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  1. Hi all I had a mortgage with Amber Homeloans for approx. 8 years until 2017 and due to my own poor financial mismanagement, I incurred many fees for arrears, etc. Whilst I accept fault, given the time that has passed, is it still viable to pursue Amber for any excessive fees charged which were greater than the administrative cost to them? I am about to request statements from them in order that I can collate a list of charges, but perhaps it's not worth my while? Thanks.
  2. Hi, I wanted to get some opinions/advice regarding an issue I have and wanted to know what the general feeling, or even better someone who has experienced this problem and what the outcome was.... I purchased an Audi A3 1.8TFSI and the car has the same oil consumption issue as the 2.0 TFSI (mainly Audi A5's but A3 and other models also). I went for the 1.8TFSI as I didn't think it had the same oil consumption issue but it appears it does, just less well known. My local Audi dealer is doing all of the tests and in a couple of weeks they will have all of the details to put fo
  3. Dear all, I had some NHS dental treatment whilst believing I was in receipt of JSA. However the DWP had stopped my claim without informing me. Consequently I have been hit with paying £43 for the treatment and a £100 penalty charge. I am no longer on any benefits and have no income whatsoever. My question is: What if I just don't pay the £143? Are they likely to take me to court for that amount? What would be the likely outcome of my refusal? Thanks in advance.
  4. Took out a secured £12k loan in October 2007 over a 10 year period. Please note I didn't want to take out the loan but had no choice if I wanted a quiet life as at the time I was in a controlled marriage ..mostly mental with some physical abuse resulting depression, anxiety and panic attacks . The 10 year loan gives 120 months worth of payments out of these 120 months I made 107 payments on time and 13 missed payments these were down to my so called husband taking the money out of my wages in the bank to pay loan and saying would put back to pay but never did ... with my depress
  5. Just a brief outline regarding my experience dealing with Swift Advances regarding a excessive charges complaint of which involved Fos. 2005 I took out a regulated loan for £10000 to be paid over 5 years.. Regular monthly payments were made inline with the agreed amount, sometimes a day or so late. This triggers charges on the account of which also incur the same interest rate as the loan. as you can see the charges are relentless. Late 2008 i was in severe financial difficulty as i was elf employed my business was struggling. Realising the depth of debt especially with Swift fo
  6. On applying my GP informed for all records it would be £50.00. I explained I didn’t need access to all, the problem I was trying to resolve occurred sometime between 2010-15. I was given a date for viewing, when I arrived there the GP had printed off letters in advance - 38 in total. 20 of these I already had – 2 were irrelevant and 2 was just my registration details. I said I would need to take them home and read them, she tried to convince me to stay and read them there – I stayed approx 30-45 mins. I did not view records online. A few days later I received an i
  7. Hi I'm pulling my hair out with an ongoing council tax issue or issue's' rather ! I recently received 8 letters from my local council about old council tax bills dating as far back as 2008! The bills are for a number of different properties (I've moved around a lot) A couple of them are final small bills that I've missed after moving out, another is for a shared property where I paid my share and unfortunately someone else didn't and another is for two months after I moved out of a property. In 2012, my car was seized unfairly (I used it for self employment at the time and
  8. I need to ask a question about my water bill. I am on a meter with Portsmouth Water. I had my bill in this morning. I don't mind the fact that its gone up by £1 month but I am concerned about all the different standing charges they add onto your bill. They charge a wholsale standing charge at £5.14 then they add another retail standing charge at £9.24. My water usage was charged at £34.10 for the 6 month period, which I think is cheap. It seems to be its these standing charges which causes the bill to go high. Anything I can do or is it standard?
  9. Hi 1st go on here help needed please. Back in the summer we parked on a car park in Cornwall in an over flow part as the tarmac area was full. The overflow was also full so we parked on the grass edge. We paid the appropriate fee upon our return had a £130 parking charge notice for parking on the grass. We caused no blockage etc. When we returned all cars on the grass received a notice except my mothers whose car has French plates as she lives in France. I immediately responded to the company and queried 1) why only British plates received the notice 2)
  10. Hi, I have kept an eye on this forum for a while and, like so many others that have got mixed up with this bunch of lowlifes, I have been trying to stop them getting possession of our home. I haven't posted about this before because this situation is so embarrassing and, also, because I didn't know if Swift spy on these forums. Long story short, Swift have an Eviction Warrant but we managed to get it postponed for a couple of weeks before which, hopefully, we will be able to pay the arrears off. I've read up a lot on here over the past few weeks and followed other peoples threa
  11. Hi Everyone, I 'am looking for some advice if anyone can help i have been in mortgage arrears for a considerable time and on a number of occasions which have resulted in HBOS seeking possession through the courts. In the latest court case the HALIFAX were successful in gaining an eviction. However with the Bailiffs arriving in the house my sister paid a substantial payment in agreement with the HALIFAX to avoid an eviction. I have recently received a letter from the Halifax stating that the solicitors Charges will be £2340.00 which has been debited
  12. I left the UK permanently in June of this year. I used my debit card abroad and inadvertently went overdrawn on my account by £6.52 (including interest). I did'nt have an authorized overdraft. When I recently logged in to view my account online I realized that Nat West had added charges nearing £276, since August, because of my 'unauthorized overdraft'. I was shocked. I no longer use the account. Have not used it since August. I won't be returning to the Uk. Unfortunately I never informed Nat West to close my account when I left the UK. None
  13. We received our renewal notice for our house and contents insurance and of course it has gone up in price. Looking through the schedule we noticed that the house is insured for £400k. As the value of the house is about half that we thought we could save money by reducing it to a more reasonable level of say £250k. We phoned the the insurance company R.S.A. who run the scheme for the West Brom. only to be told that £400k was the min. sum insured that they would cover. It seems to us that this is a bit of a [problem] to obtain more premium/commission. Does
  14. Hello All, A few years ago (around about 2010) I had some financial problems and had a few debts with some payday lenders that spiralled out of control, naturally, I took control and "lost" my debit card, making any CPA redundant. Being a law abiding citizen like I am though I have taken responsibility and paid everything back, apart from a debt with the aformentioned Cash Genie/Ariste holdings. This is a belter of a dispute. I took out a loan of £110 with an interest fee of £33. I received about £95 I think it was due to being a bit silly and paying £15 for same day paymen
  15. in no way am I trying to justify knowing or unknowing late payment of tax disc but since this is what has happened to myself and my husband I am completely shocked to find out that despite it being a genuine mistake, despite us resolving the unpaid fee/new tax disc and wheel clamping fine within days my husband has been sent a court summons more than a year later!!! when I called the DVLA to ask them about it, they had minimal advice to offer on the subject and when I asked to speak to someone in the relevant department I was told that "there is no one you can
  16. Hi each and all, Just looking for a little direction on this on if you wish to add your opinions On the 15 February 2014 I took out car insurance on my vehicle and paid in full The total cost was £530.00, I have just changed my car so telephoned them to say can I transfer the policy on to my new car, the agreed but after checking they said the underwriters wont insure my new car ( Peugeot 307 HDI 2003 ) from my old car ( BMW 330 Convertible 2004 ) and the quote for the Peugeot would be £1200, which is ridiculous they said if i take thi £1200 policy out with them I would be refunded £379
  17. I have been getting 6-10 calls a day from an Indian call centre trying to get me into a PPI reclaim for a loan I know I have never had. I did the usual checks to ensure that a loan had not been made in my name and could find nothing. When you get passed through its always through to the same company "MEDIA TACTICS". I have asked them to stop calling by both phone and email. I have sent a section 11 notice to cease using my details for direct marketing. I have made complaints to TPS,ICO and MOF Claims regulation unit but still the calls continue. Any ideas on
  18. I made a call from my virgin mobile to Traveline 08712002233 to find out if a certain bus route was operating as normal tomorrow, as the young person I look after was panicking about getting to her boyfriend's for Christmas. I was on the phone for 2 minutes 45 seconds. A bit later I had a text from virgin saying I had nearly reached my credit limit. I was confused as my bill is only normally about £25. I went online to check my bill and I have been charged £67.94 for this one under 3 minute call! Does anyone know if this is correct? And is there anything
  19. Hi, I'm new to this forum and would like some advice please.... My step father died suddenly a few months ago and I have been trying to help my mother deal with the debts he has left behind. He had a loan, which he struggled to pay when he could no longer work due to having both legs amputated. From what I've discovered the original loan was for £10,000, was sold off to GE Money Home Finance Ltd and has now grown to £35,875. The loan was secured against their home and GE money have now said that my mother has 7 days to pay off arrears of £25,477 before they ta
  20. I wish I used this site before letting my solicitor think I had a case..... hes a break down on what has happen to me.... In 2003 I had just finished university and started a job, and my parents divorced and i was on my fathers side when all that was sorted he decided he wanted to live abroad so he went off to cyprus put tried to sell the house to me to raise aa much extra money has he could as he already had his mums will and auntie money, he got and extra £20000 on the house, but the problem was the financial advisor at the couldnt get me a sole mortgage as i didnt have enough wage slip
  21. Hello everyone, I hope you can give me some advise. I am embarking on a journey to reclaim excessive fees etc. etc. from my various debts. Before discovering this fantastic website I received a CCJ from RBS Lombard for a personal loan I got into trouble with, this was managed through Arden CM. I have paid in full and the CCJ is now showing on trust as "satisfied". I also had success on this loan with my PPI reclaim for about £6500. I thought I would use this loan account as my test subject because there are very few charges on it, I have full statements.
  22. Six months after a ban on excessive card payment charges came into force, Which? has discovered that although some companies have lowered their fees, others are still hitting consumers hard. Following our successful campaign to get the government to ban 'rip-off' card payment surcharges, we have been monitoring how well the new rules are working. We asked consumers to tell us if they felt they had been hit with an unfair surcharge since the ban took effect in April this year. Excessive travel surcharges More than 700 people have been in touch through our website and
  23. Hi there We are in a DMP with Payplan and are really trying our best to get on top of things. However, I have just checked our Lloyds bank statement to see what the balance now is and see that they are charging an Overdraft fee and Overdraft interest which is over and above what we are paying through the DMP. The balance is therefore more than it was when we started. I suppose they have a right to make these charges but is it worth my while writing to Lloyds and asking them to stop. If so, does anyone have any ideas of what to say. Many thanks
  24. My son's car had a parking fine in Newark, however his brother was driving at the time, and there followed a dispute between them and eventually it went to Northampton court and an Equita bailif arrived one morning threatening to tow his car away unless the fee was paid. It was their own fault, but my son relies on his car to get to work - 15 miles away,night shifts with no bus service. I ended up paying on credit card, but the fee was excessive. The total amount owing was £112.04 The total the bailiff demanded was £421.84 = £309.80 in bailiff fees - with no breakdown provid
  25. Dear all I have been charged £25 by Santander Consumer Finance for a bounced DD payment that was collected successfully a few days later on reapplication. It was my fault so I am in no doubt that some sort of charge is justified but I regard £25 to be excessive for the cost of sending one letter and using an automatic reapplication procedure. For example, my bank charges £8 for the same process which is probably about right give or take. I wrote to Santander asking them why their charges were more than three times the cost of the same procedure at Barclays, citing COBS and saying that
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