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  1. Hi All, I have two mobile phone contracts with EE and both are insured. I lost them on the night of Thursday 1st Jan and made a claim on the 2nd Jan. The insurance is through a third party 'Lifestyle Group'. I was advised my claim required me to fill out a Claim form which they emailed me later that day. I then called up Lifestyle Group and asked an agent if it would be ok for me to sign the form using an e pen to save me having to print and scan the form, i was advised as long as the signature looked like my signature there would not be an issue. The claims process takes
  2. thanks guys i really appreciate the replies, I think I will check to see if the Ts&Cs say anything abt refurbed handsets and get it repaired depending on that. It would still be interesting to know where I stand with this as a consumer, do I not get the same rights as with a new product............I guess it depends on if the handset is new though.
  3. Hi Guys, I have a contract with EE and also pay a hefty £15 p/m for insurance, they have neevr let me down before and always replace handsets the next day which is why I stay with them. At the end of Nov I phoned to report my phone lost and a replacement was delivered on the 1st Dec. I have just realised now that it is rattling and I am not happy that after having the new one for just a month it appears to be faulty. I think this is a common fault on i phones where the battery becomes dislodged. I phoned them today and the cust service rep advised me as I was out of a 14
  4. thanks theoldrouge! appreciate the info.
  5. heres a pdf any legal experts, ppl that know abt writs, and police involvement if they report it stolen
  6. ive attached the first page of the writ it looks pretty official to me, any help please would be appreciated guys, really worried right now esp if the police get involved
  7. This is a writ with a high court stamp on it, issued by Reading District Registry of the High Court. Maybe they are able to do this as I previously signed a consent order?
  8. I was in the process of applying for a time order and today an agent from Burlington Group visited my parents home saying they are reporting the car as stolen today. He also dropped of a writ from county court. Can anyone help me immediately please? Can they report the car stolen if we are in a dispute? Must I had the car back?
  9. Hi any more info to my questions from above guys? is the cost of a time order payable in advanced or on the debt? also dx do I leave those charges with you or do I need to do something?
  10. hi guys any update on whether a time order cost is payable in advance? also Moneybarn have been sending their goons around to look for the car again, luckily its off the road but I'm sure they will try to charge me collection fees again.
  11. heres the statement its got all the charges/payments etc to date, no other charges from what I can see
  12. here's the attachment, thanks for all your help
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