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  1. Was your payment part of the redress scheme or a separate complaint made by you
  2. Perhaps CFO had every intention of making the redress payments (and maybe still will). It is almost certain that since the announcement and the headline £34m figure hitting the press they have had a huge surge in claims for unafordable lending. People would would have been due a payment of £40 or £50 pounds under the redress scheme may well have been due a payment of £1k or £2k if they made a complaint and that was upheld. Clearly compensation in these claims will never be paid.
  3. Most of the £34 million was write offs. I think they had to actually pay about £2.7 million in redress. Knowing what a bunch of snakes these people are I thought there would have been checks to make sure they had the money and that the money was ring fenced. I always wondered what the incentive was for these guys to do the right thing as they were no longer actually making money from this business. With companies like Wonga and Sunny it makes sense to pay as they are still in the game. These guys have no doubt been taking monies out of the company in recent months in one form or another
  4. As you can see from my post yesterday I was fully expecting this.
  5. From what I understand you cannot go to the FOS before getting a final response from a company. As the complaint was upheld by the company there was again no reason to go to the FOS. With the company clearly not willing to honour the agreement it has now gone to the FOS. However you cannot be made to pay what you do not have and I believe they will somehow run out of money before they pay up.
  6. A complaint was made to CFO and the complaint was upheld by CFO in their final response letter. So there is no liability issue. The issue is they agreed to pay within 8 weeks and the 8 weeks are up and they have not paid and say they do not know when they will pay as they are so busy processing other claims.
  7. This is what was received from them. I'm guessing as it was signed it is binding.
  8. PDL company admitted fault in final response offered compensation which was accepted and a date by which it would be paid was agreed. That date has come and gone and the PDL company now say they are to busy with claims to pay up and don't know when they will pay the money. Is the agreement you already have with them as legally binding as it would be had they been directed to pay by the Ombudsman. It seems this is the latest from CFO lending and there are multiple reports of them doing this.
  9. I believe they only have to contact all affected customers by March. It might be worth sending them an email complaining about their unaffordable lending. Then you would have to get a final response within 8 weeks.
  10. If you go through the whole thread I'm sure I have seen good advice for your situation. I suggest anytime you agree a repayment plan with any company you get it in writing and make sure it is not at all ambiguous. They will be happy to do so as it's a step to getting money from you. If you have any money left in your current account move it to a savings account or withdraw it. Find out from CFO if they believe you still owe them money and if so how much and get it in writing. Obviously do not agree with them just get their claim in writing.
  11. Do you have absolutely no idea why CFO might believe the balance had not been settled.
  12. So at the time the company took the money he owed them they had his express permission to take the money. I don't like these companies but there is no point complaining if we owe them money and they legally take what we owe from our accounts. Yes it came as a bit of a shock they had managed to get the money he owed them from him but learn from it and move on
  13. I thought when you sign up with these companies you give them permission to take the money you owe them from any credit or debit card that you own.
  14. I don't mean to be funny but as you know they will attempt to take money from any account of yours they have details for and can use cancelled cards why are you still using thataccount.
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