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  1. Car repair cost amount to the approx. value of the car, your customer service tell me they can send salvage agent to collect ( then they will valve car and negotiate a value) how about don't be silly its going nowhere till any payment is agreed and cleared, or 2/ they can send an independent assessor out and I could then decide how I want to proceed and if he deems car a write off it will be categorised whether I claim or not (so your devaluing my vehicle if I don't claim but an assessor come to inspect it ( sounds like a bad joke) 3/ or I can choose a repairer of my own a
  2. 2 days ago I was the victim of a crime in my local town. There was an armed robbery in one of our local shops where thankfully nobody was hurt. The getaway car that the robbers used was dumped in a back street where I live and set it on fire. Unfortunately for me, the car was dumped beside where my car was safely and securely parked as a result of the heat from the enormous blaze, the back end of my car has been damaged. The plastics covering the bumper, lights and badge on my boot were all melted and cracked and my boot door was all discoloured. It's a wonder tha
  3. Well what can I say hasting direct smart miles black box insurance, what a joke their black box,s are, they constantly record their data wrong and their accuracy is appalling, my son has been doing his best to keep a good rating and had been doing a pretty good job of it until 2 days ago when he got an extreme speeding warning saying he was doing 61 in a 30 and they had it pinpointed to a place called sambrook crescent, a small cul-de-sac I checked his route on the smart miles map and to my supprise his journey takes him on a dead straight line through t
  4. Looking for some advice. I've just changed my address with Hastings Direct and, as well as charging me £25 for the pleasure, they have also added an extra £40 onto my car insurance premium. I would be fine with this if I had moved to a higher risk area but I've put my details into comparison websites and the Hastings Direct website using my old and new addresses and I should actually be saving money by moving. In fact their own website has given me a quote that is over £150 cheaper with my new address! I've tried phoning and emailing to get some justification fo
  5. Wifes car was run into last week so rang Hastings to register claim which is going through ok as they admitted liability. However realised today due to a big phone bill the call was charged at 41.75+vat. I am completely shocked at this especially as it wasnt our fault. I've registeted a complaint with Hastings to try and sort this out as this seems totally unacceptable to me. Has anyone else had similar issues? Who is the best ones to turn too if no luck with Hastings?
  6. I'm not sure but maybe you guys are... but is it a norm to charge for "direct debit interest charge"? For me, it's £93.34. Seems excessive. Thanks
  7. I'm just wondering where I stand with admin fee's, I've just had to phone up to add commuting to my motor insurance policy. It was a five minute phone call and there was no change to the price of the policy just a £35 admin fee! I didn't moan at the time as they previously waived an admin fee (I didn't realise I had to declare windscreens and cancelled claims when setting up the policy) I had to do a fair bit of moaning to get that one waived and didn't want to push my luck but seriously how can it cost £35 to add something to an existing policy?
  8. I am really confused with Hastings Direct Smartmiles. am 25, got my license 4 months ago and got myself a little car a couple of days later. A couple of issues I have had with them, Issue 1: Insured it with Hastings direct Smartmiles as it seemed to be a good policy and for a good price. Set up my appointment to have the blackbox fitted all fine. The night before the engineer was due to come in the morning and fit the blackbox (which was a couple of days before the end of the two week grace period due to my hectic work schedule) I got a call saying the
  9. hi I am writing on here because I am at my wits end. Hastings have done nothing but pass me from pillar to post, the have even told me lies ,which can be proved as they have told me they record all phone calls, unless that is yet another lie, this will be my second post today ,my first was to watchdog, hopefully someone can help me sort this out,i will also be looking to see where else I can post my experience.my son had a head on collision on the 6 sept it is now 21 sept,I will not mention any names etc,only the relevant information, the liability is still under dispute, however the accident
  10. Please excuse my spelling Hi on the 5th of june 2016 i was involved in a accident, which is a possible fault claim however this is still under dispute as i do not believe i am at fault. i called up hastings the next day to register my claim, they deemed my damage repairable and suggested i use a company called albany, the worst mistake i made. They also agreed my car was repairable. I was told i would have my car collected and given a courtesy car within the 24 hour time limit albany had to adhere to, I registered with them at 4pm on 6th of june and was told
  11. Someone went into the side of my work van a couple of weeks ago whilst he was pulling out of a junction. It was his fault. There was some cosmetic damage, scratches etc. and the passenger door wouldn’t open. So I decided to put a claim in through his insurance company. I was given a courtesy van whilst mine was taken off to be assessed. A couple weeks later I received a telephone call to say my vehicle had been written off Cat C. I was offered a settlement and the option to buy my van back. However the offer was way below what it would have cost me to either repair or re
  12. Hi there, I have a huge issue with this insurance, my motorcycle was stolen from the college car park and Hastings direct claim that my insurance does not cover going to college. I had this motorcycle for a few months, and when speaking to their representative Im sure they as you for the purpose of using your vehicle. I mainly used it to get to and from work, as I cannot afford another car (mrs has one). When I asked for explaination they said they will back to me, but never did. I must also say that I have never received my policy booklet, nothing, so I didnt have chance
  13. Hi, I need some advice about an insurance claim via Hastings Direct. My sister was involved in an accident in the middle of November. She was waiting at a roundabout on the left lane when an adjacent truck in the right lane pulled across her stationary car damaging the driver side door, wing mirror front wing and pulling the bumper off. They third party are disputing the claim which is annoying, as all my sister did was sit in her car on the left lane while the other driver pulled across her car. Hastings Direct repairers have said the car is a Cat C as it has suspension damage,
  14. Hello everyone, About 2 days ago someone pulled out of a junction and I had to swerve hitting all the left hand side of my front bumper, smashing the headlight, bending the wing, damaging the inner arch. Does anyone think this will be a write off without even looking at it as i've heard they tend to write cars off for less damage than my car has. So I have rang Hastings Direct and so far they have found out everything they need to know like who's fault it was etc. I've heard of other people having problems trying to buy the car back? and them trying to get your documents for the car
  15. I am hoping someone with a similar experience can help. This morning I was about to park behind a parked vehicle and did not stop in time causing my bumper to be quite severely bashed in and the front parking sensors have gone funny but the other vehicle just suffered scratches. Anyway, contacted Hastings and gave all the details and explained the incident and the lady I spoked to (Lauren) was polite and helpful. In the end, she told me Albany Assistance will find me a local garage who handle all the repair work which I thought at the time was good. Anyway, I was put through to them and afte
  16. I am having nothing but trouble with Hastings Premier on behalf of my Stepson regarding a false claim made against him in August 2014. Hastings wrote to my stepson in Early September 2014 stating there had been a claim made against him. No details of where it happened or the times. My stepson then telephoned Hastings where they took a statement for him over the phone. He stated his car had been left (15 miles away from home) where he works as an apprentice. His employer loaned him a car to allow him to get home. Hastings then wrote back in January asking how the Third Party had got
  17. Dear All, My wife was this afternoon involved in a clearly non fault accident (third party reversed into front wing and door of her car while it was parked - she was not even in the car). The third party has admitted liability verbally. The damage is wing minor dent (would need to be replaced though) and door minor dent (might be repairable with a skim of filler and respray). We rang our insurance company (Hastings Direct) this evening, their immediate response was to pass us on to a claims management company (Albany Assist), Albany Assit immediately rejected the claim saying the
  18. Hello, As experienced by other Hastings Direct customers on here, Hastings are refusing to allow me to buy my car back as part of a settlement on my written off car. They have agreed to release the car back to me, but only in order for me to conduct an independent valuation of the vehicle, insisting that a buy back option is still not possible. The car does require quite some work, but I am adamant that I want to buy the car back. The sentimental value of the car is huge, and I am utterly furious that I am not being offered any option to retain the car. This has been a heartbreaking
  19. Through no fault of my own a lorry drove into me on a roundabout tearing off half my back bumper, the asssesor came round and stated that considering the age of my peugeot 206 it would most likely be irrepairable, yet i know the only thing wrong with the car is the damage caused by the accident as have spent time and money making it a decent car. I was shocked when ringing up hastings to hear that when the report from the assessor does come back and if it is deemed a right off i will be offered money for the value of my car but not be allowed the car back? In no writing in the policy does it s
  20. Hi, I was recently involved in a car accident where the women pulled out of her drive and i went into her. Anyway front the start Hastings haven't been to helpful, i have had to do alot of chasing just to get there engineer out! as apparently my details was not sent over to him properly , i also didn't receive a courtesy car even thought iam full comp! Anyway today i have found out its a total loss I have had a friend (mechanic) look at it who thinks it is repairable, and i want to keep the car. I have asked Hastings if i can buy the car back from them, they have said to
  21. I took out a car insurance policy with Hastings last year. It came up for renewal so naturally I compared prices and found a cheaper policy with Axa. Everything went through fine with axa so I thought nothing of it until I received an automatic email from Hastings congratulating me on renewing - Help!! I pay yearly and am on a tight budget so immediately emailed Hastings to report the error, with evidence of my new policy. The next day I go into my bank and find that Hastings have already reserved the money - which I can't cancel. I arrive home to find the FULL YEARLY AMOUNT ove
  22. I have not had to use insurance services for making a claim in 20 years of driving. I was involved in a no fault accident, and Hasting Direct advised me that Albany Assistance would be calling me to deal with this, I thought this strange at the time, but thought no more of it at the time. Albany called me and started their blurb....not connected to HD in any way, .......sign a credit agreement............STOP......why am I signing a credit agreement for a no fault accident? if you aren't happy speak to your insurer.....so I did, to be told that was the process, I had to go with Albany,
  23. Well have been with Hastings since 2011 prices started out at around £300 fully comp last quote was £600 changed to premium as it was a better deal think it was £480 for this year anyway paid because everything has been fine its the same car 2001 Peugeot 406 no claims no accidents 9yrs no claims etc... just don't want the hassle need insurance its a legal requirement (not a luxury) and when I'm told not to worry if anything happens you can depend on us to make your claim hassle free I trust that statement. Well 12/12/2014 at 19:40 somebody came off a side street on the right smashed in
  24. I am at my wits end with Hastings Direct. My 20 year old daughter was insured for her car with them. In December 2014 her insurance was up for renewal and I found a better cover with Endsleigh. I tried to contact Hastings on the numerous numbers without success but I was aware that the auto renewal would not take place because I had recently had a replacement debit card. The payment was not made and the first letter arrived saying to contact them with new payment detail. I eventually rang them with my daughter and told them that we did not want the insurance. As it had never been paid you w
  25. Hello I'm having some trouble with Hastings Direct! My convertible was recently 'vandalised'- the fabric hood was cut, the glove box has been broken, and the radio suffered water damage as a result of the hole in the roof. 19 days from the damage occurring and I was informed that the car is deemed a total loss. During this period Hoopers Engineers inspected the car at my home, and arrived at an estimated repair cost. I was informed that provided no further water damage was found, the car could be repaired. On this basis the car was sent to a Nationwide repair ce
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