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Found 6 results

  1. Hello there, New user to the forum but hoping i can get some help. I bought a dreams Barcelona TV Bed 2 years ago. Bed was fine and working until approximately 3 months ago when the TV raising mechanism stopped working. Upon calling Dreams CS they instructed me to get in touch with Homeserve Furniture Repairs and have them come and assess the issue. Last week i had the technician come to my house and assess that the motor which raises the TV is no longer working and that they would send me a quote for the part and installation within the next few days. Today, i receive a letter stating that HFR can't obtain the part from dreams, but i'm welcome to speak to Dreams directly to try and get the part and at which point they can come and install for a cost etc. I've spoken with HFR and they have told me that Dreams do not supply them with parts at all - Whats the point of using them then??? I have spoken with Dreams this morning and sent them a copy of the letter as I want to know what my next step is in rectifying the issue with my bed. As HFR have labelled the problem as an out of warranty issue, and it appears Dreams no longer sell this particular bed model, is this any recourse i have to getting this issue resolved? Thanks in advance. Tony
  2. Hi, I am new user, I need some help with dreams who are refusing to repair my bed. I purchased a Titanium tv bed from dreams i have complain to the shop that the mattress doesn't fitted the bed and my pillows keep falling down the back of the bed i was told this so i can change the bedding. However, last month the slats broken at the end of the bed and side rail broken contacted dreams they sent out an independent assessor who couldn't even lift the mattress up off the bed my husband had to help him took a couple of pictures and send a letter a week later saying it the fault of customer he said it was heavy downward impact or pressure to cause this damage and said customer said they only lying on the bed but i i also sit on the end of the bed. The mattress to the bed very heavy i cannot pick it and have difficulty puting bedding on the bed. The slats on the bed are thin and not strong enough for the mattress and the mattress move to the bottom of the bed as there a big gap at the to of the bed. The bed is just one year old with 10 years warranty and i paid# 3,317.00 on a loan can you help me as i cannot sleep on my side of the bed.
  3. Hello All, I wonder if you can help. I bought a bed from Dreams 2 years ago. It's an ottoman style bed and the pistons have failed twice in the past. The second time they failed Dreams sent an independent assessor to see if the bed was faulty and he told me the mattress I had been sold was too heavy for the pistons and that's why they kept failing. He said that as I had been sent the regular pistons by Dreams for him to fit he would fit them that day but that if they failed again to ask for the heavy duty pistons which would be better and last. The pistons failed again last month (December 2012) and I contacted Dreams - to cut a long story short they are saying they don't have any heavy duty pistons for that bed but have offered me a replacement bed of a different style - I would have accepted that however they do not have an alternative style in brown leather - only black leather and cream leather - which will not go with the brown leather bedroom chair I have bought. I asked if they could replace just the mattress for a lighter one as this may solve they issue but they have refused and said that the mattress isn't faulty so they are not obliged to exchange it. My arguement is that the mattress is too heavy for the bedstead and I don't want to take a different colour bedstead but they are insisting that is all they will offer me. Has anyone had similar problems with Dreams or can anyone please advise me how to proceed. Ideally I would just like a refund ( I paid £1,200 for the bedstead and mattress) and then I can buy something suitable elsewhere as they don't have any brown leather bedsteads to replace this one. Thank you in advance for any help/advice you can give me P
  4. I recently bought a mattress from Dreams. I suffer with a bad back so getting it right is really important for me. I was reassured that should the mattress not be comfortable, I could have a 'comfort exchange' for another mattress if I requested this within 40 days. Unfortunately the mattress was way too hard and I requested an exchange. When i tried the 2nd mattress in the shop, I was reassured more than once by more than one member of staff that should it not be right, I could exchange again. So far so good. A few days after I got the new mattress I realised it was too soft and was causing me pain (so fussy, I know). I went to the shop where the helpful sales guy organised another exchange for me. He organised a delivery date of today, which is documented, and I have a receipt for the additional £149 Ii paid for delivery and the balance as the 3rd mattress was slightly more expensive. I also have a text from Dreams from 27th May confirming delivery would be today. This was the last communication I had from them. No delivery was forthcoming. When I called the service centre, I was informed that they cancelled the order on 1/6/13 as apparently (although I cannot find this in any of the literature) the shop was not allowed to authorise a 2nd exchange. I was never advised of any problem. Neither have I been refunded the £149! The service centre said the shop should have told me. When I asked how they would know there was a problem with the order that they needed to relay to me, the employee told me the shop should have been told of the cancellation but he could find no record of this (ie it never happened). They are refusing to take responsibility, stating that the shop should never have agreed to a 2nd exchange as its against company policy (apparently it didnt use to be but they have recently changed this). All they will say is "this should never have been done". My areguement is that this is immaterial, it has already happened. We need to deal with what is, not what should have been if they hadn't got it wrong! This has fallen on deaf ears. The shop are refusing to take responsibility saying that they didn't cancel the order, customer services did, therefore its their responsibility. I believe that this is a procedural error within the company that they need to sort out among themselves and as I have documentation clearly outlining the agreement we made (ie that I would get the mattresses swapped, with delivery today, for the sum of £149) they are legally bound to honour this. They cannot unilaterally decide to cancel the agreement sometime after it was made. Am I correct? They are doing their best to weasel out of it. I am going in to the shop tomorrow to try and get them to ring the service centre and sort it out between them, but if anyone can add anything helpful at this stage on where I stand, 'Id really appreciate it. I am so frustrated and annoyed. If I had been told that this was the last chance and there would be no exchange, Id have spent all day in the shop making damn sure it was the right one! Thanks.
  5. I went into our local Dreams store with my husband on December 29th 2012 as we needed a new bed. I'm disabled & a wheelchair user, so I thought an adjustable bed would be the way to go. With the help of the assistant we picked out the bed, placed the order and picked up some bedding to go with it. The finance was arranged and we paid a large deposit. We were told that the bed should be with us by the end of January. The following day, as we had found the bedding cheaper elsewhere, we returned it to the shop and also asked if we could amend our order so we could have drawers in the base of the bed. The same assistant told us that wouldn't be a problem and said that rather than giving us a refund on the bedding (because that had to go through customer services) the value could go partially towards the extra cost of the drawers. As there was still an outstanding amount for the drawers, we paid that later by the same debit card that we used to pay the deposit. We received a letter from Dreams dated 8th January confirming that the bed should be with us by week starting 28th January. The remainder of the extra cost of the drawers was paid by phone during the week 21st January. The call was made to us by the SAME assistant who originally served us in the shop. On the evening of 4th February I called the shop as we had not received the bed or any call to arrange its delivery. I was told by the store that it was best if I contact Simmons (Sleepeazy) directly to find out what was happening. So I called them on 5 February to be told that Dreams had placed a block on the order. She said that I would need to contact Dreams to get the block removed. Immediately I called Dreams who said that it was due to a computer glitch and the block would be removed straight away. During that week both my husband and I called the shop to try to sort out what was by now a mess and we were given different messages by different shop staff. On 9th February I went into the shop again to find out what was happening to my bed. I was told that the block had been removed and Simmons would contact my shortly to arrange delivery. By 12th February we STILL had no bed or received any call regarding delivery. I called Simmons to see what was going on. I went over the story again and I was told that the bed was at the delivery depot and we should receive a call to arrange the delivery. I asked to speak to a manager. The manager came on the phone and said that he would contact the delivery depot to find out what was happening there & call my husband back (I was at work and could not be contacted) in half an hour. No call was received. That evening, after finding out that the manager had not contacted my husband, I called the store AGAIN. The assistant there said that he would call Simmons the next morning and would call me back at home with whatever information he could get. I told him that if the bed was not delivered to my home by the end of Friday 15th February, I would be cancelling the order and buying a bed elsewhere. On 13th February I called Simmons for information and told them that the manager did not call us back as promised. Their representative said that she would contact the delivery depot and then call me back at home. She called me back a short while later and said that I would receive a call from the delivery depot on Thursday 14th February to arrange delivery on Friday 15th February. She even PROMISED me that I would have my bed on Friday. Less than an hour later, I received a call from the assistant at the shop who also said that I would get the bed on Friday as the delivery firm had not put their delivery schedule together yet. I reminded him that if I didn't have the bed by then I would be cancelling the order. When I returned home from work on Thursday 14th February I was told by my husband that we had not received any call. So AGAIN I called Simmons to be told this time that delivery was down for Saturday 16th February. By now I was furious. I explained to her that as my husband was self-employed he did not book any work in for the Friday so he could be home for the promised delivery. AGAIN I asked to speak to a manager, AGAIN he was going to contact the delivery depot, AGAIN he was going to call me back. A few minutes later he called me back just to say that there was nothing he could do, that the delivery was down for Saturday and the delivery schedule had been put in place 2 days before. AGAIN I went down to the store, this time to cancel the order. ( I have to add here that I was unable to get into the store without the help from another customer!) I spoke to a very rude manager who, in short, told me that there was nothing he could do and I should wait for the Saturday delivery. When I told him that wanted to cancel my order, I was told that this would have to be done by calling customer services. As I was leaving I asked for help with the door so I get out stating the shop was not DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliant. At that the rude manager shouted at me from towards the back of the shop that he was "going to help me anyway". I was humiliated! On Friday 15th February I called customer services who, initially wanted to charge me to cancel my order, eventually took my instruction and agreed to arrange a full refund of all the money I had already paid. He confirmed the full amount I was to expect, which matched the figures I have. He also confirmed that I would receive the funds into my account in 3 - 5 working days. He told me that any complaints and requests for compensation would have to be put in writing. I have written my letter, sent it by recorded delivery and now I'm waiting for a response. I've asked for an amount covering my husband's loss of earnings and compensation. On Wednesday 20th February we received a receipt through the post for the refund only to find that it was £111 short. AGAIN I called customer services who couldn't work out why there was a shortfall. He was going to contact the store and call my husband back on Thursday 21st February. When I told the representative that I had requested loss of earnings, I was told that it was company policy not to pay this, EVEN THOUGH IT WAS THEIR ERROR. No call has been received today. I have to call them AGAIN tomorrow (Friday 22nd February) to deal with another one of Dreams' broken promises. Has anyone else had any problems like this with Dreams or Simmons?
  6. Hi all,Hoping somebody may have some experience in dealing with dreams.I have had a Zen Refresh Mattress with a memory foam topper for about 7 weeks now and one side there is a horrible dip and it is very uncomfortable to sleep on at the moment. It basically does not return to shape.Dreams sent somebody around to look at it and he said that is normal and that you have to allow for dips of 3.5cm and this dip was only 2.5cm so it was withing the threshold and therefore nothing to repair.Problem is it is very uncomfortable and who decides these thresholds? What options do I have? Is it worth pursuing this?Also Dreams provide no email addresses to complain to and they do not call back when you send them a message. Anyone have a complaints department contact details?I am willing to pursue this as the mattress was more than £800 and it is uncomfortable within 6 weeks...and also I have taken out the added warrenty too.Any help would be appreciated.
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