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  1. Thank you SabreSheep. I will write and quote the relevant parts of the BCOBS.
  2. My apologies if this is covered by another existing thread. I am on ESA and having problems with my BOS current account. Basically, I have been getting into an unauthorised overdraft position as the bank states that retailers have a floor and ceiling of rates they allow before checking if there are sufficient funds available. It is a basic account and I am led to believe that it is not possible for me to get into such a state. Not sure if I am communicating my grievance properly, so forgive me. I am in a bit of a state, as it is causing me real hardship.
  3. i have just been dismissed from my hjob with the nhs through their promoting attendance at work policy. Over the past few years i have suffered abdominal problems which after various investigations and procedures have been diagnosed as IBS. The NHS Occy Health Physician told my manager that I did not have any underlying health conditions that would keep me away from work. The OHP did not recommend incapacity dismissal but told employee relations and management that the best predictor of future attendance is that based on past. The last two years I cracked my ribs and suffered a broken wrist wh
  4. Stumble across this site looking for some advice. I was contacted by Tower Investigations obo Global Debt Recovery regarding an alleged debt with Creation Financial Services. As I've never heard of them I denied any such contract and requested formal proof. The guy at Global said he was not in a position to supply that information. I requested that his client provide it. He refused. What he told me was it related to a debt prior to 2001. I've looked at my bank statements, nothing from CFS. I now have a demand for payment with court proceedings to follow in 10 days if no response. Any
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