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Found 24 results

  1. I hired a van from Sixt Car Hire in Leeds in early June in order to move my belongings to a new house. I hired the van just for the day and used Sixt as the prices were competitive and they were located nearby. When I picked up the van I was shown around it and giving a considerably long list of pre-existing damages. It was clear the van had been in quite a few incidents before as there was considerable dents, scuffs, scratches etc. When I rent a car I usually take my own pictures of the car but stupidly didn’t in this case mostly due to the tight time schedule I had for being able to access the loading area near my flat (my fault). I used the van for the day without incident. When I returned the van, the office was closed and there was no one there to receive me or check the van. There was only a locked drop box for hire keys. The van could only be left in the car park which has no gate or fence, just open to the public. The next day I received an email from Sixt saying thank you for using them and my deposit was returned. A few weeks later I received an email saying there was damage to the van and that I was liable to pay £586 pounds in damages. They attached a form which had a box for me to state whether or not I believed I was responsible for the damages. I said that I wasn’t and that there were no incidents whilst the van was hired to me. About a month passed and I received an email from Sixt stating that they reviewed my response and decided I was responsible for the damages and that I had two weeks to pay them the money. In response I requested that they please send me time stamped photos of the damages before and after I hired the van and proof that the van wasn’t damaged after I left it in the drop off area. Sixt didn’t acknowledge my email and just responded that I had 14 days to pay the damages. I again replied requesting the data and attached the previous email I had sent to them and stated that I formally was disputing the claims. Sixt then responded with photos of the van which when I looked at the files had no time stamp on them. There is also no photo which shows the claimed damages as well as the van in the same photo. Only far away photos of the van I hired and then very close up photos of the damages where you can’t see any distinguishable details of the van. They also have not responded about how no one was there to receive and check the van when I dropped it off. Two days later I received an email from Sixt stating the following: Further to our previous letters regarding the above damage, we have still not received your payment for the claim. This account will now be passed to our external solicitors to commence recovery action against you unless you make a payment within 14 days. I have no idea what I can do to refute this, I didn’t damage the van and feel that I have no way of defending myself. I feel like if I don’t pay the damages the fees will just get larger. If anyone could please advise I would be very grateful. Steph
  2. Hi All, I have been living in a private rented property for 14 months now. Up until today, both the letting agents and landlord have been spot on. Yesterday morning we woke to a broken double glazed window. This happened over night and was through no fault of our own as the tenant. I phoned the letting agents to be told "Sorry, glass is your problem to replace". My main concern was getting rid of the broken window and being secure so I had a company in to quote for a replacement. The fitters who came straight away said there are very obvious signs that the window has failed due to a manufacturing defect and has showed me how I can evidence this. He has also said he is willing to write a report confirming this with pictures and that Pilkington, the manufacturer will do the same. We have been good tenants, not over expecting, always paid on time and have looked after the place very well. The letting agents originally told the landlord that I broke the window so the landlord said it was my responsibility to change. I can understand that. If I had of broken it through my own fault, I would never expect them to pay to repair. I asked the letting agents to go back again and explain the situation clearly including that I will be able to supply professional evidence of no wrong doing on my behalf. Today I have had an email back stating that as a gesture of good will, the landlord will replace this one however in future it is my responsibility. Now, I do not want to sour my relationship with either the landlord or letting agents but to me this is not on. My contract does state; To keep the interior of the property (including glass in the windows and lock fastenings and fittings of the outer doors and windows) and the effects in as good and substantial repair and condition as at the date hereof (fair wear and tear excepted) and (where applicable) all electrical and other mechanical apparatus in good working order and to immediately replace broken glass upon the occurrence of any breakage However surely a failure through no fault of my own can be my responsibility? Some advice would be much appreciated.
  3. Dear forum memebers thank you for stopping by to check out this thread . I left a company that i was working for sometime in June. I worked there as an engineer and had a van for works use. On my last day i handed my van back in same condition as received. We inspected the van and manager was even surprised that i washed it inside out and it was all good. We had a informal meeting with the company owners , they wished me all the best and that was that. 3 months later i received my final pay payslip and discovered that they made a deduction of £350 from my final pay . I emailed the company director and he said it was for van a damage. I replied via email that i was not aware of any damages to the van and it was illegal for them to deduct that money, to which he replied that van was damaged and its a fact , stating that apparently i claimed more hours vs the tracker and also that i left to there competitor even though my contract prevents me from doing so. This was the case! they tried to legally stop me , but could not which at the time they where really bitter about. 2 completely irrelevant arguments to my query imho. But he did point out that contract does allow for deductions in case of damages to works vehicle. However as mentioned the van was not damaged as they claim! At the time of accepting the van i did not sign any paperwork which stated the condition of the van as it was second hand and when i handed the van back they didn't inform me in any formal way of there intention of deducting £350 from my wages, nor did i sign anything stating in which condition i handed the van back to them. I phoned Acas for advice and they said to take them to small claims court as tribunal claim window is 2 months. So question is what do you think Gentlemen and Ladies should i pursue this further ? Thank for any input in advance
  4. I work within a big organisation split into smaller sub sections. In the other sub sections there is one person doing my job, but my sub section is much bigger so the role here is split between 2 people, myself and one other, we split the role normally done by one person. I have recently discovered that there has been an agreement to uplift the pay ranking of everyone doing the equivalent of my role, including the colleague who shares the role with me, giving them a nice payrise. I have not been uplifted, or been contacted about it. I have contacted HR to say I'm aware of this payrise and to ask why i was not considered. I have also sent them a job description of the normal singular role, where I have highlighted who does what out of the two of us, and the tasks are equal, if not slightly weighted on my role. My colleague has also only been here 18 months whilst i have been here much longer, and in fact I was the one responsible for training them. HR have agreed to reconsider my case, but I would still like answers as to why I wasn't considered the first time. Am I being treated unfairly? Am I right to be asking for answers as to why I wasn't considered? I have also found out I'm pregnant and whilst my immediate organisation are aware, HR are not aware as i don't want my impending Mat leave to have an influence on their decision now.
  5. Hi My 19 year old son was sacked for poor performance 16 months into his 3 year apprenticeship. He was given 15 minutes warning of his disciplinary hearing and no evidence in advance. No notes were taken and his companion in the hearing was told to make no comment. No notes were taken and when i asked for a copy of the notes they should have recorded they cobbled together a 9 sentence document (spread over 3 A4 pages) as a supposed record of a 20 minute meeting. It takes 1 minute to read. My son was stunned as he had received no verbal warnings and thought things were ok. 2 days later when his wages were due the company paid half his wages. When i called up they said the money was just not there and everyone had received half their wage. He received the balance a week later. In the following week 5 other members of staff were made redundant. It became quite clear that he was removed because they thought he'd be easy to get out because hes just an apprentice. Obviously the company is having financial problems and reducing the wage bill. We wrote and asked for evidence of his poor performance as the phrase itself is ambiguous and the MD wrote back saying they had no more evidence and disagreed the dismissal reason was ambiguous. 4 days later the same MD chaired my sons appeal and will decide if his dismissal is fair. We have appealed because they did not follow ACAS procedure in the initial hearing and he had no warnings before instant dismissal. Awaiting decision. Any help please, we are desperate. Can he go to a tribunal with only 16 months service if not are any other avenues open to us
  6. i was wondering if any can help me. I was employed through an agency on a 12 month contract to company x. this commenced just under 3 months ago. i was happy and very hard working till i experienced bullying behaviour from my manager. This was increasing in severity - i have been called dumb, not given a lunch time, been shouted at, had the phone put down on me etc. When it escalated to the point i was in floods of tears from the shouting, i called the agency in tears. i had previously also reported the bullish behaviour to them. they called me for an investigation and sympathised and agreed that the behaviour was not professional and a right way to treat an employee and reported it to the companys hr. the next day i was called and said the company has decided to terminate my contract and i am now left without a job at christmas with only 1 weeks pay. It seems had i tolerated the behaviour i would have a job. this seems so unfair as i worked over and above my abilties and because i reported this behaviour, it is mme who is left without a job! i dont know how im going to pay my bills and christmas wont be christmas anymore as i did not forsee this and only rang when i couldnt take things anymore. id appreciate the advice. thankyou
  7. Citizen's Advice believe that the majority of payday loans could be complained about; their in depth analysis of 665 payday loan cases, reported to its consumer service between 1 January and 30 June 2013, finds that at least 76% could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman including: 1 in 5 were possible cases of fraud – where a person was chased for a loan they hadn’t taken out. More than a third involved issues with continuous payment authorities including money that was not authorised to be taken. 12% involved harassment whereby lenders pester people with phone calls and text messages rather than accept affordable repayment offers. 1 in 10 were about lenders’ unfair treatment of people in financial difficulties. Why you should complain to the FOS Every creditor is allowed 25 free investigations by the FOS, all subsequent investigations will be charged at £550 each to the lender. You can read more about the way the FOS charges here: http://www.financial-ombudsman.org.uk/publications/technical_notes/QG1.pdf Given that payday loans are generally given for small amounts, the charge made by the FOS is often very high by comparison - usually more than the actual loan amount. As such complaining could put a massive dent in a payday loan lender's profits. In addition, you may find that a lender agrees to write-off a loan as it could be financially cheaper than allowing a FOS investigation. Get complaining, it makes a LOT of sense. Make your Complaint HERE
  8. Hi all, I recently gained employment with SKY in a retail store position, part of the application process was to give my consent, to what i thought was basic disclosure (disclosure Scotland) I was sucessful with my job applicatrion and was offered a formal contract of employement, wich i accepted. I had to travel to luton for a 2 week residential induction course, fully paid and my official start date of my employment was 08/06/2015. I was 3 days into my course and on the afternoon of of the 10/06/2015, just before the class of 11 were leaving for lunch i was pulled aside and asked to come into the office. In the office i was summarily dismissed for a couple of convictions that happened in 1993 showing on my CRB, im 40 years old, these happened when i was a foolish 18 year old, i got caught in a stolen car and got 6 months imprisonment for theft and taking vehicle without owners consent. This was the last time i got into any kind of trouble and i like to see myself as a conributing member of sociaty with a family and even a full clean driving license. Ive held previous posts that required a CRB, ive worked for Virgin Media, British Gas and as a load engineer, british gas and Virgin were sales roles, all the Basdic disclosures came back clear. so i only asume Sky performed a Standard or enhanced disclosure. I tried to explain to the Manager of Sky that i believed it was my right not to disclose this conviction as it was spent for a number of years, i was just dismissed out right and wasnt even given the opurtunity to appeal. Of course i was very upset, i felt humilited, ashamed and has left me in deep financial crisis. I contacted My area manager, i also phoned the HR department voicing my concerns. Sky admitted fault once there legal team looked at it and offered my position back. I told them i didnt want to work for them and refused, as i felt it could harm future prospects of promotion and left doubts in my mind, i wouldnt feel comfortable, i felt ashamed and embarrased that my employers knew and it just wouldnt feel right to work for them. My question is this, my understanding is, is that they broke the law by performing a Standard or enhanced disclosure as its just a retail job and doesnt come under the exempt list according to the rehabilitation act 1974, it also invaded my privacy, and its also left me up the creek with no paddle financially aswel as the emotional impact. It was a long winded requiment process and all in all it was 2 months from applying to starting, during that time i declined other offers of employment as i wanted to work for Sky for ages and was really exited about the job. I contacted ACAS but they cant do anything, does anybody know who i can go to, as i would really like to claim compensation, like ive said, me and my family are really struggling financially at the moment so i cant afford a solicitor, i was only working there for about 3 days so have no rights concerning employment laws, is there anything i can do? Please Help! Thank you.
  9. I have recently moved out of a property where I was a licensee (i.e. a lodger in a shared house with the landlord). As such, my deposit was not kept in any protection scheme as there is no legal requirement for this. My landlord is now claiming that the bed in my room is damaged, and is trying to deduct the full cost of replacing the bed from my deposit. The bed was in poor condition when I moved in (it is a metal bed and the frame is bent), but it was (and still is) usable so I just left it as it was. There is no inventory at all confirming the condition of the bed, which appears to have been very old when I moved in. I have written to the landlord to say that I do not accept responsibility for the cost of the bed, and have asked him to provide me with evidence of the condition the bed was in at the start of my tenancy agreement and evidence that I have damaged it beyond reasonable wear and tear. Can anyone advise on what I should do next if he refuses to return the deposit? I am willing to go through small claims court but do not know the procedure. Thank you.
  10. Hey guys, I'm really frustrated with this long dispute I've had with my electricity supplier and would really really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for any help! For some background, the property was purchased about a year and a few months ago, and the electricity company were contacted first 2-3 months after purchase. Electricity was being used during that time, but minimally, although I would say it would be fair to charge that time under a deemed contract. At the time, I was not aware of the existence of deemed contracts and perhaps was naive in assuming that I would be charged at a normal rate. When I spoke to them, I specifically asked for terms of the contract, unit prices, monthly statements, and for the contract to be changed from whatever was being charged at business rates (the former owners ran the property as a business) to a new, domestic, contract. I contacted them many times with the same requests to no avail. They finally phoned me over a year after purchase with a massive bill, charging me with a large standing charge (79p a day), which I was extremely unhappy with, especially as the property has been empty most of the time and electricity has been used very minimally. In summary: 1) Despite contacting them several occasions since purchase to request terms and conditions of our contract as well as a bill, this was never provided, nor was there any communication regarding the cost of electricity at all (again this was also specifically requested). 2) The business tariff proposed has a high standing charge. We expressly informed them that we did not wish to carry on with any business rates that the prior occupiers of the house were using (they were business owners, and the house is now domestic). Additionally, had we been informed of there being any standing charge (as we should have been from our requests for pricing information) we certainly would have either changed tariff or supplier as not much electricity is used at the property. The company, I believe was very wrong in not sending me this information or bills. 3) As yet I have still not received a statement with the amount of electricity that was used as was repeatedly requested over the last year. They have now replied to me claiming that a number of bills were sent to the property (blatantly a lie, no such bills were received, on top of this when I spoke to them before this on the phone after repeated questioning the man told me "A (single) letter was sent 9 months after the property was purchased" (This I also believe to be untrue). They have also agreed to potentially change it to domestic rates, but there is still a very high standing charge as it is still a deemed contract. If they had been open about this and sent me information regarding this when I requested it this problem would not have happened as I would have immediately changed supplier. Does anyone have any advice as to what I can do from here? I am planning to take this to the ombudsman. Thanks again, this is really stressing me out and I cannot afford the charges they are proposing, especially with so little electricity used!
  11. Hi, I need some advice. I have been at my company for over 3 years. My manager took a dislike to me because I found out about situations in the work place that could get him into serious trouble. From that moment I felt he was trying to get rid of me. My problems include some of the following : Making it difficult for me to book annual leave Telling the directors I have been late into work and not doing as im asked which is completely untrue Reading through my emails when I am not in the office to find out if I have been speaking bad about him Making personal digs about the way I look/dress, telling me theres nothing sexy about me in front of an office full of men! Constant remarks on things like this, I was even told on more than one occassion that I need a boob job. Thats just a few of the things, I felt there was some sort of witch hunt against me and I confronted him on several occasions for him to tell me that im being paranoid. I had several meetings with the HR girl. I left the office for a cigarette once, he thought I had left but I was still in the reception area where I heard him tell my colleague that im a miserable c*nt and completely slate me to the ground. I started to feel so paranoid every time I left that they were talking about me that I took time off work and called in sick. I have since moved offices, but I feel the company are trying to get rid of me, as I have had to go back over there 3 times to cover or train the new girl which I think is extremely inconsiderate as they know how I was treated. I took time off work due to my anxiety attacks but I have been told that I need to be professional about it all. I use to work Saturdays (which isnt in my contract) but since I have moved offices I have had them taken away from me as my old manager doesnt want me to work them anymore - even though I had no contact with him on a Saturday. The last Saturday I worked in that office one of my employees called me and asked me to get a number off of an email of hers, when I went to her computer an email was open from her to her sister saying that my manager had been going through my emails trying to find stuff so he can get rid of me. I really dont know what to do. I feel I was bullied out of my office, and now been left to deal with it. I have taken a massive pay cut as I have lost saturdays and now pay an extra £70 a month for travel as im firther from my house. Im so unhappy at work, I have been applying for new jobs but hate the fact im giving up.. i use to love my job here! Any advice woulde be greatly appreciated!
  12. Afternoon, Recently at my place of employment, a large PLC construction company, 2 positions of Contracts Manager have become available within our region. I have worked at the company for over 6 years and am a grade below this working as a Senior Site Manager with a proven track record for delivering success on behalf of the company. A position has been internally advertised which i have applied for and been selected for an interview later in the month. On speaking with our HR department, 1 of the above positions has been `given` to a site manager (a grade below myself) without internal advertisement or interview. Unfortunately, this position covers the area of our region that falls within the natural locality of where i am based, the other that has been openly advertised would involve far too much travelling for myself to be economical or realistic to the business. The company is happy to interview me but the reality is that i could not possibly be offered the position. The whole process does seem to contravene the companies `equal opportunities policy` stating that all employees should be shown equal fairness when the opportunity for promotion arises. I have lodged a grievance and am awaiting a reply. Thanks,
  13. Stupidly I took a loan from Wonga for £500 and about 100 interest.... 3 days before the promise date, I entered into a repayment plan but my first payment not due until October 1st...but when I logged in, its now saying I owe £631 and a few pence even tho a repayment plan is in place. I emailed Wonga, and their response was that the interest will accumulate until my first instalment of my r/p plan has been paid... Can they do that? what can I do?
  14. Hi, I contacted a solicitor who takes unfair dismissal cases on on a no win/no fee basis. They responded: "Unfortunately, your case is not within the profile of cases we take forward". This doesn't say whether I have a valid claim or not. It may be they just don't think there's enough money in it for them? The facts surrounding my dismissal are so: 1. I was invited to an appraisal, which was opened up with "I'm in two minds as to what to do" 2. The only issue raised about my conduct was communication, which could have been better. This 'issue' was never subject to a formal disciplinary procedure. 3. Wages were going to be cut and hours increased for all staff in my department. I was asked how I felt about this. I replied, "I will accept it but I will look for another job". 4. After my employer considered my comment for a minute or two, I was told "we'll have to call it a day" and asked to leave immediately and not come back. 5. Wages/hours have not been cut/increased for the other staff; presumably they didn't want to lose any more and could afford to maintain the status quo with the savings from my salary. I was told I would be paid up until the end of my contract, two weeks pay in lieu of notice, and all holidays earned. So far I've only received about half of what I should have. I have some other questions: 1. When do I officially become unemloyed? The date I was dismissed, or the date I could have worked for my notice period? 2. When should I receive a P45? It's been two weeks and I don't have one, and can't sign on without it. Thank you [Edit] I should add that I was employed for 2 years and 3 months.
  15. Hi all, I have been working for my company for 19 months now and everything was going well until November 2012 when my disability had started causing problems and I needed a lot of time off. I had been giving them fit notes but I received no money (SSP) until February. In total I have had 20 weeks off work with fit notes yet they have only paid me 10 weeks SSP. During this time they were ignoring my emails, letters and requests in meetings for SSP until they eventually caved in and gave me some SSP in February. Now I have started going back to work and when payday came in April I did not get paid. I asked why and they said they are not sure what I should be paid but I will get something soon. Eventually they said I would get paid at the end of May for two months pay. Towards the end of May I sent both directors emails twice to remind them how much I should be paid and when I have been in. Come May the 31st I was paid £42, it should have been well over a thousand. I have not been paid any of the remaining SSP, the hours I worked, official annual leave that had been authorised or any of the three recent bank holidays. So I emailed both directors twice on the 31st and heard nothing back as usual. I called the director responsible for HR and he said to call him back after 2pm. When I called him someone else answered and told me he always leaves at 2pm on a Friday. I am being made redundant on the 6th June as the company is looking to downsize but no one else has had payment issues or ignored such as I have. I have been there alot longer than others who have been kept even though I have more experience and been there longer. I have spoke to CAB and they save said it's a serious case of disability discrimination (treated differently and poorly since I went ill), unlawful deduction of wages (two months of not paying/incorrect payments) and constructed dismissal (choosing me to leave even though I am more experienced and paid the same as others). I am entitled to resign and take it to a tribunal alone for constructed dismissal apparently due to feeling forced out by not paying me then choosing me for redundancy when I don't leave. I am seeing an employment solicitor Monday to take it further. I've put a lot of information here so if you need clarification let me know but do you think I have been targeted. Thanks all.
  16. I am very unhappy with the way I've been treated by DVLA. I had an incident in September 2012 where I fainted whilst driving on the job (bus) due to lack of food intake and overworked hours. No police citation was given, and no one was hurt. I was immediately taken to hospital and seen by a physician but by that time all signs were back to normal. It was explained that I had suffered a hypoglycaemic episode, also called a vasovagal collapse. I had not eaten that day and had been working excessive hours, and it was determined that this was the cause of the blackout. After taking some time off work SSP, then getting a medical clearance from my GP and from our company OHS doctor, I went back to work and drove for 3 months without incident. Then in January I received a letter from DVLA advising me to surrender my car license for 6 months and bus license for 12 months because of information received from my GP that the blackout was "unexplained". Apparently she had not mentioned anything in her correspondence about the lack of food intake and overworked hours. So I made some phone calls and sent letters from the hospital physician and my OHS doctor which contained clear details about the diagnosis and cause. Long story short, about a thousand phone calls later, and after two unsuccessful appeals DVLA will not budge. They continue to use the terms HISTORY and MEDICAL CONDITION regardless of it being a one off incident. They have ignored all supporting letters and information I have provided because they will not admit that they acted impulsively. When I phone, I am not allowed to speak with any members of the medical team who make the decisions. I have thoroughly read DVLA regulations on their web site and do not find anything about my particular circumstance that would warrant taking this action. There are only guidelines for reporting known medical conditions but no reference to a one off incident such as this. Why does DVLA continue to treat this as a HISTORY or MEDICAL CONDITION when it is not? I have been driving for over 25 years and never had an incident such as this. I am a non-smoker, non-drinker and never take drugs of any sort. I have spoken with my solicitor but I don't believe he has the courage to take on DVLA or NHS. He uses the excuse that taking the case to court would take much longer than waiting for the year to pass to reapply for my bus driving license. I am broke and unemployed with a family to feed, which is unfortunate as I am fully fit to be working. I admit fault that my own neglect of my diet caused the blackout, but I do not feel it is fair to apply such a penalty as to lose a whole year's wages. If anyone has any ideas I would really appreciate it. I plan on seeing CAB Monday as I am out of resources. I honestly believe that both DVLA and the NHS are equally responsible for mis-managing this case.
  17. Hello I've been a shelf-stacker for around 1 1/2 years now and while I've always disliked my job, I do my best to work the hardest I can. I stack produce which is probably the most hard-working aisle of them all as it involves a lot of heavy lifting. I do it three nights a week, for 8 hours with a 30 minute break, no complaints. While other employees might complain about doing specific aisles they don't like doing, I simply get on with my job. After all, you're there to do what the manager tells you to do (within reason of course) Anyway, it all started a few months back when a new employee started on night shifts with me. We immediately clashed after he refused to do a specific job which he was asked to do, and told me to do it. I told him what was up and he said he was very depressed at the moment. I told him not to take it out on me in a calm way and we both got on with our job. Problem solved right? Now it's worth mentioning he is very close to the night shift manager. He's a bit of a 'kiss ass' and is known to do it every time a new manager is in charge (brings down drinks for them without them asking / lending them things / going on the same breaks as them etc). Let's call him "Doug". Now like EVERY other employee I have a chat for a few minutes with the person working near me. My mate works just opposite me, and we occasionally have a little conversation (completely normal around the workplace). Now Doug would see me talking and go and report me to the manager at the other end of the store. If I'm gone for five minutes to the toilet, he would report me again. If I'm 2 minutes late from my break he would do it again. He obviously has it in for me from our first meeting. Now this is where it get's interesting. I believe my manager is judging me completely on what "Doug" has been telling him. I'm a fairly quiet person and I usually have my headphones in while getting on with my work (again, completely normal and allowed). The only thing we say to each other is "Hi manager, where do you want me to day". - "Hi Joe, can you do this, this and this for me please, thanks.". That's literally all are conversations consist of. How can you judge someone of that? Now I've had arguments with "doug" about him reporting me. He's been told by the manager that he has permission to punch me in the face. Doug has told most of the employees this and I regularly get told "Doug wants to hit you Joe, why is that? Apparently he's gotten permission as well?". This is most likely a joke, but should that really be circulated through employees? He almost boasts about it (so I've heard). I've talked to him about it, and he basically ignores me so I can't get through to him. Now, my Manager is talking to me like absolute s***. Called me the liar the other day, patronises me, makes sarcy comments about my work. I tell him "Why do you think I'm not working hard enough". He sounds offended by it, and tells me "I would bloody tell you if I think you don't work hard enough!". He approached me the other night and told me "WHERE have you been and I hope you're staying 20 minutes after work to make up for this lost time". I didn't hear him call my name the first time, so he raised his voice the second time and asked me why I had ignored him. I told him I didn't hear him and that he had known me for nearly 18 months, and I wasn't the type of person to ignore someone out of spite to which he replied "Oh yes I think you are. I told him I had been to the toilet as I was just recovering from food poisoning from a dodgy Chinese over the weekend and that I had only been gone 10 minutes at the latest. Now it's worth noting that most of the other employees go up and get cups of tea/coffee/food out of the vending machine whenever they want, and he doesn't mention it. In fact, he spends around 10-15 minutes talking to some members of staff he gets on with He sarcastically said "Yeah yeah yeah, whatever" when I told him I had only been gone for 10 minutes. At this point, I started raising my voice because for me it was the last straw. I didn't swear at him, I was just defending myself. He threatened me with a disciplinary to which I replied, "Please, so I can have the chance to defend myself against a rational member of management". Another issue was that I came to him 30 minutes after the new holiday forms were issued to book my holiday as I needed time off mid April and it's done on a first-come-first-served basis. I go to check if my holiday had been verified and was shocked to see that every other employees name had been verified apart from mine. A month later and he still hasn't 'got round to it'. I apologise for the long post, but I'm feeling so angry at the moment. I go into work so angry and it's really getting to me. Do I have a case for unfair treatment? Could I go higher with this? What's the best way to provide 'evidence' of what's been going on? Thanks for your time Joe
  18. im a ladie and a single mum, who wants to show a good example to my children by working and doing the right thing by them paying my mortgage etc. who has worked at a large supermarket for a short time not 6 months, i enjoyed my job and got on well with everyone, never had time off or any question or grievences. But 4 weeks ago i was pulled into the office and told i have been seen on camera with my purse on the shop floor and at the time a tried to explain i ad lost my locker key,and also at the time lots of members of staff had items on them and rules were lacked and everyone was following other peoples leads . This has escalated to me being dismissed for apparently fraud of receiving points on a bonus card,this is there main reason for the dismissal gross misconduct, these points equated to £5. And if anyone had looked at the situation why would you jepurdize your job for £5, well i wouldnt well anyway firstly i was shocked because it wasnt me who put these points on my card and i did not ask to put these points on either, it was another member of staff on there till number and when they were on shift. Anyway an investigation proceeded with me and this other member of staff, they throw allsorts of alligations at me that at the time i tried to explain as best as i could remember as this was back in december the incident was ment to have happened. I myself was eager to please my bosses and sometimes put under pressure and yes bent company policy rules but so had many others but not to the extent that they were trying to say, it would have equated to a warning written or verbal which i have never had either and have a good record never been off sick etc and even had members of the public say to my bosses how pleasant i was to them. This was a new store that had just opened and everyone had came in as new staff members some from other stores and some just new recruits. Anyway i had the union which had just been newly trained and had very little experience at investigation or how to defend an employee didnt know the rules and what was right an wrong evidence statements etc, these investigations ran on for a total of 3 weeks and the stress and people gossiping in store and confidentuality rules broken anyway it came to a disaplinary meeting and it took an hour an half for me to be further questioned and felt to be a criminal and intimedated i was distressed and upset even now writing this, im upset by the fact i have been dismissed and the person who put these points on the bonus card has kept there job . Also i would like to add that the day i was dismissed the duty manager in question asked me how long i had been there and it was my pay day the pay slips are sent in by the post from out of our area and take a few days to be printed but why if i was dismissed the same day of my pay could all my holidays and money in lou be on my payslip ???? this would say to me even before the meeting of disipline they had already decided to dismiss me which is unfair as the duty manager went through the motions and said could i wait outside for his decision, also how can i be held responsible for the actions of another employee that put these points on said card and also they have kept there job, it wasnt me who ask for these points to be added as i tried to explain and how comes im being branded a fraud, why arnt they be branded the same??? and they have kept there job, a just dont know what to do to get them to listen and the union rep when i rang them told me they wernt interested and had a lots on there plate and didnt have time to speak to me . my questions are these why did a pay into a union that did not defend or represent me properly. why and how has the other person kept there job??when a thought we would be treated fairly. and now i have put an appeal in which at present im so under the illusion by what has already happened to me wont be treated impartially or without mallice in that said store by the main manager, i really dont want to work alongside people who obviously have treated me unfairly and have lost all confidence in there code of conduct procedures and the other staff member who has kept there job has posted on a social networking site how happy they were at there good news of keeping there job this said person i have found out that the other member of staff, was under survaliance at there other job and was due to be sacked for issue so left and started at the said store. What am i to do can someone please help with advice, at this moment in time im not bothered about the job to be honest due to the loss of confidence with the investigation and the way i was treated just want the truth and justice to be done .
  19. i opened my bank ac with lloyds tsb on 2010, and every thing was ok and they'd even facilliate me overdraft of £2500. today when i tried to use my debit card on ATM, it didnt accept. i went to bank regarding my queries but they say they are closing my ac and when i asked the reason they simply say i didn't manage my fund properly, and they sent me letter stating to open ac in any another bank i tried in barclays and halifax.. ...but got rejected... in huge trouble plz help me how can i open bank ac.. . and till date i have to pay £1300 to lloyds bank of overdraft.... ...help me
  20. I won't name the company I work for as they are a very well known company around the UK for their 'High Standards' of staff care, but I just don't feel like I receive this high standard. Since going part time (I say part time, its from working mon-fri to mon-thurs due to health issues) I have not received the same amount of care that I had previously received and I no longer feel a part of my 'team'. Management are hardly around for my team and the manager is also well renowned for not really caring about what the team does, whether that's just chatting between eachother not doing any work or just taking breaks when they want to. I don't feel I have been treated fairly in the fact that things are done very 'matter of fact' with me. This includes answers to the questions I ask, (ofcourse, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't want to know what the answer was but my manager sees this as something I should know apparently), I do not get updated on new proceedures, so do things wrong until someone on a DIFFERENT team tells me I am doing so and also, I have lost incentive payments off my wages, as apparently I have failed in some sort of aspect in my targetted job (I work in a call centre) but everyone else is aware of these things before their payslips come out so theres no shocks and also get monitored regularly at their desks but I get excluded from this and haven't received such attention for around 2-3 months. I was hitting my target until this new management come onto our team, now I haven't hit it or I have hit the target but one of my calls has been incorrect and I haven't received the feedback for it. I am now losing money and at the moment, every little helps. I am hoping someone will understand my frustrations, I just don't feel like I am being treated the way I should be, now I have been diagnosed with an illness and since I've changed my shifts to one day less. I feel like I am being singled out because I do have mental issues and I find it very distressing. It is like they have already sacked me but can't find a proper reason to do so apart from the fact I am of ill-health, which they know they cannot sack someone for, it has to be something more significant and it's like they are just waiting for me to slip up. I hope someone feels the same out there and that I can get some form of answer as to what I need to do going forward. Thank you everyone for your time and patience in reading this. I will look forward to your thoughts and replies.
  21. Hi All im in the process of claiming unfair dismissal and i have a tribunal date for the 12th dec. i now have to....set out in writing a remedy the tribunal is being asked to award. Now i don't want my job back but being a single mum of 3 children i feel i would find it impossible to get another job to suite within the foreseeable future. im just really seeking advise on WHAT i should claim for financially ? do i put that i have still 30 years of employment left and ask for 30 years wages? i really don't know. also debts that ive taken on whilst employed that i cannot now pay? Please advise me as i only have 2 weeks to respond. i have been to the CaB today who couldn't advise me and also to my local advise centre who said the same. i just don't want to look cheeky by claiming for loads. thanks in advance
  22. Hi there I resonantly agreed to use a letting agent to manage my property. I received an email from the agent 4 days later after new tenants moved in that a contractor has already completed maintenance in respect of cleaning for removal of rubble and received an invoice of £220 which will be deducted from the next rental collection. When I instructed the agent to handle the rental of the above property I was not given any details or phone call of other charges. As per the ingoing inspection & photographs...the property was left in a terrible condition by the outgoing tenants (unfortunately I didn't use a letting agent with previous tenants and let down, but that's a separate issue) The new tenants could not take occupation of the property prior to cleaning & rubble removal. Therefore the office proceeded with the cleaning & rubble removal as a matter of urgency, in order for the new tenant to take occupation. The agent states there was no alternative but to have the property professionally cleaned & for the rubble to be removed. (I agree, it need to be cleaned but the agent should have notified me by email/phone as per the agreement to give my consent) The agent states that under the circumstances they were acting on the landlords best interest & to accommodate the waiting tenant had to act quickly. Therefore this is an exception but the contract does not allow for any exceptions. I believe the agent is liable for the cost, however there are two clause stating 1) Attend to do repairs and general maintenance of the premises as authorised by the landlord from time to time 2) The Landlord authorises agent to incur reasonable expenses relating to the general upkeep of the PREMISES for which the LANDLORD may be liable in terms of the LEASE AGREEMENT, and to set such expenses off against monies collected by agent on behalf of the LANDLORD from time to time. It is expressly agreed that the reasonable maintenance expenses referred to above shall be limited to £100.00 (plus VAT) per occurrence. If any repairs are reasonably expected to exceed this amount, payment of such expense must be authorised by the LANDLORD. My concern is after indicating these two clause to the agent they now are treating this agreement unfairly. The agent confirmed that they will not hold the landlord liable for the entire cleaning & rubble removal invoice, £220.00...but only for £100.00 as per clause of the authorization. I am concerned about this as the agent treated this issue unfairly; the agent did not follow protocols and have breach the contract. By all these acts, what will the future hold for their next defence when dealing with any issues in a prompt and professional manner if they already acted dishonest and caused me severe problems?
  23. I've tried writing to the Trading Standards about this but don't get any reply so thought I'd try here. A few years ago I subscribed for a couple of 0845 numbers that I intended to use for two website ventures I was planning. The company I bought them through was called Dolphin Telecom although their website also referred to Call08 I happily paid by DD for years. Each month I received an email with a link to my PDF invoice which I downloaded. As I got busier, I didn't bother downloading the invoices every month but instead stored up the emails so that when it came to doing my tax return I could print off all the invoices at once. Earlier this year I decided to cancel the numbers as I no longer needed them. When I called to do this I was told I was in a 12 month contract until November 2012. I told them I wasn't, that the terms I'd signed up under were a month to month basis with 30 days notice. They told me they had given notice of new T&Cs in October with 14 days for people to opt out of the new T&Cs otherwise they were automatically taken into a contract. I explained that I hadn't received such a notice to which they replied that it was sent with the October 2011 invoice. When I checked the email the title of the email was exactly the same as usual ' your October invoice is ready.....' There was nothing in the subject line to draw my attention to it being different from normal. The email content itself did not have anything in large type or bold - it was just an 'oh by the way' at the bottom. The link took me to a part of the website that didn't have the T&Cs anyway and when I searched for these they were several layers down a menu system. I have complained that they didn't give me proper notice and I have stopped my DD however they continue to bill me. They have also told me that I can only give notice within the 30 days leading up to the end of the 12 month period - they refused to accept my notice earlier this year. However I have realised that the postal address they have on file is one I haven't lived at for 4 years and also they have put the invoices in the name of one of my ventures (a domain name) rather than actually in my name. So I'd like some guidance as to a) are their practices fair b) should I just ignore all the emails now as their invoices don't technically apply to me anyway. c) what should I do, if anything? Thanks
  24. Hello, i was wandering if their is any legal advice regarding what i believe to false credit reporting but it may be hard to prove, I finished my t mobile contract in Nov 11 when number was passed to three network and final bill was paid on this date. I had been a good customer for 6 years never missed a bill. then in feb 12 i get call from collections department saying that i had missed 2 months bills and my account was in arrears for £23 i didn't realize and paid the bill not thinking about the credit file effect. I only notice this last week when i check my credit score and it was low = poor no chance so i phone tmobile and they said its not their fault and they understand are sorry as i was good customer yadda yadda...... and give me address of the credit teams and said they are the only people who can look and changed anything. i wrote to t mobile and got the reply back today. they basically said the same were sorry that the account has been left open and they will close it as satisfied but in regards to the two missed late payments as these are true we have to report theses as this is in our terms and conditions. i understand they have report missed payments but if the customer doesn't know about it and the fact i paid final bill in November when mobile number was transfer to another company !!! how is that a true fair reflection of my credit status with them ??? so am asking you lovely people if there is anything i can do IE more formal complaint as the nice approach hasn't worked. am not sure on legal status of credit file reporting as its seems to be what they say goes... which i feel is a little unfair!!! so any help whats so ever would be most grateful :roll: Kindest regards, Stephen
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