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Found 8 results

  1. I just got a letter from Metropolitan Collection Services of Coventry. They're pursuing an overdraft I had with HSBC. Last activity on the account was I think December 2010. Shortly after they withdrew the overdraft cos I wasn't paying into the account regularly. The debt is now in the region of £1250. I'm on benefits here and I can't afford to pay this of in a way they'd find satisfying. They have also floated the possibility of taking me to court in 'the country where you live.' Anyone got any advice on how I might call off the dogs?
  2. A knitting pattern book ?? http://cag.tw/2032 I took a screen shot of this, I couldn't believe it. "Not for sale to persons under the age of 18" I wonder what is so dangerous or shocking - sadly this item doesn't allow you to 'look inside'.
  3. iPlayer to require TV licence from September 1st No more free BBC on-demand. Doesn't impact other on-demand services though.
  4. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the method used by Sportsdirect to resolve a short delivery. Maybe I've been spoilt by some of the excellent customer service provided by just about every other company. I received my parcel, slightly later than stated, in a box that had been reboxed by the delivery company, Yodel. Upon opening it I found some items to be missing, totalling £11 on a £100+ order. As a family, we have had no problems until now. I emailed them with details of the missing items. I was then requested to take pictures of the box. I was then asked to fill in some sort of disclaimer form. I filled this in and was told I would have to print the form off and fill it out then post it before they would do anything. This all seems a bit much. And the fact the onus seems to be on the customer to prove they are almost telling the truth! Is this the way short deliveries are dealt with? I won't name the other companies I have dealt with and NEVER had any of this agro, purely because the list would be too long. Any help would be greatly appreciated Pauline PS, should have added I have emailed back to ask why it is such a convoluted procedure I have had what is obviously a generic reply probably generated by a bot. Absolutely abysmal, non existant (literally) customer service.
  5. I have a small claim logged in court. But I have just had a response back from the judge saying, 'The defence discloses no reasonable grounds for defending the claim and is struck out.' Is this the judge basically saying you have given a crap defence so get on and pay up? I have submitted a counterclaim but nothing has been acknowledge about this.
  6. Hi, I've been getting spammed by text message and phonecall by Moorcroft. They didn't identify who they purchased the alleged debt from. They did leave a reference number in a text message, which allowed me to log into their website and submit a message along the lines of: "Your communication by text message and telephone will cease immediately, and you will contact me in writing. Failure to comply will put you in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1999, and s.127 of the Communications Act 2003. Any future communications will be recorded and logged to be used in evidence." They responded by letter saying: "Thank you for your recent correspondence, I write to confirm we require a monthly repayment proposal you can afford and maintain, to enable us to assist you further." This seems to imply they won't stop texting and calling until I agree to hand over money to them.
  7. Someone has asked me to enquire on their behalf regarding the new PIP rules when someone is already in receipt of DLA. They received their award following their consultant completing form DS500 which advises the DLA team that they have a terminal condition. They have a motability vehicle through the scheme and their DLA award is due to expire next summer. They have spoken to the DLA team this week and been advised that they will receive a telephone call approximately 20 weeks in advance to be interviewed over the phone and subject to their answers is whether or not they get it renewed. I have been researching through this site to look for similar threads but I presume because it is quite early on in the transition of things, that not too many people have yet been affected. Therefore, can anyone point me in the right direction as to what they might expect in a telephone interview and whether their consultant is still able to complete forms on behalf of his patient? Who will carry out these telephone interviews? Will there still be an appeal process? I am certainly not looking for people's personal opinions as to whether a terminal patient should or should not receive this benefit, I am strictly looking for accurate information set out by either DLA/government bodies or other community organisations which maybe fighting the government and or supporting people through this transitional process. Thanks in advance
  8. I have had a few financial difficulties in the past but have now decided to claim but need a bit of steering. At the time of taking out all loans/cc i was self employed and im fairly sure I would have ticked every available box to get my hands on the cash. Of course I have no way of proving this and I don't get any correspondance from the companies directly. I have thrown avay all the account numbers just to make it even harder. I have 4 claims that I want to persue, on all of them I defaulted on the repayments and they are now owned by 3rd parties. Since 2006 I have not missed an agreed payment on any of the below. 1. Lloyds TBS consolidated Loan & Overdraft from 2000 - Loan amount unknown (£18K+) when defaulted - Now owned by 1st Credit with £12K outstanding. 2. LLoyds TBS Credit Card from 2000 - debt was £4K when defaulted - Now owned by Experto Cretito with £1.4K outstanding. 3. Tesco Credit Card from 2001 - debt was £6K when defaulted - Now owned by Moorcroft with £3.5K outstanding 4. American Express Credit Card - debt was £5K when defaulted - Now owned by Brachers with £0.8K outstanding. I have sent out a SAR (using the template on here) to all 4 companies asking for the full details or each loan/cc agreement. I have used all the information available from the above 3rd parties and quoted an old address. What are my chances? Have I acted correctly so far? Thanks. M
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