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  1. Hi All. I am having a real headache at the moment with homeinsure.co.uk / Thames bank insurance. Background: I split up from my ex-wife some time ago, but as we own a property together (wholly on my name) and no one else lives at the property, i still left some of my contents there as it is the safest place for them. This included some photography equipment, cycles etc. Additionally, all the bills etc on the property are on my name as i deal with anything official in relation to the property. The building is insured via a block management policy. History: Back in 2016 i took out a policy with homeinsure.co.uk (Thames bank insurance (HI)), as it happened to be the cheapest via confused.com The policy cost in the region of £185 for contents only. At the time, i was not advised that the policy would automatically be renewed. At the point of renewal in 2017, HI sent me an email, which ended up in junk mail with the policy renewal details, additionally if i recall no credit agreement details were sent. Unfortunately, i missed the window to cancel the policy by a few days. The policy cost had increased, even though no claims had been made. Unfortunately, due to serious health issues i wasn't able to argue the point, so left the policy standing. I am sure I did however request the policy not be renewed again. This policy cost was around £255 (37.8% increase). Current - The issue Fast forward to 2018, i no longer use the email address they email on as it is full of junk mail. I only found out the policy had renewed after receiving a credit alert of a new finance agreement, after some investigation i found out it was with creation on behalf of HI. The new policy was around £310. I contacted HI 3 days past the 14 day cooling off period. I spoke to a really arrogant team leader who refused to cancel unless i paid the cancellation fees plus additional charges. I said i would discuss with my ex and call back. Again, i had not agreed to a renewal or a new credit agreement. I then received an email on 31st December stating my insurance would be cancelled with no reasons given. I called back again on 07/01/2019 to find out how much the cancellation would actually cost. I was advised this would be £105 (premiums + cancellation fee). I was then dragged into a call with the same supervisor as previous which dragged on for 50 minutes. During the call I mentioned I do not live at the property yet have belongings there and the insurance and every other bill is on my name. The supervisor then mentioned we would not be insured in the event of a claim. I stated she was on the policy documents as well. The supervisor then mentioned my ex would need to be on the deeds. Every time I came to a decision she would try to confuse the matter further - almost just to antagonise me. Two options where on the table: Pay £35 and change the policy into my ex's name only. Pay £105 and cancel the policy. After consideration, the customer service, HI's annoying staff , we decided to pay the £105 and cancel as a new policy elsewhere would have cost around £80, and at least I would not have to deal with their antagonistic supervisor again. The supervisor then demanded I pay the balance immediately. To which I refused and wanted a breakdown. A few days later I receive an email saying I owe them £170. Had we been made aware of this we would not have cancelled and just let the policy run on. So my questions are: They quoted me £105 to leave. Was that binding? I was never advised that I would not be covered if I did not live at the property, and having my ex's name on the policy wouldn’t change anything. Which means I was not actually covered since the inception of the policy. Do I have a right to claim the policy back? - I have requested the call recordings from the inception of the policy. And of the last conversation I had with them - not heard anything back. How long do they have to provide me with the call recordings - I want them for my complaint to the FCA. They added a £10 'set up fee', and the cost of £45 for emergency cover in the £170 Any other advise would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Hi all, Apparently all blue badge renewals/applications in future will have to be done through the gov.uk portal and paper applications will only be allowed in exceptional circumstances. However, the system is apparently not working very well at the moment. The letter I received implied that as I was renewing an existing badge I would only have to provide proof of continuing entitlement, and that everything would be done online. I duly scanned my last PIP award and started the process - I previously qualified as 'virtually unable to walk' as I'd never bothered to apply for high mobility DLA, but got enhanced mobility PIP when I transferred. I actually had to provide proof of identity, proof of address, proof of the points I scored for moving around, proof of the duration of my PIP award, a letter dated within 12 months to confirm I was still receiving PIP and a signed passport type photograph, to be sent by post to my local council. I duly posted everything, only to be asked for all the proof of entitlement again as they wanted proof dated within the last 12 months of what points I got for mobility, which simply does not exist as I haven't been assessed within the last 12 months! When I copied the list of required proof from the original application they did accept what I had sent, so I'll be getting my new badge soon but only for 12 months and still at the same cost of £10! I only applied on the basis of my PIP award because I thought it would be more straightforward but actually I'd have been better off having another assessment (they didn't bother actually assessing me last time I renewed) and getting another 3 years. I hope these are teething problems with the new system as it would be much easier for me if everything could be done online, but I doubt that's true for everyone.
  3. Hello, How far in advance can you renew your UK passport? If lost or stolen i guess it would be from the date of it reported lost or stolen? Thanks.
  4. Hi all, Just a quick question. Can a private landlord charge tenancy fees every time they renew your tenancy? Only asking because we have been living in a property for just over 4 years. The original tenancy we signed upon moving in was for a period of 1 year after which it was never renewed. The landlord has now popped up after 3 years wanting a rent increase and to renew the contract (BTW we have no issues with the increase or the renewal) but he wants £50 the renew the contract and an extra £25 so he can top up our deposit to a higher amount. Can these fees be charged even though we are not new tenants and can he request a top up on the deposit to a new amount? Thanks for reading guys
  5. Hi Asking for a friend Can someone please confirm that a straightforward passport renewal doesn't need a counter signature. There's no change of name or much change to appearance so from what I can see just need to fill forms out and supply new pictures? They've got an appointment at the passport office on Wednesday so just want to make sure everything is correct before travelling up there. Thanks
  6. I signed up to AA home insurance February 2017. I paid circa £120 up front for the year. I moved house in November 2017. It was cheaper to go with someone else, so I called aa to cancel my existing policy and also cancelled my dd. It seems that they tried to auto renew me in february and failed to take an annual payment. I have post redirection but didnt receive any notification of this. I have now received a default notice and a request for monies. After speaking to their customer service manager they have promised to review their records to see if I did call or not. I cannot prove that I did as my phone doesnt go that far back. I am sure they have very clever t&c's but do I have a leg to stand on?
  7. RAC to apologise to 1 million customers for breaking insurance renewal rules The RAC will be apologising to more than 1 million customers for falling short on rules on insurance renewals. The motoring organisation has become the latest – and one of the largest – businesses to be rapped by the Financial Conduct Authority watchdog. Rules introduced by the FCA a year ago require firms to clearly show the insurance premium a customer paid last year alongside their proposed renewal premium. They also require firms to show a “prominent, clear and straightforward message” to encourage customers to shop around. https://uk.yahoo.com/finance/news/rac-apologise-1-million-customers-breaking-insurance-renewal-rules-121828308.html
  8. Well, it's that time of year again Car insurance renewal came through the post at £414.23. And that's with 5 years NCD (wanders off muttering about money for old rope etc) Had a look at the Meerkat and on You're So... Found a policy for exactly the same cover with the RAC (as broker) for £310. Insured by the same company that wanted over £100 a year more! My current provider had flatly refused to budge on their renewal quote. You really couldn't make it up sometimes (unless you work in insurance it seems).
  9. In simple terms i'm self employed and have been here since october 2010, up till October 2016 the tenancy was not in my name and was paid monthly but they moved out so at this point the landlord agreed for me to pay 6 months in advance because I was unable to prove enough earnings due to being self employed. I have renewed twice paying the 6 months in advance again so 18 months total but this time they want to put the rent up £300 a year and are asking me to pay £60 in advance to reserve. I'll be honest its doable but its a real struggle this time finding over £4k. Logically it should be no different to paying monthly but it just doesnt seem to be feel like that. Flat will need decorating if he wants to find a new tenant I think. Now ive been here nearly 8 years and in that time ive had nothing done, its all starting to look a bit tired in here. But I think ive been a good tenant, im not Hyacinth by any means but ive not trashed the place at the same time and the rents always been paid etc. I guess what im wondering is where I stand legally if I want to stay on?, I know that usually an agreement goes periodic but how does this work with 6 months paid? If I dont renew will it just carry on as is? Ideally i'd like the reduce the amount due and increase the payments per year, even quarterly would be better than 6 monthly. Surely if it goes periodic they could allow a bit of room on how often payments are due?. I did pay a huge deposit. I'm just sure even if they did agree to change it there would be a huge fee for drawing up a new agreement. I have about 6 weeks so I need to get this in order I think. Have pasted the email minus sensitive info. As your current tenancy is due to be reviewed on ...Late April 2018 we are delighted to inform you that you landlord is offering you a further fixed term of 12 months at a rental of £@@@ payable in advance half-yearly for the term. In order to secure your new fixed term tenancy term please call us on 00000000000. There will be a charge of £60.00 (inc VAT) required to cover the cost of this service which can be made via debit card. We are also available should you need to discuss any changes to the proposed terms, our office hours are Monday to Friday 9am to 5.30pm. Should you be intending to vacate your property at the end of the current tenancy term then please email confirmation of this to email address including details of your forwarding address.
  10. Hi all I've just been pulled up by the police who told me, to my surprise I had no insurance on my car. Our insurance was up for renewal in January so we let it automatically renew. £200 fine and 6pts on my license I came home to see what had happened. I have been driving this car for 3 years now. The Insurance company (first Central) told us on chat (can't get hold of them by phone) the details were correct that only my husband was insured. We looked for emails regarding policy documents etc. They said that they got details from confused.com and that's how they based their/our policy. Our previous insurance company always insured the name driver and spouse. I am not sure if my husband has ticked the box which states spouse or not and there is no way to check. Could I have been driving around with my kids in the back of the car without any insurance for over 2 years??? In December last year I had to go on a speed awareness course for doing 34MPH in a 30 zone. My question is wouldn't this issue have flagged up then? I did the speed aware course in December. Our insurance for the car was automatically renewed in January. Please help.
  11. I'm new - just registered. I'd be grateful for your advice. Mid last year I called to renew my car insurance with LV. At the conclusion of the call I was asked to pay the £40 deposit I was told that their payment system was 'broken' and that I would be called back for payment to be taken later. So far so good. My car insurance renewal was completed.... So I assumed. LV never did call me back As LV had all my details (I had been insured with them the previous year) I thought nothing of it. Several months later I received a DVLC letter informing me I was NOT uninsured. I immediately called LV and discovered that they had not taken the payment (not through any failure on my / my bank's part) and consequently I had NOT been insured for the previous 4+ months. LV have offered compensation of £100, considering the potential financial repercussions to me of their administrative failure (had I been involved in an accident) I am wondering if there are any informed views on precedent in such a situation. I am no lawyer while it is the driver's responsibility to ensure his vehicle is insured, one can equally argue that it is reasonable given the telephone conversation (of which I have a recording) to assume that the onus would be on LV to call me back as promised or to assume they would complete the transaction given they had all my existing details. I would be interested to hear what people think. Many thanks. Mav
  12. Hello, My mom has just received a letter from Atos asking her to telephone to arrange a medical (within 2 days of receipt of letter). Now my mom is in no state to be calling them, we are dealing here with severe mental health issues and she doesnt speak to anyone, she doesnt even know we have a letter! She has recently been referred to the Mental Health Team and we are awaiting contact from them. When the questionnaire arrived, a local agency helped me complete the form on my mom's behalf and they said she will need a home visit if a medical is needed. The Job Centre recently wrote regarding a 'back to work' meeting, I called them and explained the situ and they called me on the day of my mom's appointment and I explained to them that my mom could not speak with them, they were great and said they would do the same thing next time they needed another one of these meetings. y worry now is, how do I handle the telephone call when I ring Atos, any suggestions. I notice on another thread that maybe I should have enclosed a letter with my mom's questionnaire asking for details of the 'qualified healthcare professional' who is assessing my mothers questionnaire. Any help is greatfully received.
  13. Hi, I was in WRAG for a year between Dec 2015 and Dec 2016, when I was moved into the Support Group. I had my ESA50 for that in August 2016 and the assessment in October of the same year. When I rang the DWP to ask about my award period, she first looked and said it ended in April 2017 but then corrected herself and said it was an 18 month award. Question is - when does my 18 month period go from? When I got the ESA50, or when I got my assessment result in December? Will I get sent an ESA50 automatically as I was last year?
  14. Hi hope someone can help. Sent my ESA renewal form in for April 6, 2017. in August received a letter confirming a f2f , but no date. I have phoned and been told I could be waiting for a year, for an appointment is this correct. Kind regards
  15. Hello, I had a 10 month policy with Elephant that ran out at the end of december, as I am not originally from the UK I wasn't aware that auto-renewal is even a thing. I did not receive any calls/letters from Elephant about a new policy. I received one letter at the end on January with my 1 years NCB with a £133 bill for my new policy that was already cancelled. Is there any way to clear my history of a cancelled policy? Thanks.
  16. I moved away from the UK some years ago, I've obtained a new driving licence in my new country but it's not an EU one or one from a country that can be converted directly into a UK licence. The date on my UK driving licence ran out in 2014 - I made attempts to try to renew it so I could at least keep it up to date but it appears you must use a UK address to update it and it is an offence to have an address on your driving licence where you are not resident. I do plan on returning to the UK at some point and as my new driving licence is not from a reciprocal country that can convert directly into a new UK licence - it would be an awful pain to have to return and do a new theory and practical driving test to get a new UK licence. I heard from some places that if you leave it more than 2 years to renew your UK licence they can require you to take the test again, other places say no such thing and that the licence is valid until you're 70 it's just the photo that needs updating. Can anybody give me a solid answer? Assuming I haven't reached the age of 70 when I return to the UK, if say the last date on my UK licence was 10 years ago will I have no problems renewing it with an updated photo for the usual renewal fee, no re-test required?
  17. From April 2017 insurance companies have been ordered to make it crystal clear in renewal notices how much they are increasing their premium from the previous year. The move, a new rule announced by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), is aimed at stopping sneaky eye-watering raises that customers often don’t notice and simply pay on auto renewal. From April 2017, insurance companies will have to display last year’s price in a prominent position on renewal notices The FCA says the move could mean customers save up to £103 million a year simply by spotting the big rises and deciding to use a comparison site to shop around for a better deal. The renewal rule will apply to all forms of insurance, so motoring, breakdown cover and home insurance. https://www.aspokesmansaid.com/money-and-insurance/stories/content-9129/no-more-sneaky--rip-off-insurance-rises-as-companies-ordered-to-clean-up-their-act
  18. Dear all A current AST comes to an end on a property on the 17th August. When my agent enquired whether the tenants would like to renew, they told him they were splitting up. On this basis my agent advised issuing a S21 as he was concerned about affordability. The tenants are an unmarried couple with three children. One of the current tenants (male) is now starting treatment for a serious condition and now the partner of the sick tenant has texted me offering me 6 months rent upfront to stay when the AST ends as she says that they are working on getting back together and don't want the stress of moving. There is a guarantor already in place for this AST plus 6 months deposit. I am tempted to accept this as it will avoid a void period. Is there anything to be concerned about? I know Johnson V Old has ended concerns about registering rent upfront as a deposit. If I accept this, should a new 6 month agreement be put in place (as my agent suggested)? Or should I let it go on to a monthly rolling tenancy? What about the notice period and serving a S21 when the 6 months draws to an end? The female tenant apparently told my agent 3 weeks ago when we sent the S21 that she would stay on regardless (seems to have backed down on this though) - so I am slightly worried about her volatility. It would have meant I would have had to get a possession order. My agent's renewal charge is 4 %. Would you expect that a 6 month renewal means that I would pay 4 % on the 6 months rent? Sorry if this post is confusing. I guess I am asking if anybody thinks it might be a bad idea to let them stay on after the threat of staying after the AST expires. Obviously they still might if the council advises them to stay and the 6 months upfront would mean this potential disaster is abated but what are the issues after the 6 months elapse? Thanks in advance for any advice
  19. I signed up for a year of cover on a washer dryer and have just found out that they have been taking the payments since 2011 without me realising or indeed authorising it. I spoke to them and they were incredibly unhelpful - a rude and arrogant woman on the phone who said that they were not regulated by anyone and fundamentally they could do what they liked. They claim to have been sending me renewal notices each year which I have not received - I moved property so cannot verify this. Their main line of defence is that when they sent the first renewal letter it said that unless you cancel then it will automatically renew. I cannot believe that this is allowed?!? Can anyone please help me claim my hundreds of pounds back? I could have purchased about 3 new machines now for the amount they have charged!!! Any help greatly appreciated.
  20. Hi I have Buildings and content insurance bought through Hastings Direct. In May 2016, we had a very large fire in our property which caused extensive damage costing upwards of £100k to repair. The cause of the fire is unknown, but it likely started in the washing machine (it wasn't on but was plugged in.) There had been no alterations to the wiring in the 10 months that we had owned the house. There is no suggestion of foul play. It is the first time I have made a claim in over 21 years of having home insurance. Hastings have now written to me to say that are refusing to invite me for renewal, no explanation as to why. Obviously it is because we have a very large and outstanding claim. However it strikes me as extremely unfair that we make one claim (not a string of claims, just 1 in 20 years) and we are now being massively punished for it. Now I have to declare that I have had insurance refused. Last year my insurance was approx. £240 per year; my new quote with another company for next year, having had insurance refused is now £2,500. Is there anything I can do to protest?
  21. Hello fellow forum members I'm looking for some advise for my sister who has had her insurance renewal come through at a higher than expected price. Upon looking into the renewal, it shows her no claims bonus is at 4 years, not the expected 9years that she should be entitled to. She rang her insurance company today to find out the reasons why this has happened, and they have stated its due to an incident that occurred in 2015. To keep this story shorter, it was a 50/50 clash of mirrors... my sister informed her insurance of the incident (as you should do) and told them that she and the other party would be sorting the issue between themselves, she assumed that was the end of it. So now due to this minor accident, that no one has made a claim on she has lost 5 years of no claims (as she didn't have it protected) due to the fact there "may" be a possible future claim. Does this sound right? It was my understanding that any accident should be reported to your insurance company, but in doing so she is now worse off even though she has gone through the correct channels. Any help or advise would be greatly received. Thank you in advance
  22. Its been almost a year since I took up Hastings Direct insurance and discovered they immediately turned my 17 years no claims discount into 9 years. I complained and was told I would not lose any discount despite their systems only logging up to 9 years, and despite a number of reports here that customers who did not notice that Hastings had truncated their NCD DID lose their NCD above 9 years. The renewal of my fully comp (which apparently isn't actually what I understand as fully comp with Hastings I have since discovered) with 17 years protected no claims at taking it out is being shown on the document as 9 years NCD. Luckily I haven't had to make a claim and hence be sold of to some third party shyster company to inflate costs and require me to sign credit agreements for cover that should be included in a fully comp policy ..... Lets see what happens for me.
  23. I have come to a conclusion that having a UK nuclear weapon system is not a deterent, as no PM would ever threaten to use it or actually use it, if the UK was attacked. If Russia wanted to, they could attack the UK with enough conventional weapons to wipe out most of the key infrastructure e.g power stations. I really doubt that UK, France or US would use nuclear weapons against Russia in response. They would probably use conventional weapons with NATO allies, against various Russian targets, to see if that prevented a continuing war. It would only be after a protracted conventional war between nuclear powers, that some nuclear warheads would be used. A nuclear deterent is an end of the world weapon, which would only ever be used, when it was seen as the last possible option available. I just doubt that anyone would authorise their use or even threaten to use them. The biggest danger is that terrorists and extremists get hold of nuclear materials, which they use against UK or NATO allies. We are never going to use nuclear warheads against terrorists or rogue states, I think the future threats are more likely to come from terrorists and criminals, than other countries. It would be better to spend the Trident money on conventional weapons, armed forces personnel and security services. The UK would still come under the nuclear umbrella of France and US, who would not be too concerned by UK disarming nuclear wepons.
  24. My car insurance expired yesterday and I arranged cover with another provider. Today I got an email from my previous insurer telling me that my policy had been renewed. I'm going to cancel it but can they lawfully charge me "admin" charges or other fees
  25. Hi sorry that it's another Harlands related thread. I've just been reading through a lot of them and it's got me worried about ending the contract. So I'm tied into a minimum contract of 6 months and I don't wish my payments and my membership to continue after the minimum 6 month period. My minimum 6 month period ends on 17th January 2016. I've just sent them this email: To whom it may concern, My name is Jonny Jones I am contracted to a minimum period of six months payment of £90.00 to Harlands Group for membership to London Fight Factory, my reference number to quote is: 33048214 / JW. I would like to make it known that I do not wish my contract to automatically renew after the end of the minimum period on 17th January 2016. I wish my membership to be cancelled once the minimum period is over and for no further payments to be made. Therefore I expect that January 17th 2016 is the last time any money is to be taken out of my account from this group and I will be cancelling my DD with my bank as soon as I see this payment has been taken. Please give confirmation that you have received this email and that 17th January 2016 will be my final payment. Kind Regards Jonny Will this be enough to end things with them and make sure that I don't pay any more after the 17th January payment has been taken? Thanks in advance, you're giving great advice to lots of people Jonny
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