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  1. I hired a van from Sixt Car Hire in Leeds in early June in order to move my belongings to a new house. I hired the van just for the day and used Sixt as the prices were competitive and they were located nearby. When I picked up the van I was shown around it and giving a considerably long list of pre-existing damages. It was clear the van had been in quite a few incidents before as there was considerable dents, scuffs, scratches etc. When I rent a car I usually take my own pictures of the car but stupidly didn’t in this case mostly due to the tight time schedule I had for being a
  2. Hi All, I have been living in a private rented property for 14 months now. Up until today, both the letting agents and landlord have been spot on. Yesterday morning we woke to a broken double glazed window. This happened over night and was through no fault of our own as the tenant. I phoned the letting agents to be told "Sorry, glass is your problem to replace". My main concern was getting rid of the broken window and being secure so I had a company in to quote for a replacement. The fitters who came straight away said there are very obvious signs that the window has failed due to a manufa
  3. Dear forum memebers thank you for stopping by to check out this thread . I left a company that i was working for sometime in June. I worked there as an engineer and had a van for works use. On my last day i handed my van back in same condition as received. We inspected the van and manager was even surprised that i washed it inside out and it was all good. We had a informal meeting with the company owners , they wished me all the best and that was that. 3 months later i received my final pay payslip and discovered that they made a deduction of £350 from my final pay .
  4. I work within a big organisation split into smaller sub sections. In the other sub sections there is one person doing my job, but my sub section is much bigger so the role here is split between 2 people, myself and one other, we split the role normally done by one person. I have recently discovered that there has been an agreement to uplift the pay ranking of everyone doing the equivalent of my role, including the colleague who shares the role with me, giving them a nice payrise. I have not been uplifted, or been contacted about it. I have contacted HR to say I'm aware of this payrise an
  5. Hi My 19 year old son was sacked for poor performance 16 months into his 3 year apprenticeship. He was given 15 minutes warning of his disciplinary hearing and no evidence in advance. No notes were taken and his companion in the hearing was told to make no comment. No notes were taken and when i asked for a copy of the notes they should have recorded they cobbled together a 9 sentence document (spread over 3 A4 pages) as a supposed record of a 20 minute meeting. It takes 1 minute to read. My son was stunned as he had received no verbal warnings and thought things were ok. 2 da
  6. i was wondering if any can help me. I was employed through an agency on a 12 month contract to company x. this commenced just under 3 months ago. i was happy and very hard working till i experienced bullying behaviour from my manager. This was increasing in severity - i have been called dumb, not given a lunch time, been shouted at, had the phone put down on me etc. When it escalated to the point i was in floods of tears from the shouting, i called the agency in tears. i had previously also reported the bullish behaviour to them. they called me for an investigation and sympathised and ag
  7. Citizen's Advice believe that the majority of payday loans could be complained about; their in depth analysis of 665 payday loan cases, reported to its consumer service between 1 January and 30 June 2013, finds that at least 76% could have grounds for an official complaint to the Financial Ombudsman including: 1 in 5 were possible cases of fraud – where a person was chased for a loan they hadn’t taken out. More than a third involved issues with continuous payment authorities including money that was not authorised to be taken. 12% involved harassment whereby lenders pester people with
  8. Hi all, I recently gained employment with SKY in a retail store position, part of the application process was to give my consent, to what i thought was basic disclosure (disclosure Scotland) I was sucessful with my job applicatrion and was offered a formal contract of employement, wich i accepted. I had to travel to luton for a 2 week residential induction course, fully paid and my official start date of my employment was 08/06/2015. I was 3 days into my course and on the afternoon of of the 10/06/2015, just before the class of 11 were leaving for lunch i was pulled aside and asked to
  9. Hi, I have had nothing but grief for a few years from my employer. A local council. I have put in a few complaints of bullying, being treated differently etc but always tried to just do my job. I have challeneged my employer in the correct process but it is very much an old boys club Yesterday I was suspended on a possible gross misconduct charge of theft of council time and frog marched out the building. I admitted to using the internet but I have to alot as I am the only person that does my job and I network with other specialists around the country for advice. I have to do this as
  10. I have recently moved out of a property where I was a licensee (i.e. a lodger in a shared house with the landlord). As such, my deposit was not kept in any protection scheme as there is no legal requirement for this. My landlord is now claiming that the bed in my room is damaged, and is trying to deduct the full cost of replacing the bed from my deposit. The bed was in poor condition when I moved in (it is a metal bed and the frame is bent), but it was (and still is) usable so I just left it as it was. There is no inventory at all confirming the condition of the bed, which appears
  11. Hey guys, I'm really frustrated with this long dispute I've had with my electricity supplier and would really really appreciate some advice. Thanks in advance for any help! For some background, the property was purchased about a year and a few months ago, and the electricity company were contacted first 2-3 months after purchase. Electricity was being used during that time, but minimally, although I would say it would be fair to charge that time under a deemed contract. At the time, I was not aware of the existence of deemed contracts and perhaps was naive in assuming that
  12. Hi, I need some advice. I have been at my company for over 3 years. My manager took a dislike to me because I found out about situations in the work place that could get him into serious trouble. From that moment I felt he was trying to get rid of me. My problems include some of the following : Making it difficult for me to book annual leave Telling the directors I have been late into work and not doing as im asked which is completely untrue Reading through my emails when I am not in the office to find out if I have been speaking bad about him Making personal digs about th
  13. Afternoon, Recently at my place of employment, a large PLC construction company, 2 positions of Contracts Manager have become available within our region. I have worked at the company for over 6 years and am a grade below this working as a Senior Site Manager with a proven track record for delivering success on behalf of the company. A position has been internally advertised which i have applied for and been selected for an interview later in the month. On speaking with our HR department, 1 of the above positions has been `given` to a site manager (a grade below myself) without inter
  14. Stupidly I took a loan from Wonga for £500 and about 100 interest.... 3 days before the promise date, I entered into a repayment plan but my first payment not due until October 1st...but when I logged in, its now saying I owe £631 and a few pence even tho a repayment plan is in place. I emailed Wonga, and their response was that the interest will accumulate until my first instalment of my r/p plan has been paid... Can they do that? what can I do?
  15. Hi, I contacted a solicitor who takes unfair dismissal cases on on a no win/no fee basis. They responded: "Unfortunately, your case is not within the profile of cases we take forward". This doesn't say whether I have a valid claim or not. It may be they just don't think there's enough money in it for them? The facts surrounding my dismissal are so: 1. I was invited to an appraisal, which was opened up with "I'm in two minds as to what to do" 2. The only issue raised about my conduct was communication, which could have been better. This 'issue' was never subject to a for
  16. Hi all, I have been working for my company for 19 months now and everything was going well until November 2012 when my disability had started causing problems and I needed a lot of time off. I had been giving them fit notes but I received no money (SSP) until February. In total I have had 20 weeks off work with fit notes yet they have only paid me 10 weeks SSP. During this time they were ignoring my emails, letters and requests in meetings for SSP until they eventually caved in and gave me some SSP in February. Now I have started going back to work and when payday came in A
  17. I am very unhappy with the way I've been treated by DVLA. I had an incident in September 2012 where I fainted whilst driving on the job (bus) due to lack of food intake and overworked hours. No police citation was given, and no one was hurt. I was immediately taken to hospital and seen by a physician but by that time all signs were back to normal. It was explained that I had suffered a hypoglycaemic episode, also called a vasovagal collapse. I had not eaten that day and had been working excessive hours, and it was determined that this was the cause of the blackout. After taking some time
  18. Hello I've been a shelf-stacker for around 1 1/2 years now and while I've always disliked my job, I do my best to work the hardest I can. I stack produce which is probably the most hard-working aisle of them all as it involves a lot of heavy lifting. I do it three nights a week, for 8 hours with a 30 minute break, no complaints. While other employees might complain about doing specific aisles they don't like doing, I simply get on with my job. After all, you're there to do what the manager tells you to do (within reason of course) Anyway, it all started a few months back when a
  19. im a ladie and a single mum, who wants to show a good example to my children by working and doing the right thing by them paying my mortgage etc. who has worked at a large supermarket for a short time not 6 months, i enjoyed my job and got on well with everyone, never had time off or any question or grievences. But 4 weeks ago i was pulled into the office and told i have been seen on camera with my purse on the shop floor and at the time a tried to explain i ad lost my locker key,and also at the time lots of members of staff had items on them and rules were lacked and everyone was followi
  20. i opened my bank ac with lloyds tsb on 2010, and every thing was ok and they'd even facilliate me overdraft of £2500. today when i tried to use my debit card on ATM, it didnt accept. i went to bank regarding my queries but they say they are closing my ac and when i asked the reason they simply say i didn't manage my fund properly, and they sent me letter stating to open ac in any another bank i tried in barclays and halifax.. ...but got rejected... in huge trouble plz help me how can i open bank ac.. . and till date i have to pay £1300 to lloyds
  21. I won't name the company I work for as they are a very well known company around the UK for their 'High Standards' of staff care, but I just don't feel like I receive this high standard. Since going part time (I say part time, its from working mon-fri to mon-thurs due to health issues) I have not received the same amount of care that I had previously received and I no longer feel a part of my 'team'. Management are hardly around for my team and the manager is also well renowned for not really caring about what the team does, whether that's just chatting between eachother not doing an
  22. Hi All im in the process of claiming unfair dismissal and i have a tribunal date for the 12th dec. i now have to....set out in writing a remedy the tribunal is being asked to award. Now i don't want my job back but being a single mum of 3 children i feel i would find it impossible to get another job to suite within the foreseeable future. im just really seeking advise on WHAT i should claim for financially ? do i put that i have still 30 years of employment left and ask for 30 years wages? i really don't know. also debts that ive taken on whilst employed that i cannot now pay?
  23. Hi there I resonantly agreed to use a letting agent to manage my property. I received an email from the agent 4 days later after new tenants moved in that a contractor has already completed maintenance in respect of cleaning for removal of rubble and received an invoice of £220 which will be deducted from the next rental collection. When I instructed the agent to handle the rental of the above property I was not given any details or phone call of other charges. As per the ingoing inspection & photographs...the property was left in a terrible condition by the outgoing tenants (u
  24. I've tried writing to the Trading Standards about this but don't get any reply so thought I'd try here. A few years ago I subscribed for a couple of 0845 numbers that I intended to use for two website ventures I was planning. The company I bought them through was called Dolphin Telecom although their website also referred to Call08 I happily paid by DD for years. Each month I received an email with a link to my PDF invoice which I downloaded. As I got busier, I didn't bother downloading the invoices every month but instead stored up the emails so that when it came to doing m
  25. Hello, i was wandering if their is any legal advice regarding what i believe to false credit reporting but it may be hard to prove, I finished my t mobile contract in Nov 11 when number was passed to three network and final bill was paid on this date. I had been a good customer for 6 years never missed a bill. then in feb 12 i get call from collections department saying that i had missed 2 months bills and my account was in arrears for £23 i didn't realize and paid the bill not thinking about the credit file effect. I only notice this last week when i check my credit score
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