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  1. I had a £25k loan taken out almost 10 years ago, was paying almost £400/m regularly and had only apx £8k left to pay. Was suddenly not in the position to make the monthly payment and have instead been paying £40/m. I had discussed my circumstances with them and I guess - although they were not happy - they must have realised that with all the interest payments over the years I had pretty much paid off the original debt they seemed to have accepted the nominal monthly payment for the last year+. However, with Christmas, bad weather and sickness I completely forgot to make the November and December £40 payments. And now Westcot DCA has reared its head chasing me For the last few weeks I have been receiving texts and calls (unanswered by me) from Westcot. I did not know why they were trying to contact me so ignored them. today I received a red letter from Westcot : Important - Notice of Debt Collection - for the whole amount (8k) outstanding. I quickly went on line and made up the 2 months and this months payments so that I am back up to date with the normal nominal payments. But what should I do now ? Do I completely ignore Westcot ? And write to Halifax again - say circumstances have not changed, the payments were missed due to oversight, and I need to continue the nominal amounts ? Or should I try to negotiate with them to try to clear the debt with an offer (which I might have coming in within the next month or so) of apx £1k ? For what it is worth, Halifax has frozen the total - no added interest - so all the nominal amounts have been reducing the balance. I really do not want to get battling with dcas now.... Anyone's help is much appreciated.... Thank you.
  2. Halifax Banking Account Opened account in Jan 2008 account closed and defaulted July 2010 This account is being collected by BLS collections at a figure I arranged via personnel plan/arrangement. This account was mainly used for my gaming problem back in 2008/09 Account shows loans entering and leaving account same day to repay other loans within the Halifax group. £12,500 and £8,000 loan one to pay the other, aswel as many pay day loans entering the account. Account used only for gamimg sites, Betfair, Willaim Hill, Tombola, Gala, Virgin games, Profitable play gaming. ( Pages upon pages of transactions to these sites.. makes me annoyed that I blew such huge amounts during that year) Charges over the period amounted to in access of thousands, to which I reclaimed a large part of. over draft fees, late payments Defaulted in July 2010 however Credit reference companies had on report Feb 2011 to which I made a dispute, after them looking into such, the Halifax made NO contact, therefore ALL reference companies, SUPPRESSED the account from the file, and this hasnt shown on the files for over a year now. Although balance very low now £280.03 after years of paying, CCA will be in post in morning, even though I have all paper work from 2008 to 2016 This thread is per part of first Halifax one but keeping separate as per any CCA reply.
  3. My partner has been informed he will receive an eviction notice soon not sure when but to get you to grips with stuff we went to court in November 2018 and got a suspended possession order for 350 a month that's 284 for the mortgage contract and 66 for the extra towards arrears which total to 1455 unfortunately due to errors with the bank and me having to go on maternity leave to due having our second son 3 months ago I've been on less income I've paid what I've been able to £100 last month and £200 on the 2nd may and I'm going to be paying £300 today as I cant pay the full arrears of to stop eviction I have a 4yrs old and a 3 month old that are settled in the home do you think the judge will suspend again please as I'm back at work I've been working for McDonalds now for 5years and have a secure job and work full time my total earnings are more than my outgoings spoke to Halifax on Thursday to make an arrangement and they said the couldn't because it had already gone back to the solicitor I did and income and expenditure and they even said I have a access of a couple of hundred pounds even giving Halifax the current 350 I pay payments will not be missed in the future as I'm now back earning just didnt want to lose my home with my 2 children I'm also gonna offer £400 a month if it goes to court to pay the arrears quicker what do you think are chance is I have been reading post about evictions on the forums and have a rough idea what may happen just wanted some advice Halifax have said they cant Come to and arrangement before it goes to court as it may affect the judges decision surely coming to an arrangemt now will stop all the extra court cost we just think they're trying to get us out and fixing it up I've always kept them up to date with info since I even phoned them earlier than arranged before to sort out this they still took it to the solicitors again just didnt want to lose my home which I work so hard for to keep a foot over my children's heads would be great if you could get back to me I've been on maternity leave as I've had a baby who is 3 month old the arrears total £1455 we have paid them £100 pound in April and £200 In may im looking to pay a further £300 pound today when I've finished work due to being on maternity leave my income as been substantially lower im now back at work full time I have tried to stay in contact with Halifax to sort out arrangements but couldnt due to my income being lower than my outgoings i've phoned them up Tuesday just gone and gave them my income and expenditure update they said I would be able to pay my contractual mortgage of £284.15 plus a few hundred extra I offered to make and arrangement on the phone they put me through to the eviction team they took it back to solicitors the day before said we have to wait for an eviction notice to come through as if they make an arrangement now it will impose the judges decision surely to God they could stop the hassle but oh well I suppose they have to go through procedures but that didnt stop me from worry though I'm looking to get the arrears down to £1000 before it goes to court I've also changed banks too has I've had problems with my bank with payments not being processed and what not like I said I'm now back at work full time so going to have a regular income coming in in have 2 children aged 4 and 3 months I'm just panicking as dont want to lose hour family home as my 4 yr old starts school in September and he is settled at home and so is my 3month old do you think the judge will suspend again I've been informed we have received letter from the solicitor not sure which one yet it says we must pay 1455 in 7 days or they will go for repossession do u think if I rang the solicitor they will stop repo if I offer them 300 today and 400 each month
  4. Hi all, I recently CCAed all my creditors in order to try and sort out my finances finally. I have been paying £1 token payments to each, having defaulted on all over 6 years ago. I have moved house a few times since and have lost track of what has happened to them all. having sent a CCA request to Robinson Way, who I originally dealt with for a Halifax debt, I received a strange reply, returning my £1 PO, and saying that "the account is closed on our files, please contact our principal". This was written on a very unprofessional piece of paper that looked more like a memo than a letter! Has anyone got any advise as to how I should proceed with this? The 12+2 days are definitely over. As Robinson Way were dealing with this, is it still their responsibility to respond to my CCA request? Thanks AM
  5. Hi all Hope everyone is well. Had this back recently - after months on inactivity on all accounts. For a Lloyd’s credit card This is the one and only sheet sent back from Idem. Looks like an application form to me ? Any help much appreciated. Thanks for looking and Bon weekend ! Here is correct picture Lloyd’s scan 2.pdf
  6. Hi All, I have had a Halifax account for a long time. but it has a massive overdraft (8,700) It was our own fault and very stupid, we were really struggling with money at the time _ it was a few years back -can't even remember how long, but we had a small overdraft we went on line to increase it a bit to cover us for that month, it was so easy, we went back in and did it again till it finally declined at the above amount, but I'm sure we managed to increase it by about 4,000 in one day! things were ok and we were being charged about £100 each month in fees for always being in the overdraft. but in april (I think ) the fees changed to £12.42 per day for us which is about £372 per month!. There's no way I can afford that!. I have a basic current account with the Halifax which I've been using as my main account for some time, but no income is paid into the overdraft account at all now. it's already being recorded on my credit file as two months in arrears and the balance is now about £9100. I want to pay them back but at £372 just for the fees it would be impossible. but I also don't want another default, as my credit record will be clean in 2 years and we're selling up to rent and clean up our credit records so a new default for another 6 years won't be good! Is there anything I can do to avoid this? and make an offer to them to pay what's owed?
  7. Good evening all, I've done a bit of research trying to close accounts which led me to requesting CCA's to Cabot. I sent two for two different accounts which they took off Halifax (1 x CC & 1 x Current Acc Overdraft). I posted the following to them: Dear Sir/Madam Account No: With reference to the above agreement, I require you to supply the following documentation before I will correspond with you further on this matter. 1. You must supply me with a true copy of the alleged agreement you refer to. This is my right under your obligation to supply a copy of the agreement, under the legislation contained within s.78 (1) Consumer Credit Act 1974. 2. A full statement of account. 3. A signed true copy of the deed of assignment of the above referenced agreement that you allege exists. 4. A copy of any other documents referred to in the agreement. I understand that under the Consumer Credit Act 1974 (sections 77-79) , I am entitled to receive a copy of any credit agreement and a statement of account when I request it. I enclose a payment of £1 which is the fee payable under the Consumer Credit Act 1974. I understand a copy of any credit agreement along with a statement of account should be supplied within 12 working days. I understand that, under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, creditors are unable to enforce an agreement if they fail to comply with the request for a copy of the agreement and statement of account. A speedy response would be appreciated to resolve the matter amicably. I look forward to hearing from you soon. Yours faithfully THE LETTERS WERE RECEIVED ON 17TH/18TH JULY AND TODAY I RECEIVED THE FOLLOWING LETTERS: Thank you for your CCA request etc etc... We currently do not have this information on file. However I have requested the relevant details, which include a copy of the credit agreement, statement of account and relevant terms and conditions from the original lender. You have requested a copy of the Deed of Assignment. Please be advised that the DOA is a confidential document between Cabot and the original lender. It does not contain any personal details relating to you or your account and is not available for disclosure. We sent you a Notice of Assignment for your account to your address, which is sufficient to confirm our ownership of this account. Only the courts can request this... Blah blah blah. A couple of things here... I asked for a true copy, they are referring to simply a copy. If they do obtain a copy, is this enforceable? Also is it acceptable what they are saying about disclosing the DOA to me? I don't ever recall being sent a Notice of Assignment, if I did, is this sufficient to confirm ownership and enforceable? I have been currently paying towards what they are claiming, on a monthly basis via DMP. The next payment is due in a couple of days. Should I continue paying or is it advisable to stop until they wholly action my request? Thanks in advance and any help/advice/feedback is much appreciated! I'm looking to get a mortgage by the end of the year so I can get my son into the school I/he wants. Many thanks.
  8. Hi Everyone, I am hoping someone can give me some advice on whether or not I should make a complaint about Mis sold PPI on two credit cards and a loan I had with Halifax when I worked for them. I started working for Halifax in 2002 and with a couple of months of starting I was offered a credit card and a loan as other staff members needed to hit their sales targets. I applied for both by basically sitting beside a colleague in the office who did the application and told me it was successful. He never once mentioned PPi and I was not aware of it as I worked in savings and investments. I would also like to stress the card or the loan was not on any special staff rate. anyhow my girlfriend has being pestering me recently to call Halifax to check if I had PPI. I was very reluctant as I was 100% sure I didn’t have PPI. Anyhow I called them and was shocked to learn that I in fact did have PPI. I left Halifax a year after starting and continued paying the credit card and loan for 5 years after that. I was off ill from work for 8 months during this time due to an undiagnosed illness. I was investigated for Chrones but it came back negative and thankfully I starated to recover from the mystery Illness. My point is if I had of known I had PPI I would made a claim. I just dont know if my case is strong enough as I have no paper evidence. any advice would be greatly appreciated
  9. Hi folks, I hope you can provide me with some advice. I was visiting the Shell Garage on Salterhebble Hill in Halifax. I briefly pulled over to take a phone call and have a coffee. I wasn't aware the area was being actively managed, but I have now received a PCN claiming I "was parked in an area that should be kept clear at all times". Can anyone advise? I have completed the required information below: For PCN's received through the post [ANPR camera capture] please answer the following questions. 1 Date of the infringement: 02/12/2018 2 Date on the NTK: 07/12/2018 3 Date received: 10/12/2018 4 Does the NTK mention schedule 4 of The Protections of Freedoms Act 2012? No 5 Is there any photographic evidence of the event? Yes 6 Have you appealed? No 7 Who is the parking company? HX Car Park Management Ltd 8. Where exactly: Salterhebble Hill, Halifax, HX3 0QE (Shell Garage/McDonalds) For either option, does it say which appeals body they operate under: IAS If you have received any other correspondence, please mention it here: N/A
  10. hi, very worried as I had missed a payment early on after getting the possession order then been paying on time and missed a payment as I had changed my card details and couldn't afford the payment by time I realised it hadn't gone through. Been having non stop calls for past few days as I am a student nurse I was at work and missed the calls. I called tonight to be told it had gone to litigation that morning and although took new payment details he said he would speak to manager in morning but it would prob go down lines of eviction. Total arrears 7000 and of those the 2000 are under the possession order. I don't know what to do or try. I want to keep my house and can maintain payments even though its hard I am not ready to give up. I also have suspended possession order on my first mortgage but its much less and am managing that. The plan is to remortgage in a few years when I can finally get out of arrears and the possession orders and improve our credit rating. Please help Please help they are calling me tomorrow
  11. I personally know somebody who got a mortgage with an IVA so I know its possible as that's more frowned upon. I appreciate I won't get as good a deal having a DMP to my name though. Been in DMP for about 5 years. So defaults will be gone within 2 years. Cabot (was Halifax) £2300 Cabot (was Halifax)£3250 CashEuroNet (aka Quick Quid) £770 Instant Cash Loans (aka Payday uk)£305 Link (was Co-op) £5700 Moorcroft (aka Home Retail Group) £132 Nationwide (as is) £4200 Although one of these does not even appear on any of my credit reports.
  12. Ive just got the eviction date. Its 31 may Im worried now! What should i do? I know i need to get the N244 in but is there any way i can get it suspended? Cn i say the account is in dispute as i think most if not all of the arrears are charges etc? Their solicitors have said that they will take £1600 to stop the action but where the hell will i get that kind of money?!! I can pay cmp plus £75 extra. Total is around £415pm The problem is that ive had a suspended possession order with the mortgage since june 2011 which has slipped, due to a lot of serious family illness. Including me being diagnosed with a serious life long illness which has a big impact on concentration and short term memory and also severe pain and fatigue. Ive got two kids in the house aged 4 and 6 Can anybody tell me what is should do? Im going to try and pay off as much as i can before the court date but apart from that and the N244 i dont know what else i can do..... Ive missed several payments but the payments i have maade have always been the cmp and extra off the arrears Hi. Ive had a suspended repossession order on the house since june 2011. I fell into arrears as i took on my 2 grandchildren and had to leave work. that was in 2008. Before that i wasnt in arrears. Since the suspended repo order i have fallen into arrears again. Ive missed several payments although the payments i made were in line with the judges decision and i was paying the cmp of £271 plus £50 towards the arrears. Last month my mortgage payments rose to £323 plus £50 towards the arrears which i can pay. Today i received the eviction date of may 31st. I would like to come to an arrangement with them but need to know how likely it is that i can stop this eviction? Halifax say that the arrears are £6051 but i know that most of this is charges and solicitors fees etc. I am in the process of claiming back the PPI on the mortgage and also the arrears but this is not going to help right now. I need to find £1600 to stop the action but i dont know how much of that is charges etc as that is all they would say on the phone. Can i say that the account is in dispute because of the PPIand excessive charges? I know i need to fill in an N244 but is there anything else i can do? I had a problem with the repayments before but i can pay now. Im also going to try to make as many payments as i can in the meantime. I also have a problem with Ocean Money and they are doing the same thing although i dont have a solicitors letter just yet so i need to get that sorted too. I did have an idea but i dont think its very likely? Ocean is a secured loan on my house. The loan amount totals £21000, which included a brokers fee and also the PPI. I had to borrow an extra £8000 to clear my original debt with them so i know that they have rolled my original PPI into this loan. I actually asked for £10000. My idea is, is ere a chance that the halifax will let me remortgage, combining the original mortgage and the loan? That way the apyment should be lower meaning that i can pay more off the arrears. How likely is it that the judge would allow me to capitalise the arrears? The mortgage is for £93k and the house is worth £175k so i have plenty of equity in the house. Would the judge take into consideration the fact that the fees are excessive and that there is PPI included? Im really worried that im going to lose my home. I took on my grandchildreen in 2008 and thats what screwed everything up. I had no arrears before then. The children have quite severe emotional and behavioural issues because of what they went through before they came to live with us. They were neglected and were at risk of physical abuse. They need stability and a lot of care. Losing their home could set their "recovery" back. Would the judge take this into consideration? I was also diagnosed with fibromyalgia in february, which means i am disabled and i am in the process of applying for DLA. Sorry, im using an ipad and its not the same as anormalq computer for some reason... Would any of this help me keep my home? Im sure that if i had the chance i could sort this out, if i only knew where to start. Who should i be talking to? I dont really want to waste any time. i dont have a printer so everything has to be written out by hand. Im really grateful for any help you can give me.
  13. In about 2003 I bought a digital camera from a high street electrical shop on hire purchase. The finance was provided by a company called Halifax Cetelem. I think they are gone now but that their affairs are looked after by Barclays Partner Finance. I wrote to Barclays Partner Finance about PPI on this old HP loan but they have written back saying they can't local an account in my name. I am not sure where to go with this now. Did any other company's take over old Halifax Cetelem accounts? I did read online that some people have been successful in claiming from barclays partner finance but they seemed to have old copies of their loan agreement which I unfortunately don't have. Anything I can do?
  14. Hello I am writing on behalf of a friend regarding an outstanding debt (overdraft) with Halifax Bank. Since 2015, this has gone through Wescot Credit Services, Cabot Financial and is now with Restons Solicitors. They were out of work for a time but are now employed and wondering how to handle the Letter of Claim sent from Restons on behalf of Cabot. They are asking for payment of the sum £1,261 by 18 May and this just isn't possible. They say if it's not paid they have instructions to issue a Claim in the County Court for the full balance plus fees and costs. They then say Cabot is prepared to accept payment by instalments and ask that a financial statement be filled-in and returned by 18 May - but they don't want to engage with Restons in this way. Is this likely to escalate to County Court any time soon (this is the first letter received from Restons) or will they likely come back with some sort of offer? Do you have any advice on how to proceed. Thank you to everyone who takes the time to reply
  15. Hi, I am using a template letter. Should it be addressed to Halifax PLC? Bank of Scotland Group Plc, something else? I am using address found in Bank of Scotland privacy policy pdf.
  16. Hello Caggers! Not sure which category this really should go into... It involves both EBookers & Halifax so wasnt sure where to put in Holidays or Halifax so have put it here for now... Anyway, I have managed to get into a sticky situation with Ebookers and Halifax (Section 75 team) and could really do with some advice with this as have exhausted all avenues now and have hit a brick-wall with both Ebookers (owned by Expedia) and Halifax (Lloyds Banking section 75 team). This is rather a long post so I can tell you everything that has happened regarding this. I would grab a cuppa before continuing, and I’ll try and keep this brief… Here we go! My sister travelled to Spain in July this year and had booked a Villa through Airbnb. On arrival this turned out to be unsuitable for a number of reasons (this is being dealt with separately with Airbnb). This turned out to be quite upsetting after the first night so my sister rang from Spain to see if there is anything I could do. At this point I quickly realised from the pictures I received they needed to get out of their and find somewhere else. This is where the problems began! I went off to Expedia, Booking.com, various websites etc looking at hotel rooms around Lloret de Mar for 2 Adults and 2 Children (8 and 3). Eventually, stumbled across a hotel being sold by Ebookers which was all-inclusive and the room stated it was a family room with 1 Double & 2 Singles – Perfect! Phoned my sister back, said I found a hotel, blah blah, send link over so she could see photos etc. Told her that I will book on my credit card here and we can sort out the money when you get home. All good, so went off and booked. Total cost £1,144.37 for 9 nights. Confirmation email arrived, forwarded over to sister who was then in car travelling to hotel. Sister arrives at hotel, checks in etc and goes to room to find a small room with only 2 Single Beds. They go back to Reception to be told initially that is a family room! Sister askes where the kids are going to sleep. A lot of ‘flap’ ensues with Reception phoning different people. Told to go back to room and someone will be along shortly with a solution. Sister messages photos over WhatsApp and basically says not sure what is going on… I told her to sit tight for a bit and see what happens. Eventually she went back to the hotel reception and spoke to a manager. They explained that the hotel keeps having this issue where Ebookers place a booking with them, but the rooms are not suitable for a family of 4. They apparently have made Ebookers aware of this but it keeps happening. The only ‘solution’ the hotel could provide was to put another 2 beds into the room. By this point it is gone 7pm in Spain, my sister and family went off for dinner whilst they waited for housekeeping to add the extra beds into the room. However, when they got back to the room, I can only describe from the description and photos sent that the extra beds were basically shoehorned into the room. Literally all the beds are touching together (one huge bed – kids loved it!) however, you now could not open the balcony door at all, had to climb over the beds to physically get into bed, couldn’t open drawers because the bed was touching them, and was very difficult to get into the bathroom, let alone trying to move with 2 suitcases in the room as well. Anyway, this is now up to 8.30pm and the kids are tired. My sister now getting very upset, returns to Reception. Manager has gone home. Asks if this is really the best they can come up with and there are no larger rooms available? None. All rooms are the same size. Asks for a manager who is just the night manager who says he cannot do anything until manager returns in the morning. Sister then rings me in tears, doesn’t know how they will be able to stay in a room like this for 9 nights, is fed-up, tired etc. Told her to calm down, the kids are fine (and loving the huge bed ), told her I will call Ebookers and get them to step in and try and sort this out or get them to move the reservation to a suitable hotel. I then call Ebookers, and spend basically the next 3 HOURS on the phone dealing with the *worst* customer service I have ever experienced. All ‘contact’ is with Customer Services in India who in my opinion have no empathy towards the customer situation, and I ended up just getting transferred to multiple people who couldn’t do anything and kept trying to refer me to the hotel. I even ended up getting transferred to Ebookers ‘wholesaler’ of rooms, HotelBeds, who were surprised to even have a customer on the phone. Ended up telling me sister to go to bed, nothing can be done tonight and will sort out in the morning. I then spent the evening looking at other hotels in the area, and cross-checking details to make sure the room was actually suitable. Found a couple of places, but both more expensive. Called up the hotel the following morning and spoke to the manager. Explained everything that happened yesterday with Ebookers and the hotel and made it quite clear that the current room set up was unsuitable and either a larger room needed to be provided or transferred to another hotel (the hotel is part of a chain and has a number of hotels in the area). Manager said give me 30 mins to check with his reservations team etc. Called back and was told that there was a room available in a hotel further up coast (20 mins away in car) which was large family room, but as this class of hotel was different, there would be an extra charge of £400 (£400 something – can’t remember exact figure). Told him this would be fine and go ahead and change the booking. Sister and family had breakfast and packed up and travelled up to other hotel and finally began their holiday. So, upon their return to the UK, got all the details, photos, confirmation emails etc etc altogether and fired an email off to Ebookers customer services. Waited and waited and waited (14+ Days – no response). Called up, asked for this to be escalated as had not heard anything. Apparently, the reason I was hearing nothing back from Ebookers was because the difference of name on the email and the reservation. Was advised that it was not Ebookers issue and to take it up directly with the hotel. Refused and told Ebookers that I booked with them, not the hotel and they are the hotels agents and they need to deal with the hotel. Complaint went back into Ebookers system and silence continued. Got fed up with this and emailed CEO of Expedia and Head of UK Customer Service for Ebookers. Complaint was then escalated internally to ‘Premier’ Customer Service at Ebookers. After some emails, back and forth, Ebookers refunded the £400 or so to change hotels, along with £100 compensation. Refused this, explained that due to spending upwards of 8 hours dealing with this, I would like a full refund of the initial £1,144.37 paid also. Ebookers refused. Told Ebookers this is your final chance to ‘put this right’ and learn from their ‘mistakes’ before I asked Halifax to put a chargeback through. Told there was nothing further that could be done. Emailed back to the CEO explaining my full disgust and disappointment with whole situation etc etc. Called Halifax Credit Card and explained briefly all the above. Told that this was enough to on. Halifax then sent a letter about a week later asking to send more info and this could be emailed across. Did this, hear nothing for weeks. Chased, told they would be in touch. Eventually this escalated into a complaint with Lloyds Banking due to no contact (was 30+ days since sending info). Then received two emails sent by different people at Lloyds apologising over delay. Turns out they had lost emails etc. Re-sent info over and asked if this could be looked at as a priority. I then receive the below via email from Halifax on Friday 28th Sept: Dear Mr 123NeilyB Card Number: **** **** **** 1234 Transaction Details: Ebookers.com Transaction Amount: £1,144.37 Transaction Date: 19/07/2018 I am contacting you regarding the above transaction. I am sorry to learn of the difficulties you are experiencing with this merchant. Section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act 1974 covers purchases made using the card costing between £100 and £30,000, where a misrepresentation or breach of contract has been proven. I would advise that you as "the cardholder" are the debtor in this agreement and therefore must establish a valid claim for breach of contract or misrepresentation against the merchant to whom you made the card payment. In this instance, the agreement is between yourself, and the merchant, Ebookers.com, who have fulfilled their obligations by passing the funds to HTOP Olympic Hotel. Any breach of contract is by HTOP Olympic Hotel, who is not a party to the credit card transaction. If you accept this decision and you still wish to pursue the matter with Ebookers.com, you may want to seek independent advice, perhaps from your local Trading Standards Office or Citizens Advice Bureau. I am sorry that this may not be the outcome that you were hoping for however I hope that you will understand this decision. Yours Sincerely, A.Person | Customer Service Advisor | Section 75 | Card Operations | Lloyds Banking Group  Andover Credit Card Operations, BX1 1LT  [email protected] Now, to me, this email in itself contradicts what it is trying to say. I called Halifax Credit Cards to try and get an explanation. Told that ‘Section 75’ team do not deal with inbound calls, and advisor could not see actual email above but could see the correspondence between Halifax Section 75 team and Ebookers. After pushing the advisor for an explanation of how Section 75 have come to the above, it transpires this comes down to the fact that Ebookers have responded to Halifax and according to Ebookers terms and conditions of booking, they accept no liability in the accuracy of information on their website. This left me rather astounded. In my eyes they have just ‘wriggled out’ of this by relying on their T&C’s. I have responded to the above email to the Section 75 team with the below email (not mentioning that I have called up and spoken to someone and know about Ebookers trying to wriggle out by relying on their T&C’s) Dear Mr Section 75 Advisor. Thank you for your email. I have tried to call and discuss this but apparently the ‘Section 75’ department is not ‘customer facing’. I find the below email misleading. Let me break this down piece by piece: I would advise that you as "the cardholder" are the debtor in this agreement and therefore must establish a valid claim for breach of contract or misrepresentation against the merchant to whom you made the card payment. Correct – The merchant in question is Ebookers.com In this instance, the agreement is between yourself, and the merchant, Ebookers.com – Correct up to here - who have fulfilled their obligations by passing the funds to HTOP Olympic Hotel. Any breach of contract is by HTOP Olympic Hotel, who is not a party to the credit card transaction. Incorrect – it is not my job as the consumer to identify breach of contract between the website and the hotel. I booked and PAID to EBookers, not the hotel. If a reversal is performed, then it is up to EBookers to recoup their losses from the hotel. At the end of the day, due to a mistake either by either EBookers or HTOP Olympic Hotel, my sister and her family suffered due misrepresentation because the website was misleading. So, as I do not accept this ‘decision’, I would like this escalating higher within Halifax/Lloyds to be re-assessed. Kind regards, 123NeilyB So, fellow Caggers, thank you for reading all the way to the end! Note, I have DSAR’d Halifax already to get ‘everything’ they have regarding this as they refused this give the info over email the other day. Just to see what they have been 'discussing' with EBookers... Also, I don’t think I will get anywhere by going back to Ebookers – they have already stated their case. The hotel I am pretty certain will just point me back to Ebookers. Just a note. If Ebookers had been cooperative at the beginning and the problem had been sorted on the evening this all happened, then we would had no issues paying the booked rate at all. It was the subsequent failures by Ebookers that have really upset us and that is why we were looking for a full refund. Thanks a lot. Neil & Kim
  17. Hiya, first post here so hopefully will "do it" correctly so to speak ! setting the scene : I have a mortgage with Halifax and it has all been going fairly well until the last few months. I changed job which has meant that the day i get paid has changed to my personal bank account. My mortgage is a fixed rate 2 year deal, due to expire in march next year. the crux of the matter: due to my pay going in on the last day of the working month to my own bank there was an instance in May (I think) where there were insufficient funds when Halifax tried to take my mortgage payment (payment date for the DD is 28th of each month). I called them up and they advised i could recall the money via my own bank (Barclays) and as long as i paid the amount due for the mortgage before the end of the month all would be good. I did so and indeed all fine. However that gave me a concern....what about other months ? July and August have both been the same kind of situation paid after the 28th. I knew this was going to come up so called Halifax and had a lengthy talk with them. they couldn't change the payment date to the 1st without my having to pay on the 28th and again on the 1st - not really affordable. They then suggested a standing order. I confirmed with them that this would work. I got them to send in writing that i can cancel my DD and set up a standing order for the last working day of the month. Having done this i then got a letter at the beginning of July saying i had a late payment - credit file affected etc. I called them again and they confirmed they had received the payment on the last working day - but it hadn't been applied to my account until the 3/4 of august. they corrected the credit file and all was "safe" for that month. I raised a complaint though and suggested three options : 1) change hte payment date to the 1st without having to make a double payment - i offered to pay the interest covering the "gap" 2) eave as is and they monitor and correct credit file each time this issue occurs 3) allow me to switch my mortgage to another of their deals / another lender without the Early repayment charge. some bad customer service later - i escalated the complaint. eventually I got a call back from a senior person saying they can offer the below: 1) cancel the SO and just call to make a payment at the end of each month (not possible, i work in IT and could be working in Datacentres etc where i cant take my phone and can also be on night shifts depending on incidents and projects) 2) They would grant me a "Payment holiday" (even though i am not due one), then change my payment date to the 1st and i would continue paying that way. the second option was fine until they informed me that due to this i woudl incur extra charges and my payment amount would go up (not much but still an increase). Also if i were to need or request a payment holiday in the future having had this payment holiday it would need to be reassessed and potentially refused. To me i see the solution offered as unfair - it means i pay more and potentially lose the right of a payment holiday when I may need one. Going by the above (And i can share lots more info if needed) do i have a case to challenge the bank under BCOBS ? I've asked for the "offer" to be sent to me in writing and said i will read it over and go back to them. MY account etc stays the same until i respond. Advice appreciated if you don't mind. Cheers G
  18. Hello all, My daughter has a joint account with her ex that she wishes to have her name removed from but the Bank/Halifax are making it difficult. Her ex left earlier this year and moved back to Scotland and left her with debts and a load of other problems which she has slowly managed to get sorted. She had to give up her courier job to look after the two children(6 and 4 yrs) and so has had to claim IS. However, due to this joint account the IS people are making it difficult to get the benefit and this has been ongoing since March. After many calls to the IS they said she would have to make a new claim which she has now done so has to get around the Joint account problem. Noe the bank says there are only two ways she can get her name off the account and these are, 1] she has to go to Scotland and sign a joint application paper to have her name removed as both parties have to go to the bank and sign the same time. She really really does not want to do that, 2] The other way is to actually get him to close the account and has he is out to cause as many problems for her as he can the chances here are probably a big fat zero. So, is there anyway that she can get this account closed/ name removed other than what the bank has said. She really wants it closed as to protect herself from any debts he may run up. The other question is now she's made this new IS claim will they take it from the date of the claim or will they back date it to the start of the original claim. Any help/advice is appreciated
  19. Hi I hope you can help me, on the 13/04/2018 there was a credit card trasnsaction made with Ryanair to fly from Manchester - Madrid and Madrid to Tangier Morocco on the same day. We normally travel to Morocco every summer to our home in Marrakech. We always book direct flights either from Manchester or Liverpiool. This transaction is unusual as I normally travel with my three children all aged under eleven. I immediately informed Halifax who raised a dispute against Ryair as it wasnt a fraud since the details matched. I have explanied to Ryanir and Halifax that I did not authorise nor recognise this transaction as its completely bizarre. We have an excellent record of using our credit card no issues with purchases and payments and to be honest we are planning on paying it all off very soon as we have less than £300 remaining. I am so upset and stressed as I dont want to pay for anything that I have not purchased or bought. Today Ryanair have advised Halifax they they will not refund on the grounds are as follows:- 1) Details of passengers match 2) No refund policy I have spoken to Halifax at length that the evidence provided by Ryanair does not substabtiate to the fact that it was I who booked the tickets and under their 'no refund policy' it is an easy escape route. We have prerviously booked tickets with Ryanair flying direct to Marrakech from Liverpool and London. Never once complained - however this transaction is so bizarre that firstly it is pointless booking a one way ticket to Madrid from Manchester then waiting around couple of hours to fly out from Madrid to Tangier. Now from Tangier to my hometown is further 5 hours drive to Marrkech when I could easily book direct flight to Marrakech and be there in my house within 3.5 hours from the UK. Between the connecting flights there isnt much time to explore, its a one big rush to one side of the airport to another. I say pointless because having 3 children and making them rush to one gate to another would be foolish and injustice. I have also offered the bank to check my previous travels that it will show that I have always travelled direct without any stops. I have no family, friends or flats in Madrid and Tangier and I feel that Halifax is being so unhelpful by applying pressure that I should make this payment. Please could you advice what I can do? Regards
  20. Hello, I hope someone can help please. I have just checked my credit score which is 736 (fair). It states: Halifax balance £0 updated 11/8/13 Cabot balance £1280 updated 1/4/18 There are no other debts there. Am I to assume that they have dropped off? Cabot took over the Halifax debt, but both are listed as a default. If i were to offer Halifax an offer, in full and final settlement, agreed in writing, would that remove the default? If so, how long would it take? Many thanks
  21. Hi all, Some advice please. Here is my story. I had a joint Halifax mortgage with a previous partner some 20 years ago. We split up and I could not meet the payments and the house was consequently reposssed. We purchased the property for 40K and it was sold at auction for 16K, leaving a shortfall of 24K As the Ex was still liable for half she made an agreement too pay Halifax a lump sum of 7-8K as a deal to cover her half of the outstanding balance of 12K. I was left with the other half (12K) unlike the ex I was not in any position to make a lump sum deal. Instead I have made regular payments of various amounts (£20-100) per month with some periods of not paying anything. Now this debt has been passed to at least 3 DCAs over the 17-18 year period that I have been making payments. It is currently with Counselling Intermediary Services (CIS) and has been for at least 6 years. I have no idea exactly how much I have paid toward this mortgage debt but it's not an insignificant sum for sure. More recenty I have missed a number of payments and they have threatended to send the debt back to Halifax who will issue court proccedings against me. To be frank I am sick of paying this debt as I feel, and have always felt agrieved that they slde my house soooooo cheaply and then lumbered me with the oustanding. Also whenever CIS writes letter to me it always states balance at instruction: £14,244.75. I am thinking how can this be? I never owed thwm £14K and what about all those payments I have made for 17-18 years?? What should I do. Thanks in advance
  22. Hi fellow caggers, looking a bit of advice for my partner She opened a Halifax Rewards account in 2002 with her Ex husband They separated in 2011 and there was an OD on the account He sub sequentially left all the debt to her, he managed to remove himself from the account by paying a small amount, I will say he was a Halifax employee. The last payment into the account was feb 13 by my partner and the account was defaulted on her credit report in Dec 13 It was sold onto Hoist and is being managed by Wescot, we have not acknowledged the debt and sent them a prove it in January which they still havent complied with and the account is on hold My partner never received a termination notice and we have sub sequentially SAR'd Halifax and received a mountain of paperwork today. I can upload any thing that you need to see Looking through it there is no reference to a termination notice and have noticed from an initial balance of ~£300 the debt stands at ~£800 which is all charges Can she challenge Halifax to remove the default? Also can she reclaim the charges under BCOBS?
  23. Recently I came across some old account numbers and decided to check if any might have had PPI on them and if I might be able to claim anything on them prior to the deadline next year. As I have no details other than the banks referance numbers I filled in the PPI Checker on the Halifax site where one of the account numbers was from. I few days passed and I got a text this morning from Halifax saying "Felix, Thank you for your PPI Complaint, We'll communicate with you via SMS during the course of your complaint" Now all I have done is check to see if I had PPI, I haven't made an actual complaint yet. Is this text just what they send out when they are checking if you even had PPI or does it look like they have found PPI on my old account and have auto opened a complaint? Also I have heard that Banks may phone you up to ask you questions about your claim. I have Dyspraxia and would feel more comfortable being able to read questions carefully and think about my answers and put them in writing. Would I be within my rights to request any questions be put in writing?
  24. Hello all. I'm hoping someone on here can help me. My partner received a letter from the land registry advising of a 3rd party wishing to apply to secure a debt on our property. After investigation this debt is from a shortfall in a repossessed property from 2002. My partner has no knowledge of this mortgage. The complication is her Ex Husband was declared bankrupt in 2006 and he owned a number of properties. We have asked for proof of this mortgage being in my partners name and the solicitors have sent us a photocopied mortgage application form with both my partners and her ex's signatures. Now it does look like her signature but it obviously isn't witnessed or anything due to it just being a application form. Please correct me if I'm wrong but i am pretty sure this doesn't constitute liability to the debt? Some of the information on the application is also incorrect. For example reference address for my partners then work. The mortgage was agreed and house purchased in May 1995 for £18,500 The outstanding mortgage was (I'm assuming this includes interest and costs?) £22,193 and the house was sold in 2002 for £14,100 (Which for me seems a little too low?) The whole thing to me seems to stink to high heaven. From my partners ex possibly forging signatures to the Solicitors/HBOS not sending to correct documentation/proof!! Any Advice or guidance would be much appreciated. P.S the court date is set for 30th Nov Regards Dean
  25. Hi Folks I received a letter from Cabot Financial today saying "you account is now being reviewed to determine whether we should commence legal action against you" I defaulted on a number of accounts in 2008 and have been paying a token £1 payment to all creditors since that date up until the start of this year 2015. None of the original debts are on my credit reference file anymore so i stopped paying the token amount around this time to see how things panned out. I've hardly heard a thing from any of my creditors apart from Capquest and Cabot who both took over different accounts. Capquest have been fine for now but cabot are being VERY persistent and have been sending letters almost weekly since April this year culminating with the letter i received today. To clarify. Cabot currently own two debts, one being from an old Halifax overdraft of £2k and the other a Barclaycard default of £7k. The letter i received today if referencing the Halifax account only but i presume i have another letter heading my way regarding the Barclaycard account also. A quick look on the site i see they are actually pushing through with these threats so im asking for some advice on this matter from anyone qualified to hand it out. Any opinions are most welcomed. Many thanks!
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