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  1. I am looking for advice on gaining the removal of a default notice recently applied by HSBC. I'm new to this site and therefore have not previously followed any advice provided by this site. I'm requesting the default be removed from my credit reports as I believe I have been unfairly treated and this default has not been applied correctly. I believe HSBC has treated me unfairly as they refused to offer and agree a payment plan that their Final Demand letter offered, their communications, and application of process have contained many inaccuracies that have meant resolving
  2. Printed off my credit report last month (Experian) and had the epic 'score' of 580.... Experian emailed me today to say there had been a change on my report. Logged on to see that Southern Water had added a default to the report with a default date of June 2016, no great shakes to be fair because it improved my 'credit' score to 635!!! However, I've not, nor ever have I, received a default notice? What is the MO for these clowns? And why are Experian shockingly inept at processing personal data accurately? Leave it two years for a default to appear on a cr
  3. Hi, I hope I have posted this in the rigjt place. I wonder if anyone can help me. I was served a default notice by Nationwide in December of 2007 for arrears on a personal loan account. I eventually managed to bring the account up to date but in 2011 defaulted again and was served a default notice in July 2013. I have read on other threads that an account can not be served with more than one default notice. Is this correct ? if the account was brought up to date then defaulted again? I have the paperwork for both defaults which state different am
  4. Section 216 of the Insolvency Act, 1986 Hi im not sure if this is the correct forum or not but wondering if anyone can help me please? I have had to liquidate my company which has cost me a small fortune. I want to trade in a similar name, which I know can be done by sending a letter/notification to each of my creditors and also placing the same in the London Gazzette. I have spoken to a solicitor who has quoted me £700plus vat to send the notices. Is this something I can do myself? Does anyone have a letter i could copy and send or is it bespoke? Also how do I go abou
  5. I have been in writing to Drydensfairfax Solicitors back in March 2016. They are acting on behalf of their client Max Recovery Limited who purchased a debt. I had previously asked them for a credit agreement and copy of the deed of assignment. Back in March 2016, they wrote to me in reply. They provided me with a basic office copy of a credit agreement. They claimed that their client, Max Recovery, had provided them with a copy deed of assignment, and that they had attached this to the document for my perusal. Upon checking the documentation, this assignment was n
  6. Good afternoon. I've had quite a number of letters now from "Smart Parking", who are trying to get me to pay two notices for my vehicle in Exeter back in May. I've attached pics of the front and back of both, although as far as I can see the backs are identical. I've seen the thread with questions to answer, so here goes: They are Parking charges, not Penalty charges, and they were received through the post. 1 Date of the infringement - 27.05.17 2 Date on the NTK [this must have been received within 14 days from the 'offence' date] - 02.06.17 3
  7. Hi all, I have received 2 Parking Charge Notices (for different contraventions) that are at different stages. I have received the NTK for infringement 1 while infringement 2 occurred on August 31st so I still have a few days before the NTK is sent. I am looking for some advice as I feel both have been administered unfairly. Please let me know if it's advisable to open a new thread for the second PCN to avoid confusion. PCN 1 For a windscreen ticket (Notice To Driver) please answer the following questions.... 1 The date of infringement? 04/08/2017 2 Have you ye
  8. Dear All Almost two years ago received a claim from Restons for £2,500 but with no details. Filed defence requesting details of claim and made a CCA request. Cabot didn't come back until a week ago, with copies of some documents, containing terms and conditions, and copy of agreement, stating that they are now entitled to obtain Judgment. Have to see if it is genuine. I have noticed that they have not provided copy of Deed of assignment, I requested. Not sure if important? Also it appears that the authorisation of Cabot Financial has lapsed with the FCA, which
  9. Hi, this is my first post on the site and I hope someone can help. I am self-employed, based at home and have 2 Limited companies (1 active and 1 dormant). Business has been very difficult over the last couple of years and cash flow has been a major problem. On the 9th July a high court writ was issued against my dormant business for £1,717.66 and Court Enforcement Services Limited were given the job of enforcement but I did not receive any Notice of Enforcement from them. On the 1 Aug, 2 enforcement officers came to my home (where the dormant business is registered) and said th
  10. Hello Everyone! I had a Natwest Mastercard account, which was defaulted in 2006. I have been paying off monthly sums direct to Natwest every month since, no PPI and interest not being added. Late payment and overlimit fees of £175.00 unclaimed to date. Account balance approx £8K The account has never ever been shown on any CRA reports, even before defaulted. Natwest have now advised that they have now "partnered" with Wescot Credit Services, who will now "manage" the remainder of the repayment plan, and that I should continue to maintain payments direct to Natwest
  11. Approx two years ago the Local Government Ombudsman changed the way in which they record decisions. Previously, when a final decision was made, copies would be sent to the relevant local authority and the complainant. The significance of the change was that all decisions are now made public on the LGO website three months after the decision. There have been quite a few recent decisions made to the Local Government Ombudsman concerning successful Out of Time witness statements to the Traffic Enforcement Centre and the position regarding 'bailiff fees'. Up until this decision, most
  12. I have a number of defaults on my credit reports they are about 4 years old. I am thinking of writing to each creditor/collection agency asking to produce copies of the default notice and the credit agreements. My question is this. If a creditor or collection agent cannot send me copies of the original default notice and the original default becomes unenforceable is it possible for them to issue a default notice following this for the same account? therefore a 2nd default on that same account would be on reports for another 6 years? Thanks in ad
  13. Can anyone here confirm how long it takes Parking Eye to process their charge notices and when the charge notices was actually received. I received a Parking Charge notice long after the statutory 14 day period had expired. Their envelopes don't show a postmark so I can't date when the notice was sent although the "Date Issued" shown is within within 8 days. I know this to be untrue, what can I do?
  14. My dad has received 2 parking charge notices through from Smart Parking, he's the registered keeper but I drive the car! I parked in a retail car park on two separate occasions both times it was at night, they've taken pictures of the car entering and leaving the car park, and they have charged me £50 on both tickets and after 14 days it will go up to £85. I need a bit of advice on what I should do? I thought about ignoring them but because I have 2 tickets would they be more inclined to take me to small claims court? or should we appeal and state that we are unsur
  15. Well where to start?! I have been with O2 for many years now and decided in March of this year to upgrade my phone. I was told as an existing customer the £130 upfront fee would be waived, which set my decision to stay with O2. I was sent an email link to sign the agreement online and was told my phone would be with me the next day. This really was too easy to be true! I tried to sign the agreement but each time I got to a certain point the website came up with an error and I was unable to complete the order. The order was reset about 3 times by O2, but each time the same error appeared. I was
  16. Can anyone give me advice about payment notice from Athena,Lidl carpark. I parked in their carpark on Wednesday and stay longer than I should have:| My husband received a notice for payment of £50 if paid in 14 days or £100 if not:-x What do I do:?:
  17. I dont know if any experts on here can help with this one, it is a bit complex! Is is correct that creditors are not entitled to charge interest on a secured debt after bankruptcy occurs? What legislation allows secured creditors to just sit on their security...? because essentially all debts, whether they are secured or not are in fact included in BR. Anyone with any legislation would be gratefully received.....
  18. Hi, I have just received through the post 2 speeding notices, one for 38 mph and another for 42 mph, I am assuming it was a 30 mph limit. They are both for a Sunday Morning one Week apart on the same stretch of road, I had just started a new contract at a company and was following my Sat Nav. I accept of course that relying on a sat nav to beep if your over the limit isn't any excuse and being in an unfamiliar area is again no excuse. My beef is that had I known I had been done for speeding on this stretch of road on the first Sunday morning, I would have been able to be more
  19. I have noticed that there are hundreds of parking threads, and a few stickies, but I have not seen a definitive one with instructions for us if we receive a parking charge notice. I (apparently) received a PCN in Iceland car park in Andover from Horizon, on 29th October. I received 2 days ago dated 2nd december a letter from Horizon to me as the registered keeper, suggesting that I pay £80. I went into the store today and spoke to the manager who was wetter than a wet weekend in skeggie, so now what do I have to do, to not pay this charge? Many thanks added sorry but forgot
  20. Today my wife received a package from Drydens with a copy of an application to remove a stay and proceed in court. It was stayed on the 28th Dec 2013 after they never came back to court following sending our defence. Brief outline wife got cancer credit card unhelpful when couldn't pay so didn't pay. Sygma bank wouldn't supply information asked for and issued default. drydens also wouldn't supply info but eventually supplied copy of agreement which we noticed although signed by my wife it was unsigned by the bank. I am defending the case under PO
  21. If you have a loan (with PPI) that you cannot repay and it is sent to Recoveries then any PPI payments made should be used to reduce the loan (Consumer Credit Act) read the Default Notice. Make sure that the bank does this Lloyds did not do so with mine and am in dispute with them over this.
  22. Hi I have received 2 separate notices from ANPR Ltd. One is an outstanding Parking notice relating to one particular date and the other is a Final demand relating to another date. This is the first I have come across these charges as there was no ticket left on the car window. I have read on this forum that initial step is to send a generic appeals letter to ANPR first. Shall I send 2 separate letters explaining that I wish to appeal each notice or shall I send the one letter covering both notices. Also in the letter I was going to say: signage was not visible to you in the dark
  23. I am in the process of serving court papers on a creditor with regards to an invalid default notice, which in turn has led in my view to illegal reporting of a default to a CRA under Section 14 of the Data Protection Act 1998. I see the Interpretation Act and the Practice Directions of 1985 quoted frequently on these forums as follows: Interpretation Act 1978, Section 7 Where an Act authorises or requires any document to be served by post (whether the expression "serve" or the expressions "give" or "send" or any other expression is used) then, unless the contrary intention appears, t
  24. Hi I'm just looking for some advice, I had a guy from Marston turn up this morning, guessed it might be debt collector as going through a bad time at the moment (unemployed) so did not answer. However he pushed a 'Removal Notice' through the door, on which stated that despite previous visits and notices the matter had not been settled. 1, I have had no early visits or note saying they had been to the house. 2, I am sure I have had no correspondents from them ( may have binned one ?) 3, I thought a warrant had to be issued. There is a Parking Fine to Andover Council from last ye
  25. Hi, I have a default showing on my credit file. Having issued a SAR to the creditor I got a pile of paper back, within this were 2 default notices for the same account, one in June 2011 for £500ish and one in August 2011 for £700 ish, no payments were made in between. The default on my file is for the £700 figure and states September as the default date. Before I take matters further: Can they issue more than 1 default notice? Should charges have ceased after the first default notice? Does the date on default notices have to match the credit file exactly? Thanks
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