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  1. I am looking for advice on gaining the removal of a default notice recently applied by HSBC. I'm new to this site and therefore have not previously followed any advice provided by this site. I'm requesting the default be removed from my credit reports as I believe I have been unfairly treated and this default has not been applied correctly. I believe HSBC has treated me unfairly as they refused to offer and agree a payment plan that their Final Demand letter offered, their communications, and application of process have contained many inaccuracies that have meant resolving the situation was confusing and difficult, and the detail of the registered default are inaccurate. I have already raised this with the financial ombudsman and they have upheld the decision by HSBC to refuse to remove the default (verbally stating I'd taken HSBC's correspondence 'too literally'). My next step is to challenge this decision by the Financial Ombudsman but I only have until the 13th August 2015. I’d be very grateful for any advice on how to approach this and what else, if anything, I should be doing. The background I opened an account with HSBC in 1992. I stopped using this account when I changed jobs a few years ago and opened a new account with a different bank which my salary is now paid into. As the HSBC account no longer received my salary and direct debits were still set on the account (these are time consuming to set up again), the account went over the agreed overdraft on a couple of occasions due to my oversight in managing the balance and the numerous direct debits that were set up on the account. As the account was effectively dormant, HSBC changed my account to a basic account and removed my formal overdraft in the months prior to issuing the Pre-Demand and Final Demand letters. I made a number of payments to keep the overdraft at its limit but , largely due to the fees charged by HSBC, the account did go over its limit again and (I subsequently discovered) entered HSBC’s ‘collection process’. Final Demand The Final Demand letter I received in September 2014 stated "We recently issued you with a Default Notice on the above account." I have never received one nor has HSBC been able to provide evidence of ever having issued one. Following receipt of the Final Demand notice I called to arrange repayment of approximately 50% of the outstanding sum with a suggestion of repaying the remaining balance but the agent I spoke to insisted that there was nothing I could do to arrange a repayment plan and I’d have to wait until I was contacted by HSBC Repayment Services (HRS). HSBC did not make it clear on the call that transferal to HRS would result in a default being registered and that the only way to prevent a default from being registered was to pay the full debt at that time. I consider that I was treated unfairly as the repeated offer in the letter to make suitable arrangements appears not to be genuine and as such, and for the purpose of clear communication, should not have been included in the letter. HSBC also declined my request to clarify this by email following the call. I requested this as the advice given in the letter and the conversation differed so greatly and I was confused by the unclear explanation of the process. The Final Demand letter stated "If you do not make full payment or make a suitable arrangement with us..." and under the "help is available” section specified that “if you are unable to pay the full amount at this time, please call the above number and we will try to work with you to come to a suitable arrangement” HSBC have subsequently responded to me to state that “As the Final Demand had already been set, only repayment of the full outstanding balance would have prevented the account from being passed to HRS and a Default registered with the CRA's.” I consider that I was treated unfairly as the repeated offer in the letter to make suitable arrangements appears not to be genuine and as such, and for the purpose of clear communication, should not have been included in the letter. Inaccurate registration of Defaults HSBC have subsequently registered a default with only 2 of the three CRA’s but did so approximately 4 months after they told me they’d closed the account and registered the default. I’m not sure why the default was registered so long after HSBC say the account was closed and why the default has not been registered with all CRA’s. Inaccuracies in registered default Whilst I don’t believe a default should have been registered due to lack of Default Notice, the default that has been registered appears to be inaccurate based on HSBC’s stated aim of showing “a true reflection of how the account has been maintained"”. The start balance has been registered as the default balance and the account was marked as satisfied about a week before the final repayment was made. In addition to this HSBC had never registered anything with any credit reference agency before April 2015 (presumably because my account was opened in 1992 before they were obliged to share information with Credit Reference Agencies) and as the date of closure of the account didn't match the date of closure stated by HSBC as my account closure date I don't consider this statement to be accurate. According to HSBC correspondence the closure date was in November 2014 but no default was registered until March 2015. I spoke with Experian in January 2015 and they confirmed a default had not been registered and indeed no information had been received from HSBC at all. This is after HSBC stated they had both closed my account and registered a default. This position only changed in my Experian credit file in April 2015. The implication here is that I could have applied for credit for 4 months after HSBC claimed they’d registered a default without a default having any impact on my chances to get a mortgage etc. In addition to this inaccuracy, the final sentence of the last paragraph of the first page of HSBC's letter of was incomplete and simply stated "This is reported for 6 years although”. Response from HSBC to my initial appeal I’ve written a couple of letters to HSBC raising the issues around what I consider to be inaccuracies and they’ve not really acknowledged them. Instead they state that sending other letters (a Pre-demand letter and the Final Demand Letter that referred to a Default Notice that was not sent) fulfilled their obligations under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. Response from the Financial Ombudsman to my appeal After receiving the email confirmation from the Financial Ombudsman that they would uphold the decision I requested confirmation by email that defaults can be registered without a Default Notice having been applied. "I can confirm that you are correct, in line with industry guidance and relevant rules and legislation a default notice should be issued before a default is registered to provide sufficient time for the person receiving it, to take action to try and prevent the default. However, when we receive cases of this type, we look at the overall circumstances of what has happened. As explained, simply because you did not receive a default notice does not mean the default should be removed." The Financial Ombudsman did agree that HSBC’s communication, including the call where they refused to agree a repayment plan, could have been clearer but don’t seem to be concerned by the inaccuracies despite stating that there “is a legal obligation for information that is reported to the credit reference agencies to be a true and accurate reflection of the account”. I’d greatly appreciate any advice on my chances of getting the default removed and the best approach to achieving this.
  2. Hi, I ended up with an overdraft as a company I was working for managed to trick me into giving them my card details, allowing them to take £3500 out of my account when there was no money in the account, ending up in an unauthorised overdraft... This was 3 months ago. I was lead to believe that id be paying back £225 pound a month (roughly), on the 29th of each month. Now that I checked, they are charging me interest and some other card charges, totalling in 3 extra charges on the 3rd of every month, adding to £75 on top of the overdraft, I only have a debit card? One charge is £20 because I don't have money in the account. Is this right? what can I do? can I claim it back? Court? I'm raging! Please help, I would hate to find out there was nothing I could do, I have the dreaded feeling that there is nothing I can do... I need my credit rating up as I am trying to start a business, this all happen at the worst time... word of advice for anyone its relevant to, "Don't Work For Amazon", they are slave drivers fringing on the law...
  3. After the recent changes to unauthorised overdraft fees/charges, i believe every effort should be made to force the banks into repaying the money they have squeezed out of their customers, especially Lloyds. The fees/charges were disgraceful, £10 a day for a maximum of 8 days and then the interest on top, also a charge for being overdrawn was applied, basically there were months i received almost £90 in charges for being merely £20 overdrawn, it's downright disgusting that these banks have been allowed to get away with this for so long. I tried on a few occasions to arrange an overdraft but was refused, yet Lloyds were quite willing to allow me to go overdrawn without authorisation and squeeze out these fees from me. They are honestly a disgrace, and should be made to payback what they have taken, i would love for this to go the same way PPI did, so the FCA needs to make this happen.
  4. Posting on behalf of my partner who has experienced an issue with unauthorised transactions on her HSBC current account. Between the 10th November and the 13th several transactions were made at a local coop supermarket to buy goods and get cashback as well as one ATM withdrawal of £130. Upon discovering the transactions had been made my partner immediately contacted HSBC and reported the card as stolen and went through their fraud process aswell as reporting the theft to both Action Fraud and our local police. Now, I was under the impression that the FCA guidelines stated that HSBC should refund the transactions my partner has raised yet they refused to do so "pending an investigation" Also as these transactions pushed her into an unauthorised overdraft she is STILL being charged a daily fee which HSBC refuse to freeze. Yesterday my partner received a phone call from the HSBC fraud department stating the case was closed and they were finding her liable as the card was present at the time of these transactions and her correct pin had been used. I fail to see how this can be the case as at the time of these transactions we were hundreds of miles away from where they were carried out and my partner can prove this as she made a payment using apple pay in a store 300 miles away around the same time that there was an ATM withdrawal! I have spoken to the bank on her behalf this morning as she is a vulnerable adult with learning difficulties to be told that all HSBC can do now is lodge an appeal against the fraud teams decision which can take anything between 6 & 8 weeks. What is my best course of action to at least get the overdraft fees waived or frozen as I have now given up the hope the bank would have a soul and realise this is a genuine case of fraud against a woman who is suffering serious mental anguish aswell as financial hardship due to their frankly callous and uncaring attitude. Any help appreciated, thanks in advance!
  5. My wife is employed in the public sector at a school. She has a term-time contract (fixed hours per week, employed over 2 years). Recently she collapsed at work as she was being bullied by her line manager. She was advised by her doctor to take the rest of the week off work, which she did (self-certified). These events were reported in writing to the employer, and my wife returned to work. Related to the stress illness, her mother, who lives in a developing country (where my wife comes from), has become quite severely ill, and has lost lots of weight, and may die sometime in the near future (whether that is 1 month, 1 year, or maybe longer I cannot say, but she can no longer walk or move herself). My wife has requested a week off work (the last week of term), however authorisation for this has been denied. According to the employer's policy this would only be agreed in 'exceptional circumstances', however they do not consider her mother's illness to be so. Thus if she takes the time off then it will be marked as 'unauthorised', and disciplinary procedures 'may follow'. What should we do? Obviously I can reply saying that I disagree on their interpretation of exceptional and say that she is taking the time off anyway. (Note that there is no issue about this being unpaid, we just don't want to get into the situation where they can exploit the situation where they have been bullying my wife and turn it around so that she can be dismissed or something ) She is going to see her (sympathetic) GP next week - I don't know if she could ask him for a sick note in terms of her ongoing illness, but it obviously would look a little odd in view of the leave request!
  6. hi folks, need some advice on this one, recently i have returned from spain, while out there i don't know if i lost my wallet or if someone pickpocket it, was a strange moment when someone bumped into and my friend asking what was all that about. i have hired a car from the same company for the last 8 years 2 to 3 times a year, always taking out the full insurance, and have never had a problem before dealing with them. while car was parked someone hit it causing cosmetic damage to the bumper, left his details, but he was still there when i arrived. As i had the full insurance did not have much to worry about and i also had his details, returned on the 5th checked my account on the 9th to find this company has taken £500 out of it, with no explanations at all, or if someone has hired a car with my found wallet and cards, cards were cancelled, the only way to contact record car hire is by email w hich could take unto 30 days for a reply if i am lucky, as now reading the reviews it seems to be a common thing for this company to do to people, my other problem now though is my bank will not put this into despute even though i have explained everything to them, how it could take unto 30 days to reply, no contact number, only email contact, how my cards were lost, how i had full insurance, the reviews this company are now getting, and now they have put my account into arrears, returned direct debits, so will be facing more charges from bank and those with the D/D, but the bank says as i have dealings with this company i will have to wait for their response to my email, bearing in mind this can take 30 days, and if they reply back, explaining they should not have done this, as i had the full insurance, nothing in the terms of what it could be, i.e. if it was a traffic violation etc t hen those authorities would be in touch with me and not the hire company to take monies, i have had nothing from them as to why they have taken this money, and my bank not offering to help, other than giving me an increased overdraft until i hear from the hire company, anyone able to advice on this i would be greatly appreciate it thanks
  7. My Aunt died aged 94 in hospital from Alzheimers which she had for over 10 years during which time she never left her home . I and my father,(her brother) cared for her. I was executor and it was apparent that over the past few years there had been withdrawals of large sums of money from her bank : £13,000 £5000 £6000 etc a total of £75,000 in 6 years. Her outgoings were very small, under £300 per month. I bought clothes, food etc. There was no POA. The bank refused to state who had withdrawn these amounts but when my father died aged 92 two years ago it was apparent from his bank statements that he had been responsible for these withdrawals. The financial Ombudsman has been no use . The bank stated that they phoned my aunt and she agreed the withdrawals . Their security check was that she knew her telephone number and that they 'recognised her accent'. My Aunt didn't even know what year it was and was not capable of giving her permission . As she had never left her home in 10 years I don't understand how anyone from the bank could recognise her accent. The bank are refusing to acknowledge their mistake or to recompense . I now need to know if I can claim back this money from my father's estate or how difficult would it be to take the bank to Court? Thank you for any input.
  8. I am having problems with Virgin Media taking an unauthorised payment from my bank and making me go overdrawn. When I phoned Virgin Media last week, they did not inform me of an outstanding balance for £18.34. Today, I got a letter from my bank informing me that because Virgin Media had attempted to withdraw £18.34 I would be incurring a £10 charge. I did not authorised this payment to be made and I knew nothing about this because I received no notification from Virgin Media. I have sent an email to Virgin's Chief Executive Tom Mockridge complaining of the matter and asking for them to reimburse me the £10 charge I am expecting from my bank. I am on sickness benefits with limited funds. I'm really quite angry with this from Virgin Media, I thought it was against rules to make an unauthorised direct debit transaction.
  9. Hi, can anyone offer me some advice. I've recently discovered a default on my Credit file from 2014, i don't know why I've not seen this before, either blinkers on or I've just not checked thoroughly. Its for £154 from Lloyds, i moved bank accounts a few years ago and in doing so once the overdraft facility had been removed etc there was a negative balance on my account for £154, it was there for a few months and then paid once i had realised, so is settled but the default has been registered. I don't recall receiving a default notice for this at the time, the negative balance was created through overdraft facilities being withdrawn, therefore utilising i assume an unauthorised overdraft, then the account was closed when it was cleared. I contacted Lloyds using the nicely nicely approach asking them to consider removing the default as it was for such a small amount that was causing a negative affect on an otherwise healthy credit file. They wrote back saying why they registered it and no, they wouldn't remove it. having no recollection of ever receiving a default or notification of default i wrote to them, enclosed a £1 postal order for their time etc and they wrote back. They say "We can only remove a default if its been registered due to an error and this isn't the case in this instance. Data forwarded to the credit reference agencies has to be sent in line with the data protection act, principle 4 of the DPA states that personal data shall be accurate and where necessary kept unto date. if inaccurate data about one of our customers is held by the credit reference agencies, we'll be in breach of the DPA. Removing the default we've recorded with regard to your current account debt would mean we are not reporting accurate data. We don't retain copies of default notices, or enforcement notices in the case of overdrafts, and we are not obliged to do so That being said i can confirm that we sent an enforcement notice to you on 18th November 2013. This explained that if you didn't repay the outstanding amount your account would be passed to our consumer debt recovery department and a default recorded on your credit file with the credit reference agencies, to stay in place for six years. Your current account was considered to be in default on 12th feb 2014 when the balance was overdrawn by £154.49 We are not obliged to keep paper records indefinitely and as your account was closed over 2 years ago I'm not not able to supply you with a copy of the application form. However i have enclosed a copy of the final statement we issued on the account and this confirms the amount of £154.49 was outstanding. Yours sincerely......... Can i go anywhere with this, they are claiming that they aren't obliged to keep copies of notices sent to me, their records state they did send it, i say i never received it. The debt was cleared by me and this is shown on the statement they have sent to me with the letter. They claim that the letter they sent me stated (see underlined above) if i didn't repay the outstanding amount my account would be passed to their debt recovery department. They make no mention in the letter that they apparently sent about time scales or when the debt should be repaid by or state how long i had to pay it, only that if the debt wasn't paid. But it was paid. There is no letter to refer to to check as they don't have one, only the comments made above. Could this be my get out clause the fact they make no mention of how long the debt had to be paid ? Or do they have to be able to provide the info i have requested under the CCA ? Im not sure if its covered by the CCA 1974 but in one of their responses they stated that the default will remain there for 6 years in line with the CCA 1974. Appreciate any pointers. Thank you. Is it important to add, the account was closed , it was transferred to a new bank who took care of all the dd transfers, balance etc, so when the Lloyds account was closed i never received any request or demand for payment or agreed with them to set up a repayment plan for the balance that was left outstanding. It only came about as i finally received a request for payment from a company called apex acting on their behalf.
  10. Hi, I'm hoping that someone can help me here. I have just been sorting through my Direct Debits and have realised that I have been paying a DD monthly to Dom and Gen for 4 years and I actually have no idea what for. I realise that I must have agreed to some kind of warranty cover with them initially, but I also know that I have no warranties on any of my appliances that are currently active so I have no need for this cover. I am utterly confused and crestfallen because I am absolutely meticulous about keeping records of all correspondence on these things, and have folders full of this type of info but I have no letter at all from Dom and Gen that suggest that the cover is ongoing or that an automatic renewal of the cover will be happening. In addition to this, the cover started at £6.34 per month in March 2009 and has increased in amount every year since then, they are now taking £9.30 from me! I have now cancelled the DD with my bank, but I really can't understand how it is OK for this to have happened. I am usually so careful with these things, but I tend to rely on correspondence that I get about these things to trigger my action, and I haven't received any. I read elsewhere on this site that companies MUST inform you of any change in the amount that your direct debit is, and this has definitely NOT happened, as it would have alerted me to the fact that the DD was active for no reason that I was aware of. I am really upset and feel badly taken advantage of. I know I should have noticed the DD was there, but I have a large number of DDs set up for various reasons and I must have just stopped questioning it because it's a relatively small amount and has been taken for so long. I'm really kicking myself, but surely there should have been some contact or correspondence from them? I'm going to write a letter to my bank and to D&G now, but any advice or support would be appreciated greatly. Thanks!
  11. Hi all, In need of some of your excellent advice please. Almost 2 years ago I purchased a cheap laptop from a Currys store through my business, at the time the salesperson asked if I wanted any sort of extended warranty - I always say no, they are a complete con of course. Fast forward to now, I have just noticed that he did in fact sign me up for this at £9.58 a month, without my permission. I rang the Currys 'Knowhow' helpline and requested a refund; the lady said she could only refund 6 months' worth of payments, which I declined as I want a full refund, for obvious reasons. The total is over £200! I wrote a letter instead per her advice, but they have declined any sort of refund as I "signed up to it" and included an invoice (unsigned) from the date of purchase, where it dubiously mentions: 18147 WM/PREM - 9.58 I should have checked it, but I didn't. Naive of me to take salespeople at face value I suppose, but whatever. I am somewhat embarrassed that I/my accountant didn't notice this before now - but I suppose my defence of being a business account with over 30+ transactions a day through it goes some way to explaining it. Should I take them to the Small Claims Court? Or some other method like using my van to block the store entrance? As you can imagine, I am livid, and more than willing to "invest" some money to getting it refunded, as it's a matter of principle.
  12. Hi All, Looking for some advice please (I have a number of debts I am looking to gain control of), I will start one at a time and create a separate thread for each. I had an HSBC Advance current account from 2009 - 2014, during this time on several occasions, HSBC allowed me to go into an unauthorised overdraft and charged significantly (many times charging £100 - £150 for this "priveledge") - admittedly my poor account management was to blame for the situation, but ultimately meant every month my account would go overdrawn by up to £150, most times made up solely from the charges from the previous months unauthorised borrowing charges. On one annual statement, I had paid over £1200 in bank charges, majority of these for unauthorised borrowing. Now there is some background, in December 2013, the same thing happened, but this time I decided I would not pay the charges (not very smart) and I would open another bank account with a different bank. HSBC then added more and more charges to this till the point the account reached £727 made mostly of charges. Like a fool, I simply ignored HSBC and buried my head in the sand. The account was defaulted in June 2014, I then started making payments to HSBC and the outstanding balance dropped to £646 until 3 months ago, when I ceased making payment and more recently Wescot are writing and calling chasing this debt. I have looked through threads on this site, but most deal with loans or credit cards, but I know a bank account works differently. Is there any way to challenge the charges that HSBC placed on the account, or should I simply resign myself to slowly paying off this debt? Thanks in advance
  13. Hi Everyone. I am a relatively new customer with Halifax and noticed some transactions on my account that i didn't recognize from WHO internet (William Hill) these transactions totaled to 457 pounds there was also a credit on my account from WHO internet for 400 pounds around the same day these transactions took place. I contacted the disputes team and they refunded the 457 pounds straight away, however at the same time they also deducted 400 from my account in order to reverse the initial 400 credit. So i ended up getting a total credit of 57 pounds. Fast forward a few weeks and after investigating Halifax cannot prove these transactions are not genuine and as a result will be re-debiting my account for 457 pounds, I contacted Halifax and they have said that I will need to take the matter further with William Hill, however I believe whilst also re-debiting my account for 457 they should also credit my account for the 400 they took as surely that's my money? I have been on the phone to these people all week who have confirmed that when they re-debit my account for 457 pounds they will also credit it for 400 putting me in the same position as before I disputed the transactions (minus 57 pounds) however this morning I get a text asking me to check my account and I am now overdrawn due to them deducting 457 and not crediting the 400 as promised. Om contacting Halifax they have said that in no circumstances can they refund the 400 as that credit should not of been in my account in the first place, which i understand as I don't recognise the transactions however due to raising a dispute I have now ended up with 400 less money than what i started with which I cannot afford, surely the 400 originally credited by WHO internet was my money to begin with as 457 came out of my account and a day later 400 came back in. They have said that this is the procedure with online gambling and I will need to contact William Hill to get this matter resolved, however I don't think this is fair that I am going to loose 400 pounds this month due to a matter that isn't my fault and I can't really wait another few weeks to get my money back due to direct debits coming out of my account from tomorrow. Can anybody help with this please:-( thanks
  14. Halifax are charging £5 a day for being overdrawn - irrespective of how much you are overdrawn. Is this lawful- potentially £155 charges in a 31 day month for being £1 overdrawn? Sorry, to clarify, unauthorised overdraft- even if they allowed it to go overdrwan
  15. Hi guys/girls I do not know where to start on this one. Around 2011, HSBC closed my current account for financial reasons and I was left with an overdraft debt of approx. £2500. Strangely enough (in which I won't go into detail at this stage) there was no overdraft facility authorised or in place, I had asked them on previous occaisons, but they declined. Should I request a copy of the overdraft facility letter to start with? I did send them a SAR request and they sent me four reams (2000 sheets) of paperwork, It's actually guite daunting to look at. I recently received a letter from HSBC informing me that they had passed on the debt to a debt collection agency. Is it possible that this debt is unenforceable because potentially no agreement was in place and the bank never notified me of any said agreement? Additionally, there a PPI balance and various other charges e.g. late payment, od charges etc. What is the best way to proceed with tis? Thanks very much all.
  16. Good Evening Wise Ones, I just wanted to tell someone about my issues that I am having with PayPal and Unauthorised Transactions on my account over the last few months. It all started when I woke up one morning to find funds had been taken from my bank account and PayPal account from a Gambling Company. To cut a long story short with lots of emails back and forth with PayPal they agreed to refund the charges. I was a bit in shock after all the stories that I have heard about the PayPal. But when checking my bank and PayPal account, only some of the transactions were refunded and now PayPal are saying that no third party has had access to my account. So my question is why have PayPal said first of all that the transactions will be reversed and credited back and now saying that the transactions are fine. Should I pursue this or give up and think myself lucky I got some of the money back??? Really need some ones help please? Kind Regards Mr Wits
  17. We parked in Asda car-park in Brighton Marina from 19:05 hours until 23:09 on 17/11/2014 as clearly shown in the PCN photos of our number plate. We have we received a PCN from Smart Parking dated 02/12/2014. I understand that the PCN has to be sent by the 12th day in order to be valid. My question is, is this 12 working days or 12 days? And .. where do I find that information please? Incidentally, neither of us saw any signs indicating that parking was time-limited. I have looked at Google Earth, and you can drive in without seeing any signs. You successfully helped me get a PCN from Parking Eye cancelled, so I am willing to try again!
  18. My apologies if this is covered by another existing thread. I am on ESA and having problems with my BOS current account. Basically, I have been getting into an unauthorised overdraft position as the bank states that retailers have a floor and ceiling of rates they allow before checking if there are sufficient funds available. It is a basic account and I am led to believe that it is not possible for me to get into such a state. Not sure if I am communicating my grievance properly, so forgive me. I am in a bit of a state, as it is causing me real hardship.
  19. In June this year i made an online top-up from the Delight Mobile website, this month July i noticed that my Debit card had been charged £10 for a top-up, i contacted Delight customer services to ask why this money had been taken without my consent, I was told that it was an auto top up and that if i never wanted auto top up i should have unchecked the box to prevent auto top up, i explained that this is not my 1st top up and i have never had to uncheck any box regarding auto top up, the reply i received was that Delight do not do refunds but the auto top up will be cancelled from next month (August) I again explained that i did not subscribe to auto top-up nor did i require the service in fact my phone had £10 credit left from June so why would i want to add £10 to it, again i received the same reply Delight do not give refunds. Anyway after calling around 20 times and getting no response i sent them an e-mail which for the past week remains unanswered, i have written them a complaint through their complaints proceedure with a veiw of escalating it to CISAS. My concern is that i am surely not the only customer of theirs that they have duped in this way and IMO there actions in obtaining funds from my account is border line Fraud.
  20. Hi there folks, just wondering if you could help me a little. I have had a account with k & co (previously great universal) for over 10 years now. After having my laptop repaired i asked to extend the guarantee which works out just as much for a year as it was for the previous 4 years (but that's another matter) Anyway, whilst in email conversation with a customer service rep, he mentioned that all insurances automatically renew when the policy ends. I was totally unaware of this and could well still be paying insurance for items i no longer have!!! Ive read the small print on the back of insurance policy's i was sent and it only states that guarantee will automatically renew if it has been extended yet the customer service rep states all insurances do it. Im obviously digging deeper into this this and have demanded that they tell me exactly what insurances are still running and what is on the auto re-newel. If it turns out that im still paying for items upto 10years on and wasn't made aware of the automatic renewal system, do you think there is any way of re-claiming the money back? Im livid as nowhere in the documents or insurance policy does it state the renewal happens with all insured items! Thanks in advance, Amy.
  21. Hello, I am new here as you can see, I am not sure where to post this question. My ex partner and I are members of the same credit union, about a week ago he contacted them making a claim that I had accessed his account and transferred money from his account into mine (apparently done a year ago) the credit union has reimbursed funds to him from my account and have extended my credit to pay him back. I was told previous to this I could not obtain a top-up loan until I had paid the current loan back in full, so how is it possible they were able to 'loan' me more money so-to-speak. I knew nothing of their activities until I logged into my account. I was never informed by any means, no text, phone call, email or snail mail, no forms or loan agreements were sent to me either. My question is; do they have the right to do this without my permission just on the say-so of another member? Thanks in advance for any advice.
  22. Hello I in bit of a pickle. I have been recently buying some credit from a gaming company through the use of debit card online about.. . 6 times now and my last transaction was on the 8th of July. Now, everything was fine and dandy UNTIL the 10th of July, I was charged £9.99 out of no where by the gaming company which I never authorised. Now, this was very unexpected, if I did not notice this in time, I could have been billed £30 or more, by my bank due to insufficient amount of money in my account after the charge (gym membership payment every month, £14.99 every 20th of each month, £2.05p was left after the the unauthorised charge) but luckly I checked my transaction and was able to deposit enough money. I contacted the company (through emailing/tickets) about this and they said that: " Your last transaction was on the 8th of July, we have not received any payment from then". I showed them the screenshot of the charge from my statement and explained to them (2 replies in 1 month ) "If my last transaction was on the 8th of july... WHY WAS I CHARGED £9.99 on the 10th of JULY?". =Now they said that they had no record of the transaction. ..not a trace from their system on their side so they told me to cancel and ask for refund from bank (santander) I called, they said that I was unable to "dispute" the charge due to the fact that: A: It was an Unathorised Charge B: It could not have been fraud and the lack of information they had etc. So in summary.. I'm kinda stuck here... could anyone give me some advise on what to do next or tips? I thought it was fraud but... my card is like 5 months new...and this is the first time it has happened...and its just £9.99, and I'm smart to make sure my account and card is safe from people... and iv only used it Online like 8-9 times. 2 was Amazon rest was gaming company. Of course I should not waver the chances of fraud but I do highly doubt it.
  23. I paid my daughters car insurance premium last December because she was struggling. This week I noticed a payment on my bank account to the same company. I did not authorise this payment. My daughter is currently out of the country, and although that figure may be owed I thought it illegal for any company to retain card details. Am I correct in this belief? If so who do I take this illegal payment up with, my bank or directly with the company involved?
  24. I purchased Hastings direct cover a year ago and made it clear that they are not to auto-renew my policy because I always compare quotes. I had this confirmed by a telephone call so I was happy. I have noticed that without any prior correspondance in any form whatsoever, Hastings direct withdrew a very substantial amount (way over the going rate) from my account and have sent a token email after the event to an old email address I no longer use regularly. I have now sent them 5 emails asking for an explanation as to why they went against my specific instructions never to take money from my account automatically and then did so anyway without any prior warning whatsoever. I have also called them 6 times and am waiting for an "available" manager to call me back. I don't even need insurance for that vehicle anymore! I am extremely perplexed by their actions as they have actually been very helpfull on previous years and matched or beat any other insurance quotes i received elsewhere. I have a meeting with citizens advice on Monday who have said that from what i have said, the company has no excuse for this behaviour. I suspect thats why they refuse to respond to me in a timely fashion. Its been a week already...
  25. On checking my statement there was a transaction for just over £28 paid to a pub in another town whcih is about 12 miles from where we live. We never visit this town and checking on Google we have definitely not been to this pub. We have contacted Nationwide who were unable to tell us whether the transaction was on my wife's card or my card. They cannot even tell us the time of the transaction as we can prove our movements on the day in question. Although they have taken the details and told us they will look into it, we have heard nothing further and are still out of pocket for £28. How long should we be waiting for a decision etc? Please advise. Thanks.
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