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  1. I would agree with you there. It’s completely evident that they are being advised by BW legal who clearly want to push it as far as possible to get paid as much as possible.
  2. So there’s still a chance it might not make it to a court room then? Whilst I’m confident here, obviously the ideal situation would be for it not to make it to a court room full stop!
  3. Right, have phoned the court as they were due to pay their fees by today at 4pm. They have paid their fees on January 13th so looks like we're going to court!
  4. yep will get it posted up once I’ve removed all of the sensitive information. the next stage for me is checking they have paid their fees on the due date. I assume that is just a case of calling the court that the hearing is taking place at?
  5. Thanks for taking the time to write that! All completely valid pints. Unfortunately I struggle to get what I’m thinking down onto paper which is clear here ill be up early tomorrow to make these changes, get it all printed and off to the court and BW. Then play the waiting game and see if they actually pay their fees! thanks again to everyone who has contributed. Really appreciated
  6. Taking into accounts your comments above (Which are really appreciated), i have pretty much rewritten my WS which is attached. Again any last minute comments are really appreciated. This is being hand delivered to the court tomorrow at 9am and posted off to BW. Witness statement version 2 REDACTED.pdf
  7. yes, about 14 hours a day running my own business so doing this genuinely has been a burden on my own earnings and that of my business
  8. It’s a table with the 3 ticket numbers on, the time and date of contravention and the reg number. I blanked it out for the reg and the ticket numbers. You’re not missing anything that isn’t already listed elsewhere.
  9. Thanks DX, was nervous about pushing it right to the last minute but I’m quite confident now all will be fine jumping the gun a bit Here but how does it work in claiming from them my time in the event of me being successful? i know I can claim 5hrs at £19P/H (?) but am I correct there is other things I can claim for?
  10. With regards to the signage, now I have seen their WS and they have dropped themselves in it with this, I can now rewrite this bit to cover the fact it’s incorrect, the fact there is multiple different signs across the site and that in my opinion, it’s not adequate (location, lighting etc) ad tomorrow’s the last day I have to prepare this, I will be doing so in the morning getting it all ready for hand delivery to the court on the 2nd. I know most will probably be hung over from the New Years celebrations but I’d really appreciate any other comments before it’s signed, sealed and delivered. Finally, CPMs offices are 30 seconds from the court so do you think hand delivering to CPM will be acceptable as well?
  11. So it could very well be a representative from BW that is attending then. Again not that they could be cross examined unless it’s the author of the WS themselves?
  12. just so I can get a better understanding, what is the abilities of their advocate in court? Are they able to argue any points made in the claimants WS or argue against mine? Or is it purely that they are they as a representative with effectively no say in the matter?
  13. Also just noticed this in the email they sent along with the WS ”Notice is hereby given pursuant to CPR 27.9 (a) & (b) that our client will not be in attendance at the hearing and wish for the Court to decide the claim in their absence. Please note that our client will be represented by an advocate. “ Anything I need to take into account here other than losing the satisfaction to see them personally lose?
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