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  1. Just out of interest, how long do BW usually take to reply? My letter was sent to them on the 3rd of Jan and everything has been very quiet...
  2. Letters have gone off a while ago to BW Legal CC'ing CPM and i have proof of postage in the ever growing file of paperwork. Unfortunately i am yet to receive a reply which is a shame because i'm quite enjoying wasting their time now! I have however today had a laugh. Remember the image i posted a few posts back highlighting the area they "manage"? Well today guess what i have seen? One of the directors parking blocking the entrance to the flats whilst he walks around ticketing against their own terms and conditions! I know it seems a little petty but is this something i can use against them if they decide to take this to court? Im going to try and get more evidence of their poor management and take it to the local paper i think. I know this wont get me anywhere with my case with them (if they even decide to create one) but i just want to make life as hard as possible for them Nice thing is, one of their tickets evidence includes an image of my vehicle with guess what? This car parked in the background. I do also have closer images with the reg number in Sorry, seems a little petty but ive got the bit between my teeth with this now!
  3. It’s shameful really that they could do something like that and get away with it but then, their whole business model is based on fraud so it’s hardly surprising!
  4. I’ll change it to the owners of CPM for clarity’s sake. Funnily enough I had an email from BW today...”contact us about your account with us” requesting me to email them back. Is it advisable to send this by post?
  5. Dear Sirs, Thank you for your letter of claim dated 19th December 2018 regarding being “parked outside of marked bay”. It certainly gave us something to laugh about! I am writing to inform you that I have no intention whatsoever in paying your fictitious invoice and I welcome seeing yourselves and Simon in court. The map provided by CPM showing the area they "manage" does not cover the area where the vehicle was parked and therefore there is no contract formed between myself and CPM whatsoever. I hope this will be the last waste of paper I see from yourselves however, if not I am more than happy to defend this matter in court. Kindest Regards,
  6. I’m glad you guys are picking a lot more holes here than I saw with this. I think now I need to write the reply to BW and post it off tomorrow but how much detail do I go into? Is it a simple “stop wasting my time” letter or do I go into detail with these points you have all raised and basically say “take me to court if you think you’re clever enough?”
  7. Yep. Their response was along the lines of the vehicle was overhanging into the red marked area. If this were the case, it would have been by no more than 3-4 inches
  8. Their lone rangers is one of the ones replying to the appeals. They are a tiny business with two directors both of which have been identified as attending site and evidenced putting tickets on our vehicles which in my eyes, is even more evidence to the fact they have a interest in issuing as many tickets as possible using bully boy tactics. It could also be because the business has no money whatsoever, an outstanding CCJ against them and an absolutely appalling credit score. Ive attached images. Sorry for the poor quality! Ask and Ye shall receive! This is something they sent me as part of their appeal rejection attached in post 4 The only bit i have changed is the green block which highlights our space. Everything else they drew on so you're correct, the area they cover does not cover our spaces Binder1.pdf
  9. Thanks Ericsbrother. Don't worry, i had no intentions of the pictures being subtle and if i can do it so it evidences that its them parking there, i will be going to all of the local media with it. I want to do all i can here to make life difficult for these people I will try and find out if they are paying residents commission for these but in all honesty i do doubt it. I hadn't realised until i saw it the other day but his car is there quite regularly so i think he's a friend of a resident here which makes it worse!
  10. Could be but I’m very doubtful. Having done some digging into CPM ive found out who it’s run by and where they are based from
  11. So again today we have gotten another ticket but here’s a laugh. The guy issuing the ticket is obviously friends or family with someone in the block because once he ticketed my car, he went and parked up in one of the double spaces, double parked and went in!! Can’t make it up!
  12. To add as well, the only other document that we have had to agree to on move in is an agreement between our landlord and the building landlord which basically outlines the correct useage of the building. There is only one point in there regarding to parking which is attached
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