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  1. According to an email from P2P, I received a "notice of debt referral" and they go on to say your account has been referred to a 3rd party debt-collection agency. I assume that means P2P still own the debt and it hasn't been sold on. I just re-read the email advising referral of debt. It states I borrowed £1150, have repaid £990.56 and currently owe £994.29 (not that it relates to who owns the debt).
  2. Hi All, I need some advice please. I had several payday loans from 2012 -December 2015, but this query relates solely to P2P/ARC I had a QQ loan, which I defaulted on back in 2012, reached a payment arrangement and settled in full around April 2013. Had a major issue and took out a P2P loan in/around November 2013 and they advanced £1050.00. I made 2-3 payments, but then defaulted. Balance outstanding is now £910.00, they have passed the debt to ARC Europe, who call daily from a 1000 different mobiles but to date I have ignored all calls. P2P advised the debt was passed on
  3. Dont have advice on the VT/Surrender etc. I recall years ago PCF having a booster loan, this was because due to their internal policies, they could only fund x% of book value, but would offer a separate booster/personal loan to make up the difference. So if a car was £10k, customer had a £1k deposit, their book value said £8k, they would offer £8k on a HP/conditional sale agreement and the additional £1k the customer required on a booster loan (personal loan) agreement.
  4. Thanks for your advice/help Bazooka, will be back once I have the SAR
  5. I haven't taken any calls or responded to Wescot. I have switched to another bank and have not used the HSBC account since December 2013. I don't have a full statement of account, so will send a SAR and then I will come back with the info I receive from HSBC. Will I have grounds to use the hardship rule? (I will do some searching on this) - they should have been aware, as there were also payday loans on the account, which I assume indicate financial difficulty
  6. Hi All, Looking for some advice please (I have a number of debts I am looking to gain control of), I will start one at a time and create a separate thread for each. I had an HSBC Advance current account from 2009 - 2014, during this time on several occasions, HSBC allowed me to go into an unauthorised overdraft and charged significantly (many times charging £100 - £150 for this "priveledge") - admittedly my poor account management was to blame for the situation, but ultimately meant every month my account would go overdrawn by up to £150, most times made up solely from the charges
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