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  1. Just over a year ago my wife was driving me into town in her car on a day when the ground was snow covered. My wife stopped at the foot of a hill when she saw that a car half way up the hill had stopped and was clearly in difficulties. The car then began to slide back down the hill very slowly and with cars behind us, my wife had no way of moving out of the way. The sliding car came to a halt when it bumped into our car. Driver admitted fault and exchanged details. A few days later got the go-ahead to have the car repaired and paid the £95 excess to the repairers when the repair was complete. Contacted wife’s insurance company to ask how to reclaim the excess and was told that we would have to reclaim from the other drivers insurance company which they said was Aviva. Aviva was not the insurance company named by the driver. However, phoned Aviva and because they said that the details we had provided were wrong they would not discuss the case and that we should again contact our own insurance. And yet we had provided the drivers name, the registration, phone number and the other relevant details as given by the driver. Contacted our own insurance again by email to verify or correct the details of the other driver and were shocked when they replied that because of the data protection act, the could not provide the other drivers details. Phoned the Ombudsman and was told that he could not understand why they would not provide the details because these were the details that were required in an RTC and in any case could be accessed online. Own insurance wouldn’t budge. Just received our insurance renewal which logs the bump as being my wife’s fault. Data protection has indeed gone mad. Aviva wouldn’t discuss because we gave the wrong details and our own insurance wouldn’t provide the details either because of data protection. Any advice?
  2. Hi I am on ESA and PIP. My savings have just gone over the £6000 threshold in the last couple of months. Is it best to phone DWP or should I write to them please? This is causing me great anxiety as I feel like I have done something wrong. I am very thrifty so hardly spend any money preferring to save it as it makes me feel safe to know it is in the bank. I am a very insecure person with lots of struggles with mental health searching for some sort of security. Please advise-thank you.
  3. Its been a long time coming but one of the biggest PDL firm is about to fall. Part of it has to do with PDL Reclaims... This is a consequence of this... Wonga is on the edge. Grant Thornton could possibly assist with the administration. Remember this is a firm who in 2014, was ordered by the City watchdog to pay more than £2.6m in compensation to 45,000 customers who were sent letters purporting to be from law firms but which in fact did not exist. At this time their site is still offering loans. As per usual CAG advice is to stay away... Further updates will be posted as they unfold.
  4. I received a Penalty letter of £100 from NHSBSA all because my dentist registration lady misled me into believing that I was entitled to free dental treatment. I have gone through Stage 1 & 2 complaints procedure to no avail. Now, they have said I can go on to the Ombudsman if I am still not happy. My argument is - I was told I was entitled to free dental because I showed the lady my NHS Medical Exemption Card and asked if being diabetic, was I entitled to free dental as well? The lady said yes I was and asked me to sign the FP17FR form. I signed but didn't tick any box of date it because I didn't see any relevant boxes that applied to be. I thought she was the expert right? I haven't been to a dentist in 10 years. the next time I went was 9 months later, the same thing happened - I got the form to sign and I did but once again, I didn't tick or date the form. A few weeks later, I got a shock in the post - a penalty of £100 plus the dental charges of £56.30. phoned up and asked them what it was about - they told me I falsely claimed free dental. said I had a Medex card - they said that was not inclusive of free dental. said the dental lady said I was entitled - they said I signed the form and ticked the box and dated it. I went back to the dentist and asked why they gave me the wrong info - the owner told me I was responsible for signing the form When I asked to see the forms, I saw that the first form I signed had no tick and no date - but the second form someone in the dental surgery had actually ticked and dated the form - the handwriting was different. Then to illustrate my point - the owner and I both noticed that the first form was still unsigned and undated - and it was submitted to NHS which had rejected the payment because of that so that was why the NHSBSA didn't/haven't penalised me for that "false claim" yet. I asked for copies of the forms but the owner refused to give them to me - she said she will only give it to NHS if they asked for them. After my complaints to NHS, they spoke to the owner's husband (also an owner) and he said I was welcome to get copies of the forms. I went to get them - imagine my surprise when I saw that now, both forms had been ticked and dated - obviously the first one by someone in the dental surgery and probably resubmitted to NHS for their claim. How devious is that? After being told by me that I had been fined - they didn't ask me to pay for the dental fees for the first treatment - and instead preferred to tick and date the form and resubmit it to NHS! So now, I am left wondering, if I agree to pay £100 penalty for the second form, will it be a matter of time before the first from gets flagged up and I get another penalty? Has anyone gone on to the Ombudsman or even to court to fight their case?
  5. I have an ancient Myjar default from 2012 from when they tried to pursue £1055 against £50 borrowed. It went through a few DCAs who sent standard threat letters which were easily seen off with section 77 requests but no court action was ever taken, and it should have gone SB in March. I was looking forward to it being gone from my file on today's Noddle update, however instead I've found that 1 week before the default reached 6 years, it was suddenly marked 'satisfied' and it now appears as a satisfied closed account rather than having dropped off my file altogether, where presumably it will sit until 2024. Obviously it's new status is far less damaging than the active default, but not as good as it having disappeared and when I'm so close to having a clean sheet on my credit file I don't want this thing hanging around on it in any form. How can they mark it as satisfied when it has never been acknowledged?
  6. Attempting to put order into chaos, one such chaos is the forest of old paperwork I have on long since gone debts. I'm not talking about anything current (as in live accounts) but more on old credit card alleged debts from the last decade, they are all either settled/done with/stayed or stat barred.... Is there a need to keep all the paperwork to the now stat barred debts? Settled Debts/ done with (old accounts that i've simply closed down) Some of them are stat barred by 6+ years, others 4 years stat barred. I'm keeping the paperwork on all live accounts/stayed accounts as these may be needed at some point, but the rest I'm thinking they should be shredded/burned?
  7. Hi all, Hope I can get some advise regarding a problem we've had with roofers. We are extending our house with two extensions and my husband has done most of the work himself but decided it was better to get a professional in for the roof membrane, battening and tiling. He found a guy on MyBuilder who said he's done similar work and had photos to show, so after discussing costs, we decided to ask him to do the membrane and battens to suit the tiles we had bought, and to tie in the new roof with the existing one. He did this, we paid him and then he decided he was too busy to do the rest of the job and suggested we find someone else to complete it. We did this and they found that the first guy had cocked up the battens and membrane and the roof is not waterproof, and is raining in. We were quoted £400.00 to make good and they did this but we have never been given a propert receipt for the initial job (only a quick note and bank transfer details) nor the making good. We need to go after the first guy to recoup the £400.00 but we don't know whether we go official in his personal name or his business name, as I said, we only have a quick note and his bank details? What would happen if we had to go to court and we'd put it in his personal name and he was adamant it should have been in the company name? Would we have to start again? Sorry for all the questions, it's been a very long time since I've had to do this. Thank you
  8. Know it may be in the wrong place but it appears that Vivus aren't offering any loans anymore - another one gone?
  9. I need some help. I was very foolish back in November buying an item off Ebay. The item was a supposedly haunted piece of jewellery from a magickal seller. The item cost me £160. Needless to say I am not happy with the purchase and want to return the item, but because its gone over 90 days I cannot open a dispute with Ebay. The seller is refusing to respond to my messages I have sent. Can anyone please advise what I can do to reclaim my money back over an item which is clearly not as described.
  10. As in the title but here goes. Saturday I drove my car 200 miles down to Gloucester to do a deal with a chap that had a van that I wanted for work. In the eyes of we buy any car his van is worth £685 more than my car but we came to a deal that I would give him £1500 plus my car with 55,000 miles on the clock. Since owning that car I spent a small fortune having the clutch and dual mass flywheel done and full service and then also before we did the deal I had all the starter motor changed for a brand new unit, paintwork imperfections sorted as I told him I would and all the wheels refurbished. I went above and beyond to make sure the car was right as I am honest and also didn't want the deal to go pear shaped after travelling all that way. The guy also drove up around 150 miles from his address so we could meet half way so to speak and save one of us travelling too far. We both did checks and I did HPI checks for both vehicles etc.. we both had test drives checked all relevant documents and decided to do the deal. We both drove home and obviously both satisfied. Then today around 36 hours later he calls me to tell me the turbo had blown and oil was all over and he wants me to pay for it. I feel awful but at the same time I can't help but think I have already spent a lot of money on it and we have already done the swap and agreed to the deal. What if the van brakes down or anything happens today,tomorrow or next week I have taken that chance jut as he did. Where do I stand legally with this one? It was a private sale/swap and neither of us are traders or dealers. Many thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light on this problem as I am losing sleep over it.
  11. I thought I was good at maths but can anyone explain this to me? I have just 1 year and 4 months left on my mortgage. The mortgage rate has just reduced by 0.25% thus my mortgage rate has also reduced fro 3.75% to 3.50%. My repayments were £357.62 a month but have INCREASED to £378.10. That about 6% INCREASE per month. The mortgage company put a note with their letter saying the increase is because I am near the end of the mortgage term but I really do not understand that. If the rate has gone down surely the repayments should go down too. Can anyone explain this to me please? #confused.
  12. Hello, probably been asked 100s of times but what are the chances i can get the garage I bought the car from to replace a clutch kit in the following circumstances: Bought a Nissan almera £1495 from a garage 3/8/16. Car started over revving when accelerating in 3rd gear... 6/8/16. 3 days after purchase. Problem quickly worsened and had been over revving in 3rd to 5th constantly. Car has been checked today 22/8/16 , less than 3 weeks since bought, done less than 300 miles and needs a new clutch kit £305. The front brake is also stuck on and i'm waiting to hear how much to fix. To say the least it's extremely likely the clutch was already worn before purchase so the fault was pre existing but trade centre are not interested. When asked before purchase whether the car had had a recent service I was given a vague answer 'hmm I think so'. There are supposedly no MOT advisories and the car appeared fine so I went through with the purchase which I am now beginning to regret. I know the repair garage isn't making things up as I know them and dealt with them for a long time. Does anyone know how likely if I went to small claims court whether I could get the dealer to pay for the clutch...thanks
  13. Don't bother with Saga Insurance. They send me letters offering low car insurance. Initially they quoted £151 for fully comprehensive on my old Citroen Picasso 1.6 petrol vehicle. My car insurance is due for renewal at the end of August. I phoned Saga today to check the initial quote. They now quote £409 and said sorry for the increase compared to their initial quote. I then obtained a quote from the AA which was £152. OK so if you get any letters from Saga offering low insurance, either bin them.
  14. A relative had been renting a house since Dec 2009. She was paying by DD until about 12 months before the end, when the agent started collecting cash, as they had a bank problem. This went on until the end in at the end of April 2016. A mistake there maybe, but he did provide a receipt every time, which she did not keep. Her bank statements will have the DD's on when she requests them. The deposit was not protected, she never knew it had to be, so I checked, it ain't. She phoned him continuously, without answer. When he finally answered, he said it takes 28 days. This has now gone, in fact it's 2 weeks past that. No answer again! I checked the company, it disolved on 1st March https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/company/08781259 Any Idea of how to get her money back.
  15. I had a Carron woodburner installed 2 years ago,and had nothing but problems with the top plate cracking, and the paint splitting.That was replaced only for the replacement to do the same thing.That was replaced only for the third one to do exactly the same, but on a larger scale. After the Derby Fireplace Company limited sending someone round to take measurements, photo's etc, and emailing them to Carron,they finally admitted that the woodburner was too powerful for the chamber(7.0kw output), and that the woodburner was actually too far back.I was then told that I would be getting a replacement 4.7kw woodburned, DFPCltd, would install it, and they would refund me any difference. After around 4 weeks or so of no response to my emails, and refusing to answer the phone,I looked the company up on Companies house.It turns out that they are now in liquidation!! So,I now have a woodburner with the enamel cracked and split on the top plate, a flue pipe that has paint coming off, and no response from DFPCltd. Where do I now stand in getting this issue resolved once and for all, as I am currently around £3,400 out of pocket and have a woodburner with defects.
  16. Hi, I hope someone can help me as this issue became rather frustrating for me for the last couple of days. I have been with Vodafone for 4 years (2x24 month contract) and 11th Feb 2016 was my contract end date. I have called few days before the end date to state I want to leave Vodafone to use another provider. At that point I was stupidly fooled into accepting new bundle plan for 12 months and was thinking that I got a pretty good deal with them. That was until I received the email about my new bundle. I realised that what I accepted on phone and what is on the email is very different and immediately called them to explain this and cancel the new plan as I had 14 days to cancel it. (We discussed 2 gb and email was stating I have 250 mb allowance) Live chat couldn't help me and requested me to call Vodafone. When I called, customer service told me to call next day. I called them again on next day and I have waited 1.6 hour on phone with more than dozens of transfer and what is even more frustrating that each time I have been transferred to someone I had to explain the whole thing from the beginning. After all that waste of time I have been told that offices are closed and I have to call back tomorrow. I got really frustrated as this was a common thing for them to say to shake things off. It was around 16:25pm so I told the officer that I don't believe that there is no one to talk to at that hour. She talked to some one and said that she will transfer me to her colleague and a guy picked up the phone and said that he can process things for me, then he put me on hold and after that he said he can confirm the process is done. this was his exact words. he said that new plan will be finished by midnight that day. I said i want to keep my number and need pac code and he said that they need to transfer me to another department for that and transferred me, I was in the middle of talk when I lost my service on my mobile and line cut out. After that I called vodafone from my landline to explain the situation but no one could help me as they did not recognise me or my number. This is quite hard to believe as I was their 4 year customer until 5 minutes ago! They said they have no idea where my number goes and they can't take it back that there is no way. Also at some point when I was not getting any progress with cancellation I've been told that I have to cancel my new plan first and then it would go back to my previous plan and if i want to leave vodafone then I have to cancel that too. But I've been literally chucked out with my everything on the system. I am guessing I frustrated them by insisting they should help me and when they realise I did not want to stay or buy new bundle they chuck me out completely. If I knew that I would ask for a couple of weeks beforehand like a notice period and handle everything which causes me problem now. As a result of this nightmare; I have lost my number which I use for my business contacts, banks, email accounts and almost everything in UK. Since I need a code sent to my number for accessing many things such as banks, facebook, email accounts etc. I am stuck not knowing what to do. Not to mention that I have just printed bunch of business card with my number on it a month ago! This will cause me a big destruction on my business if I can't get my number back. I even offered to buy it back but they did not help me with it. I also want to mention that this is not the first time Vodafone messed with my life. Last year they have charged me 649 gbp and cancel my contract accidentally (?!) and they did not pay me back, I had to request money from my bank saying that it has been taken illegally. During that 11 days I have lost business time, could not do any bank transaction as it requires code and been stressful every day of it. They were only able to activate it again 2 weeks later. I just want this fixed please. I am applying for indefinite leave to remain here and I have supplied my business number to home office, I do not want to keep changing my details as it does not look professional at all. This may interfere with my application if they call and realise the number is not recognised.. If this wouldn't get resolved soon they would leave me no chance but to sue as I want to claim my business damage with interruptions to bank transfers and preventing communication. does anyone know what should be my next step regarding this matter?
  17. I took my daughter to specsaver for an eyetest i explained to them at the outset that she is vulnerable unwell. Was hoping for some understanding. She did not like the glasses there so asked for the Nhs voucher to take elsewhere They scribbled and changed part of it so rendered it useless. Does anyone know what the rules are? What can we do to help her please?
  18. Hi everyone this is my first post here so ill start at the beginning, when i was younger i had several loans from natwest and one rolled into a bigger loan several times over the years, after contact rbs they said i had 5 accounts with them and that so far they had one loan of £4.5 with an offer of £170 (like 4%) , then another account was 10k with £1900 offered (19%), then an £11k one still awaiting an offer , then an 18k one still awaiting offer. the last one was £1700 loan with no ppi so no offer. Heres where it gets interesting i was sold the ppi as you had to have it to get a loan with them and that in the event you were off work it would pay your loan until it finished or you went back to work , this however turned out to be false as i found out when i had a back injury was off work and the ppi ran out after a year leaving me with a loan to cover whilst not working which lead me to going bankrupt, being bankrupt then made it difficult to find work ( no banking industry ) and even when i ended up working for an insurer the highest level i could be employed at was the job i had at £21k pa, the next job up was £36k (which is what i should of been doing) so i lost out on 15k per year when i went back to work. Now i see that as some sort of damage (expectant measure, reliant measure, liquidated damages or professional negligence .) so in effect from me returning to work in 2009 (bankruptcy 2008) that until 2014 this was being held against me in terms of jobs and salary. Could i claim 5 years at £15k a year loss? Now that the bankruptcy is discharged will any payment from them go to me or insolvency people? My next step will be to SAR them before accepting any offers they have made or will make. is there any time frame for the SAR to be carried out by them? and how long do you have to accept an offer. thanks for your help
  19. Another one bites the the dust http://www.credittoday.co.uk/article/18046/online-news/moriarty-law-acquires-assets-of-hl-legal
  20. I purchased a Sony LCD 40 inch TV from Preston Sony Centre, the store closed about 2 years ago. The TV failed just before the expiration of the 5 year warranty.Ii contacted the parent company Sony who told me to take it to the nearest repairer to me. The TV according to the repairer can't be repaired economically as the part is no longer available( although Sony say they will have parts available for 7 years) therefore the whole screen would have to be replaced. The repairer cannot get the parts from Sony and Sony keep telling me that they are looking for the warranty. This has now been going on for a couple of months. i didn't receive a third party warranty certificate to cover the 5 year warranty when I took delivery of the TV only the standard Sony warranty paperwork. Preston Sony Centre was a franchise operated by a company by the name of Willo who have now gone into administration. I have tried on two occasions to contact the administrators to try and find out who the third party insurer was , however I have had no response todate. Is this a lost cause or can anybody offer some useful advice. If so it would be much appreciated. thank you
  21. Hi Guys In 2012 I purchased a car through Carcraft over a 5 year agreement. When signing up, I also paid around £2000 extra for their Drive Happy Package which included MOT's, Services, and RAC Cover for 5 years. Now they have gone bust I've been told they are no longer honouring the package. I was due for my "free" service next Monday. Where do I stand? Do i just have to suck it up or can i possibly reclaim something? Thanks for any help.
  22. Hi, this is my first post. I'm having a few problems with Cabot Financial. In 2002 I had a credit card with Morgan Stanley, everything went well until I was made redundant in 2003. I got into quite a few problems with cards loans etc, as I didn't have enough money to pay everybody. I went to the CAB for help, and they sorted things out for me. I was paying off this credit card at £35.00 er month. I have never had any statements or payment advice from Cabot at all. After I saw your forum late last year, i read quite a few posts and realised I was probably being "Cash Cowed" by Cabot. I stopped making payments and sent Cabot a request for CCA and payment statements. I got nothing back time within the statutory timescale. Then I got a letter from Mortimer Clarke Solicitors, saying if I didn't ring and make a payment arrangement, they would take legal action against me. I wrote to Mortimer Clarke, and told them I had asked for CCA from Cabot, and was waiting a response .I also asked them to take no further action until they had contacted Cabot, to ask why I'd had no response to the CCA request. Now I've got Claim form from Northampton bulk centre. I have never had a Goldfish card, so unsure what that's about. They say the agreement was terminated, so if there's no agreement, how can it be assigned to Cabot ?. Also the amount owed seems to be the same as it was in 2003, where's all my payments gone?. I could do with some help with filling out the claim form correctly. Any help would be much Appreciated Thanks....
  23. It is common knowledge that clark lost the Honda dealership, at least in Kirkcaldy if not further afield. In todays paper it intimates that they no longer hold the Nissan dealership at least for Dundee, if not further afield. No reason is given for this move. I suggest that anyone who has bought a new or even nearly new car from them and feels they have a genuine grievance, should write their complaint to the UK Managing Director for that particular marque. I don't think manufacturers would want to be using dealers who may give their product a bad reputation.
  24. I did a SAR request on a firm who I had car finance with a few years ago. I have my account number but no other paperwork. I am pretty sure I paid PPI on it as I remember them saying "No PPI No loan" and being very very pushy. The firm is called Private and Commercial Finance, 39 Victoria Street, London, SW1H 0EU. On checking the Royal Mail website, my letter has been returned as gone away. On looking further into the internet it would seem that the address has been redeveloped and is up for let. Any advice on how to track them down?
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