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  1. I actually got the number from TalkTalk! I didn't ask for it, she gave it out. I had to Google what the questions they were asking were, as they were asking things like Press 1 for 21 CN, press 2 for Fixed subscriber (or something like that). It took about 5 goes of hanging up when I got one wrong. If you want it I can dig it out, although I did Google the number at the time and it seemed to be quite widely known. The disconnection / changeover day is today so I will see what happens and update this thread.
  2. Hi, Thanks for replying. I don't think I have been fully clear so let me clarify the entire situation with you all, and see what conclusion you come to. 1. Joined TalkTalk 2 months ago, immediately was getting 0.7MB/s rather than the promised 15MB/s+. Previously was with BT, same phone jack, same equipment, same everything except the ISP where I was getting 25MB/s. I was also getting dropouts between 7pm and 10pm every day, i.e. no internet at all. 2. Reported this to TalkTalk. Firstly they blamed it on line attenuation and settling down, and all this nonsense. 3. A fe
  3. Thanks. Just to clarify I am an individual and registered with TalkTalk as such: "The PAP will apply to any business (including sole traders and public bodies) claiming payment of a debt from an individual"
  4. Hi all, Sad (but happy!) to be back on the CAG - as it means another legal issue. For my sins I took out a contract for fibre with TalkTalk a few months ago. Previously I was with BT directly and never had problems. Once the switch was done to TalkTalk it was dire and never worked fully since - dropping connection, slow speed, awful CS, and so on. I initiated a complaint with them internally and they gave themselves 28 days to fix it; over a month later it still isn't fully fixed so I have given up with them. I have written several letters and CC'd them to the CEO but just get boi
  5. Thanks, done now. Just had a reply by email actually from Knowhow/Currys. I am sorry that we have been unable to resolve this matter to your satisfaction. We have now exhausted our internal complaints process and this is our final position. What we cannot agree on and why We are unable to comply with your request to provide a refund of your Support Agreement. A quotation provided to yourself showed all products and services (A copy of this quotation have been provided by our PC World Business customer services team). As the quotation was accepted we would not be ab
  6. Thanks. Do I report it to TS nearest the store I bought it from, or where their head office is (Hemel Hempstead)
  7. Yes, they have the card details as I paid for the laptop with my card. Had an email reply from someone after sending it to the CEO/MD's email address. Should I go to Small Claims Court now or try one last time? I really don't mind throwing the kitchen sink at this even if it costs me more than the amount owed, their arrogance is extremely irritating; are there any other methods in addition to Small Claims Court I can look into, eg. Trading Standards, ASA? here's the email: Thank you for your e-mail addressed for the attention of our Chief Executive Officer S
  8. @Bazooka Yes, it says Careplan in her letter. The first time I've heard of it. I can only assume some useless product warranty that they wiggle out of, that only the gullible opt for - I never buy that sort of thing, so I know I didn't agree to it here. The problem will be proving it I guess.
  9. They seem too large to place here, so... I've written a response to the above letter, not yet posted and subject to change: ---- Dear Laura Clark, With regards to your letter dated XXX, I am afraid I disagree with your findings about the Knowhow Careplan “Product” and again state my request for a full refund. May I politely point out that the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations 2008 states that it's considered misleading if a trader:- omits material information that the average consumer needs, according to the context, to make an informed t
  10. Thanks. I've written back stating the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations, namely: It's considered misleading if a trader does any of the following: omits material information that the average consumer needs, according to the context, to make an informed transactional decision hides or provide material information in an unclear, unintelligible, ambiguous or untimely manner fails to identify the commercial intent of the commercial practice if not already apparent from the context And information must also be displayed clearly - obscure presentation is tant
  11. Not sure if I should have signed it or not, it's just says 'Quotation' at the top that they appear to have printed from their internal invoicing system. All I know is, I walked in to buy a laptop, was asked if I needed their extended warranty, said no, I though that was the end of it. I'm also taking issue with the fact it's written simply on the 'Quotation' as 18147 WM/PREM , surely this would be construed as misleading to the layman? And additionally shouldn't the salesperson have covered it in depth if I had agreed to this "service"?
  12. Hi all, In need of some of your excellent advice please. Almost 2 years ago I purchased a cheap laptop from a Currys store through my business, at the time the salesperson asked if I wanted any sort of extended warranty - I always say no, they are a complete con of course. Fast forward to now, I have just noticed that he did in fact sign me up for this at £9.58 a month, without my permission. I rang the Currys 'Knowhow' helpline and requested a refund; the lady said she could only refund 6 months' worth of payments, which I declined as I want a full refund, for obvious reasons.
  13. Thanks.. On Monday I will escalate my complaint with FOS . I have written the enclosed letter to the head office in the hope of resolving it quickly also, it is worth mentioning FOS complaints to them at this stage? I attach it here (haven't sent it yet) Unfortunately GardX closed til Monday now!
  14. Hi stu, thanks. Re: 1) if I do write to the dealer about the Certificate that's invalid/missing, they'd presumably just send me a valid one. Wouldn't it make sense to not ask for it, then use that as ammo to argue it was not applied correctly? I don't want this product after all, it's junk. The dealer is registered but there was no trace of my car, when I checked last. I have no certificate just a few booklets and some terms and conditions and 'cleaning guidelines' that are just photocopies. If it wasn't me but someone else in this situation I'd laugh at the photocopies and what I got fo
  15. Spoke with FOS, left it as saying i'll research over the weekend and give them the goahead once I'm clear, they have all my case details. Only problem is, FOS said they could only tell BMW Finance about the claim, but it's not really to do with them as such as they didn't flog me the cr*ppy extras, it's the dealer Inchcape/Coopers. Really want to find out more about their claim this is added by default to ALL new cars and something the customer must opt out of, no expert but surely there are keyfacts to go through etc? Claim has been backed up by the branch manager too
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