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  1. Between January 2014 and April 2014, bailiffs were visiting me for two CT debts. I informed the bailiff by email about my suspected Asperger's but they never responded. At the end of April I moved due to my landlord selling up, and no bailiff has visited me at my new address, but I'm worried they'll be back. I've started paying directly to the council and want them to take back the debt as I don't feel bailiff enforcement is suitable for me. However, they're completely ignoring my letters and emails. Before I progress to an LGO complaint, I've decided to email the council CEO based on a thread
  2. I took out a loan for £100 with £20 interest, due on 27th May 2013. By 21st June (less than a month!) Minicredit had inflated that to £415.00 in total. Suffice to say I never paid the greedy sods a penny. Do I have grounds to complain to the FCA? Kapama are now calling and emailing about this debt (I just received notice of assignment).
  3. I'm trying that route too, however their argument is that the server they deleted was on a separate contract, so no breach occurred regarding the server I'm cancelling. I was hoping CCR would apply as it seems the simpler of the two arguments.
  4. Hi, Firstly, sorry if this is the wrong section. I wasn't sure if it should go in the retail forum or not. Earlier this year I (an individual) entered into an agreement with a company whereby I rent a web server from them. At the time of entering the agreement the Distance Selling Regulations (2000) were still in force. There was no minimum term to this contract, and there's no obligation for me to renew at the end of each renewal period. I make manual renewal payments each month by logging into their website, and clicking 'Renew' next to the relevant service. The expiry da
  5. Hi, I'm more than willing to go through with the action. Is there a LBA template anywhere for reclaiming these charges? I also sent a CCA request to 1st Credit on 27 October. They replied saying they'll send me the requested information, but so far they havent.
  6. Hi, I have Mackenzie Hall emailing, calling, and texting me. I've responded to none of this. They haven't sent me a letter, or in any way told me what debt they're trying to chase. What do?
  7. Hi, I sent a letter dated 27 October to Aqua claiming these charges back. I gave them 14 days to respond, but that deadline has long expired and I've not heard back from them. Is the next step a reminder or a LBA? [Edit] This is now showing on noddle as 1st Credit. Unsure what difference that may make?
  8. What about the medical basis and the interests of justice? Is that not my strongest angle? With your other idea, are you suggesting to pay in full and then claim back the unfair interest and charges that have been added on?
  9. Don't worry I'm not about to make any such offer to them without going down the CCA route first. I just wondered that, if it came to it, would they be obliged to accept?
  10. There was no option to set aside. It also required forthwith (14 days) payment to the Claimant. It just seems really unfair that the Claimant can fail to even attend the hearing for their own claim and still win even though the defendant declared himself unfit to attend court and asked for an adjournment.
  11. Hi, Many months ago after being spammed with dozens of calls, texts, and emails, from Payday Express, I got them to agree to £200 in settlement of the entire debt. I insisted they put the words full and final in writing but I couldn't quite get them to do that, so the offer stalled. Now the debt has moved to Ruthbridge are they in any way obliged to honour the £200 PDE seemed willing to agree to? Ruthbridge are claiming closer to £800 from me.
  12. Yes it was. I was shocked when I read the Judgement which started "Upon neither party attending". I was annoyed at myself for not being able to attend, as their absence would have made it much easier for me to defend their Claim and possibly even win my counterclaim.
  13. Oh I completely understand the need to keep it altogether, it's just I did seem to get missed last time so if I go for the set aside, I could really use some help to get it all right and score a victory against these cretins! You're right, he awarded Judgement for the Claimant in the absence of both parties, and he also dismissed my counterclaim. It's also worth noting Safeloans are claiming (in an email) that I also owe them legal fees even though these did not form part of the Judgement, and as I understand it, do not generally get awarded in any Small Claims case.
  14. Also [email protected] and [email protected] - Rebecca was the only one I ever got a reply from I basically emailed them and said if they ever hope to receive a penny from me towards the alleged debt, then they MUST communicate by email. And so they did. I got them to acknowledge I had revoked their implied right of access to my property and they agreed nobody would visit. They even responded to my CCA request by email, which I was subsequently able to completely destroy. I haven't heard from them since.
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