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  1. JD12

    Unauthorised Charge

    Great, il try that, thanks for the information , BIG help
  2. JD12

    Unauthorised Charge

    Yeah, they said they had no records of it, they did not see any transaction go through on that date through their banking system. And I just called my bank asking for the verification code ID that authorised this, and just told the company, hopefully they find something. But I can't imagine someone else having access to it that's what's bothering me right now mostly, card is like 5 months new only used it online like 7 times, no spyware on my computer, and iv been with this gaming company for like 2 years. Is it possible for me to ask my bank, to investigate the case to call th
  3. JD12

    Unauthorised Charge

    And i just noticed I posted in the wrong place, Haha, sorry about that, i had a look around read some of the essential posts rules etc. but did not see the "New then please read this":roll: . Well was not really sure where to put it, sorry if it's in the wrong place >..
  4. Hello I in bit of a pickle. I have been recently buying some credit from a gaming company through the use of debit card online about.. . 6 times now and my last transaction was on the 8th of July. Now, everything was fine and dandy UNTIL the 10th of July, I was charged £9.99 out of no where by the gaming company which I never authorised. Now, this was very unexpected, if I did not notice this in time, I could have been billed £30 or more, by my bank due to insufficient amount of money in my account after the charge (gym membership payment every month
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