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  1. Good evening...... I had the pleasure of a member of Resolve Calls team visit my home this evening with regard to an old debt of an unsecured loan taken out with Northern Rock in 2004 - last paid via debt management in 2014. Cabot took up this debt in 2015, I sent them a CCA request in Jan 16 but from memory only received a standard response. I have two questions i could really do with some advice on 1) Should I write to Cabot reminding them of the outstanding CCA request or resend the request? From memory i think they sent a generic response effectively saying
  2. Hello everyone. Im new here, so I hope I am in the right place. I really dont know where to begin. I was paying my credit card off at a reduced rate until around 3 years ago when my debt was sold to Cabot who more than doubled my payments. It was too much for me to afford with no job, recently divorced and a young family to support. So I defaulted. Other than one letter from Cabot asking me for full payment of my debt, I have not received any further payment requests nor notifications of home visits during this time. I have lived at the same address for 6 years. I am in Northe
  3. My stepson left the house seven years ago. He had numerous debts. Since then I have had a long battle with various debt collection companies etc. I am sure you know what I mean constant telephone calls, letters etc. i actually won an out of court settlement with one company and have stopped all the rest sending letters or ringing. Today I got knock on the door. A man was there and stated he was from"RESOLVE". I asked to see his I.D which was refused. He then asked to speak to...............asking if he lived here. I simply stated it was none of his busines
  4. Quicker way to resolve claim disputes launched online READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/quicker-way-to-resolve-claim-disputes-launched-online
  5. Hi, I stumbled across this website and I hope you can help me. I'll be so greatful if you can. I have a defaulted Lloyds account which I last used in 2007, and in oct 2013 it defaulted. The overdraft had grown from about £250 to over £1600. I received not a single letter... .up until 2013 when I got one from a credit collector demanding I repay it. I have been arguing it is statute barred for some time now, and they have supplied me with statements showing no activity since 2007 and a steadily increasing debt. It defaulted shortly after maxing out and defaulted.
  6. Sorry for the vague title, I have been fairly successful in resolving issues with PPI claims as I have been able to seek advice on the various forums, some have taken longer than others but have stuck it out. The main problem I have, is dealing with, the various products I ended up paying for with what was the Midland Bank in 1993 through to HSBC in the present day. I have had various endowment policies, critical illness, life cover and even ended up with two mortgage/income protection policies which proved useless as when I needed to claim because the company went into administration in 200
  7. Have been ignoring my 6 Payday loans and 4 other debts for several months now, the other companies don't appear to have put disproportionate amount of interest on to the debt but my Toothfairy loan has gone from the original amount of £300 up to £1438 since I took the loan out in late July and I get this email from them every 5 days: We are writing to give you formal notice that ToothFairy Finance Ltd - ToothFairy Pay Day Loan has legally assigned the rights of the above debt to Marshall Hoares Bailiffs. This means that Marshall Hoares Bailiffs Limited now legally own this debt.
  8. Just had an early Christmas present in the form of a letter from Capital Resolve. Story goes like this, I was a housing association tenant between 2009 and 2014 prior to buying my own house. These were possibly the worst people I'd ever rented from. They had zero maintenance schedule and most repairs would only be done after countless complaints. Weeks after leaving the property I receive an email stating i owed £2154 for damages to the property. The list contained things like realigning kitchen cupboards ( the kitchen carcasses must have been over 15 years old)
  9. A letter from Capital Resolve ( on behalf of TK MAXX) arrived, not addressed to me. When first moved here I regularly received letters and visits from bailiffs and police for people who are using my address fraudulently. In the past, I sometimes sent the correspondence back to the sender, a few I ignored, sometimes I called the various companies, and more than once had to explain to whoever came knocking on the door etc. However, after a particularly bad experience in the past with an enforcer from Marston (I posted here about it and got help!), I am
  10. nb. subject should be freeholder not leaseholder Hi, in a nutshell we are trying to get information on ground rent owed to freeholder and monies we believe owed to my partner (leaseholder) from the freeholder and not sure what action to take next. Here's the timeline and more information: Dec 2013 Roof of my partner and her then husband (we'll call him Gru) leaks resulting in exterior and interior damage to property Freeholder refuses to make insurance claim as behind on ground rent despite not providing my partner and Gru with required invoices for ground rent Decision made to
  11. Oh look... Looks like they have begun trying to "Enforce" These debts...
  12. Hi, I'm hoping someone can shed some light on the method used by Sportsdirect to resolve a short delivery. Maybe I've been spoilt by some of the excellent customer service provided by just about every other company. I received my parcel, slightly later than stated, in a box that had been reboxed by the delivery company, Yodel. Upon opening it I found some items to be missing, totalling £11 on a £100+ order. As a family, we have had no problems until now. I emailed them with details of the missing items. I was then requested to take pictures of the box. I was then asked to fill in some sort
  13. I have received a letter from Capital Resolve who have been " asked to contact (my name) and have been provided my address by a Credit Reference Agency through their name and date of birth matching service" I am not aware of any debts in my name but there may be a possibility of a utility bill debt from a property I rent out. I am concerned about how they managed to find my date of birth and address details. What is the first line of action I should take and in which form? e mail? letter?
  14. Low-value civil court cases in England and Wales could be dealt with by an online disputes system similar to that used by eBay, a report recommends. A Civil Justice Council report says settling non-criminal cases of less than £25,000 online would reduce the expenses generated by a court. Principal author Prof Richard Susskind said eBay disputes were "minor", like many civil court cases. Her Majesty's Courts and Tribunals Service says it welcomes the report. The proposed online dispute resolution scheme would be similar to the one used by
  15. I have had an ongoing issue with British Gas since my renewal dropped through the letter box in September 2014 for £340/yr. A fairly simple telephone call you might imagine to negotiate a better deal to compare to competitors at around £200/yr for the same level of cover. Anyway, two telephone calls that failed to result in a new price, due to "computer issues". Followed by various methods of them delivering the same £340/yr renewal quote with no explanation. Plus my complaints via on-line message through the website and to various complaints/customer service email addresses ha
  16. Hi Please help Capital resolve are threatening me for a debt I had with liquid advance. They have sent a copy of an electronic agreement with yes solutions. I borrowed 260 from liquid advance 18 months ago. Apparently. I thought it was 200. I have made payments of 45 pounds to them via step change and then they gave the debt to capital resolve. I have sent several letters of complaint to capital resolve and also an email stating that I am aware that they have had to report themselves to the FCA etc. I have also told them that I do not
  17. Hi there, I entered into a Tomlin Order with Arrow in Feb 2013. We agreed to a final settlement amount of £552.27 payable monthly at £15.34 starting on the 31st March 2013. I had a letter through after about 4 months saying I hadn't paid anything and we realised I hadn't put a reference number on the bank transfers, the amounts I had paid were found and put against my account. On Saturday I received a letter saying thst RMA Resolve are now managing my account on behalf of Arrow and if the balance is wrong or if I don't think the letter is for me to contact them. The balance w
  18. hi could someone please advise..i had an email from capital resolve yesterday saying that they have booked an appointment to visit my house next week..i have had 2 other emails in the last week just stating that i need to contact them with a ref number no info on why they contacting me..my only question is will they come to my house???
  19. I have received a letter from First Capital Connect saying that they intend to take me to court for travelling without a valid ticket AND allegedly altering my ticket with intent. My ticket was in very poor condition and approaching its expiry date (so I thought!). The magnetic stripe no longer worked and the print on the front had become smudged and worn out. Glancing at it in my travel wallet I genuinely thought that the expiry date was the 18 March - however FCC staff urged me to look more closely and said they believed that it expire on 10 March. I explained that this was an ho
  20. Hi, I received a letter in the mail from Capital Resolve this morning on behalf of their client (Greater Anglia train service) requesting payment of £62.60 This all scales from a charge around £4.20 last year for an unpaid ticket due to their on-board card machine refusing my card (there is no ticket machine at the station to buy before hand) And my account with more than enough money for the purchase as I had to withdraw later in the day to get home (from the same card that was refused) I explained this in a written letter with receipt proof to Greater Anglia (or w
  21. Hi i stupidly got a pay day loan with capital finance one sometime ago and could not afford to pay it back after a couple of roll-overs so i cancelled my card which stopped them taking the money Now the number is used to get a code to enter on the contract i have now sold and just received a call from the person telling me a Gemma from capital finance one had called wanting to speak to me and when he asked what it as for she went and told him that it was for a loan etc can they discuss that with him? Also she then went on to tell him that they are going to report me to the fraud dep
  22. Hi i have recently received an email from a company called capital resolve. I have not had any phone calls so i don't know what it is regarding. I have a suspicion that its been passed over from Nationwide who had their own company dealing with it. I have paid money in the last month into my accounts as i said i would. But where i have temporary work and haven't made regular payments, they have passed it on. Now they have arranged their own appointment to come to my house on the 14th of January. If anyone knows who they are or what i can do about this,
  23. Hi, long story short on here, i took out a loan with CFO back in September. I realised that i couldn't afford this so set about a repayment plan, eventually sourcing one with them (with much pain!) Since then i have been continually sent various text messages and emails from them. 1. Offering me more money!! 2. Threatening me with phone calls to my office and home (even though i have arranged a plan!) 3. Offering me a CFO Resolve loan/ repayment plan( which obviously i already have) I'm not sure the best course of action here, i'd like to raise this to a higher level as this is i
  24. My brother rents a house from a private landlord with two friends. A months deposit was paid as well as a months rent in advance when they moved in at the end of last year. Unfortunately, due to one friend losing his job there was an issue with his share of the second months rent but the landlord was very good about it and gave extra time to pay etc. An agreement was reached whereby they paid an extra couple of weeks rent when able to extend the official rent due date each month and so from the third month they started afresh and paid that month in full. However, it was only at this point that
  25. i had an account with Littlewoods / NDR in December for years i had been paying online and without notice they wouldnt let me into my account yo make payments it was passed onto a company called Arrow Global who then gave it to RMA Resolve to collect payments ...i have been making payment on time 28th every month via telephone banking ... on Wednesday i recieved a letter saying they had not recieved payment's for May and June i know they had recieved payment for May as i had recieved 6 monthly statement and it was included .. and i know i definately paid June .. i phoned
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