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Found 17 results

  1. Hi.. First post on here so please just let me know if I do anything wrong. I've been reading through all the letters people have sent to Harlands etc but not sure they're specific to my situation. I was going through a tough time financially and cancelled the Harlands direct debit without letting them know first which I acknowledge was a massive mistake and has caused some issues. After the fine raising in price to something daft like 60 quid, I sent them this that I'd found on here - Dear Sir/Madam I refer to my membership at Xercise 4 Less gym in Kirkstall which was a month to month agreement. I cancelled my direct debit mandate in June but realise now that I should have given 30 days’ notice to cancel. Cancellation of the DD mandate was adequate notice of my wish to cancel. So I now offer to pay £11.99 for the notice period. I will not pay you any administration or cancellation fees. If you confirm in writing that you will accept the amount of £19.99 in full settlement of all that I owe, I will pay you promptly. If you fail to accept my offer within 14 days or you demand any higher amount, I will pay you nothing and my offer will be withdrawn. Yours Faithfully, Jack From: Harlands Customer Services Sent: 06 July 2018 10:17 ***** Subject: Important information regarding your membership payments to Xercise 4 Less Dear Mr ***, Please find attached a letter regarding your direct debit instruction, reference number for .... Xercise 4 Less. If you have any questions, please call the Harlands customer service team as per the attached letter, quoting reference number Yours sincerely, Harlands Customer Service Team I didn't hear anything back from that and they've carried on sending me texts / letters from Harlands to my old address. Today Credit Resolution Services text saying "You have been sent an email from CRS regarding your account. Please check your inbox... etc." I now receive a letter from them stating that I owe £140 pounds (Original £80, plus CRS £60 in admin fees). Re: CRS Ref No: **** Xercise4Less Leeds Ref. No: ***** We've been employed by Xercise4Less Leeds as your membership remains in arrears. As a result of this, our fees totalling £ 66.50 have been added. Therefore, your account balance now stands at £ 140.48. WE WANT TO REACH AN AMICABLE RESOLUTION WITH YOU! In order that we can do this, please ring our non-premium rate number - 01444 449165. WHAT ARE THE OPTIONS? 1. You want to continue your membership - The club want nothing more than for you to get the full benefits of your membership. You simply need to pay your arrears and either set up a new Direct debit with us for your remaining months or rejoin Xercise4Less Leeds if your membership has expired. You may also be entitled to a discount if you are able to settle your account balance in one payment. 2. You believe you've cancelled your membership - We understand the numerous reasons why people stop going. We'll listen to your reasons and do everything we can to resolve your account in line with the terms of your membership. 3. You're experiencing financial difficulties - We know times can be tough and therefore have a variety of possible solutions to assist you, including monthly payment plans that you can afford and recommending independent organisations that may be able to assist you in severe circumstances. We'll cease further letters for 7 days, so please call us on 01444 449165 before then. Yours sincerely For Credit Resolution Services Nuria Manson Collections Department Has anyone got any advice on what to reply with considering I've already sent an email saying I'll settle for £25? My monthly membership was only £9.99 and I didn't think I would have to pay any further for a service that I would not be using if I just cancelled the direct debit. Thanks for reading!
  2. Hi, I have 2 loans with welcome. 1 was for a car where I was well ripped off, and the other for a cash loan. There is no HP. My cash loan was for 2000 and is a fixed sum loan agreement. and to date I have paid back £3839.63. Aktiv kapital want £450.85. The total amount payable on my credit agreement is £3950.64. I CCA them a few weeks ago and got my original document. Never knew I was paying that much. also got a copy of all payments made since stay of loan in Sept 2007. Interest was added monthly until 05/05/2010 when went to step change. Then frozen. Only 1 fee of £20 for direct debit cancellation in may 2008. I want rid of this debt, feel I've paid enough, or in my calculations only now owe £111.01 minus any extra charges. What can I do. My next post will be about my car. AKTIV KAPITAL have not supplied my payments made but my balance is still £6163.23 Been paying this since January 2008. Went to step change in may 2010. I've looked closely at my credit agreement and there is shortfall extra insurance that I didn't ask for, and a whole array of confusing figures. The amount of credit for the goods was 7950. I've been conned and want to sort this out as lost my job, (but am fighting in employment tribunal) and need to clear up my debts as got loads of them totaling 15k. Please help
  3. HI I am getting a lot of grief from mercantile credit. I got some money back from a PPI using an agent and agreed to pay them an amount. I did not receive the invoice i got threatening letters from Mercantile saying they had taken on the debt and were taking me to court and coming round my house ( from Liverpool) I panicked and wrote to them saying i will pay the original invoice but not the charges added as i had not received the invoice. They would not accept my dispute i paid £110 and agreed a repayment over the phone of £100 a month for the next 3 months. I was supposed to pay 30th September but didn't now they are threatening me again. Who are mercantile ? What can they do? Thanks
  4. Hello briefly my 15 year old asked me to let her join xercise4 less so she could go with her pal after school back in may. I wasn't sure if she could join due to her age so I phoned the local club and was assured it wouldn't be a problem and due to her age she couldn't be signed up to a contract and could cancel at any time. around the start of September she was turned away with her pal as they were both under 16. She told me she wasn't going back so I cancelled the dd and thought that's that. end of September a letter came addressed to her from Harlands saying they had she owed them £14.99 plus £25.00 fee. I immediately phoned them to explain she was only 15. But they refused to talk to me quoting the data protection act. I phoned the local club and they asked me to send proof of her age, so I emailed them a scan of her young scot card. They confirmed they received it and would pass it along. last week I received a text saying her account was in default. I called again, they told me they had received nothing from the club. Again I explained her age and told them not to contact her again. Today she received another letter saying she now owes them £79.98. She is a bit upset even though I told her not to worry. How do I get them to stop harassing her.
  5. I am worried about some debts that i struggled with after a relationship split. My ex ran up the debts in my name and then left, leaving me to sell up and move to avoid losing my home. I couldnt pay some CC's and i left to live overseas. I have now returned and found out that in my absence my family members were traced by DCA's and subjected to constant harassment. My sister had a solicitor write to them to say the debt wasnt hers. I used her address for mail briefly after i moved overseas. She now says that she was taken to court for information on me?? this doesnt make sense as i thought they could not contact a 3rd party in this way? The debts are now 6yrs old but i am worried. I am not working and have been ill for a number of years, I am struggling to make ends meet as it is and cannot afford to pay these debts. Any advice is appreciated. thank you.
  6. I cancelled my membership to fitness first in person in their Old Street gym on 6 June and I received a paper receipt and email confirming that I had successfully cancelled. At the time they told me there was a month notice period I assumed the membership cancelled on 6 July. Now they finally claim the notice period is NOT one month but EIGHT weeks on 31 July!!! I found they were still debiting money from my account illegally. When I contacted the local gym in Old Street, the membership manager's reply was very abrupt and almost rude I contacted their head office. Their head office did NOT even reply. After waiting a week, I cancelled my direct debit and claimed the money back through the DD guarantee. Now they have appointed debt collectors even though I dispute I owe them any money. I have contacted the Citizens Advice consumer service who have passed the complaint to Trading Standards. I will be contacting the CMA next about their harassment. If Carrs continue to harass me, I will also complain to the FCA. I have been a member since 2011 but never again. What else can I do about this dishonest company?
  7. hi there I'm very relieved to find this website as now I don't feel alone My elderly parents have for the past 2 months been harassed by a company called LOWELLS phone calls - usually one at least per day, and letters - one per week they claim that my brother owes £12,000 in debt - but my brother does NOT, he doesn't have any loan etc and he left home over 7 years ago so why are they sending these letters and calling my parents? how do we get this to stop my poor father is dreadfully upset and he wants to know why this debt is at his address, etc he tells them time and time again my brother does not live there but they ignore him the letters are getting more threatening and I'm very worried my brother is abroad so I'm trying to help any advice please
  8. I have received 2 letters from Robinson Way asking me to confirm that I used to live at an old address, I left this address around 15 years ago. I did not reply to either of these letters and (maybe foolishly) destroyed them. I had previously had letters from MacKenzie Hall and eventually sent them a statute barred letter as the debt they were referring to was not only one that I didn't recognise, but was over 6 years old. Today I have had a phone call from Robinson Way which has made me feel quite scared. I refused to go through their data protection as I recognised the name, but I am very worried about what their next move might be. I wish I had kept the letters now, but unfortunately on another forum I read that the best thing to do was to bin them. Any advice please?
  9. Hi, I've been getting spammed by text message and phonecall by Moorcroft. They didn't identify who they purchased the alleged debt from. They did leave a reference number in a text message, which allowed me to log into their website and submit a message along the lines of: "Your communication by text message and telephone will cease immediately, and you will contact me in writing. Failure to comply will put you in breach of the Protection from Harassment Act 1999, and s.127 of the Communications Act 2003. Any future communications will be recorded and logged to be used in evidence." They responded by letter saying: "Thank you for your recent correspondence, I write to confirm we require a monthly repayment proposal you can afford and maintain, to enable us to assist you further." This seems to imply they won't stop texting and calling until I agree to hand over money to them.
  10. Hi guys, I'll just give a quick overview of my situation. I live on my own with my dog and cat in a park home. It is in a cul-de-sac with two other park homes - one houses my landlady and the other houses my landlady's son, the property I am renting used to be occupied by my landlady's mother. I have been here, under an AST, for 18months. I'm 28, with no children, and am disabled. My friend (we'll call her Jane) had a short term relationship with my landlady's son (we'll call him Dave) which ended badly when my friend discovered just how much of an a***hole he really is. Dave has convinced himself that I am to blame for the relationship ending and that I am spying on him. In truth, I have kept my mouth shut and have refused to be drawn on an opinion of the whole sorry saga. I am a naturally quiet and private person and loath gossip. Dave has made my landlady's life a living hell by constantly going on about it all and pushing her to evict me or push the rent up to get me out. She is 60 and a very nervy lady and is sick to the back teeth of being bullied by her son. Last Monday I received written notice of a rent increase of £25 that will make my staying here that little bit harder and Dave knows it. It has been increased to placate him and give his mother a quiet(er) life. His mother has even been thinking of selling up and moving away just to get rid of him. He rents his park home from his uncle but I'm not sure if he has a tenancy agreement or not. My landlady and I get on really well and she does not want me to go or put the rent up but she was bullied into doing so by her vicious son. I would like to know what legal recourse I have against my neighbour re harassment? Also, he has 12 scrap cars up here all rotting into the ground - can he be made to clear it all up even though it's private land? The land belongs to my landlady and she is fed up of asking him to clear it up. She's now frightened to say anything to him for fear of verbal abuse. In an ideal world I'd stick a lit match through his letterbox (JOKE) but he's put the sword of Damocles over my head so I'd like to return the favour! Sorry to ramble on, as you can appreciate it is a very complicated situation. Any help would be very appreciated. Many thanks Kat x
  11. I've lost count of the number of calls, texts and automated messages left by EQL - Not just me but my girlfriends parents as well.. This is despite the following letter sent in 2007 and despite the alleged debt now being statue barred (assuming this letter didn't "re-set the clock" - I've made no payments, and never accepted this as a genuine debt). What's my next course of action? Further letters, complaint to OFT? Find their head offices and go on a kill-crazy rampage? Seriously, it's getting ridiculous now! Help much appreciated, as always.. Equidebt ltd Equity House Ettington Road Wellesbourne Warwickshire CV35 9GA Ref: 54601 6303 4766 111 20th June, 2007 Verification required of Alleged Debt I do not acknowledge ANY debt to your company. I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true and original copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974 (s.77 (1) for fixed sum credit) - your obligation also extends to providing a statement of account. I enclose a £1 postal order in payment of the statutory fee, PO Serial Number 08358149. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act, creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with a request for a copy of the agreement under these sections of the Act. 2. A signed true copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement that you allege exists. 3. You are notified that you are obliged to supply these documents, whether you are the original creditor or not under S189 of the CCA 1974. Non-compliance with my request is a criminal offence under the above Act and will result in a report being submitted to the relevant statutory authorities. As you are aware, a credit agreement that is not properly documented and signed by the customer is totally unenforceable under the CCA and therefore is a complete defence to any court claim that is issued. Take note at this stage, that any legal action you may contemplate will be both vigorously defended and contested and consider this matter to be “in dispute”. Yours Sincerely, xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  12. Hi everyone. I am in need of some advice. I had a loan with royal bank of scotland which (due to money problems at the time) went to debt collectors (Frederikson international) I agreed a payment plan with them directly with direct debit and paid this off. 2 months later i get a call from the debt collectors again saying i still owe another £500. I queried this as i do not have a bank account with this bank and only had the one loan. So there is no logical reason why they would want more money and none of my repayment defaulted. They said i would need to speak to Royal Bank Of Scotland as they had sent them this 'debt' 2 days ago. Also i might add that on this day. ..frederikson international took another sum out of my bank account without my authority which im sure is illegal!! I got this back though. to cut a long story short i made a written complaint to the royal bank of scotland who (after a couple of months of investigating) sent me a letter with good news.. .They had explained what went wrong, apologised for what had happened, specified that they now consider this debt to be paid in full, would amend this on my credit rating and even refunded me £110 for the inconvenience. I didnt ask for any compensation but that was a really lovely touch i felt. HOWEVER!!! The very rude team at Triton credit services keep ringing me (every day so far) asking for this 'debt' to be repaid. They keep changing the amount too. Initially it was the full £500. Then i got a letter from them saying it was around £200, then i got a call today saying it was £500 again. I keep trying to tell them about the letter from royal bank of scotland but they dont seem to want to hear it. Ive offered to fax,email, send a copy of this letter to them to back up what ive been saying but they claim 'it shows as a debt on the system and cant be changed' Apparently its all about the system... Ive gone to the ombudsman who have said they will send a letter, but they still keep calling!! I just want to be left alone and my credit rating sorted. Is there anything anyone can suggest? As im getting to the stage now where im tempted to counter sue for harassment and detriment of character. Thankyou Im getting married next year and will be wanting to start a family and apply for a mortgage. So i cannot afford to have this debt on my record.
  13. Hi, This is a bit complicated but bear with me. I had a Co-op bank credit card for many years with a £500 limit. Whenever i used the card I always paid in full each time a statement arrived. I have for some years been on ESA. Last summer, due to being on £71 assessment for over a year awaiting an appeal i had to use my card for living expenses. I withdrew up to the £500 limit. I intended repaying the minimum payment each month by making a payment then withdrawing £10 for the following month. I realise the balance would not go down much but I would be making payments. However the card expired and they refused to send a new card. The insisted I repay them first. Is this legal? They entered into a contract to renew my card and operate my account. I needed a new card to be able to withdraw £10 each month to cover the minimum payment. By refusing to renew they effectively closed the account. Am I within my rights therefore to say they broke the contract and not pay them back? I lost my appeal and am living on limited savings so cannot repay them anyway. Also I moved abroad, outside the EU. Are they likely, or even able to pursue this debt in a foreign court? Surely it would cost them far more than £500 to do so. Any help or advice would be very welcome.
  14. Hi, wondering if anyone could help over an issue that I have. My son was due a bank several thousand pounds, the bank have now sold the bad debt to a debt agency. The agency call me very frequently asking for payment, despite informing them of whats happened, they never listen. My son was living with us while at university, and he has the same name as I, Im certain the debt company thinks I am at it!! The debt is from 2006 at the latest, I know this because in 2007 he emigrated to New Zealand, where he now lives. He wont ever be back in the UK, so this could drag on forever unless its resolved. Any idea how I can stop the telephone calls and letters, I really have had enough, I need it to stop ASAP. thanks
  15. Hello Well to cut a long story short i took out a Vanquis card around 18 months ago whilst i was in full time employment, to build up my credit history as i was 23 and hadn't previously had any history. Unfortunately last year i was diagnosed with a chronic illness and had to leave my job, since then i have had to live on ESA benefits for my poor health. I advised Vanquis of this straight away and last year i set up a payment plan with them. However even though i am paying this every 2 weeks by standing order they are still adding charges and interest on top, and constantly calling me several times a day even though i have told them not to. I don't see the point in paying it any more as with every little bit i pay, charges and interest are being added on and i am being put into even more debt so it is not making a difference. I have sent them proof of illness and my income, and yet they are still making the situation even worse. Finding this all very stressful and i don't need it when i'm poorly, i have been paying all i can with the repayment plan and can't do any more. My questions are; - Are they allowed to do this and if not how can i get the charges removed/reclaimed? - Where can i go for advice, and what would you do in this situation? Many thanks your help is much appreciated.
  16. Hi Everyone... I hope someone can help me! I have had a water bill of £573 when it is usually £25. We have had a lot of harassment from a neighbour, even been to Court and won but she just won't leave us alone! During the hose pipe ban, someone rang Veolia and accused us of washing cars in our field! We never take cars into the field and certainly wouldn't wash them in there. For one thing the field is too wet in winter to get a car in! We are trying to obtain a copy of the tape from Veolia as they won't disclose the persons name but they tape the call. Whoever turned the tap on, climbed over the field gate and turned it on while the hose was attached so that the hose dribbled for months. We rarely even go into the field and never hardly use the tap so it was not discovered for months! The result is a huge bill which I just cannot pay. What I can't understand is why didn't Veolia alert us when they read the meter the first time? Surely they must have realised there was a problem! My question is...how can I get out of paying this bill? What is the best way of getting Veolia to take pity on me? How do I stand legally? I have a threatening letter now...they are going to cut the water off....I don't use it anyway, but they will issue court proceedings. Thank you.
  17. Hi, I received a letter posted by hand 13 days ago regarding two unpaid court fine from marston group.My fine was originally £110 and the other one was £125 but i was paying it off using hmcs card payment service,£5 a week.I was in full time education living on a tightest budget.ALG (adult learnign grant) my passport had to go to homeoffice for a visa renewal.it normally takes 12 weeks or more but in my case it took 6 months and when my visa was about to run nobody wanted to give me a job if in case i dont get a new vise and the money they spent goes down the drain. I finally finished college.I couldnt pay the fine no more because i had no income.I received a text from court fine department with a contact number which i rang straight away and explained my situation.they were very understandable and they said they would wait.well i just found out that they didnt.they passed on the details to marston and i think they have been visiting my previous addresss.i didnt recieve any post from my old address. Long story short somebody hand posted a letter through demanding £450 or they will remove goods from my property.4 days ago somebody knocked i answered ,he asked me who i was and i told him honestly.he then pulled a badge out with an angry look on his face,he demanded money i didnt have.he said he has a warrant of some sorts when i kindly requested if i can see it, he refused i asked him again and he got angry and said he doesnt need to show nothing and got in my face.I didnt react or threatened him as i am not that type and pleaded him to give me some time.he said he will return in 2 days.he said he is dealing with both fines.he wants £400 for one(original court fine£110 of £85 left ) and for the second one £450 ( £125 and still the same left) PLEASE HELP ME.
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