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Found 16 results

  1. PDL company admitted fault in final response offered compensation which was accepted and a date by which it would be paid was agreed. That date has come and gone and the PDL company now say they are to busy with claims to pay up and don't know when they will pay the money. Is the agreement you already have with them as legally binding as it would be had they been directed to pay by the Ombudsman. It seems this is the latest from CFO lending and there are multiple reports of them doing this.
  2. o prior to my line going active on the 19th, I was given an offer for 6 months half price line rental to try and keep me proceeding with the order as Sky had offered me a good deal to stay with them. I was happy with this new offer so obviously told sky I wouldn't be sticking with them. It was at this point they threw out a great offer to which it was back to TalkTalk to tell them I wouldn't be proceeding. On the 13th January, on the live chat, an advisor named Reshan stated ; Reshan: The order is 6 months half price call plan, with line rental and your package. Reshan:
  3. I'll keep this short - I have a gift card which clearly shows a printed start date in 2012 and a card expiry date in 2016. In much smaller letters are also the short T&Cs that say the value will expire 24 months from first load. When I received this I noticed the 2 'facts' contradicted one another but assumed as it was clearly printed "card expires xx/xx/2016" we would have no issues. To back this up I actually emailed customer services back in '14 to check and was not told which is correct, but in actual fact Thomson always honour expired gift cards and vouchers ///:razz: S
  4. last June we booked out holiday for this year in May and we told partners supervisor/boss at time and he said it was to early and to tell him in January this year. we just told him and he said no, I and another lad have booked ours to go away together, we told him this had been booked since last june and that he knew about it, and that we cant alter holiday as it the half term, and he knew this and he has no children an knows we cant re book or cancel it without losing money. Im so upset by this, we have all been very excited over this holiday for a long time. we have 4 children and 2
  5. Hello all I bought a MacBook Air last summer and bought the extended warranty, which gives me 3 years cover. I had a problem with the screen a few weeks ago contacted Apple to get it repaired. At first I took it into the local Apple authorised reseller and when the technician saw it he advised me to contact Apple directly because if he sent pictures of problem to Apple they would automatically rule that it was due to accidental damage and therefore refuse to repair it under the warranty. I contacted Apple, explained the situation in great detai
  6. Hi everyone, I'm looking for some advice on an account with Honour Student Loans please. It's a little complicated and, yes, largely my fault, but any advice would be appreciated. I look at small ( This year I decided to enroll on a degree with Open Uni, starting with an Access course this year and moving onto the actual degree next September. It was during setting this up that I realised that I still had this loan, and that it had been passed to Honour Student Loans. I'm afraid my dealings with them have been far from satisfactory... They're telling me I owe over £1
  7. Over the weekend (21-22 June 2014), Ebuyer had a Mionix Naos 8200 gaming mouse on offer at a discounted price. It was marked with the orange banner they normally use to indicate a particular product qualifies for free shipping with no minimum spend. After adding it to my basket and checking out, there was no option to apply the free delivery that had been promised on the product page. As Ebuyer don't have any telephone support over the weekend I contacted Ebuyer customer support by logging a new eNote on their system. Their response has been shockingly bad and they refuse to refund the de
  8. Hello all! In October last year, I bought a second-hand motorcycle that came with a 12-month parts and labour warranty. In that time, the bike has covered around 1,000 miles and because of the weather I only really got to use it in anger a couple of weeks ago and that's when I noticed that changing up through the gearbox at high revs made the clutch slip. No problem, I thought, I'll get onto the dealer to let them know. After I got back home I decided to do an oil and filter change and that's when I noticed the exhaust downpipes had rusted through and have sm
  9. Hi, Many months ago after being spammed with dozens of calls, texts, and emails, from Payday Express, I got them to agree to £200 in settlement of the entire debt. I insisted they put the words full and final in writing but I couldn't quite get them to do that, so the offer stalled. Now the debt has moved to Ruthbridge are they in any way obliged to honour the £200 PDE seemed willing to agree to? Ruthbridge are claiming closer to £800 from me.
  10. I recently bought a mattress from Dreams. I suffer with a bad back so getting it right is really important for me. I was reassured that should the mattress not be comfortable, I could have a 'comfort exchange' for another mattress if I requested this within 40 days. Unfortunately the mattress was way too hard and I requested an exchange. When i tried the 2nd mattress in the shop, I was reassured more than once by more than one member of staff that should it not be right, I could exchange again. So far so good. A few days after I got the new mattress I realised it was too sof
  11. Help please, I am a Newbie and have been reading lots of threads but I am now totally confused. I had two credit cards with MBNA and they agreed to my repayment offer. They subsequently sold on the debts. The first DCA have honoured my agreement with MBNA and have only written to me once telling me this. However, the second debt was sold off and I immediately started receiving calls from DLC. I refused to discuss my situation with them over the phone and told them to write to me, which they did, I sent them I & E, but they said repayment was too low (but never told
  12. In December 2012 my Mum entered a competition on a local radio station. She won a voucher worth £20.00 for a local restaurant and two bottles of wine. Thinking this was a lovely present idea, she then purchased 2 gift vouchers as Christmas presents in 2012 for £20.00 each along with 4 bottles of wine to package 2 in with each voucher. She gave these as christmas presents to myself and my siblings to use with our partners. As you can see in the picture there is no 'Voucher Expiry' date etc. When my brother called to use his in FEBRUARY he was told the restaurant would no longer h
  13. I dropped my HP DV6 laptop off at the local PC World on December 10th 2012 to have the hinge repaired under the Whatever Happens / Coverplan scheme, which promises to repair your computer within 28 days or offer a replacement or store-credit for a laptop of similar specs. On January 7th (Day 28), I received an SMS message thanking me for dropping the laptop at the store and givig an estimated return date of 16th January. I contacted Knowhow by phone, only to discover an administrative cock-up had occured due to the DV6 being mistakenly logged as my DV7 which had also been in for repa
  14. Hi Everyone I just hope some one has some ideas about my situation which began in May 2008 with the Barclays/Woolwich. They offered me a settlement of a complaint after us all agreeing 60 pages of figures and head office agreeing and now they say they made a mistake and their offer if settlement is not legal. I had two mortgages with them one a joint repayment monthly offset, the other, solely in my name and interest only buy to let mortgage. I wanted to re-mortgage the B2Let with UCB what in effect happened was Barclays/Woolwich redeemed the wrong one ie the resident
  15. Hello, I have come against a big problem with my current Mortgage lender. I originally had a Mortgage with Santader then to cut a long story short I lost my buyer. Found a new buyer who made an offered but subject to extending the lease on my flat. I was not able to accept as it cost 6k and I don’t have the funds, however the vendor of the property I was buying agreed to release 6k as a cash allowance in order for me to pay for the lease extension. Santander has refused to lend on that background as they saw it as the price of the property I was buying been reduced by 6k and didn’t see i
  16. Hello, I have acquired a promotional voucher to enable me to free activiation and a free set top box from BT Vision, As i am already a bt customer i decided to ring BT, They say the voucher is not valid and expired back in 2007, There is no clear expiry date on the voucher, I have made a formal complaint which is being looked into, But they keep referring to the txt on the back of the packet which i will attatch here By jakemuk at 2012-06-07 Can i have some advice on this Thanks
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