I had already signed the form and could be prosecuted for making a false claim. I was shocked !!! I then insisted that I pay for the test to remove any uncertainty so I paid. However, her attitude was awful. Even when I said that I hoped to save some money by getting a free test but could not ask dad because he had died. She replied, that is too bad. I feel like a criminal even though I offered and did pay the fee in the end. Her attitude was awful and now I fear the NHS will be after me next for making a false claim. I sensed she had it in for me, the now paying customer. I thought I would share this as an experience because even the customer can be intimidated. Thanks, Stella Update.... just checked with my Brother. Apparently my Dad did have Glaucoma and was taking eye drops to help.
  7. Well if the work drys up, yes redundancy which is my first option given the alternative of bully boys
  8. Thank you so much. I really appreciate your time and everyone else for helping me clarify some issues
  9. No grievance at present but that is certainly something I will ask my union about. I would be happy if they just made me redundant and paid me something as I will look for another small part time job at my age. I mean, why would they want a person there who they know will be unhappy and possibly stressed again with the bully boys. Thanks for your help too
  10. Yes, she is 91 and has had cancer twice and survived but it has taken its toll on her. She is not registered disabled but to take a look at her, you would make anyone realise that she cannot cope by herself. My sister and I take turns in helping out with her needs. She is frail. This was the main reason why I was granted a facilitated move away from the bullies. It also resolved the problems with the bullies. Thanks for your input
  11. I was wondering if anyone else has experienced this or any suggestions please. My employer is asking people to transfer to a building just 5 miles from my current location. It seems that where we are at present, the work is less now, so the management are using this to start potential transfers. It is of course okay for me to travel to the new work place but this is not the issue. There are two issues: 1/ My current role is admin but the new work is a Call Centre. 2/ I worked at the new building before when it was not a call centre but it was hell. There were people there who made my life hell and bullied me for two Years before I got a facilitated transfer to where I am at present ( on the grounds of caring for an elderly parent which still remains today ). These bully boys still work there and the thought of going back to that building fills me with dread. I have asked the union for help so I am waiting and think it may take time to get clarification. I feel compelled now to look for another job but I suspect they are hoping I will leave anyway. Do you think I may get payoff if I refuse to relocate on the grounds mentioned above or will they just say I was unreasonable and say I resigned. I just cannot afford to get ill again like last time. Many thanks. Hope you have a great day:jaw: Stella
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