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Found 5 results

  1. I went to court on Tuesday. My Mortgage lender was granted the possession order on 1 st charge of property but they have me back in court 7 days after the 28 days of the 1st Possession order granted on the 2nd charge on the property The mortgage is part of the same lending company as the secured loans. I wondered if anyone has come up against this. I did ask the mortgage advisor of the court to request for 56 days in court but the judge just granted 28 days. I don't know where this sits if I'm still in the property after the 28 days and they go for an eviction date 7 days after the 28 as I'll be at court on that date. I've sent my defence for the 2nd charges requesting 56 days for possession as I'm now finding somewhere else to live with 4 children in the property .I'm on low income so it would give me more time for a deposit if I rent privately. I've been in touch with My Local Council but it doesn't sound very good to be rehoused. Any advice most welcome.
  2. I am feeling so down right now, downstairs my family are getting ready to settle down to watch the new "exploitation" programme about people on benefits that is on channel 4 tonight at 9pm. It will most like be yet another show pandering to the outrage of "taxpayers" and will portray those on benefits as lazy chancers. I'm on ESA in the Support group although I have an invisible disability. I live with family and they fluctuate between being supportive and resentful of my situation. I find that they main thing that seems to anger them and others about my not working is that they work in jobs they hate and resent the fact that I don't have to (currently) and there anger does seem to vary depending on what they have been exposed to on the TV or in the paper. I just feel sad and depressed about the whole thing.
  3. I hope this is the right place to post this. Ok im a disabled lady who hired a small cleaning firm in each week to help with my domestic cleaning, ironing, hovering ,dusting etc. Anyway because of my condition and anxiety it was agreed they would send in a regular lady who I was happy and familiar with. The problems started when I was moved to a adapted bungalow suitable for my disabilities' but in a village further away an more remote than previously living, the lady used didn't want to travel so far and was unhappy with the firm anyway so left there employment after this things went down hill fast and consequently this is where all my problems started my ironing was being done, but nothing on the domestic side the house was how we (my husband is my fulltime carer) left it. I wasn't happy with this but allowed them a few weeks to get themselves together, they never did. Different cleaners who I was unfamiliar with arrived, not as our agreement for my needs and I think they must have just ironed an sat on my settee for the rest of the 3hr or so allotted as nothing else was touched, in fact on one day they sent the husband of the owner to do my cleaning, he was refused his services by my husband at the front door, the owner was again reminded I need a cleaner I was happy an familiar with as per my condition and our agreement and certainly not a man with no experience. The cleaning was supposed to be done on a tues ironing an Friday cleaning, the problem is they think they can get way charging me for cleaning on a Friday because I was always out attending my regular weekly social activities. of course I refuse to pay for the work not done in fact I have not paid them anything as they where invoicing for work not done. They also had without my permission my house keys cut and gave them out without my knowledge to there said cleaners. I am not prepared to be bullied by them to pay for some thing I consider wasn't done and consequently after home visit late in the evening with no resolve I have received a form from Northampton cbbc asking for £608 its making me poorly the stress of all this im totally out of my depth and don't know what to do or how to complete the defence form let alone how to compile my side of all this. I have acknowledged the service of said documents an indicated I wish to defend but I need some help how or what I should do now an how to word things. Im very disabled an in a wheelchair so I think they see me as a easy target thinking I wont do anything because physically an mentally its difficult for me. please, please help me someone im so fraught with all this. thank you I should have said earlier in case it matters to my defence that there services where via a verbal agreememt nothing signed on paper the only thing they put on paper was a tick chart left at mine indicating jobs alleged done. i need some help feeling very depressed, worthless and worried don't know where to turn, thank you all in advance for any help or advice given.
  4. Hello! Sorry for bringing this up again but after reading most of the threads concerning RLP and your pdf file about CAB there is a certain situation which might not be covered, mine. I'm a international student (from an EU country) in Scotland as my sister's birthday is approaching I decided that I want to go and buy her something. I went to Primark as I know that I can get something good enough at a very decent price. . I saw a nice dress and jacket, both worth around 65 quid (quite a lot for Primark). That's when it strikes me this horrible idea, five finger discount. On my way out I've been stopped, went very quiet in the back room, gave my details, w aited for about an hour until police arrived (police was not involved in most previously cases that I read about), they got my details, address and mobile phone number as well. I did apologize for what I've done and they asked me a couple of questions while they were making fun of me being a student and threatening me that I will go to jail if I don't give him my exact details (had no id on me at that time) They gave me a piece of paper about RLP, while I was waiting for the police to arrive, one of them was writing like a report and the other one went to the till and scanned the items (which were with tags on them), came back with the receipt which remained on their desk. My situation is as fallows: - I'm a student, how is this going to affect me in the future? (the policeman said this will be the end of my studies) - They said that I've been recorded by the CCTV (actually, the male dressed normally that hired to walk about spotted me, that's what I got from their RLP guard and the policemen) - I'm leaving at the address provided only temporarily (for another two weeks) - My parents don't help me so much with the money as they cannot afford (100 quid is a wage for a hole month in my country), usually what I get during the summer from my job is what I have during the year 1) When I'll receive their letter should I reply to them saying that I want no trouble and pay them in 10 quid instalments (less food for me)? Do you predict that they would accept? 2) What is this Enhanced CRB and how's going to affect my future? 3) Should I go to the nearest police station/CAB and discuss this with them? 4) Ignore them and risk to get retained at the airport when I'll go back for Christmas? I'm already disturbed about this hole incident, I feel depressed as I'm here alone and I want to get over it but I don't know were to go and what to do. I feel like I paid my debt for all those horrible feelings, but this does not matter for them, they just want the money. Can't think about anything else. . and I have couple of deadlines for a project and 3 class tests ahead. A little advice is what I need. Thank you very much, for doing this honest job trying to help people like me.
  5. back to work tomorrow after two weeks holiday. Bah humbug and botheration
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