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Found 8 results

  1. could anybody help, i need a sort code and acc no. to set up a standing order to kandco so i can start paying off this debt. thank you in advance
  2. Afternoon all having been a long time lurker on this forum I thought I'd post and ask for some of you experts on here to give some advice on a situation with K & Co (Shop Direct). The background to the situation is as follows. My mother in law opened an account with Great Universal some 20 years ago. They have now changed to K & Co and are part of the Shop Direct Group as you are all aware. The problem arose when a customer of my MIL (in fact my Sister in law) ordered a number of items on BNPL one of which was a note book computer type thing. My SIL states that the notebook was fully paid for within the interest free period, but despite this K&Co applied the full interest amount to the account balance (which i note from the statements I have they seem to do as a matter of course one month before they state the interest will be applied). This caused a dispute and my SIL refused to pay the interest amount therefore the minimum payments made were lower than K&CO requested on their statements. This started in April Last year. My SIL bless her has endeavoured to sort it out through telephone calls (eek!) to K&Co "Customer Excellence" and has as you can imagine been fobbed off at every pass. She has written to K&Co numerous times about this dispute and eventually escalated the compliant to the FO who were next to useless but in fairness having seen the letters I do not think enough info was provided by my SIL or enough evidence to back up her claim. As the minimum payments have been lower than requested my MIL has accrued a number of charges on her account. My MIL's position is that as my SIL was her "customer" and K&Co were fully aware of that fact then they should be pursuing my SIL for the notebook not my MIL. K&Co however deny all knowledge of my SIL as a customer of my MIL and therefore state that my MIL is liable for the entire debt. No-one is denying that money is owed, they simply dispute the amount and the validity of charges imposed when K&Co were fully aware that the balance amount was disputed. The matter has now been referred to NDR and my MIL has panicked and asked me to look into it. I have told her that NDR are just a trading company of Shop Direct and I have written to NDR (cc K&Co) explaining that my MIL will not be speaking to them on the telephone as the account is in dispute and that no payment arrangement other than the one currently in place (£84.00 pm) will be entered into until the dispute is resolved. Therefore my questions are: 1. K&Co final decision letter was written on 30 June last year. Can we still CCA and SAR them? 2. Is it worth sending a CCA as there obviously is an agreement in place (goods ordered/received etc) or is it best to go straight to SAR? 3. Does the fact that the FO was involved mean that no further action can be taken? FO involvement ended abruptly in Nov/Dec last year when MIL and SIL fell out over this. Any suggestions very much appreciated!
  3. Hi Has any body had any problems with KANDCO ? Thanks .............
  4. Hi there folks, just wondering if you could help me a little. I have had a account with k & co (previously great universal) for over 10 years now. After having my laptop repaired i asked to extend the guarantee which works out just as much for a year as it was for the previous 4 years (but that's another matter) Anyway, whilst in email conversation with a customer service rep, he mentioned that all insurances automatically renew when the policy ends. I was totally unaware of this and could well still be paying insurance for items i no longer have!!! Ive read the small print on the back of insurance policy's i was sent and it only states that guarantee will automatically renew if it has been extended yet the customer service rep states all insurances do it. Im obviously digging deeper into this this and have demanded that they tell me exactly what insurances are still running and what is on the auto re-newel. If it turns out that im still paying for items upto 10years on and wasn't made aware of the automatic renewal system, do you think there is any way of re-claiming the money back? Im livid as nowhere in the documents or insurance policy does it state the renewal happens with all insured items! Thanks in advance, Amy.
  5. I have just had a county court claim from Lowells Portfolio Ltd regarding a catalogue debt of £144 (now £226 with court costs). I had an account with GUS Ltd dating back to the 1980s but this was taken over by KandCo a few years ago. I always paid my debts but was a bit lax about doing so on time, but it didn't used to matter with GUS as long as I paid it. When Kays took over it all changed I started getting charges amounting to £24 each time I was late, in the end I got fed up with it, in July 2011 I paid off my balance and emailed them telling them I was closing the account. I didn't get a response but another statement showing another £24 charges added (because I had paid it after the due date). They continued to add charges until it was £144 and a debt collector took over the harrassment. Apparently Lowell has bought the debt, which I wasn't aware of. Can anyone advise me where I stand with this, is there anything I can do?
  6. Hi i am having the same problems with NDR, i offered them £10 a week and they refused. They keep sending me letters charging £12 every time. How can i deal with them? I have lost my hours at work and i am really struggling. I am sick to the back teeth with there nasty letters. Can anyone help and tell me how to deal with them please.
  7. Dear Mr Neild, after reflection and the fact that I feel so betrayed after years of loyalty I have posted this on the consumer forum and will continue on different forums throughout the U.K. If I can prevent just 50 from shopping with it will have been a success. I have already stopped 5, and will continue with my campaign, this is what I sent: Unfair kandco rewards system - long term Customer I was a empirestores agent for many many years with 15% commission on all goods. They merged last year with kays & gt universal and became KandCo. I have paid into my account over the past 14mts between £3000-£4000 and received only £5 commission. I complained and have been given a further £75. I have not been given anymore as they do not give rewards on goods that are reduced because of a sale and a whole new bunch of reasons. if you buy a piece of furniture that is normally £1000 and you get £50 off due to a sale you will receive no rewards. if you do not order something every month your rewards will stop even though you are still paying on goods over £2000. I shall not be ordering any large or expensive from this company again, only a small item at minimal cost of £5 so I get rewards for the money on the items I still owe. I feel utterly betrayed because of the loyalty I have shown through the years. an absolutely disgusted disgruntled customer
  8. Hi In March I ordered a washing machine of KANDCO online, which offered a buy now pay later. If you know Kandco, you have to fill out the promotional code to do this, which I did and proceeded with the order. After receiving threatening letters from them about not paying the minimum requirement, I contacted them stating that I had doe this on a buy now pay later deal. Initially, I received an email that back that the buy now pay later deal is checked with credit agencies and that my credit did not allow me to proceed with the deal. I replied that I had already received the item. They emailed back, stating I will be passed to another department who deals with this. The new department replied, stating that I did not fill out the promotional code (which I did). After, reading through the statement that they sent me, there is no mention of the buy now pay later ? but also they have charged me Shopping Insurance Covers Your Purchases + Payments ! Again after contacting them, they say I agreed to it, which I definitely would not of. Can someone tell me if I can return the item ? and what can I do about this ? they are also trying to charge me £12.00 late payment fees.
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