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  1. out of interest, how would they have breached GDPR in my case? The tickets were windscreen tickets and I approached them with my details so they would have no reason to go to DVLA (which I believe they didn’t as the lease company would have charged me as they are the RK of the vehicle) however...in their WS (incorrectly) they did say they contacted DVLA...
  2. No there wasnt. The judge did make a point that my extract from my lease agreement did not cover if a parking space was included however dismissed that point later on based on the fact that the claimant wasn't claiming on the basis of not parking in the correct space but double parking.
  3. Claim Dismissed! The hearing lasted for about 45 minutes on the phone. As expected, the claimant did not attend. The judge was very helpful and considering it was my first time in a court setting, assisted with the process. The case was dismissed on the basis that the claimant had provided no evidence that the signage forbid double parking at the time (even though on multiple occasions she argued it did with no evidence!). The court have also awarded £95 costs. The claimant asked for the case to be appealed on the basis that the signage was corre
  4. thanks! I will be sure to do so. I’m assuming as they aren’t present, it leaves them in a position where they can only recite the WS and no more? Wouldn’t be able to answer any questioning from myself or the judge? Sorry if these are stupid questions, my first time in a court situation!
  5. Thanks DX. I have just re read the 90 page bundle and have remembered a fair few points on this now so feel armed for the call tomorrow. I have never done anything like this before so not really sure what to expect. The case has been allocated 1hr30. I assume like all court cases despite being on the phone it will be a very formal event
  6. Hi all, this hearing is tomorrow at 11:30 on the phone so I am just revising the whole situation as it’s been going on for over a year now. One thing I have noticed in the claimants pack is a letter to the courts stating pursuant to CPR 27.9 the client will not be in attendance and they will be represented by an advocate. what impact if any does this have? Am I correct in thinking the advocate has no position to argue the case?
  7. I have received an email letter from the court stating I have a court date of 2nd Nov. Couple of questions around this... 1. The letter states; ”TAKE NOTICE that this case has been listed in a list with two other cases and therefore the fixture is not guaranteed but until you hear otherwise please work to the final hearing date” do we think this is two other cases regarding Countrywide parking or just two other cases in general? 2. the letter states l should contact the claimant and try to agree a bundle. We have already done this and I agreed
  8. last I have heard from them was a letter saying as I have not responded, they are referring the case back to PE and suggesting court action. This was about 3-4 weeks ago. Will keep you updated if I hear anymore
  9. Oh, now I feel like a tit. so not even worth the paper it’s written on...
  10. Confident I know the answer to this one but do o need to do anything with the letter attached? (DCBL DCA Threat-o-gram) also, I have let PE know about my address change (as above) but do I need to do the same with these clowns?
  11. Hi All, A simple question really. I received a NTK ticket on a lease vehicle last year from Parking Eye. As expected, they were adamant i was at fault and no payment was made. I highlighted to them that their signage no longer had planning permission and this was ignored however since ignoring this, they have gone quiet and have been for roughly 6 months now. I know they can claim for up to 6 years(??) after. As it was a lease vehicle, the RK was the lease company. PE were provided my personal address and had been communicating with
  12. i have chased the court today as everything has gone quiet. They have confirmed that the case in May was vacated due to COVID and as per the letter back in April, requested permission from both parties for a hearing on the papers. They have had my response, i have had a copy of BW/CPM's bundle which i assume was also sent to the court however the court have had no communication at all from CPM or BW. At this point, they have just sat on it. My question to the advisor at the court was would this justify a request for the hearing to be struck out as they have not res
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