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  1. All I am looking for is to know if it's possible to get a complaint history. From what you have said it sounds like it is, but you haven't said how. Anyway the incident is my business and I don't wish to share it in full detail on here. I have provided enough information. If you don't wish to share how, then that's fine. I will hopefully get an answer elsewhere.
  2. @GrumpyToSayTheLeast I came on here to ask a simple question, a yes or no would of sufficed. Why come across obnoxious saying "It's none of my business" and questioning me?? If you can't answer the question don't respond, maybe you have nothing else better to do
  3. Thanks for the response. I need to know if any complaints have been made against this Doctor as I am in the process of making a complaint for the Doctors negligence in treatment and advice which I should of received. In the Doctors response to the initial investigation, several statements made were untrue so there is a re-investigation taking place. I feel that knowing about the Doctors history e.g. complaints might be useful.
  4. I wanted the NHS to disclose to me any complaints that may of been made against a Doctor that worked at a particular hospital, as I had concerns about their performance etc. I was told that releasing details of any complaints against any doctor is in breach of the Data Protection Act 1998 under, exemption s40 (personal information). Any thoughts or other processes that may be of help? Thanks
  5. Hi DX The pay as you go has always been there about 40 years, although they did replace it with an up to date type and my Mother has kept it like that. Yes I am of the same thinking as you, she is hardly there so they suspect that maybe there is some kind of Gas theft? Anf then use the entry as an excuse to inspect maybe? Agree Evesir
  6. Hi DX Thanks for the reply. I think it was about a year ago, the Gas Engineer installed a new meter. She has one of the pay as you go meters, so loads the card up with credit and then inserts it into the meter. Thanks
  7. My mother owns a property which she frequents periodically as she lives mainly in her pub. She was alarmed to find out that the Gas provider had gained access to her premises via a warrant, to read her meter. They allegedly sent her three letters, but she has not received one and did not contact her by telephone. What is the current law surrounding Warranty o Entry? I did read this extract: Magistrates have become used to issuing warrants to authorize utility companies to enter domestic premises. The procedure under the Rights of Entry (Gas and Electricity
  8. Thanks for the information, I will do that. Thanks
  9. Hi people I recently sent in a SAR to my previous Employer to see what information they held on me relating to an incident that happened at work. The request was sent to their Privacy and Data Protection Team, but looking at the information they sent me there appeared to be missing information (emails). Should the team deal with these requests covertly and not inform any parties that appear in the data held about me? Or is it procedure to inform any parties involved? They advised me that they need to inform parties to locate the information, but I suspect this infor
  10. Hi Slick Yes your correct, I mean credit card account and not bank account. I never had a bank account with Egg (now BC) only a credit card and bank loan. Over-limit fees Late payment fees Missed payment fees Bounced cheque, DD or payment fees Ok looking at the statements, the amount including compound interest is unlikely to exceed the debt that was outstanding. Therefore it is not advisable to proceed? At a guess the charges including compound interest are unlikely to exceed £1000. Also that answers my thoughts about reclaiming overdraft charges
  11. Hi Sabre This is the thread I am referring to yes The O/D penalty charges refer to the credit card in this thread. The link to the calculator does not work for me. I have all the paperwork from BC going back further then 6 years (2nd request), so I will calculate and start the ball rolling. I gather you were successful in a similar scenario, so some useful tips would be great. Thanks
  12. Hi Does anyone have a copy of the compound interest calculator. The one DX posted I can no longer download it appears to be trying to download as a .php file and not and xls file. CISheet v101.xls Thanks And another question? Even though my debt is now statue barred, am I still able to claim for the o/d penalty charges and interest even though they may be more then 6 years old? Thanks
  13. UPDATE: The Egg debt has now been removed from my credit file, the credit company had to confirm with creditor and they agreed. Debt is statue barred (over 6 years old now). Presumably the creditor will no longer chase the debt? Also I have all the SAR paperwork from Barclays. What is the process for reclaiming the penalty charges etc? I believe there is a spreadsheet? Once I have completed the spreadsheet, what are the next steps? Thanks guys
  14. Thanks for the info. Sabre Regarding Overdraft, what are your thoughts or anyones thoughts on below: 1. CCA Section 74 and more importantly the determination exempts Banks from complying with Part V of the CCA74, which means they can give an overdraft without a written agreement, ONLY PROVIDED that they have complied with all three requirements of the determination issued by the OFT. See 'Coutts v Sebestyn' in the Court of Appeal. This includes sending the appropriate letters when the overdraft was granted. I doubt whether these letters can be requested under section 77-79 o
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