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  1. Hi, I need a bit of advise in regards to what should I argue against PC World (DSG Retail Limited) if I go in court. A short description of the event: I bought a Samsung Series 8 TV in 2016 for £1499.99 + Knowhow care plan for 5 years later with in a week the price dropped by to £1399.99 went to the store told this to a manager and he happily refunded the difference and also informed me that there a FREE BR Player in offer with this TV which he given me along with refund. Now back to 2018 in Jul 18 my TV had some fault sent for repair under Knowhow care plan which came back repaired within a week now had few more faults sent back again to Knowhow in first week of Aug 18. This time I got back my TV within 7 days but still had few more faults booked in again this time few days after collecting I have been asked to contact customer care which I did and they informed me that an accessory (One Box) is lost in transit by courier agent. Now after investigating for few days they offered to replace my TV under 3 repairs in short period of time & not returned to customer with in 7 days clause. On 11/08/18 I received my Voucher code after calling customer care they were unable to tell me the amount on voucher due to some system error. I immediately rushed to the store at around 10:30 AM and gave the provided code to the staff. They confirmed that the amount on vouches is around £680 including the pro rata charge for care plan balance of £126 as this I already paid in advance. They also confirmed that the best match to my old TV is Samsung Q7 series but as the price of the TV at that time was £1799 they will try and sort this out for me. Then the run around started until 16:30 the store staff came to me and informed as the price of the new TV is too high they can only do Samsung Q6 series which I didn't want as this was not a match specification of my old TV. After lots of argument and discussion and the misinformation provided regarding Q6 which was also false advertised on their website I was so frustrated as I was in the store since 10:30 AM and till 17:30 believing on the specification and confirmation provided by staff that this TV did match and have higher specification than my old TV I agreed to take this and they also informed me that if this TV is not good enough I can return with in 28 days anyway. Now comes the paying part They said that they can only refund the amount 0f around £1264.99 including care plan prorate charge of £126 this is after deducting the price of FREE BR player of £259.99 I argued it was free but they keep arguing that it was a bundle when clearly it was not as per the advert on their website which I discovered later and got proof of it to produce in court if needed. At the end they agreed if I take Q6 they will put the money towards it I agreed we proceeded to pay. Now the store staff came back to me again and asked me if I have got money in my account and asked for my card this I really got a shock (which can be seen in their CCTV if they bring in court) he said nothing to worry about they will take the payment and immediately return to my account as credit. As he confirmed to return the money I given him my card and he took £250 from my account but only returned £150 upon asking he said that they will only put around £40 towards new TV rest I need to put but i this was never informed to me at any point. They also informed me that I can contact Knowhow customer care to refund the money of the BR Player. Now after this all saga started since morning I was in store for nearly 8 hours without any breakfast or lunch and so frustrated I decided to leave now with the TV and contact customer care later to sort this out. I found that the TV is falsely advertised on their website, the specifications are wrong . whenever I contact customer care they ask me to go to store to sort out in store they ask to contact customer care and they also refused me to return the TV even on the next day of purchase. I wrote e letter to the store and their legal team which they never replied to. later send a letter before court action to both again but they never replied. As there was no reply from any of them even after 14 days on 02/10/18 I have now raised a online claim against Currys Store and DSG Retail Limited for which still have not received any defence letter from Currys only received a letter from their legal team stating that I cannot include Currys store as this is part of DSG retail and that upon checking they confirmed that the care plan was in my wife's name so I can't take them to court. I replied them on 22/10/18 I included both store and DSG as when ever I been to store I have been asked to contact Knowhow customer care and upon contacting then they keep referring me back to store. In reply to me putting claim against them I have already posted them a letter of authorisation from my wife on 10/09/18 with the letter before court action a copy also included in current reply. now can you please advise my possibility winning this case and what should I add to strengthen my case. Please also advise how I can add attachments to my post so I can attach all the documents sent. Many thanks in advance. Vicky R
  2. Hi, still trying to calm down after my visit to Currys today:x We bought a cooker there less than 2 months ago and its been faulty from the start, the oven cuts out during cooking leaving food half done and only fit for the bin. This happened in our second week of ownership but we weren't sure if it was us or the cooker, now we know for sure its the cooker at fault as its happened 4 times. We went back to currys today to complain but were told the manufacturer would only consider a repair and it might take a month So I've been looking up our rights and would appreciate some help from the forum First, they insisted we could only get help from the manufacturer, but our contract is with Currys, no one else, do they have the right to fob us off in this way ? Second, the fault has been there since we took delivery, do we have the right to a replacement or refund or do we have to accept a repair ? I know we're over the 30 day limit but its not our fault, this seems so unfair, any advice ?
  3. My new fridge freezer was due for delivery yesterday, but the delivery guy said that he noticed that it was broken as he was about to take it off the van. He said that he would order another one and that it would be delivered today. However, this morning I recieved a phone call from currys saying that this new Samsung freedge freezer is also damaged and that they will order another one, and that they will deliver this on Friday. I told them that the fridge freezer that I was supposed to get yesterday was broken, to which they said that this one is also broken. I have to say that I do not believe them, but said that this was okay, but if they fail to deliver on Friday then I will cancel. The only reason I did not cancel today is that John Lewis does not have any Samsung fridge freezers of the same type and price in stock, but this is not giving me any confidence in currys. I am also lucky in that I am on sickness benefits or else I would have had to take three days off work.
  4. Any advice would be greatly appreciated please. I have listed the main details below: Purchased a DJI Osmo camera in March 2017 Camera cost £519 Paid using Currys YourPlan buy now pay later credit agreement Paid off the credit agreement in August Sent camera in for warranty repair on 28th August Waited three weeks and heard nothing Called Currys. Unable to advise at to the whereabouts of the camera. Called again. No information. Received a call on 27th September informing me the camera was lost. Went into store on the 28th September. Was issued a refund for £519. Refund was issued back to my YourPlan account. Was advised refund would show up immediately. Refund did not show on my YourPlan account. Called numerous times between 28th August and 18th October. Have been given contradictory information. Currys have confirmed that there is some sort of error. The refund is showing as having left their system, but has not reached my YourPlan account. I have sent emails. The emails have not been replied to. I have been promised call backs. No one calls back. I have launched a complaint, but have had no updates. I have been without my refund for nearly four weeks now. What do I do now? Do I initiate a claim in the small claims court? This will cost me £60 and if they now refund, I will lose the money. Any help gretly appreciated. Thank you in advance.
  5. hi, to keep this short, i really need help/advice CURRYS STORE IN SELLY OAK HAVE LOST MY TABLET case number ............ on the 28/05/17 i rang knowhow with a problem ive been having with my tablet, and they advised me to take my tablet to currrys sellyoak, so i did i spoke to chap in the store (wahid), who took my tablet in for repair, I got a call after the bank holiday from wahid advising me that he will need to send the tablet of to samsungs, since then its just gone down hill with no communications from the store at all. so i start to chase it down via the customer service number ........ i spoke to robert on 14/06/17 at 1315 in regards to the problem in having, and he advised the store will ring me back to collect my tablet, no one ever rang back i spoke to bradley ext no 26726 on the 18/06/17, to see where my tablet is, he advised me that after speaking to the store that the tablet will be ready for collection on wednesday which is 21/06/17 so on wednesday 21/06/17, i went in the store, and to keep this short they tell me that i have already had my tablet, and its been delivered to my home address on monday 19/06/17, i explained to them that i have not had any delivery and from the telephone conversation i had on the 18/06/17 bradley told me to pick it up from the store i left it with, i asked what address it was delivered to which they could not answer, and the lady said she will look into it and get back to me, so i left the store very angry i got home straight on to the phone to customer service on 03445611234 and spoke to francis at 1827, who told me from the notes they have, that there's a dpd signature of it delivered on 16/06/17, i questioned that because the store said exactly the same but only they have a signature 19/06/17, i asked him what address it was delivered to which he could not provide, i also asked why they will deliver it to my home address and not the store i left it with, again he could not answer, but advised me that it will only be sent back to the store i left it with and not my home address, and they going to look into the matter and get back to me where does that leave me legally, all i wont is my tablet back and get on with my life, this is very stressful
  6. Are Currys holding on to and delaying customer refunds. In my case they seam to me to be doing just this. I bought an item online and Currys agreed to collect it as it wasnt as described and didnt fit my needs. It to 8 days to get the collection and I was told that I would get a refund within 3-5 days. Unfortunately that didnt happen I tried to complain: - I tried to raise a PayPal claim but the email supplied to contact Currys on the PayPal site doesnt exist so email returned. - I phoned Currys to complain, as soon as the customer services person takes my order number she tells me I have an immediate email agreeing to make a refund, but this is over 20 days since I purchased, and 11 days after Currys picked up the item. - dont delay in making that complaint because Currys may not do anything about your refund until you complain like me. Personally I think this is - at the least just bad customer service - at worst maybe Currys are trying to increase their cash flow by holding on to customers money. poor show Currys
  7. Hi bought a computer for my daughter 4 days ago from currys/pc world. It was described as a social computer which means just basic use. I said thats fine she's only 11 so as long as she can play basic games and watch you tube that's ok. The assistant said yes. got it home and it was absolutely terrible. I think it took 6+ hours for all the updates, not sure exactly on the time but went to bed and left it on overnight. The next day my daughter put it on it did even more updates for half an hour and on the left side of the screen a name popped up (something??) whatmann? I just had a feeling it had been used before (was sealed when bought though). she managed to just add a desktop pic and couldn't do anymore because it was that slow. I decided to take it to my sisters house incase it was down to my Internet running slow, so tried again there. We could barely open a page without it freezing, took about 15 mins trying to open 3 tabs and wouldn't close them straight away either also YouTube was buffering so no music either and the front speakers set at 100% played at about 20/30%. Checked reviews later and they were all terrible, I've looked online about taking it back and people have all put their experiences saying they won't refund as item open and used, but if I didn't open and try how would we know. I really don't want to be stuck with this as it won't be and can't be used, I genuinely think it's faulty. Does anyone have any advice on my rights with returning it? Thank you. Packard Bell All in one 4gb ram 500 storage Hard drive £329 down to £249
  8. Hello. Many thanks first of all for the option to join. (I suspected there would be an active forum for those seeking some pointers with regard to consumer rights!!) I did a little research before visiting Curry's today with my "complaint" but remain, for the present, in limbo: In August 2016 we bought a De Longhi coffee machine (on-line) which developed a fault, in that it was intermittently ditching the contents of the machine's reservoir of around 1.5 pints of water over our worktop. (not ideal when electrics are involved) We took it back to our local Curry's (November) and it was returned to De Longhi for "repair." On return, all appeared OK but the same fault recurred (December) and returned it once again. Having done so for a second time in 4 months, I was aware that I was now entitled to a refund or exchange. I stated that I wanted a replacement. Unfortunately they no longer stock the same model, (with the nearest match nearly twice the price) and advised that I should return it to De Longhi personally. I refused, and initially, they declined even a refund. I disputed this and they eventually relented. However, I stated that I wanted a replacement as a refund would leave me disadvantaged at having to pay more. Management become involved, and between us we agreed that they could e-mail De Longhi asking if they would be prepared to replace it. I anticipate that they will, if not with the same model, with an equivalent. Should they refuse, I would like to know my rights ahead of their reply.. . if anybody can advise? (I imagine in this case that Curry's themselves would be obliged to offer an alternative, even if that were to be their closest match at their expense?) Many thanks in anticipation.
  9. I tried to get my faulty printer exchanged and was refused an exchange because it was more than thirty days since I purchased it. I was told that it had to be repaired. Is that inline with the sales of goods act? Currys is the most difficult shop to get a exchange or refund. The printer was purchased on the 20/09/16 , just five months ago. What are my rights?
  10. I brought the 49ks7000 on Black Friday for when i move house (still not moved yet) & have kept it boxed up till recently to check if it worked. At the weekend i hooked my computer up to the TV and noticed a small white dot (a few pixels in size) on the screen when the computer boots up and displays a black background. I just assumed it was a bit of fluff or something on there, last night i noticed it again on boot up and had a closer look and It seems to be a tiny chip less than a millimeter. As long as I've had it nothing has impacted on the TV at all or anything at all to cause this, it has to be on the TV in the first hand or been a defect. I'm just annoyed a didn't spot it sooner! I'm wondering if i have a leg to stand on in getting it replaced/repaired by currys under warranty and if not what i can do (if anything). I still have all the box packaging and all the plastic protecting is still on the TV apart from the screen. Thanks for any help!!
  11. My wife bought an Acer PC from Currys and because it had an hdmi display port had to buy a TV to use with it. The salesman attempted to sell her an insurance/service contract with it which she refused. He then said he would give a COMPLIMENTARY months cover on a contract in case she had any problems connecting the two, by the way I am an IT professional hence the original declining of a contract. The item was paid for via a credit card and the amount verified by PIN was correct. A month later a charge of £6-50 appeared on her credit card which it transpires is for payment for insurance/service plan. Referring back to the now fading thermal receipt issued at the time there is an entry headed "Monthly Card Mandate" for £6-50. Above this are other entries of a debit followed by a credit for Customer Support Agreement. She never entered into any form of agreement with Currys and did not expect to find entries regarding "Monthly Card Mandates" on what was expected to be just a receipt for purchase of equipment and for which the total verified by PIN agreed with the purchase price of the equipment. Is this all totally legal? After an agreement has been refused and then a complimentary month offered is it right to expect to be tricked into further payments in this wat without any from of signed documents covering the agreement? All thought welcomed.
  12. I got a laptop from Currys on 15.8.2015. At time of purchase, it had windows 8 and was prompting to upgrade to windows 10. Windows 10 has grown larger in size in recent months now and has currently reached 29 GB. I think soon windows 10 will be larger than 32 GB which is supposed to be the size of my hard drive. Programs cannot uninstall because they need writing space while they uninstall, thw laptop keeps crashing. Currys keep taking it for "repair" which takes 3-4 weeks a time. They say they are just doing a system restore when they have to also reinstall the bios options which have disappeared. I feel this model is a defective one because the hard drive is too small for windows 10. I asked them if they would replace the hard drive with one having more space for money and they said they wont do so under any circumstances. I dont feel as time goes by windows 10 doing all its updates will grow smaller-it is already too big to fit in my hard drive. This is a new model with only usb input and incompatible with older versions of windows. Yet the hard drive is too small for the windows it is supposed to carry. As its become obvious the model is a defective one having too small a hard drive to run the windows it is supposed to run, what are my rights? I am for all purposes wihtout a laptop What are my rights anyone?
  13. Hi all, In need of some of your excellent advice please. Almost 2 years ago I purchased a cheap laptop from a Currys store through my business, at the time the salesperson asked if I wanted any sort of extended warranty - I always say no, they are a complete con of course. Fast forward to now, I have just noticed that he did in fact sign me up for this at £9.58 a month, without my permission. I rang the Currys 'Knowhow' helpline and requested a refund; the lady said she could only refund 6 months' worth of payments, which I declined as I want a full refund, for obvious reasons. The total is over £200! I wrote a letter instead per her advice, but they have declined any sort of refund as I "signed up to it" and included an invoice (unsigned) from the date of purchase, where it dubiously mentions: 18147 WM/PREM - 9.58 I should have checked it, but I didn't. Naive of me to take salespeople at face value I suppose, but whatever. I am somewhat embarrassed that I/my accountant didn't notice this before now - but I suppose my defence of being a business account with over 30+ transactions a day through it goes some way to explaining it. Should I take them to the Small Claims Court? Or some other method like using my van to block the store entrance? As you can imagine, I am livid, and more than willing to "invest" some money to getting it refunded, as it's a matter of principle.
  14. Hello, I am just wondering if anyone can give me some up to date information. I purchased an LG soundbar from Currys in December 2014. On 1st November the sound bar speaker seemed to blow up and therefore no longer works correctly. As it is under warranty I took it back to currys on 3rd November. I was advised that they would look into the fault and that if it was not ready to be collected in 14days I would be entitled to a replacement product. I got paperwork to say I had left the product but it does not state this 14day clause. Well, today 18th November, I rang know how who could not find my repair and so she called the local store I left it wth and was advised that this store would call me back shortly with an update. They have called but it went straight to answer phone and a message was left to say that as the product was still in the warranty period LG are required to assess it, my sound bar is still sat in the shop as LG have not collected it yet! This suprised me to say the least. Where do I stand legally and what more can I do? I cant find any reference to this 14 day policy either. Your advise would be gratefully received.
  15. On the 2nd of December last year, I bought an LG 3d Blu Ray player (for my bedroom) from Currys. Yes, they offered the extra cover but I declined. Two days ago, during one of my poor health days, I thought I would put a film on in my bedroom only to find that the player didn't switch on. I tried everything (new fuse, new battery for the remote) all to no avail. Yesterday, I took it back. I set my phone up to record the dismissive attitude of the Currys staff and being prepared to give them what for. Currys failed me miserably! They swapped the ruddy thing with no fuss. Bugger!
  16. Hi all I am just back from spending 2 and half hours in a store arguing about the Sale of Goods Act. I bought a Laptop online, which keeps freezing, so I phoned Customer Services and asked how I go about returning it, I was advised to just call into my local store and they will sort it all out. So off I go to said local store, only to be met with abuse by the General Manager. Anyway, the guy on the 'KnowHow' desk claims the Laptop is not faulty at all and therefore I can't have my refund, so I quote the SoGA and he said hes not allowed to talk to me about that, so I ask for the Manager, he comes over and again refuses to speak to me about this. He phones Customer Services and I speak to them and am put through to their 'Legal' Department, who also dismiss my claim, even though I quoted the SoGA to them. I also asked them for a Letter confirming why they were refusing my refund and why they think they are above the Law but they even refused to do that. So I am now left with a faulty Laptop and no refund. Where do I stand on this? Can I pursue a Criminal case under the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008? Thanks in advance.
  17. In July 2014 I bought a Vax vacuum cleaner from Currys online, delivered to the store for pickup, at £49.99 (yes, ok cheap vacuum) Yesterday the motor burned out - terrible noise accompanied by a burning smell. Fair enough, things break and it is only 10 months old. Currys will do the right thing, I figured. £50 wasn't worth Mr. repairman assessing it and they'd just exchange - guess not. today I packed it up in the original box, along with my delivery receipt and took it to the nearest Currys superstore. Explained the situation and the Knowhow guy explained I had to take it home and phone a number (for Vax) and they would send someone out to assess it, repair or replace - depending on if they thought I'd abused it in any way. Apparently they have "agreements" in place with many manufacturers (especially white goods) and this is how they do things. Now I've had dealings with white goods companies and generally there is a call out fee you have to pay if they ultimately decide it's you're own fault. I really didn't fancy having all that hassle. the point of this post: Are Currys abrogating their responsibilities under SOGA by doing this? My contract is with them, not the manufacturer. If they wanted to take the device, repair or replace, thats their business - but I shouldn't have to do it for them? Right? The rest of the story... I knew a little (seriously, just a little) about SOGA I suggested to Knowhow guy to get his manager. Lady comes over, explains the same thing again and says that's how it's done. I refused to accept and suggested that by sending customers away they were in breach of SOGA and did she really want to break the law? They relented, phoned the help line (who answered "Knowhow" anyway), found out it was closed. Guy printed out some repair sheet and had me sign and date it and they took the vax there and then. I think that's a small win. Now I'm without a hoover for however long they decide to repair it. PG
  18. DSG Retail Ltd Share on twitter Share on linkedin Share on facebook Share on google_plusone_share Share on email ASA Adjudication on DSG Retail Ltd DSG Retail Ltd t/a Currys PC World Agency: AMV BBDO Ltd Complaint Ref: A15-290696 Ad A press ad for Currys PC World stated "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" and featured images of three laptops from the HP Pavilion range. Text underneath stated "Get everything you've always wanted in a laptop. Like a fast Intel® Core™ i5-4288U processor. Pin sharp Intel® Iris™ graphics for advanced video and image editing. And a huge 1.5TB hard drive to store all your music, films and photos. Come in store or go online to see the full colour range and pick one that suits you for just £399". Issue The complainant, who understood that some products in the HP Pavilion range were not discounted by £200, challenged whether the claim "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" was misleading. CAP Code (Edition 12) 3.13.3 Response DSG Retail Ltd t/a Currys PC World said it seemed the complainant had focused on the claim "Save £200" rather than on the ad as a whole. They said the ad referred to their "colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops", and featured images of three differently coloured laptops which were all discounted by £200. They highlighted that text underneath the images referred to an Intel Core i5-4288U processor, Intel Iris graphics and a 1.5TB hard drive, stated that customers should check online or in store to see the full colour range (because a pink variant with the same specifications was not featured in the ad), and that the price of the laptops in question was £399. The ad also showed the Intel i5 and Intel Iris Graphics logos. Currys PC World said the three laptops featured in the ad, together with the pink variant, were their only HP Pavilion laptops which included all the specifications featured in the ad and were priced at £399. They considered the ad therefore was not misleading. Assessment Upheld The ASA considered consumers would understand the headline claim "Save £200 on our colourful range of HP Pavilion laptops" to mean that all HP Pavilion laptops were discounted by £200, and that the three laptops featured in the ad were included as examples of the laptops in that range. Whilst we acknowledged that further claims provided information about specifications and referred to a price of £399, we considered it was not clear that those details specifically related to the three laptops featured in the ad plus one additional laptop rather than to the HP Pavilion range as a whole. We considered that text therefore did not provide clarification to the implication in the headline claim that the £200 saving applied to all laptops in the range. Furthermore, we considered that even if that text had made clear that the specifications and pricing related only to the three featured laptops and an additional pink version, that qualifying information would have contradicted, rather than clarified, the headline claim. Because the ad was likely to be understood to mean that all laptops in the HP Pavilion range were discounted by £200 when that was not the case, we concluded that it was misleading. The ad breached CAP Code (Edition 12) rules 3.1 and 3.3 (Misleading advertising). Action The ad must not appear again in its current form. We told Currys PC World not to make claims that discounts applied to entire ranges of products when only some products within the range carried that discount.
  19. Hi My son bought an Advent laptop from Currys around April 2013. In October last year it developed a graphic card fault and he took it back. The store told him that it was out of warranty and it was a chargeable repair. He thought fair enough and, not being able to afford it, left the store. I was telling a friend about it last month and he said to get it independently tested to see if it was an inherent fault. If so Currys would have to arrange a repair or replacement under the Sale of Goods Act. That's now been done and the report says it was an inherent fault. The store said to contact knowhow which my son did. They say they have to test it and it will cost £60. My son told them he had an independent report saying it's a manufacturer fault but they stll insist that they will charge £60 before taking the machine back. If its a manufacture fault they will refund the £60 He's worried that if he pays the £60 they will say it isn't a manufacture fault and I agreee as I wouldn't consider Currys the most independent of people. What are his rights please
  20. HP 13" Platinum Pavilion x360 Touchscreen Notebook Brighthouse pice - £1560 Currys price - £704 which also includes McAfee security, Microsoft Office & Cloud backup So £1560 - £704 = £856 so you can either buy a second one and get £150 cash back in hand or walk away with an HP Laptop and £856 in your hand not forgetting the extras you get from Currys.
  21. Hello CAG: I have a problem with a built-in cooker delivered damaged - but it has a different twist. I bought two ovens on March 25 - a combination oven and an electric oven. Both were delivered on March 31: the combination oven came via Know-How and the electric oven directly from Bosch, in separate deliveries. Neither oven was unpacked or inspected by the driver on delivery - in spite of the stated pledge on the invoice: "What will be done for you? - We will unpack your product and dispose of the packaging for you - we'll recycle it if we can. - Before we leave, we'll make sure you're happy with the work we have done." Now you must understand that these are built-in ovens and are heavy and complex products. What I did was to superficially check both ovens for any scratches on the glass fronts and trim. There appeared to be none and the external polystyrene packing seemed fine. So I left them unpacked, to await installation. These were the first items to arrive for our kitchen refurbishment. Seven weeks later the installers came and they immediately found that the electric oven was badly damaged - beyond repair. There is an extra twist in that I was going on holiday for a week on that day - our kitchen was being refurbished while we were away. So I phoned Currys immediately on my return. I have sent letters, emails, photographs - and many phone conversations. Initially I was told to contact Bosch. I didn't see why I should but I did - I sent a brief email message about the problem. Someone phoned me next day - apologised profusely and told me not to worry, it would be replaced. She told me all she need was an 'uplift number' from Currys and it would be sorted. (I have the name, time and phone number of that call.) A phone call back to Currys revealed that this was the wrong way round - Bosch provide the uplift number, not Currys. And so it went on ... . Currys are steadfastly refusing to replace the damaged oven on the grounds that seven weeks is beyond a 'reasonable' time. After several phone calls to Currys and Bosch - I have been given various time intervals for reporting damage on delivery: 48 hours, 4 weeks (Currys); 24 hours, by the driver on the day (Bosch) - there is no consistency. But they are all adamant that 7 weeks is just too long. My questions to anyone in CAG who might know the answers please: 1. Do I have any chance of getting a replacement oven from Currys? If so, what is the chance: 20%, 50%, 80% or what please? 2. I have written a standard (CAB) letter to Currys about SOG 1979, asking for a replacement - and have received a brief email saying 'No'. Anything else I can do? 3. I have applied to my credit card company about Chargeback - no reply yet, it has only been sent a week. What are my chances there please? Obviously, I now wish I had attempted a more thorough check myself on delivery. But I didn't - and anyway, the full extent of the damage might not have been obvious to me. The fact remains that I now have an oven that was damaged in transit and is beyond repair. It is still sitting in my garage in its packing. Currys have offered me 10% off a replacement! (As if ... !) Had they offered 90% as an act of goodwill at the outset then I would probably have accepted it. But I can buy it on Amazon for 10% less anyway!
  22. hello, i brought a fridge freezer from currys and i took out a warranty , unfortunately it stopped working however a replacement was sent be it 4 weeks after. I was told i could claim for food spoilt however currys say consequential loss is not covered in the agreement, is this true as i cant see anything in the agreement and the only reason why i am claiming is because currys member of staff informed me and others have recieved it. thanks
  23. I took my laptop to Currys Crawley store on the 3rd of September 2013 for repairs to a faulty / non-working CD drive. I was dealing with KnowHow’s Customer Service team at the branch. I provided the service assistant with my own flash drive / USB as a precautionary measure for them to save my data should there perhaps be a need for KnowHow to make some change to the hard drive (I asked that a written record be kept that I had left my USB as I did not want to lose it). I was advised the laptop would be taken to their repair centre and 2 weeks after I left my laptop to have the CD drive be repaired, I received a text from KnowHow saying my laptop was ready for collection. I went into the store to collect the laptop but the USB was missing. Fearing the worst, I switched on the laptop as normal whilst still in store and quickly realised that all my data and documents had been wiped out. This is what I had feared when I left the USB as I had hoped that the repair centre would save my documents on the USB before they made repairs to the CD drive. The KnowHow service consultant, immediately and in my presence called the repair centre to follow up on what had happened to my data / documents plus the missing USB. The service consultant advised me that a follow up would be done and I would receive a call from the repair centre to advise me on status. I was told to take the laptop with me home as the search for my data and USB would be done. To this date, I have never received a call from the repair centre with an update /status. After 2 days I went back to store to let them know that I had not received a call from the repair centre. The KnowHow service consultant advised me to give the repair centre an additional 3 days. At the end of the 3 days, if I had not received a call from the repair centre, I was told to return the laptop to the store and they would take it back to the repair centre so that they could put back the old hard drive which had been replaced. On the 26th of September I took the laptop back to the store – this was more than a week after the 3 days that I had been given by the service consultant. The KnowHow service consultant on this day took out a new usb and my laptop for sending to the repair centre so that they could replace the data that had been on my old drive onto the USB. The laptop was with the repair centre for 6 weeks. On the 31st of October, I received a text from KnowHow asking me to go into the shop to collect the laptop. On arriving, when the KnowHow service consultant opened the laptop box, we realised that the 2nd USB (the one that had been provided as a replacement for my missing USB) was missing. The service consultant (in this instance, it was Paul) called the repair centre in my presence to follow up. He complained in my presence about the missing USB as well as similar matters of customer property being lost when they went for repairs. Paul the service consultant agreed with someone from the repair centre I would receive a call from the repair centre once they had located the USB. The repair centre would call me, arrange to pick up the laptop, replace the missing data onto the laptop and return the laptop to me (this is in writing). To date, I am yet to receive a call from the repair centre or from Currys Crawley branch / KnowHow. It has been 5 days now and I am seeking advice on how to proceed with this shambles of service that I have received. How can I retrieve my data? What is the best way to proceed?
  24. I would like some advice please. I purchased a HP all in one PC in October 2012 and it was perfect and did everything I needed it to do. However in the beginning of October 2013 (whilst it was still under the manufacturers warranty) the screen was accidently chipped by one of my children. (this was not covered by the manufacturers guarantee as it was accidental damage). I took it into the Store and I was told it would cost about £200 at the most to repair it so I sent it away to be repaired with the Knowhow team and said to them if it was going to cost anymore to phone me and advise me of this BEFORE they did any of the repairs and to ONLY REPAIR THE SCREEN AND NOT TO TOUCH ANY OF THE HARD/SOFTWARE ON THE COMPUTER. I was told this would not be a problem and they would call me when it was ready to be collected. When I did not hear from them about my PC being returned to me I Phoned the Knowhow team and asked them what had happened with it: Whilst it was there the engineer looked at the screen and knew it would cost : Screen £547, Connector cable £48 and the hard drive £31 with a total of £616. to repair it and did not phone me to tell me of this So my screen was taken off my PC and "tossed in the trash" and a new one was put on without my consent not only this they was going to replace a connector cable and hard drive that when the left my possession had nothing wrong with them and they was told not to touch. I told them I wanted MY screen put back on and the PC returned to the store immediately for collection. When it arrived back to the store and I went to collect it I and the Colleague that booked in the PC for repair (Sam) noticed that the screen had 2 large cracks down the front of it that was not there when it left. Sam then phoned the Knowhow service centre and asked them what they was going to do about it and they Verbally told him that they was liable for the damage and they would repair it FREE OF CHARGE. And whilst it was there the connector cable and the hard drive would be replaced because they were still under the warranty). So it was packaged back up and sent back off to the repair centre. A week later i got a call from the guy (Sam) in the store to say the PC was back but it had not been repaired as the damage had happened in transit and if I wanted it repaired I would have to pay for it. Since the beginning of November 2013 my PC has been at the store damaged and nobody will repair or replace it when I was told they would (I have not collected it because I know if I remove it from the store I will be told the damage happened in my care after it left the store). Please can someone help me with what to do as I want my PC repaired by Knowhow free of charge like they said they would or a replacement one because they damaged it. This has been going on for over 9 months and I do not know where to turn next.
  25. Hi, We have bought fridge freezer (RL60GZEMG) from Currys .Freezer delivered on 10-Aug-2014 and was advised to leave for 8 hours before switching on which we did however afterwords noticed two faults with the fridge freezer. 1-Paint Fault on internal panel - It seems someone made a rework at manufacturing facility and its obvious when you open the door. We have paid £629 for brand new condition whereas this one should have been classified as outlet/discounted due to paint fault. I called Currys and they have booked engineer visit. Engineer came (14-Aug-2014) and took picture with his mobile phone (with broken screen) and advised to wait call from Samsung in 48 hrs. Today I received call from Samsung and they said its working as it should be and there is no fault with the fridge!!! 2- Second thing, Fridge motor was very loud. We waited an overnight to see if that was a loudness due to first kick off but wasn’t, it didn’t go away. I have decided to measure dB with my phone and it was showing 84dB whereas its advertised as 40dB. During the engineer visit i mentioned that point as well and he removed back cover and checked the motor (didn’t say nothing) and did not measure the loudness just said its normal wait until it wears out and it won’t make same sound!!! At the end we decided to return this back to Currys. I have send them an email on 11-Aug-2014 requesting return and no response received for a while and I have called Currys to say that under the cooling off 7 days I wish to return the item. They have told me that as the item has been powered on,they term it as having been "used" and as such they wont take it back. Now I’m quite frustrated and equally confused. Currys doesn't accept return back whereas I know we have statuary right to return anything back within first 14 days regardless of open/unopened condition of the item. Samsung doesn’t recognise above two points and i end up requesting another engineer visit but i do not want to play with fault card even though there is a genuine fault with the product. Can you please advise me how can get Currys to accept this return, who do i need to escalate this? to Ombudsman, Trade office or Citizen advise bureau honestly fed up with this and desperate for any help. Many thanks
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