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  1. I've also had a long conversation with Ebay. Ebay have told me that they will look into the issues of the seller's behaviour in not returning messages after selling items. They also said that their negative feedback would also be looked into. Appropriate action against the seller Ebay have assured me will betaken.
  2. I've actually managed to open a dispute with paypal over the scammed item. The seller has until 25th February to respond. I've told paypal that since purchasing the item, the seller has had negative feedback on their Ebay account, one common issue is that buyer's like myself, have been complaining about no communication with the seller. I've also told paypal I can provide copies of the message sent to the seller via Ebay, and the message I left on the Facebook account, again no reply.
  3. I cannot get seller to respond!! I've tried everything!! Feedback says non communication from other sellers!! I'm not the only one they dont respond after selling a high end item to!! Ive clearly been rippd off!!
  4. I know!! Thats why I've said item is not described. I have filed a dispute in paypal. And I've told them seller has had negative feedback since I bought them item, of non communication with buyer's. And I can show via my messages they have not responded to me either!!
  5. I've tried to contact the seller via Ebay. I've also tried to contact them via their Facebook page. They just don't reply!!
  6. I need some help. I was very foolish back in November buying an item off Ebay. The item was a supposedly haunted piece of jewellery from a magickal seller. The item cost me £160. Needless to say I am not happy with the purchase and want to return the item, but because its gone over 90 days I cannot open a dispute with Ebay. The seller is refusing to respond to my messages I have sent. Can anyone please advise what I can do to reclaim my money back over an item which is clearly not as described.
  7. Spoken to his employer, no problem taking the extra time off!!
  8. Thanks for the reply. He has got plenty of holiday entitlement left as he hasn't had any holidays this year up until now. His employer is not a very nice person, and has been known to be nasty to staff. He doesn't want to go sick for 1 week because he will only get SSP which is not enough to pay the bills!! He's waiting for someone at work to ring him back, so will know a bit more later.
  9. My other half has been in his job for 24 years now. On the 1st February, he had an operation at the hospital. He had booked time off work as holiday to take him up until the 13th February. Unfortunately the doctor's have told him that because some of his stitches have come undone and he has been bleeding, he wont be able to go back to work. He had a hydrocele (downstairs problem), and has been told no heavy lifting, can't drive the car etc etc. He is worried that by asking for an extra week's holiday as he doesn't get sick pay, he is naturally worried about his employer. He is not under any current disciplinary, and rarely take time off work sick. Any advice if the employer turns nasty!?
  10. No, it was agreed with SW I can make my payments fortnightly through a payment card. I've never missed any payments so can't understand why they say I owe£59!!! No reduced monthly payment still same each month. Its Portsmouth Water who supply the meter.
  11. Portsmouth Water say its not them causing the price increase. I can't see how Southern Water can justify upping bills twice a year!!
  12. I have lived at my address for 3 years. I am on a water meter supplied by Portsmouth Water. My meter is usually read in July and January each year. My concern is Southern Water. Every time my meter is read they up my bill. They up my bill twice a year which I feel is unreasonable. At the start I was paying £13, now it looks like I'm going to be paying £21. It means I have had an almost 50% rise in my bill over 3 years. When I get my bill through, they also claim I always have an outstanding balance. I pay fortnightly on a payment card. The bill is saying I owe a balance of £59.73 and they will have to increase payments yet again. I'm not on the qualifying benefit to have my bills capped. Is this justified!?
  13. I have sent an email to Portsmouth Water quering why two lots of charges and saying its a bit excessive. I've also seen news articles online going back to 2014 that according to OFWAT, water bills are supposed to be falling in prices by 2020, and to which I have quoted this to Portsmouth Water, and am awaiting a response.
  14. I need to ask a question about my water bill. I am on a meter with Portsmouth Water. I had my bill in this morning. I don't mind the fact that its gone up by £1 month but I am concerned about all the different standing charges they add onto your bill. They charge a wholsale standing charge at £5.14 then they add another retail standing charge at £9.24. My water usage was charged at £34.10 for the 6 month period, which I think is cheap. It seems to be its these standing charges which causes the bill to go high. Anything I can do or is it standard?
  15. He's looking for another job now as he's had enough of the way how the boss treats his staff. He's been there 24 years, and he gets no full sickness pay only ssp, he gets nothing for christmas, and he went for 6 years without a pay rise. He's had enough now and is now looking elswhere.
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