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  1. Thanks King. We have very rarely an experiment. Maybe 3 or 4 a year but I was excluded from all classes which are 99% theory. Unfortunately there has been nothing offered to me.
  2. Hi, I just wanted to know if anyone has had the same experience or has any information on what to do about this. At the start of my college course I informed them that I had epilepsy. I needed a few days off because of it and then I received an email in October from my tutor telling me I had been removed from the course. I hadn't been offered a chance to explain or offered any student support services before, or offered any reasonable adjustments. I was told I might be able to get back onto the course if I was able to supply a letter from a doctor stating I would not have
  3. Thanks all, I shall check into those suggestions. I just find it a little bit worrying when they say it is reasonable that I knew about this. It certainly wasn't to me. Especially as they had stopped my benefit last year citing that they had information my income had changed and once I sent in my income details they reinstated the claim back to £5 less than what I was getting so it didn't raise any suspicions that I was getting more than I should have. I have put in my income details from wage slips on the direct.gov site and it's tallying up with what I have been getting. It's somet
  4. That's great thanks estellyn I will do that asap. Hopefully they can realise that it's an error on their end as my income does simply not pay the rent and standard bills/food.
  5. Yeah I was given one and the figures they are quoting are much higher than I was paid. All I can do is show my wage slips and bank statements and hope it was a council error. How could the HMRC figures be incorrect? Does that happen often?
  6. Hi, So I received a letter telling me my HB was being over paid to the tune of £3.5K to my shock. My income has not changed at all and I had a review in the Autumn and they confirmed I was getting the right amount. Now they are saying they have received information from HMRC and have reduced my entitlement and told me I have to pay the money back. However I'm certain something is wrong somewhere. I have not had a pay rise for years and the gov.uk website HB calculator confirms I was getting the correct amount based on my income not the amount the council are claiming I should have be
  7. Hi all, I started a job a few months ago and had no problem with Epilepsy for ages but a month into the job I started having a few issues (seizures) with it. After a week my employer asked me if I had had any medical issues that they should be aware of and I told her no as I thought it was just a blip and had a bad experience at a previous job once they knew about it. I'm going to tell them now after having a few days off so they know in case it continues to be an issue but my worry is, can they sack me for not telling them about a disability when asked? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I received a debt letter some months ago and sent the prove it letters I have never taken out those home collection loans as the APR's are horrendous. They have told me they have closed the account as they can't find the credit agreement after about two months of looking. I asked them will the debt be removed from my credit file and they sent me this: I can confirm that our letter dated the 18th September stated “At this time we have closed our file and will not make any further contact with you concerning payment against this account unless the cop
  9. Hi all, I have made a claim to the employment tribunal as I feel the company I worked for had discriminated against me because of my disability. On their response they are obviously denying everything I have said but they have also added denials of allegations that I have never made. They are being represented by solicitors. Here's what they said: "It is denied that the claimant was unfairly dismissed as alleged or at all" At no point have I even mentioned it. Can I say anything about this? They have also said I cancelled all the grievance meetings (3) because I was
  10. Yeah it would be a great result, but I don't think they are going to offer me anything. I think it's more about being able to say 'we followed procedures'.
  11. Hi all, I asked many times whilst I was at my previous job to have a meeting about why they were not paying me correctly and sometimes not at all when I started asking for SSP yet I was ignored. I have sent a disability discrimination claim to the ET for that and other reasons which was accepted by the ET and now my former employers want to have a meeting (blimey). They kept putting if off however by cancelling right at the last minute, once when I had already left home so that, in their words "could speak to their legal advisors first". Now they have sent their response to the ET a
  12. Thanks for your help. They are a claims management company so I'm sure they will make it very difficult for me. Should it be in a certain order? Or put into seperate sections?
  13. Hi, I'm preparing everything for a disability discrimination tribunal and I wondered what should normally be in the bundle. Is it all the evidence to help prove my case or is it something standardised? Thanks for any help.
  14. Hi all, I have had some problems with work since November as I needed to take time off due to a disability. I had asked for months for SSP but they kept ignoring me and not giving a reply to my request. They then became quite nasty threatening me with dismissal even though I was following correct procedure. I eventually got some sick pay in March but they would not give me all of it and would not say in person or writing why. I got about 10 weeks SSP out of 18 weeks and supplied fit notes for another 17 days since then but they have not given me anymore nor given me a reason once aga
  15. Thanks Khuz360 it's nice to hear someone that makes me feel I have not been treated fairly. I could have just left work in November and gone on ESA and got my rent and council tax paid but I didn't want to do that. I wanted to have a chance to earn money once I was well again and just get my SSP which is a third of what I could claim on benefits. But the directors hated that and after trying to push me out which didn't work they conveniently put me in the redundancy pack. I would have been just happy to have been paid, even for the bank holidays and annual holiday. If they got mixed
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